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  1. Excellent! I'm glad there are a few people who share my interest now, I am thinking of having Sombra's return years in the future from where the show has left off. Whether we'll have Mane 6 characters or not, I haven't decided yet. I view Sombra's revival as something extremely powerful...maybe even cataclysmic. He raises a semi-cult like organization, rallied under him and bent on conquering Equestria...and obtaining revenge. I can see Sombra developing the ability to drain away magic...to make somepony's nightmare a reality...stuff like that. Imagine this scenario: Sombra is revived by a group of cultists with the aid of a powerful magical object. Upon being restored, Sombra slowly but surely bolsters his forces...eventually laying siege to the Crystal Empire. Along with his new life, he has received a few new tricks...one of which making the Crystal Empire's magical barrier useless. He invades, conquers the city, and captures Shining Armor and Cadence. As punishment for 'treason', he drains them completely of their magical powers and tosses them into a state of eternal nightmares. The threat of the reborn Sombra is known, and Equestria rushes to defend itself. That...is about all I have so far
  2. ~Twilight, within her office at the Magus Academy~ The alicorn raised her eyes and watched Discord and Time for a couple moments, watching with wry amusement at the young student's efforts to explain himself. Upon hearing his successful first-time transformation spell, she couldn't help but smile slightly. He's gifted...maybe as gifted as I once was. When Discord made his remark about her own first-time finishing the spell, she eyed him sharply. "Yes, it did. However, we both know certain ponies have certain specialties. It could take a unicorn who is a natural with transmutation magic seconds before turning wood to solid gold. But, regardless, that is very well done, Time. However, that won't distract me from the reason you were eavesdropping. Sometimes when somepony eavesdrops, they learn things they would otherwise not want to know."
  3. "My ancestors bled for this world. They fought in the name of peace, salvation, and hope. Despite it's changed surface, every spec of earth is tainted by the blood of my subjects and forefathers, and will continue to be dyed red by the time my ascent to the heavens is over. For millenia, I have watched the world through slitted eyes, basking in the rage and despair that perforates decrepit lands, such as Equestria. Slowly since the death of my father, the King of the World, I have begun to question and doubt the goodness of equine kind...and it wasn't until the crimson-coated Equestrian Revolution that I was truly convinced that the world could not live on its own anymore. Some call me a tyrant, others call me a God. However...many refer to me simply as...Pierrot. In my time, before the Reckoning had begun, the entire planet was at peace. Alicorn civilization flourished under the rule of my kind and benevolent father, and his greatest achievement was the creation of a super-computer that could alter existence itself...the machine I know as the Goliath. When my father passed away, he had hidden his creation away, telling no one where it lay...the result was a massive upraising and war that nearly drove my race to extinction. To escape the onslaught, myself and my family sheltered within the very confines of the earth below...but I had lost my beloved daughter, Cadence. We would not resurface for five hundred years. Upon our return to the world, I learned that my sisters, Celestia and Luna, had carved out a small kingdom in this newly-shattered land...a land they referred to as Equestria. I could never approach them or my daughter...too many questions would be asked. So, for thousands of years, my family and I watched from the side-lines, closed off from the rapidly growing and changing world. I was content with that life, but as everypony knows, comfort never lasts. My sisters had to fight many enemies, even themselves, over the years...I could never help them without revealing myself. It wasn't until the year of the Equestrian Revolution that I realized my mistake...when I realized that the deaths of my siblings, of my young daughter, were because of my incompetence. With their deaths came agony, sorrow, and guilt unimaginable. For five years I wallowed in my own misery, asking myself why the world was so cruel, and why such horrible things happen. I was shaken out of my depression by the last equine I would ever think it of; my young son, Despair. We spoke for hours of the impurities and wrongs that existed in the world around us, and I could feel my heart grow darker. Granted, I knew that the only creature at fault was I for what happened...but hatred made be believe that it was actually the citizens of Equestria, and most of all, Twilight Sparkle. I made a promise, then. A promise to destroy those who had done me wrong...who had done my perfect world wrong, and to become a new King, such as the like of my own father. I took control of the Crystal Empire, once a glorious Alicorn city, and made it my birthright...I began forging an army unlike anything Equestria has ever seen. There would be blood before this is over. On the eve of peace negotiations between the 'Federation' and several of Equestria's other factions, my hoof had been forced into war against the citizens of the dying land. Despite my darker side wishing for the chance to have them suffer, it was not my intention to massacre millions. Against my orders, Despair went to the new capital of Equinia and...unleashed one of the Forbidden Talents. A spell of such destructive magnitude had not be used since the demise of our race...and he had nearly wiped out the entire city. With my foal's horrible choice, we were plunged into chaos. As my heart began to turn to stone, I sent Despair and his twin sister Misery to attack the Changeling stronghold known as the Royal Hive, using the reason of 'tainted bloodlines", but truthfully it was to obtain control of the powerful artifact known as the Tartarus Gate...a creation older even than my father which was said to bring back the souls of the dead. Once again, my orders were ignored and the Changeling race was driven to near extinction. A father's sufferance never ceases... Despair died in that battle at the holed hooves of Chrysalis, a sort of vengeful repercussion against me I would assume. I lost two foals that day...Despair, and Misery. Overwhelmed with grief, Misery opened and used the Tartarus Gate without my supervision, reviving her brother along with numerous more dead...creating the first Chevaliers. I cannot forgive such an atrocity, and I cannot look at the creature Despair has become. Now, I am alone in this miserable, desolate world. My only recourse...is it's complete annihilation. My dear, dear Passion...if only you were still by my side, maybe this world wouldn't be so dark...so cold...so lonely." - High King Pierrot, King of the World, Lord of the Crystal Towers, Master of the Earthly Realm.
  4. ~Twilight, within her office in the Magus Academy~ The alicorn mare gave a icy, brutal laugh. The Elements? "...Discord, the Elements were absorbed into my body a millenium ago. There's no way to retrieve them, and even if there were...I would most likely die in the process. No, I'm afraid..." She paused, blinking before turning to look at one of the books piled on her desk, titled A Glimpse of Spellwork Crafting: The Creation of Artifacts, and trotted over to it, opening the leather-bound tome to a diagram. "...no, no we may not be able to take them from my body, but...what if we can create new Elements? Elements that are stronger, better, grander than the last ones? If we can, it could pave the way to even greater sciences and discoveries. Oh, and save Equestria, of course." She said the last sentence as if it were an after-thought, shrugging before closing the book with one of her hooves.
  5. Alright fellas, due to the lack of interest from outside viewers, I believe I'll make 'Invasion' a Private RP. Of course, we'll leave slots open for whoever is willing to join us later. I will have the RP up and running, and I'll send invites to a private message room to show who will be joining us.
  6. Hello, guys I've been thinking lately about one of the most mysterious and least known MLP villain to date; King Sombra. Truthfully, the two-part Crystal Empire episodes in Season 3 didn't reveal that much about him, much less how exactly the Crystal Empire was during his rule (or before it). Sombra didn't even have a single real line, simply growls and shouts in his beastly voice. So, a marvelous idea popped into my head: why not develop on him more, as well as the Crystal Empire? In my opinion, King Sombra had the possible potential to be a long-time villain in the MLP series (but, as we know, long-time villains don't exist in the MLP universe ) and I think it would be fascinating to bring him back from the dead...for one last go against Equestria and the Crystal Empire. I've done my research on him, and I can accurately assume and predict the sort of actions he would make if he had the chance to strike back at the Mane 6...this could easily turn messy. As we know, almost all of MLP's villains have required some magical force/artifact to be defeated; the Elements for Discord and Nightmare Moon, Love for Chrysalis, and the Crystal Heart for Sombra. How would the citizens of Equestria fare without these special weapons...do you think they would survive Sombra's onslaught? Thus it comes down to you guys. I think an amazing RP can be made from Sombra and the possible troubles he can cause...but I want to hear your opinions on this if they are mostly positive, I'll make it into an RP. Any ideas you would like to add in the meantime will be welcome and appreciated. - Val
  7. ~Twilight, within her office at the Magus Academy~ After looking Discord in the eyes for what seemed like an eternity, she got up slowly, turned, and approached the wide windows at the back of her office. Rolling green hills met her view, as well as scattered trees, streams, and shrubbery...she remembered picking the spot due to its calming qualities. Now, the colours appeared dull to her, and it wasn't just from the brewing rain. "...It has come to pass, then. I wished this day would never come, but..." Taking in a deep, shuttering breath, she continued. "...who did it? Who killed my brother and my sister-in-law?" Her voice sounded odd, cold and deadened, even to herself, but it matched what she felt inside. Shining Armor and Cadence...dead...it seemed impossible, but she knew that one day it would happen. Her research into premonitions once again bit her flank viciously.
  8. ~Twilight, within her office with Discord at the Magus Academy~ She stared at the oddly-shaped creature before her, her face blank and her eyes gazing into his. Then, after a long, long moment, her lips curved upward in a cold smile. "...my my, Discord. I know your jokes and sense of humor change direction every once in awhile, but this is dark...even for you." Grimacing, a plate occupied by a teapot and cups floated over, steam rising from two freshly made glasses. She snagged one of the cups and took a wary sip of it, shaking her head slightly as she put a few sugar cubes into it. "Much to bitter... Now, how about you tell me why you're really here, and the reason Celestia sent you to bother me." She no longer held the reverence she once had for Celestia, due to the amount of years she had lived. In truth, Twilight saw the Princess' rule as a fragile thing...and if she truly wanted to, she could have easily toppled her former teacher and taken the throne herself. If she wanted to, which she didn't.
  9. ~Twilight, within Classroom 102 of the Magus Academy~ Shortly after she finished writing on the board, she turned to find Time standing at the entrance, panting and apologizing for his late arrival. The scene caused a ripple of murmurs among the other students, their eyes glancing from the Spellmistress and to Time. After a moment, Twilight cleared her throat and spoke; "...I see. Young stallion, please find your seat, for we'll discuss this later." Twisting back to her class, she nodded. "Today, we will be learning and discussing the science of Alchemy...one of the few studies that involves both magic and scientific knowledge. For millenia, the goal of every Alchemist is to change any old metal into gold...granted, no method has been found thus far, but..." Her voice dwindled when she caught sight of a raised hand in the back of the crowded classroom, her eyes studying the figure curiously. Truthfully, she was surprised at Discord's sudden appearance; however, as a veteran politician and diplomat, she knew when to replace any emotion with a mask of serenity. In the past, she and her old friends had defeated Discord with the Elements of Harmony, changing him to stone. Until recent years, he had been in his petrified trap. Despite his evident, and perhaps truthful, change of heart...she still felt uneasy around the former Old God of Chaos. Listening to his request, she sighed and nodded. "Of course...we shall take this to my study. Students! Turn to page 161 in our Transformations textbook, and review Transmutation magic." Opening up yet another portal back to her office, she advanced on through. When she arrived on the other end of the portal, it took barely a second to reorientate herself before moving back over to her desk, sitting down and waiting for Discord to come through the portal and explain why he had interrupted one of her classes...that irked her as much as the memories she had of his...'pranks'...in the past.
  10. ~Twilight, within her office at the Magus Academy~ A startling thought occured through her mind as she finished a paragraph in her book. "Oh my...I forgot. There's a class this morning...well, I should have time for this book later. Or...this book could be today's subject." Smirking in satisfaction, she lifted the tome with a manipulated flow of air, and summoned a portal at the center of her study, the other side revealing a university-sized classroom. Moving around her desk, Twilight trotted into the portal, a flash of light signaling her departure. The next moment, she was near the white-board at the front of the room, students who had arrived earlier blinking in surprise at their mentor's sudden appearance. With a warm smile, she greeted those who were already there. "Good morning, class. You all slept well, I trust?" Murmurs in reply echoed throughout the classroom, and she nodded. Students were still arriving, but the bell would ring soon...when Twilight decided it, of course. Everything here ran through magical lay-lines she herself had constructed, powering all devices and systems with endless supplies of magic. Gazing around, her eye noticed an abnormality in the scene before her; Time wasn't here yet. A bright learner and one of her favorite students, he was almost always here...what made him late today? "...I'm sure he has a good reason..." She muttered softly, before turning to the board and beginning to write down some important review subjects from the previous session.
  11. ~Twilight, within her office at the Magus Academy~ Tick...tick...tick...tick...tick... Despite the study's size, the magically-powered clock at the back of the room seemed to make a louder and louder click as time advanced, carrying an echo across the room. Papers lay scattered on the desk and on the hardwood floors, scattered as if a tornado had blasted through the office. Endless piles of books rose high to the ceiling, teetering precariously over the head of the office's current occupier; Lady Twilight. By those amongst the Magus Academy, she was known as the Spellmistress, while those who knew her referred to her as simply Twilight. The Alicorn's head lay resting ontop of an open book, her dark-blue mane lay in a tangled mess, her coat slightly matted. Sleep had overtaken her during another late-night study on a subject of importance to her lately; time travel. She had done it in the past, on accident, but had never truly mastered it. Everything else about magic she understood and could use extraordinarily...except Time. Her eye-lids began to flinch with every tick from the grandfather clock behind her, as if her body were preparing itself for the impending alarm. Suddenly, the sound of the resounding chimes within the clock grandly echoed through the office, reverberating several times and centered on her. When the chimes faded, Twilight's eyes opened slowly, the groggy haze of awakening clinging to her vision. Lifting her head, she gazed about at the mess she had made last night and sighed tiredly, getting up from her desk and chair as her horn summoned a purple glow. A wave of magical essence wafted throughout the room as the hundreds of papers and books were either put back, thrown away, reordered, or simply put in a spot out of the way. It took a few moments till the job was done, causing her to sigh again as she looked at herself in a mirror. Approaching it, she took a comb from one of the drawers in her desk and started brushing out the knots in her mane. Once that was done, she tended to her violet coat next. Satisfied, she sat down at her desk and continued her reading from last night, opening a book titled; The Fragility of Time and Space: How Manipulation Can Harm The Balance of Existence. "Hmph...I figured Starswirl for a philosopher as well, but never a ranter." Twilight muttered icily at the pages. However, she continued to read anyway...she hated not finished a book after opening it.
  12. Ignite the flames of Destiny...the time is nigh. Gather your mind, body, and spirit, for the trials ahead shall scourge you to your center. Nay, it shall turn your entire being to ash upon gazing at the splender and glory that is to come from this adventure! Ride forth, fellows! Claim your places in history!
  13. Alicorn Twilight = even more overpowered Twilight. ESPECIALLY after absorbing the Elements.
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