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  1. After Tehengu had made his way inside the train, Andrea placed one foot on the hatch, closed it and locked it down with her powers. *Creeeaaak, Clang* Standing on top of the hatch, Andrea laughed gleefully. " I hope no one was wanting to run away into the train, because now you're only way out, is that way " Andrea pointed off the end of the speeding train. Using the opportunity, Andrea launched all of her blades toward four or five mooks who took a second to look toward where she was pointing, aiming exclusively for necks. This battle was going to be for keeps. It's not like they were going to be using the kid gloves right? So why should she? Wait, Why are you trying to justify your actions? This is the right thing to do. This isn't the first time you've done this. They deserve this. These creatures are evil. They've been led astray by animals who want nothing more then to take the rightful power of man for their own greedy hands. That's right, these animals are only useful for spreading death, and indoctrinating the brains of other animals. I can't let them get away with this, I can't let our losses be in vain. For Carolina, For Dad. Andrea shut her eyes and took a deep breath. Andrea walked out into her open back yard as she had been instructed to do by a note on her bed. It was an odd way to request something from her, given texting, phone calls, and a persons own words from their mouths, but the girl had learned a long time ago not to question her Mothers wisdom. Alright, well now what. Mom, never did anything without reason so what was she suppose to lear- SCHLOCK! Andrea was struck by a large iron ball and collapsed to the ground screaming in pain, Shoulder broken and in excruciating agony. " Really now? I didn't even try that hard. You've been raised since your youth to be cautious, stealthy, and aware of your surroundings. However, I noticed that your skills in open combat leave much to be desired. I must say, I am disappointed. I didn't think I needed to teach you how not to die on a battlefield. Now then, get up, we have some training exercises to get to." " But Momma, I can't move my arm, I think it's broken, can we just-" " That's not my problem, Do you think those savages will let you leave just because your arm hurts? You'll need to defend yourself in any condition you end up in. So get up, and En garde, Mon Cœur." Opening her eyes only to discover that nary a second had past, Andrea called all her blades back from the corpses they laid in, and began spinning them around herself, again mistaking style points for having an intimidation factor. Wrong, that does nothing to prevent a counter attack, did you just not take to my teachings properly? Are you just not as good as I thought you were? Disappointing. Running toward the back half of the train car, Andrea readjusted her blades to a more aggressive pointed aim, grabbed her sword from mid air and used the distraction of the quick deaths she gave her opponents friends to just moments ago to impale one of the fangers through the stomach, touching his spear and added it to her floating arsenal. Not to leave herself open, she sent all of her floating weapons flying toward the closest targets. You're weak child, you don't have the staying power to be in open combat. However, unfortunately given your ridiculous propensity for flare and pageantry, it is almost a certainty you'll find yourself in it. So when you do, desist from dawdling. because you will die. Andrea knew that trick wasn't going to be as effective the second time, and she was right, but whatever kept her opponents on the defense. She knew she couldn't take a hit, and given her size, her opponents probably had that figured out too. Spinning the impaled corpse around, Andrea used it to block incoming fire, using the time on the defensive to call back her weapons touching any loose ones on the way. Returning the weapons to her side, Andrea adjusted their positions to a defensive stance using them as make shift shields, Andrea looked upon the battlefield and counted her options as she backed herself toward the end of the train car. Alright, so teacher seems to have the other half of the car handled, although his less then lethal approach might come back to bite us in the beehive, and I have about 6 more guys with more probably on the way. Never assume you're going to win a fight, always plan for the worst, theirs no such thing as being to prepared, and most importantly, a dead beast is a harmless one. Looking at her arsenal, Andrea noticed the lack of ranged options, sure she could magically fling swords and call them back, but the speed wasn't exactly comparable to an automatic weapon. so with that plan in mind, Andrea flung the Animal shield from her sword off the train and made her way toward the closest Fanger with a gun as fast as possible. " Hm, It seems I was wrong, If the family ever has to rely on you to save us, we will surely perish. And here I thought, honestly I did, that you would be the one to bring peace to the world. To end the scourge of villainy and violent animalisms from taking over our once peaceful kingdoms. But it seems. That this thing, is just full of disappointments. A broken weapon is not one worth keeping inside of my house." " No wait Mom! I-I'm not done! I can do this! Please Don't leave momma!" Andrea reached her working hand toward her mother as the woman ignored her leaving her alone, broken and beaten in the middle of the yard. It was getting dark. The grim would probably be nearing soon. Andrea lay in a puddle of her own blood, she knew the punishment for failing mother, she knew she deserved this, but now was not the time for that. now she just needed to survive the night. "I will not disappoint mother again."
  2. Andrea watched the savage animals getting nearer and nearer as Midnight and Slash dove right into the car. She hadn't fought the fangs animals in long while. Looks like this was a chance to cut loose. " With Pleasure Catptain. Tehengu, knock'em dead. I'll take over the covering duties. I've got more then enough toy soldiers to keep my attention for a few minutes. " Andrea got up and touched the lid of the hatch. "Once you get in, I'll magnetically lock the hatch. No ones getting in or out that way anymore. Time to Make Momma proud. " With that, all of Andreas remaining loose blades and her sword levitated off of her body, ready to be launched and slashed at whatever Fanger dared enter her line of site.
  3. Pulling herself gracefully on top of the train car, Andrea ran ahead however, this car didn't seem to have a hatch. Odd, but not unheard of. Continuing to run forward, Andrea nearly walked right off the edge of the car stopping juuuust short of imminent death. " Uuuuh, Hey guys! I think I see why they're trying to ram a train into the dead end... " She said pointing out the flat car loaded with explosives that lay ahead of them. The sheer audacity of these animals to want to ram a train car loaded with BOMBS into a wall that leads right into a populated city.... The important of this mission just went all the way up. "We need to stop them right now! Be careful, try not to blow us all up! " Jumping down to the flat car and navigating between the bombs, Andrea continued forward, hopefully the next car had a hatch on the top. Arriving at the next car, Andrea magnetized any and all of the metal on her body onto the train car and scaled it. "There! Theres a way inside here!" Andrea ran toward the hatch and awaited the rest of her team.
  4. Yup, It was time to go. Andrea looked upon the chaos that this place had become and knew. "Well, our work here is done. Seems like business as usual." she watched as her team mates jumped one by one onto the train. "Alright guys, I vote we get in the boss train before we get riddled with bullets. Sound good to anyone else? Just me?" Andrea turned toward the door and attempted to open it. "Damn it! Guys, the door is locked, and I left my lock breaking kit is back at the camp." Looking up to the top of the car, Andrea realized. " Hey! There's probably a hatch on top of one of these cars! it might be our only way in! Quick! Someone give me a boost!"
  5. HEY! Thats fun size to you! And I'm actually 190.5 cms IRL. >#> I know freakish no bully plz....
  6. No that is star wars rebels. Just that stars wars added helicopter sabers
  7. I am unfortunately still on this ride. So i can give info dumps wherever needed
  8. The ultimate villain. Miles Luna and Kerry what ever his last name is. But yeah I wanna be more constructive but I love both ideas.... And both Will hurt me...
  9. On the contrary! I've gotten smarter, bolder, and more confident in myself and my actions! I am 100 times the woman you faced in the past! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! But yeah. There's advantages in both. It's a good idea to consider both roads
  10. I am alright with starting over but I will admit that it will be a tad sad to let go of the group if we do. But at the same time, starting over could give us fresh starts but we lose the chemistry we all already have... That being said, I am surprised Midnight wants to the start of the zone. Seems she wants Andrea to whip her again~
  11. Equity Vim, Unicron, Grey Sith, Yellow crystal Main saber, Orange Shoto. Seeing as I don't have an app for this character I can go more in detail if you want.
  12. I dont know what its gonna end up being but i know we talked about just starting over with an oc plot maybe...
  13. Granted your account is now permanently frozen due to a suspicious amount of funds being transferred to your account. The police have been notified. I wish I was a real person.
  14. WRONG it is delicious. I predict Kaitykat will post next
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