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  1. Last post wins

    Oh I know~
  2. Last post wins

    Ugh,Id live to cross play. A hot Gladiolous or Wander! Or maybe a cute Naoto Shirogane and Hinata!
  3. The name’s Zrin, see? Myah.

    WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
  4. Last post wins

    Being an adult is being able to eat pizza literally whenever you want. But having to pay for it yourself.
  5. Yokai Dogs

    I have every say missy!
  6. Yokai Dogs

    Never change fuwa ever.... I forbid it.
  7. Bot and Twi.jpg

    Bot eh? Is bolt a robit?
  8. Last post wins

    Now you are home though. Take a load off, Have a good meal. Rest a little. ^-^
  9. Last post wins

    God I missed computer canterlot. Glad to be back.
  10. Remember to leave milk and cookies out for snoop dog tonight everyone.

    1. tacobob


      Hmmm. Didn't touch the milk...Ate all  the cookies though...And also my couch cushions.

  11. Last post wins

    Keep me updated on that! I wanna know what you get!
  12. Last post wins

    No no no, I meant for you. If your laptop sucks, just drop a bunch of money on a new one. That simple. Exactly!
  13. Last post wins

    That an easy fix, just drop 4 to 5 hundred dollars on a new laptop. Easy.