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  1. After cleaning himself up with the towel she had tossed upon him, he began a weapons, systems, and movement check up and calibration. With the flurry of anger that had penetrated his usually calm and happy demeanor, he would have to act even more robot-like today. No doubt security around town would be strung high and beefed up after the incident. After a few moments, his eyes flickered green. Not only was it festively fitting today for a holiday no one seemed to remember, but it would definitely keep him out of the suspect list for who the mystery pegatron was. ...He hoped. Malik's head swiveled to the towel, and jerked back after the towel and suddenly went from creme colored to coal black after wiping his body off for only a few minutes. Clearly he needed to do that way more often. Washing off the towel and hanging it up to dry on the shower curtain, he walked out of the room feeling fresh and proud. He made a note of scratching off one of the checks on his bucketlist as he stepped into the room that still smelled of warm hot cocoa. Today he lost something. And good riddance to it.
  2. He flinched, his facing becoming a bit flushed. He leaned into her, pressing his lips into hers as he carefully slid his ear away and playfully tackled her into the partially torn sheets. The rest of the details will be spared, though in short, its safe to say that not a whole lot of ponies got much sleep that night.
  3. "Last time I tried to stop a fight, I got kicked in the stomach. As much as I'd like to get up, I'm tired and in pain. You guys can sort it out yourself for the moment." He continued to lay down on the moth eaten cot that was his bed, curled up in agony as his stomach refused to stop gurgling in protest of its abuse. The assassin rolled over watching Phan giggle on the ground, waiting for his katana to come back to him. Soul simply waved to her with a straight face before shifting his body a bit and letting his mind drift back into idle thoughts.
  4. "Get bent, princess..." was all that Hagane could growl back at Accipiter before curling up in pain as his body reacted almost allergically to the hate that bubbled up inside of him. Soul could barely even crawl up onto the bed at this point, everything hurt so bad. His stomach gurgled in sheer torment, causing him to writhe on the blood crusted bed.
  5. Hagane writhed on the floor, gritting his teeth in pain, trying to not let his anger boil up inside of him. It felt good, being angry, but it brought a lot of nasty physical pain and injury with it. Even now he could feel his hooves catch on fire as his temper was tested by Noctrina, but he continued to swat away the childish emotion with a stick. Still, though, he was incapable of getting up. He simply settled for lying there on the ground, doing nothing. The unicorn felt weak, vulnerable, and horribly upset with himself, and the burning sensation in his body only made it worse. ...He hated this world. This world that would have been fine if everyone had just done their part to carry on even when the sisters disappeared. Instead, everyone began acting like children, squabbling over territory and power. Now, in this new world, you get kicked in the stomach just for trying to do the right thing. ...A small part of him wanted to die, then and there. But he reigned in his emotions once more, keeping his head clear of any thoughts, waiting for Phan to come and help him.
  6. Whatever effect the drug had on Soul, it was beginning to wear off quickly as the sudden aggression between Noctrina and Skyfire ignited and sobered him. He bolted up and over to the pair, delivering a swift chop to the back of Skyfire's neck, hitting that sweet spot only hard enough to stun the mare severely, grabbing her by the chest and throwing her off of Noctrina, a bit of blood and flesh still hanging around her teeth. He spun around the falling mare and shot his hooves out to keep Noctrina pinned to the wall, the jolliness in Soul's expression entirely gone. "Both of you, lock it down. This isn't the time nor place to be doing this. You're just wasting valuable energy, energy that both of you will need to live through tomorrow's game." He muffled clearly through the bandages, shaking his head and letting them fall around his neck. "At least save your enmity for the crowds. Crowds love a good team killing." He shoved himself away from the wall and Noctrina, tossing the bandages to Noctrina so she could patch up her neck wound. He simply stood there between the two mares, waiting for either to settle down and go their separate ways for the night.
  7. Hagane winced, but muffled a laugh despite how violently his whole face was booped multiple times by the griffon just earlier. Casually hanging an arm over Phan's shoulder, he gestured with his other hoof whilst mumbling and muffling calmly about how many babies they didn't make, the injuries he received to his face, and kills he scored, and that the fight was relatively okay. None of which could be remotely understood by anyone standing around him. Before he could begin worrying about any of those ****ed birds messing with his katana, which was NOT ANY form of commodity at all, completely priceless and the only of its kind as the ore used to make it is extremely rare and the latent magic within it must be awakened with a very delicate procedure, the unicorn felt a prick and shot into Phan's side, spinning his head around to leer at the griffon doctor, who was grinning. 'Enjoy the show, kiddo.' was all he seemed to say before he got up and left. It was when Soul turned back to Phan that he noticed his headache had vanished. And that he eyes had become...far more dazzling than he had first witnessed. The amber in her eyes shone like their own pair of suns, blinding him with such remarkable beauty. Without even realizing it, he wrapped his other hoof around her neck and gave her a passionate kiss to the...cheek. He kissed her cheek. Whether by adorableness or the sheer inability to see and think straight at the current moment, he was tenderly snogging away at Phan's cheek, or was at least try to, as a wrapped and bandage-bound snout makes it rather difficult to carry out said actions.
  8. "Yeah. My katana." Hagane stated gruffly, turning towards the griffon. He was about to say more, when the medics began bandaging his head and snout. (Sorry guys, I'm out a' creativity today. )
  9. "Outside looking in, huh? Clearly you haven't heard much about House of Sun and Moon. It's the same game, dressed up differently. You'd be surprised how similar my house is to yours." He continued, giving her a light nuzzle and smile as she called him her friend. "No matter the dogma, fundamentalism takes hold in the end, like raging wildfire or an epidemic. It gets to the point where nothing shakes the mindless devotion, not even the needless deaths of innocents, childrens' cries for help, nor the blood that soaks the fur afterwards. The only difference is that Twilight is waiting for the sisters to return before setting the world ablaze with a righteous sense of piety. Diane...is waiting to be buried, so that she may move on. Perhaps once my business is done with Moon and Star, I shall seek where her casket lies. She deserves a proper burial in 'New' Ponyville." He gently slid her off his back within the cell he had chosen seemingly at random, one of the griffons locking it behind them shortly thereafter. "Forgive me, religion is an easy topic for me to pick away at."
  10. Hagane sighed and stopped to readjust Phan's position on his back so her head was next to his as he removed her muzzle. "...I meant it when I said you're my new best friend. I don't want to lose one of those right from the start." The assassin quickly caught up to the rest of the group, bring up the rear with the Cult mare on his back. "...I don't know what you believe you would've accomplished from getting yourself killed. I've heard stories of wishes being granted by the Laughing Mare, but frankly, I think a good deal of them are made up. Say what you will about her, but she, in my eyes, is merely a puppet to a few powerful eldritchmancers. The real Laughing Mare..." Soul bit his lip. "...would never wish the horrors of the Cult upon anyone. Not even in revenge. There is simply far too much to live for, for you, me, all of us. Rather, she would have us be at peace with ourselves, if not the world...always bounding from one place to the next, free to do as we wish..." His eyes glazed over as the scent of the book came back to him in a tidal wave of nostalgia: Pinkie's 58 Great Ways To Having Super Duper Great Days! The book he had so often read in the time he grew up in the lonely, cold cabin, covered top to bottom in the most optically offensive amount of pink he had ever seen in a dust cover, splattered in crimson, presumably the blood of his mother...or father. He didn't know which. All he knew was that the smell of the pages always seem to have a slight tinge of cotton candy in its scent. Maybe that's why he always felt like crying whenever he walked into a candy store during the years he had be enlisted as an assassin. As he grew, the book had become his center of the world. It became part of who he was, and he studied it religiously. He learned all about the great mare know as 'Pinkamena Diane Pie'. The mare who could laugh her fears away...but could not do the same for the common fear of all beings in this life: death. The knowledge of her death, and sullying of her corpse was sickening to Soul. To see somepony so pure turned wicked at the whim of such vengeful creatures...truly they did not take her lessons to heart. But Soul did. Though the book now resided as mulch deep within the earth beneath his feet, Soul carried it in his heart, body, mind, and soul. That book was one of the few things he would never forget. He mumbled her name aloud and remembered the nights by the fire, the smell of ash, and the nights under the couch as the thunder beasts in the sky fought with each other. Even now, he still wonders where and when the world had gone wrong.
  11. Soul felt like just heading in with the guards by himself...but he couldn't do it. He couldn't leave her thinking that he hated her or thought less of her, or that he didn't value her anymore than he had several moments ago. Because none of that was true. He trotted back and wrenched the mare from the griffon's grasp, slumping her onto his shoulder, following the guard back to the cells. "...I don't care that you're part of the Cult. I just want to clarify that. But I am still upset with you. Your life is never your own, no matter what you believe." He shift her more onto his back, so she wouldn't fall off. "It is shared with those around us. So don't you dare try to throw it away on some false religion of a dead prophet...or I'll...I'll..." The assassin sputtered out, angry, and out of words. "...I'll be really angry with you. Again. I'll probably write a letter telling you how angry I am because I will be too angry to tell it to your pretty face. Then I'll probably keel over from a stomach cramp because getting angry is unhealthy for me."
  12. Soul stood in silence. Whether it was due to shock or if he was simply contemplating what to say. Eventually he got up, moving towards the guards, brushing past Phan, not bothering to look at her. "You're not alone anymore, idiot." He continued towards the guard by himself, upset and achey as hell. In earnest, he could've slept on the sand for all he cared, but he was interested in seeing this 'gift'.
  13. "Huh...wait up...Phan!" The injured assassin called out for her, stumbling forward as he lost sight of her in the blurred vision caused by both the concussion and the blood than trickled from his head into his eyes. As his vision cleared, though his migraine remained, he saw several griffons charging after her from behind as she made a blind rush for the towards. He couldn't let her go out there alone. He tossed the shield aside and dove into one of the pony's shadows, popping out behind one of the three griffons that were chasing her, the one farthest back from her. "Pardon me..." Was all he said as he landed onto the griffon's shoulder and tugged violently at his neck with a sharp twist. Leaping off the body of the now late griffon, sending his body tumbling to the ground. Forced to feel the air and guess where the other two were as his vision began to blur again, his landing lunge upon the next griffon was amateurish at best. The gladius slid easily into the winged individual's nape, causing the being to squawk and flail relentlessly. A few seconds and a roughly severed spinal cord later, Hagane had downed the beast, albeit with a bit of difficulty. The third griffon was too far away, however, to possibly catch up to in time to save Phan. With a bit of quick thinking and a large agility buff, Soul dashed over to the last griffon, slowly closing the gap between them. Just as the griffon was about to reach out and grab Phan's neck, a tendril of unnatural shadow shot out from behind the griffon and coiled around her neck tightly. With a sudden stop and a brutal tug in the opposing direction, the tendril unceremoniously decapitated the combatant as she was unable to stop her momentum from hanging her. The tendril dissipated, leaving Soul feeling worse as his head throbbed in protest of the use of magic while it was still recovering. The assassin ran beside Phan as she picked up her weapon of choice, taking up another gladius for the sake of balance. "What the hell was that? I know I can barely see in front of myself at the moment, but going solo is stupid. Doing stupid things wasn't part of the plan, remember? We're a team now, and a teammate doesn't fight alone." Soul leered at her chidingly...before slowly melting into his usual grin. "That being said, you need to pick up the pace on your kills, I've got like...a bunch. And you only have one, which I thank you for by the way, so show me what you can do!"
  14. The unicorn was deathly still and silent. Almost a minute passed before he jolted awake, sputtering blood onto the warm sands as his lungs sought to empty the foreign fluid in a rather violent matter. After his lungs finished purging the blood that had leaked in, he looked up to Phan with a swollen eye, bloodied nose, and a grin that appeared to be missing a tooth. "...as if you weren't pretty enough, there's four of you now..." Soul stumbled up onto his hooves, leaning against the mare for support. "Was that one of those stupid things I shouldn't have done? Because I totally don't regret doing that...minus the concussion that I think I have now."
  15. Rushing out onto the with a gladius in hoof and a sultry mare at his side, he scanned the field for quarry to hunt. Unfortunately, the quarry had already found him...and had it sights on Phanta. A spearsman, charging towards them with the intent of impaling her."Phan!!" Sheathing his dagger and locking legs with her, he rolled over her back and lifted her up off her feet, using her momentum and her shield to batter aside the spear and knock the griffon off balance. Using a bit of the pent up mana, he gave himself a moderate speed boost as he quickly closed the distance between him and his opponent and cleanly lopped off part of the griffons head with a diagonal slash. The victory was short lived, however, as the an unexpected hook harpooned itself into Soul's arm. With loud yell, the unicorn was yanked off his feet, dragging Phanta with him as he was clobbered into the ground by an exceptionally muscular griffon. After a few audible poundings, the griffon turned to Phanta and began to stride towards her, licking his beak and roughly unraveling his loin cloth, making his intent crystal clear. Suddenly, griffon roared furiously, staggering as the now concussed and horribly bloodied Soul was trying to stab the spine of the griffon with a blurred vision. The griffon grabbed his face and drove it into the ground with a sickening crack, wailing down on him with a murderous intent to ensure the death of the assassin that lay prone beneath him.
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