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  1. A very tall celery that is afraid of heights.
  2. Andrea shut her eyes and sighed in desperation. Taking a moment to breathe. This is it. This is where people notice that you ARE the hero. Weakness is not an option. You must stand, you must fight. " No. I can't. That's not right. Those monsters will blast in here and destroy everyone. We are the salvation for all these people. No matter what, I'll stand and fight. It's part of my destiny. It is my birth rite" Andrea revealed her wrist blade and stood in the shakiest battle stance she could muster. Andrea looked around, searching for a manhole cover, a trash can lid, a metal door, anything to use for protection. coughing and spitting up some blood, Andrea realized the closest metals she could use for protection were to far. Damn, I'm so tired. Do it for justice, do it for your sisters Andrea let out a few loud breaths and began approaching Slash and Midnight, stopping several feet away but probably much closer then she should be. " I'll keep you all covered. Just gotta make sure I'm close to metal at all times. We can do this. We HAVE to do this. For all of personhood."
  3. Andrea was walking toward the dining room table with a plate of food, or was it Three, Five? Shakily raising her head from the ground, Andrea looked around, everything seeming blurry and distorted. " No, no, you gotta go to school, don't worry you'll make lottsa.... " As Andrea began looking around at her surroundings, she noticed that every one was in town and that rubble littered the surrounding area. "Friends? " Scanning the area as well as she could, Andrea noticed she was in the arms of a nice strong man. " Honey, what happened? Where are we? " As Andrea started to come to, She shook her head and started really noticing the folks around her. Midnight was there, Tehengu and.... " SLASH! Why are you!? Let go of me! I-I'm fine I don't need your gross pity!" Shoving him away, Andrea collapsed onto the ground. "Gods damn. Ah, I shouldn't have fought in the open like that, at least the job is done, right?" Andrea shakily got herself to her feet, looking like a stiff breeze might knock her over. "Well, At least it's over right? Nothing like a 'bout of success to bring up the morals." Suddenly, Andrea began coughing heavily, hacking up blood, and gasping for air. "Gods, I don't know how much more of that I could have taken."
  4. WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
  5. WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
  6. Are the holidays over yet? Are they over yet!?

  7. Andrea landed flat on her chest, directly on the train cars coupling. Trying to pull herself back up, she had began breathing heavily and coughing up blood. You're at your limit child, give up. You will die. Collapsing back onto the coupling, Andrea shut her eyes, her body wanted to quit, the little voice in her head wanted her to quit. She pushed herself way farther then she was capable of going. "Why? How? This can't be it. I am destined for so much more. No..." "WHAT!? What do you mean they're dead!? No! They can't be dead! No, you're lying! No, they can't be...gone.." Andrea fell to her knees, clasped her head, and broke down crying. Beatrice breathed in deeply, trying to keep her composure and approached her younger sister, trying to comfort her. " Yes, It would appear that Carolina, and your father have fallen. To think I would lose one of my own daughters, or even Hans." Mother sighed briefly before stepped back behind her desk and rummaging through her papers " Well, I presume this means the mission was a failure. We'll have to find another way to complete the mission. The animals will be expecting us now. " Beatrice and Andrea stared at their mother to stunned to speak. Beatrice clenched her fists, stood to her feet and began exiting the room. " I will go inform the girls. They're going to need someone to help them understand..." Andrea stood straight up knocked a chair out of the way and slammed her hands on her mothers desk. "What are you doing!? How can you just move on like this!? Do you just not care!? " "Sit down!" "No!" "Andrea will sit down." Quickly, she picked up the chair, delicately sat on it and began gritting her teeth. "Do not mistake my professionalism for lack of grief." Mother stared Andrea directly into her eyes. "Weeping and crying for them will serve no useful purpose. You are my soldiers. We all hope that it wouldn't happen but it truly was an inevitable.The fact that it took so long for one of us to become a martyr for justice is truly amazing." " But I can't take this, it hurts so much! Why did they have to go on that mission? Did you know it was going to be that dangerous?" Andrea sobbed " Is any of this worth it if this is what happens? What if Emily or Francine are next? They're just kids Mommy..." Mother sighed and started working on her papers again " We do this, we suffer this pain and these hardships so that no other human being on Remnant has to. It isn't fair to you or any of us. But it is the cross we bear, for Justice and and for the safety of humanity. This is why it is important for us to do what we do, to end faunus and White Fang uprisings wherever we see them, no matter the cost. Now if you're looking for support, go find your sisters. I'm sure they need some as well." Andrea Got up from her seat and made her way toward the door, but before she could exit. "Oh and mon Cœur, never speak to me like that again. Andrea opened her eyes, Rage, Determination, and Vigor renewed in her soul. Her eyes began scanning every thing in her surroundings, she was still in between the carts, on the couplings. Perfect, I can work with this. Channeling her semblance, Andrea pushed herself back up onto her feet. " My vengeance will protect humanity. " placing her hands and feet on the metal cart, Andrea began climbing up slowly but surely, " I will win, I must win! " Andrea was really nervous, This was all so new. This was a mission unlike any other. " Andrea dear, are you ready? The ship to Beacon academy leaves in 3 hours." Attending Beacon... Andrea had never really been placed into social situations outside of her own family or with mission contacts. " I don't know if I can do this mom. " Andrea slowly walked toward the front door. " You are my star, will do wonderfully and as you are told. Besides, we need you to get this certification. It just makes navigating our landscape easier. People ask less questions when they know you're a huntress instead of a loon with a gun, and if you happen to get into any trouble, Beatrice is there for you. But you also have to be there for her. According to her coming back for visits before graduation is a little to risky. So we might not see each other for a while. So succeed for the family and for justice. Now here, take this you'll need it. " Mother handed Andrea her application. " Wait, mom, I-I didn't go to Signal...Did you lie to get me into Beacon!? " " I'm only doing this to give the family the best I can. Now go get! I'll see you in three years. Make your sisters proud, Don't fall for the lies of the public, And do no disappoint me. Now, I'll see you when you graduate." Pulling herself on top of the train car, Andrea turned to face them once again. " Oh, geez, she's still here eh? Don't worry boys, I'll take care of her. " Andrea used the last of her strength to jump onto the next train car. "Running away won't save you cup cake! " Getting back up, she channeled all that rage, determination and vigor that had reentered her soul moments ago into her semblance. Using her innate powers, The young soldier uncoupled the train car with the faunus from the one she was standing on, but before it could slow down enough to separate to far, she held it in place. Bringing up both of her hands, Andrea focused all of her power onto one side of the train car. Suddenly, Andrea swung her arms left and pushed with all her might flipping it off the rails and onto it's side. Coughing up blood, and wiping her mouth, she scoffed. " Compare your lives to mine and....Kill yourselves. " With that Andrea passed out and went limp onto of the train car.
  8. Andrea sprinted toward the Fanger with the assault rifle, using the larger weapons in her borrowed arsenal to block whatever bullets she couldn't avoid. When she got nearer, she aimed and sent three of her small blades to her prey; Knee, armpit, neck. Always save one for the neck. Andrea reached for the gun as it fell from the animals hands until blood suddenly spurted from her arm. 'CRACK, CRACK' It felt almost like the sound of the bullets came after they hit her. Andrea collapsed, the momentum causing her to roll forward and into the corpse of the creature she'd slain moment previous Andrea writhed for a moment, only barely able to move her wounded arm " Ah! Ah! Bu-but my Aura... I must have been distracted.....Stupid. " Andrea tried dragging herself ahead just a little bit before all of her weapons dropped out of the air and she went completely slack. Today was the day! After all the training and practice, " Tomorrow is the day, The end of your training. To think it's been ten years. You grew up so fast... All of you. Good night mon Cœur. Happy Birthday. " "Good night Mommy! I love you too! " Andrea tucked herself into bed, snug in her pink footy Pyjamas and under her blanket. Tomorrow was gonna be great. The girl was suddenly and dramatically awoken by a sack being forced over her roughly and aggressively. Andrea even as a young as she was didn't go down. The young girl struggled and tossed her limbs from side to side trying to fight off the would be attackers only to be rewarded with a swift punch to the stomach. Andrea threw up in the sack and passed out. When she finally came to, The youngin' was being dumped from the sack onto the grass in the middle of a woods. It was still dark out but the sun seemed to be juuust coming out. Shocked, hyper ventilating, and shaking nervously, she looked up at her attackers. Before her stood her Mother and hidden slightly off to the side her elder sister Beatrice. " Morning, child. I assume you know why we brought you here. Well, as I said you're training is over. And all I have to say is, I don't accept failures into my home. I could tolerate it when you were still young but now? If you're not gonna grow you're not worth our time. If you feel like contesting my judgment, I'll be waiting at home. Have fun finding your way back." Mother turn around and began walking away. Beatrice turn to follow her but stopped. " For what it's worth, I didn't want to have to do this. " Beatrice wiped her face, detonated one of her dust bombs and suddenly vanished. Here she was now. Alone. In the woods, abandoned in her footy pyjamas. "Hah! She wasn't so tough. You two come over here, the rest of you take care of the teacher, this bitch deserve a couple smacks before we throw her off this train. " The Fanger approached and unsheathed his pistol. "Heh, this'll be fun. " 'CRACK CRACK CRACK' Andrea getting up from her feint, and moment of reminiscing, Unloaded her new gun directly into the encroaching beast. " Great, already empty." tossing aside the gun, Andrea looked toward her arm " Ah... The bullets went right through me and my aura. think I've been fighting to long." Suddenly she noticed the other two Fangers approaching at top speed. Still a little dazed, Andrea used her semblance to fling some of the weapons in her immediate vicinity toward one of them giving the other the chance to swing his quarter staff right across her face. Being knocked back to the ground and spitting up some blood, Andrea used her good arm to semblance forth her sword and shakily got back onto her feet. " I. Have had enough of you mongrels! " Andrea ran toward the mongrel and began swinging her sword, clashing and slash at his quarter staff until she shot her wrist blade out of her injured arm and into his face. Andrea grabbed onto her arm in pain " Gods damn it! Well, at least he's taken care of'" Springing behind her, the remaining Fanger used her distraction to grab Andrea from behind and dard her in her side. " Someone is about to have a little accident off the train! " As she was being dragged toward the edge of the train, Andrea struggled and struggled, but she was getting tired from all this fighting, so she looked around for a plan B. "Oh no" These creatures are willing to go to any lengths to ensure the death and destruction of humanity. Are you willing to do the same? " I am!" Semblencing the dead animals pistol over to herself, Andrea pointed it directly at her own shoulder and 'CRACK' The bullet passed through her shoulder and into the animals chest causing him to stumble back and off the train. Andrea shambled in the dark toward the light of the front door of her home. She had been dumped in the woods just that morning and finally found her way back for night fall. Opening the door, Andrea noticed her mother and her sister Beatrice discussing something at a table, This was one of the few times she'd ever seen Beatrice in such distress. When they finally noticed that Andrea had returned, Mother grinned wide and Beatrice face turned into one of fear and concern. Andrea was standing in the doorway covered in bruises and somethings elses blood and holding nothing but a really sharp stick. "Andrea!" Beatrice ran over to her sister, hugged her tight and held her by the shoulders "Oh my gods! What happened to you!? I'm so sorry I left you out there, I knew we shouldn't ha-" "Beatrice will be silent." Beatrice looked wide into Andreas eyes before shutting her mouth, getting back up and slowly backing away from her little sister. " My, my, Most impressive. IT took your sister here 3 days before she came back. You did it in 1. Congratulations, you pass. " Mother got up, walked over to Andrea and pat her on the head. "Happy Birthday mon Cœur." Andrea was getting really tired. All this fighitng had gotten to her, the grimm earlier that day, Midnight early, the auto mutilation, and now all of these shwagnanigans. Looking toward the front of the train, Andrea noticed Oobleck still fighting. "Well, guess Theres still work to be done. " Shambling over toward the next cart, " Where do you think you're going!? " Turning around, Andrea noticed at least 6-7 more beasts. " You're kidding. Well fine then! No point in giving up now! " Being immediately attacked, Andrea was knocked from the top of the cart, between this one and the next.
  9. After Tehengu had made his way inside the train, Andrea placed one foot on the hatch, closed it and locked it down with her powers. *Creeeaaak, Clang* Standing on top of the hatch, Andrea laughed gleefully. " I hope no one was wanting to run away into the train, because now you're only way out, is that way " Andrea pointed off the end of the speeding train. Using the opportunity, Andrea launched all of her blades toward four or five mooks who took a second to look toward where she was pointing, aiming exclusively for necks. This battle was going to be for keeps. It's not like they were going to be using the kid gloves right? So why should she? Wait, Why are you trying to justify your actions? This is the right thing to do. This isn't the first time you've done this. They deserve this. These creatures are evil. They've been led astray by animals who want nothing more then to take the rightful power of man for their own greedy hands. That's right, these animals are only useful for spreading death, and indoctrinating the brains of other animals. I can't let them get away with this, I can't let our losses be in vain. For Carolina, For Dad. Andrea shut her eyes and took a deep breath. Andrea walked out into her open back yard as she had been instructed to do by a note on her bed. It was an odd way to request something from her, given texting, phone calls, and a persons own words from their mouths, but the girl had learned a long time ago not to question her Mothers wisdom. Alright, well now what. Mom, never did anything without reason so what was she suppose to lear- SCHLOCK! Andrea was struck by a large iron ball and collapsed to the ground screaming in pain, Shoulder broken and in excruciating agony. " Really now? I didn't even try that hard. You've been raised since your youth to be cautious, stealthy, and aware of your surroundings. However, I noticed that your skills in open combat leave much to be desired. I must say, I am disappointed. I didn't think I needed to teach you how not to die on a battlefield. Now then, get up, we have some training exercises to get to." " But Momma, I can't move my arm, I think it's broken, can we just-" " That's not my problem. Do you think those mongrels will let you live just because her highness has a sore arm? You'll need to defend yourself in any condition you end up in. So get up, and En garde, Mon Cœur." Opening her eyes only to discover that nary a second had past, Andrea called all her blades back from the corpses they laid in, and began spinning them around herself, again mistaking style points for having an intimidation factor. Wrong, that does nothing to prevent a counter attack, did you just not take to my teachings properly? Are you just not as good as I thought you were? Disappointing. Running toward the back half of the train car, Andrea readjusted her blades to a more aggressive pointed aim, grabbed her sword from mid air and used the distraction of the quick deaths she gave her opponents friends just moments ago to impale one of the fangers through the stomach, touching his spear and added it to her floating arsenal. Not to leave herself open, she sent all of her floating weapons flying toward the closest targets. You're weak child, you don't have the staying power to be in open combat. However, unfortunately given your ridiculous propensity for flare and pageantry, it is almost a certainty you'll find yourself in it. So when you do, desist from dawdling. Because you will die and you will have earned it. Andrea knew that trick wasn't going to be as effective the second time, and she was right, but whatever kept her opponents on the defense. She knew she couldn't take a hit, and given her size, her opponents probably had that figured out too. Spinning the impaled corpse around, Andrea used it to block incoming fire, using the time on the defensive to call back her weapons touching any loose ones on the way. Returning the weapons to her side, Andrea adjusted their positions to a defensive stance using them as make shift shields, Andrea looked upon the battlefield and counted her options as she backed herself toward the end of the train car. Alright, so teacher seems to have the other half of the car handled, although his less then lethal approach might come back to bite us in the beehive, and I have about 6 more guys with more probably on the way. Never assume you're going to win a fight, always plan for the worst, theirs no such thing as being to prepared, and most importantly, a dead beast is a good one. Looking at her arsenal, Andrea noticed the lack of ranged options, sure she could magically fling swords and call them back, but the speed wasn't exactly comparable to an automatic weapon. so with that plan in mind, Andrea flung the Animal shield from her sword off the train and made her way toward the closest Fanger with a gun as fast as possible. " Hm, It seems I was wrong, If the family ever has to rely on you to save us, we will surely perish. And here I thought, honestly I did, that you would be the one to bring peace to the world. To end the scourge of villainy and violent animalisms from taking over our once peaceful kingdoms. But it seems. That this thing, is just full of disappointments. A broken weapon is not one worth keeping inside of my house." " No wait, Mom! I-I'm not done! I can do this! Please don't leave momma!" Andrea reached her working hand toward her mother as the woman ignored her and left her alone, broken and beaten in the middle of the yard. It was getting dark. The grim would probably be nearing soon. Andrea lay in a puddle of her own blood, she knew the punishment for failing mother, she knew she deserved this, but now was not the time for that. now she just needed to survive the night. "I will not disappoint mother again."
  10. Andrea watched the savage animals getting nearer and nearer as Midnight and Slash dove right into the car. She hadn't fought the fangs animals in long while. Looks like this was a chance to cut loose. " With Pleasure Catptain. Tehengu, knock'em dead. I'll take over the covering duties. I've got more then enough toy soldiers to keep my attention for a few minutes. " Andrea got up and touched the lid of the hatch. "Once you get in, I'll magnetically lock the hatch. No ones getting in or out that way anymore. Time to Make Momma proud. " With that, all of Andreas remaining loose blades and her sword levitated off of her body, ready to be launched and slashed at whatever Fanger dared enter her line of site.
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