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  1. Andrea stood proudly, flaunting her obvious and magnificent superiority! For only a moment. When she noticed that nobody really cared, she let the air out of her with a disappointed sigh. "Yeah, Yeah. Watch out for their gear... It's super dangerous and state of the art. I've gotten the opportunity to use it myself. Boy howdy, Is it ever hard to go back to regular stuff after. But yeah, It tends to be really high tech, so if it calls for it, try to jam them, Reduce them to their basic functions and **** their number of options.." Andrea for a second turn to Slash as if seeking aproval before quickly turning back to the rest of the group. Andrea took a few deep breaths and turned toward Tehengu " Guess this is it huh? Time to leave all the doubts and fears behind. Have faith in the system and security..... Something just doesn't sit right with me.... How about you? Reassure me why don't you haha..." Andrea said laughing nervously. MEANWHILE ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE PLANET! Allen ran toward his team but stopped short of them. The boy exhaled his excitement and adrenaline before walking calmly toward his teammates. " Alright team, sorry for being fashionably late, I had some last minute business." He said with a fake deep and gravely voice" Anyway, we're finally here. It's time to show the world how capable we are. Time to show them just how strong we can be. Time to show---Kat.... " Allen looked toward his ranger teammate, eyes squinted, mouth agape...." Are you, do you, we're expected to go out with you looking like this? Unexeptable! You may make a fool of yourself while you are by yourself! But YOU are representing MY team! I will not stand for this!" Allen shoved Kat up and began tying her shoe laces " Honeslty is it really even that hard to make sure you're dressed properly before stepping out in the morning!?" Allen sighed deeply as he finished up his work on Kats shoes. Getting back up Allen noticed the girls shirt. " Now really. Even this.... Avert your eyes gentlemen, I don't want to see this anymore then you do,"Allen, using his quick hand pulled up Kats shirt and put it back down right side in just as quickly on the right side. "Lords, Crisis averted, we could have had an appearance disaster. Now stop playing around in that dirt before you make us look houseless." Allen got up and got back into battle stance. "Alright Gentlemen! And lady, Are we ready!?"
  2. " Yeah, I get it. I'll chill. Guess I'm still a little on edge. Comes with the job I guess. We're just gonna have to focus on the fights." Andrea turned toward Tehengu and gave aresigned smile and thumbs up. Turning your back on the animals will be your down fall Mon cœur. Andrea shut her eyes tight and shook her head. "Just gotta focus. Think of nothing but the fight. " I'm always right. Soon you'll see. Andrea sighed, and said "Fine, Fine. You're right, I shouldn't have. Happy? Well enjoy it because those aren't words you're gonna hear from me very often. " As she lazed around her team, she over heard them saying things about the team being from Atlas. "Huh, really? Round one? That's gonna be rough. Those Atlas folks are really well trained. The newest and most advanced tech. If it weren't for the cold I'd have moved there ages ago since they seem to have they're ducks in a row. Anyways, See if you can't get names or portraits, AS good as Atlas folks are, I hear they're pretty showboaty, so some pics might give away weapons or give us a jist of what they're on about." Andrea took a peak at Slash's schedule to see if she could get a sneak peak at any potential future match ups. " Huh, weird. I thought the matches were entirely roulette based... Does this mean we know the arena lay out ahead of time too?" "Of course we won't lose I AM HERE! " Andrea placed her hands on her hips and puffed out her chest. " Since you're so easy to take down, try not to be dead weight okay kitty? " She said, giggling at Midnight.
  3. And I've screen capped and saved EVERYTHING
  4. Turning her attention back toward Tehengu. " It might be stupid to attack just outright, but what about something more hidden? I don't know, Maybe I'm a little to on edge but some of these...people, are lookin' real sketch to me." Andrea took a deep breath and let out a big sigh. " I guess I should loosen up a little. This is all for fun. Never mind, just... let's try to enjoy ourselves. " Foolishness. Of course they're conspiring against the humans. they're evil. The girl shook her head and gave herself some light taps on the head. Letting out another heavy breath, Andrea tried turning off her huntress instinct and plastered on an awkward smile. Despite this, Andrea couldn't help, knowingly or not, occasionally eye balling 'suspicious folks' and keeping a bit of distance between herself and Slash, while she followed the group around. "Yeah, I agree, It's about time we show these losers who's on top!" Despite her paranoia about her current environment and the situation, Andrea was genuinely excited about these up coming battles. It seemed that nothing could hinder this woman's ego when it came to showing off. "Time to put my training to work, eh gang? " Suddenly, Andrea noticed Midnight bolt to the bathroom only to return a short bit later. Raising an eyebrow, she couldn't help but chuckle. " Yeah, true, Wouldn't want you to get to nervous and barf on the stage now would we? Don't worry kitty, I'm sure you won't be to much of a dead weight. You'll play the cannon fodder role juuuust fine. " Andrea turned around, not even waiting for a response and continued toward the stadium.
  5. WELCOME! And please enjoy your stay at Canterlot!
  6. Andrea grabbed her potato tornado and sniffed it. It smelt like grease. Not Greasy foods, but just.... Grease. And whole helping of hot grease. God I think I'm gonna throw up... Andrea took a bite of the salty long fry, and as she chewed, her face contorted into a odd face of confusion, horror and disgust. " This seems super bad for you. It's so greasy and salty.... It's gross. Can I have another one? It's super good." Andrea began looking around the games and people inhabiting the festival as she ate her garbage carni food. Everyone seemed so happy. And integrated. Maybe most people wouldn't notice but Andrea couldn't help but focus on the amount of animals at this event. It wasn't necessarily a whole lot, but it was more then Andrea was used to seeing at anyone time without trouble being afoot. despite the relative relaxation of the environment, she couldn't help but feel on edge, and by instinct, Andrea grabbed Slash's hand. She told herself that it was to make sure they didn't leave without her and that she didn't get lost, but maybe, it was also because she was feeling nervous and looking for some kind of security. "Hm!" Andrea said to Slash's idea about why the matches were random " Yeah, yeah, Super reasonable, Absolutely, I completely get it." She said As she kept surveying the Carnival grounds (and eating) as if on a duty of sorts. " Hey T, Do you think it's uh... Safe here? I mean, seeing as we're entertaining folks from.... Many different...Kingdoms. I don't know, I'm expecting trouble. What do you think?" Andrea looked toward her teammates, as if sizing them up for the first time, Midnight, Wasn't to scary, she could obvs take her, but her actions could be unpredictable, she should watch the cat. Tehengu, reliable and reasonable Tehengu. They didn't get along very well, but she could always rely on him to give her the straight shit. He was alright. Finally Slash, Her eyes traveled to his chest, Strong, sturdy, capable, despite his uncertain leadership he still had the space to learn, she gripped his hand tighter as her eyes scrolled up to his face. Handsome, dependable, understanding. Andrea giggled and thought, he always seems to have a plan and despite their questionable quality, they could likely improve greatly if he tries. Andreas eyes made her way the rest of the way up his head until she was reminded that he was.... Lazy, aloof, and weak willed, this...thing, has a lot of obstacles to over come and shows little want to surpass them. Andreas grip loosened as she averted her eyes away from the boy. Typical nothing out of the ordinary there. Andrea jerked her hand loose from Slash's as she tossed her potatoless stick on the ground and took a deep breath. "Alright cat, where to next?" Stay focused Andrea, center yourself.
  7. Andrea had not taken her defeats lightly. During the time she was recovering, Andrea tried to maintain her devil may care attitude, and sharp, sharp, tongue. But anyone who would have even dared to talk to her would have heard nothing but venomous impression of her sisters monotone. Andrea had never been good at dealing with her own emotions, so in an attempt to hide her emotions she wouldn't have even noticed her lashing out at others. When she did eventually be able to get back on her feet, Andrea began focusing much more on training with a particular focus on stamina and physical fortitude. She felt like she had slacked far to much recently and she wanted her own blood for it. It would have become a common sight to come into the room and witness Andrea attempting handstand push ups against a wall or Burpees, or even just a crab plank. "I can't fail. I must succeed. For the family. " When the morning of the tournament eventually came, Andrea began wandering the carnival like environment with her team, attempting to hide her excitement under her lifted hood. "So this is, like a carnival huh? Wow, H-how lame, Totally looks like it s-whoa what's tha- Uh I mean, Sucks super hard. " Andrea had never been to such an event before, So she couldn't help let her eyes be drawn towards all the people laughing and smiling and having fun, And the food! All kinds of food! It all looked, like trash! But so interesting! "Who would cut a potato with a drill and fry it, then serve it on a stick!? (This is a real food cart in Ottawa) That looks disgusting! I want one!" "I heard the Matches and stadiums are selected by roulette. I'm not sure how that works, but that certainly sounds chaotic. Not like a real battlefield at all." Andrea would never admit it to her allies, but the thought if not even having an idea of where she was fighting until last minute put her a little on edge. She might not lookit, But Andrea put a lot of thought into how and where she fought. rarely anything went unplanned.Andrea always rigorously mapped out nearly everything. A new exercise, a new challenge to face. She could not fail.
  8. Andrea slowly turned herself onto her back and looked around her. It was over, The day was saved with minimal casualties, and here Andrea lay, wounded, broken, bleeding, Weak. " Whatever, I-I'll be fine... " Andrea allowed herself to be lifted by Slash but gave him no assistance, as if to protest his help. " Just let go of me... I-I can make it...Myself" Andreas hand slowly began gripping on Slash's shoulder as her foot steps got more and more steady thanks to Slashs help. " I'm tough, I can take a few scratches and scraps, Just leave me be! " Her voice began breaking, she clenched her teeth and extended her arm to place her face as far away from his as possible. " I don't need some animal's help! I'm strong, I'm smart! I'm..." Andrea Breathing began to get heavier " I'm..." Her voice got softer and quieter. Andrea softly buried her face into Slashs shirt, which would have started to get wet " Worthless."
  9. Stay safe everyone. I'm scared for all of you. 😢 Stay safe and be kind to each other. -A grocery store cashier
  10. Andrea watched as her allies seemed to gain more and more control over their own battles. "Alright! Good, I think we're actually gonna pu-" Suddenly, "Whish" An arrow whizzed passed her head and into an oncoming Grimm " Okay! Okay! Geez, cut me some slack, alright? I'm not exactly feeling 100%! " Andrea looked at her partners and sighed, "I guess they're gonna be okay... " Andrea scanned her surroundings. " Wow, Look at all the teams here, Everyone's working together.... To save all these people.... I have to do my part! (My) Your weakness is no excuse! " Her eyes began scanning the area further and faster until suddenly. " Help! Help us! " Andrea spotted some straggler civilians who had been cornered by some Grimm. " There we go! That's what I needed! " Andrea marched toward the helpless civilians, marched with all the determination in the world! Until, her body started to refuse. Stumbling and tripping, Andrea began to cough and hack. "N-*cough* N-no. I have to *cough cough* Save them... It's my destiny " Andrea Spat out some blood and used her semblance to bring herself forward, grabbing onto any metal she could on her own person and dragging herself forward, connecting them to any metal between her and the victims. When she finally got close enough, Andrea noticed that the family was an animal one. For a moment, She hesitated, are they worth it? Animals attacking animals, it's nature right? But as she listened to their screams of horror, Andrea gripped her sword with her semblance and flung it at the Grimm closest to the family, almost on instinct, What am I doing? They don't matter! They're just... Suddenly Andreas mind wandered to Slash and Even Midnight, They're just... The Grimm turned and noticed The weakened Andrea " Come on you bastards! You don't want those people! I'm way tastier! Besides, I can take you! Even like this! You're nothing! You're just a bunch of Animals! " The Grimm began running at Andrea at top speed. With no sword, Andrea aimed her last wrist blade at the Grimm and fired. The blade uselessly deflected off the bone of the Grimm as it charged savagely toward the weakened woman. Beginning to grit her teeth and breath heavily, Andrea reached into her coat and gripped one of her sisters bombs, I'm sorry girls, I wanted to end this. But I guess, you'll have to pick up where I left off... Andrea threw the bomb forward and collapsed forward and exhausted of all energy and aura. The bomb struck the grimm and exploded, then exploded again and again, suddenly the other Grimm attacking the family also exploded leaving the family unharmed and safe to run away. Landing next to her sister, Beatrice sat down next to Andrea. " Reckless as ever. You work yourself to hard for this.... Lie. Please, take better care of yourself, I can't always be there to help you. I don't know what I'd do if I lost you.... " Beatrice caressed her sisters cheek and turned her attention toward the approaching boy, "Oh, Slash. This one over exerted herself again. Please take better care of her. I know its thankless, but I implore you." The elder sister let off an emergency flare to alert fellow huntsman and huntresses of a fallen person before giving Slash a quick bow and bailing out to continue her job. "Reckless? Thankless? Who does she think *cough cough cough* she is?..." Andrea attempted unsuccessfully and repeatedly to pull herself back onto her feet "I-I don't need your help cat! I'm stronger then she realizes!" Andrea spat out a little more blood as she stared angrily at nothing masking the shame she felt from her sisters words. " People need your help, just go help them!"
  11. Andrea shut her eyes, slowed her breathing, and lifted her arms toward Slash and Midnight. She hadn't touched her team mates in a while, but Andrea had been in their presence enough that she thought, she hoped, that maybe her powers could still reach them. Trying to recall the feelings of their metals, Their weapons, their armour, accessories, anything, Andrea attempted to commit it to memory. They may need to be pulled out of danger at a moments notice, nothing could distract her at that potential moment. "This is it gang. Time to show the world what we're made of! This is only the beginning! I will save everyone." Suddenly, The Grimm Burst through! Slash and Midnight jump into action, Turning her attention toward Slash for a moment, Andrea noticed he was surrounded, but despite this, He seemed to have things relatively under control. That being said, Andrea still summoned up what ever debris her powers could reach, sharpened metal, cans, whatever, And flung them toward the grimm to distract them from slash for a moment, attempting to give him more openings to attack. Realising the others might be in danger, Andrea took a quick moment to see if Midnight needed something, despite their differences, this cat was far more useful alive and friendly. Noticing her strategy, Andrea couldn't help but feel concerned. Her gun-ho approach was dangerous given her level of exhaustion, so Andrea, in a bid to help, paid close attention to Midnight, Whenever The cat would go to block, She would reach out with her powers and attempt to magnetically halt the shield in place, giving an extra bit of fortitude and sturdiness to Midnights blocking. The girls had not come in contact in a while, so Andrea could only hope this was as effective as she was hoping. Glancing back and forth at her two DPS allies, Andreas thoughts suddenly landed on Tehengu, " Hey! You okay back there!? I can't exactly turn to see you! We supports gotta stick together right!? To help out the animals!" Focusing on her allies for one of the few times, and with Andreas waning health, She had began neglecting her own safety, surroundings and placement in regard to the remaining enemy grimm. The consequences of such things could be disaterous, but this seemed hardly important given the current sittuation. Her allies needed to stay alive. The people of vale needed to live.
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