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  1. Stay safe everyone. I'm scared for all of you. 😢 Stay safe and be kind to each other. -A grocery store cashier
  2. Andrea watched as her allies seemed to gain more and more control over their own battles. "Alright! Good, I think we're actually gonna pu-" Suddenly, "Whish" An arrow whizzed passed her head and into an oncoming Grimm " Okay! Okay! Geez, cut me some slack, alright? I'm not exactly feeling 100%! " Andrea looked at her partners and sighed, "I guess they're gonna be okay... " Andrea scanned her surroundings. " Wow, Look at all the teams here, Everyone's working together.... To save all these people.... I have to do my part! (My) Your weakness is no excuse! " Her eyes began scanning the area further and faster until suddenly. " Help! Help us! " Andrea spotted some straggler civilians who had been cornered by some Grimm. " There we go! That's what I needed! " Andrea marched toward the helpless civilians, marched with all the determination in the world! Until, her body started to refuse. Stumbling and tripping, Andrea began to cough and hack. "N-*cough* N-no. I have to *cough cough* Save them... It's my destiny " Andrea Spat out some blood and used her semblance to bring herself forward, grabbing onto any metal she could on her own person and dragging herself forward, connecting them to any metal between her and the victims. When she finally got close enough, Andrea noticed that the family was a faunus one. For a moment, She hesitated, are they worth it? Animals attacking animals, it's nature right? But as she listened to their screams of horror, Andrea gripped her sword with her semblance and flung it at the Grimm closest to the family, almost on instinct, What am I doing? They don't matter! They're just... Suddenly Andreas mind wandered to Slash and Even Midnight, They're just... The Grimm turned and noticed The weakened Andrea " Come on you bastards! You don't want those people! I'm way tastier! Besides, I can take you! Even like this! You're nothing! You're just a bunch of Animals! " The Grimm began running at Andrea at top speed. With no sword, Andrea aimed her last wrist blade at the Grimm and fired. The blade uselessly deflected off the bone of the Grimm as it charged savagely toward the weakened woman. Beginning to grit her teeth and breath heavily, Andrea reached into her coat and gripped one of her sisters bombs, I'm sorry girls, I wanted to end this. But I guess, you'll have to pick up where I left off... Andrea threw the bomb forward and collapsed forward and exhausted of all energy and aura. The bomb struck the grimm and exploded, then exploded again and again, suddenly the other Grimm attacking the family also exploded leaving the family unharmed and safe to run away. Landing next to her sister, Beatrice sat down next to Andrea. " Reckless as ever. You work yourself to hard for this.... Lie. Please, take better care of yourself, I can't always be there to help you. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you.... " Beatrice caressed her sisters cheek and turned her attention toward the approaching boy, "Oh, Slash. This one over exerted herself again. Please take better care of her. I know its thankless, but I implore you." The elder sister let off an emergency flare to alert fellow huntsman and huntresses of a fallen person before giving Slash a quick bow and bailing out to continue her job. "Reckless? Thankless? Who does she think *cough cough cough* she is?..." Andrea attempted unsuccessfully and repeatedly to pull herself back onto her feet "I-I don't need your help cat! I'm stronger then she realizes!" Andrea spat out a little more blood as she stared angrily at nothing masking the shame she felt from her sisters words. " People need your help, just go help them!"
  3. Andrea shut her eyes, slowed her breathing, and lifted her arms toward Slash and Midnight. She hadn't touched her team mates in a while, but Andrea had been in their presence enough that she thought, she hoped, that maybe her powers could still reach them. Trying to recall the feelings of their metals, Their weapons, their armour, accessories, anything, Andrea attempted to commit it to memory. They may need to be pulled out of danger at a moments notice, nothing could distract her at that potential moment. "This is it gang. Time to show the world what we're made of! This is only the beginning! I will save everyone." Suddenly, The Grimm Burst through! Slash and Midnight jump into action, Turning her attention toward Slash for a moment, Andrea noticed he was surrounded, but despite this, He seemed to have things relatively under control. That being said, Andrea still summoned up what ever debris her powers could reach, sharpened metal, cans, whatever, And flung them toward the grimm to distract them from slash for a moment, attempting to give him more openings to attack. Realising the others might be in danger, Andrea took a quick moment to see if Midnight needed something, despite their differences, this cat was far more useful alive and friendly. Noticing her strategy, Andrea couldn't help but feel concerned. Her gun-ho approach was dangerous given her level of exhaustion, so Andrea, in a bid to help, paid close attention to Midnight, Whenever The cat would go to block, She would reach out with her powers and attempt to magnetically halt the shield in place, giving an extra bit of fortitude and sturdiness to Midnights blocking. The girls had not come in contact in a while, so Andrea could only hope this was as effective as she was hoping. Glancing back and forth at her two DPS allies, Andreas thoughts suddenly landed on Tehengu, " Hey! You okay back there!? I can't exactly turn to see you! We supports gotta stick together right!? To help out the animals!" Focusing on her allies for one of the few times, and with Andreas waning health, She had began neglecting her own safety, surroundings and placement in regard to the remaining enemy grimm. The consequences of such things could be disaterous, but this seemed hardly important given the current sittuation. Her allies needed to stay alive. The people of vale needed to live.
  4. A very tall celery that is afraid of heights.
  5. Andrea shut her eyes and sighed in desperation. Taking a moment to breathe. This is it. This is where people notice that you ARE the hero. Weakness is not an option. You must stand, you must fight. " No. I can't. That's not right. Those monsters will blast in here and destroy everyone. We are the salvation for all these people. No matter what, I'll stand and fight. It's part of my destiny. It is my birth rite" Andrea revealed her wrist blade and stood in the shakiest battle stance she could muster. Andrea looked around, searching for a manhole cover, a trash can lid, a metal door, anything to use for protection. coughing and spitting up some blood, Andrea realized the closest metals she could use for protection were to far. Damn, I'm so tired. Do it for justice, do it for your sisters Andrea let out a few loud breaths and began approaching Slash and Midnight, stopping several feet away but probably much closer then she should be. " I'll keep you all covered. Just gotta make sure I'm close to metal at all times. We can do this. We HAVE to do this. For all of personhood."
  6. Andrea was walking toward the dining room table with a plate of food, or was it Three, Five? Shakily raising her head from the ground, Andrea looked around, everything seeming blurry and distorted. " No, no, you gotta go to school, don't worry you'll make lottsa.... " As Andrea began looking around at her surroundings, she noticed that every one was in town and that rubble littered the surrounding area. "Friends? " Scanning the area as well as she could, Andrea noticed she was in the arms of a nice strong man. " Honey, what happened? Where are we? " As Andrea started to come to, She shook her head and started really noticing the folks around her. Midnight was there, Tehengu and.... " SLASH! Why are you!? Let go of me! I-I'm fine I don't need your gross pity!" Shoving him away, Andrea collapsed onto the ground. "Gods damn. Ah, I shouldn't have fought in the open like that, at least the job is done, right?" Andrea shakily got herself to her feet, looking like a stiff breeze might knock her over. "Well, At least it's over right? Nothing like a 'bout of success to bring up the morals." Suddenly, Andrea began coughing heavily, hacking up blood, and gasping for air. "Gods, I don't know how much more of that I could have taken."
  7. WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
  8. WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
  9. Are the holidays over yet? Are they over yet!?

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