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  1. Yeah, but I would be okay with that. At least one day.
  2. <Flops> is it possible to have one day where nothing happens? I would just like a day where nothing happens.
  3. Bluemoon had only recently arrived in Ponyville, a pleasant little village that had always offered a nice country experience. However, the village seemed to be much bigger then she remembered. Reaching into her saddle pack, Bluemoon pulled out a map and checked it. She was certain she was in the right place but it never hurt to make sure." Huh, guess it grew up. But hey! A bigger village, means more things to see! " She told herself. As she continued wander the Pony village of Ponyville, Bluemoon eventually got face to face with what had to be the largest jungle gym she had ever seen in her whole pony life. She stared in awe of this magnificent structure. As she stared, visions of all the fun a single pony could have in such a place zoomed and flashed through her head. " This is the best possible thing that could've happened. " She said, trying desperately to hold back the tears of joy. " I have to get in there! " Bluemoon frantically looked around searching desperately for a way in. After mere seconds of investigation, she noticed a building was attached to this work of art. Bluemoon ran her way around the building desperately looking for a way into it. When she finally did find the door, she threw them open noticed a herd of other ponies and asked. " Is this the line for the jungle gym!? "
  4. Garbage posted in 3-2-1
  5. I have no idea how! And I'd have to remove a chunk of the insolation.
  6. So I found a bunch of mold in my new room! Summer is gonna great you guys!
  7. IT'S OFFICIALLY SUMMER! Hope you school folks have a super fun and productive summer! <3

  8. Guess I have to watch it now.
  9. Do you need more adults or just foals? Seeiing as I am late I'll go whenever you need me!.
  10. Poor Slash you're gonna have to hold that in for a bit.
  11. Isn't it like the best thing!?
  12. The ballad of Edgardo! Love that story.
  13. After a moment of searching, Andrea had re-found her good friend. She sneaked her way closer to the cat, mostly aware that she would get spotted because of the perfume. Not only was this the point, but she had a pretty effective back up plan and seeing as Midnight was an up close fighter, this would only make it easier. Andrea was watching from the shadows inside the building she was in when Midnight stopped and gripped her blades. " Guess this is as good a spot as any. " She whispered to herself. Making sure her face was properly concealed and that her back up plan was at the ready, Andrea stoically walked out of her hiding spot and marched her way toward Midnight stopping about 6 meters away from her. Giving a quick glance at both sides, Andrea used her semblence(who's black aura is obscured by the colour of her gloves.) to pull two street lights down toward Midnight. Although Andrea was looking for information from her target, She felt she needed to exert some dominance on the cat.