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  1. Andrea rolled out of bed with a combination sigh and whine. " Where are we even going anyway? Is it that important? Can you just carry me there? Please Slashie? I promise I'll be good."
  2. Bluemoon : YUP! Absolutely! I'd like a good helping of both please! Caralot : Wait a minute, Those animals don't make those noises! DreamySunday : I'm inclined to believe the Veterinarian.
  3. WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
  4. WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
  5. Go to bed rosey
  6. After staying up so long, it does become hard to tell the days apart.
  7. To anyone who drinks OJ with pulp.


    Pistols at dawn.


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. tacobob


      Here you go Rosewind.



    3. Rosewind


      I need that toothpaste in my life. Will buy!


    4. Mutt


      In Britain it's called 'With Juicy Bits!'

  8. Yes. Very XS
  9. <---- Thinks beer tastes like wet soggy bread.
  10. Sounds like we had similar weekends.
  11. DreamySunday: No one but that is one way we could end up going.
  12. DreamySunday: Me, Caralot. Bluemoon: Hoof fight? Sounds fun! I have four of those I bet I'd be real good at that! DreamySunday: As someone who has actually been in a hoof fight, I can assure you you wouldn't. Bluemoon: Aww yeah? Care to prove that? DreamySunday: No... Bluemoon: Hah! Chicken. DreamySunday:.... Caralot has successfully escaped battle.
  13. Bluemoon: The world is gonna end!? But I haven't seen everything yet! Caralot: Hopefully not soon. DreamySunday: I was going to say 5 billion years. But can a sun controlled by magical horse princesses even explode.