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  3. Although Violet didn't like the idea that she will go ahead, she did it. She tried to remember different places where they have passed, but she wasn't memorized anything just the bushes from where those beautiful bugs came out. "Maybe if I could find it..."-she thought as she led the group. Sometimes she looked back if everypony was there. "Okay, so here is this huge tree...yeah... It looks a bit familiar...oh and that rock..I didn't see yet.." Violet sighed from the nervousness. They were walking in the forest for a long time. "The others are probably arrived back..." After a short time, they finally arrived...to the huge tree that she saw before? Violet didn't even see the place where the bushes could be but she saw the tree again, that means...they were walking round and round. [colour=#F62817]"Umm, hey guys? Does anypony know where we are?" [/colour][colour=#000000]That was the question that Violet didn't want to hear. "Don't worry Dawn.."-she said while she tried figure out something-"..we are almost there, okay? Just...just don't worry...okay?" Violet tried to find a solution, but everything looked the same. Every single tree, every single rock, all looked the same.[/colour]
  4. (Finally we received the results of the test graduation from English. 91% I was a bit suprised, 'cus i thought it will be worse.) Slick was also ready to leave and soon he ran into the others, where he noticed Dawn. "Oh...Hi Slick!" Violet waved to him. She noticed that Dawn wanted so much to go back to the cabins, that's why she tried to push Violet so many times but violet waited for Knight's reply. [colour=#B22222]"I think I'll head back to the cabins." [/colour][colour=#000000]Great! Violet hoped, that will be his answer, not just because she had a crush on him, but she was afraid from the thought of getting lost. "Okay, Dawn! We can go now."-she smiled at her when she noticed that the filly tried to push her again. "You know Slick, Shade brought Dawn with herself, and when we came to the forest she wanted to follow us. That's why she is here. We were just about to leave when we cope with Knight and than with you." Violet headed to the direction where the cabins supposed to be.[/colour]
  5. As Violet helped Dawn up from the ground, somepony bumped into her that she almost tumbled. "Ouch!..." Violet twinkled from the sudden pain but soon it passed away and saw that the pony who bumped into her was Knight. "Oh, Hi Knight..."-she said resentfully. [colour=#B22222]"Er... Sorry about earlier... I didn't know you couldn't swim..." [/colour][colour=#000000]Knight apologized for her and reached out his hoof. [/colour][colour=#B22222]"We cool?" [/colour][colour=#000000]Violet didn't expect that, but she was glad to hear it, also she regret yet how she acted before.[/colour][colour=#B22222] [/colour][colour=#000000]Violet sighed than give Knight a friendly smile. "I don't like to be in tiff with the others. Yes Knight, we cool!"-she said and gave Knight a hoof bump. "You know, I have bad experience about swimming, that's all."-she said than looked at Dawn. "It's so late yet, so I think...I will go back to the cabins and Dawn, well, you should go with me. Also, I don't think that the others will stay so long."-she said than covered her mouth as she yawned one. "Knight? Would you like to come with us or you will stay for awhile."[/colour]
  6. [colour=#0000FF]"Come on! Give knight a second chance! If he messes with you again i will help you push him into the pool."[/colour][colour=#000000] That's what Flash said after he grabbed Violet and flew back with her. "Sure..." Flash put her down next to Puzzle than went back to swim some more. "Give him chance? And than? He will do something stupid again..."-she thought than looked at the others. Slick and Pocket were talking about something and the others one by one moved closer to them. They probably didn't hear Slick and Pocket, just like Violet, that's why they moved closer. "I'm not a buzzkill..."-she thought as she stood up to see what's happening there, but she only see that Pocket dashed away, probably back to the cabin. She wanted to do the same thing. Go back to the cabin and rest, and forget what happened but instead of it she was sitting there, doing nothing just listening the music what Puzzle played. Well, it wasn't her favourite kind of music but it wasn't bad, moreover Violet enjoyed it. [/colour][colour=#F62817]"Somepony save meeee!!" [/colour][colour=#000000]Violet thought she heared a hollow voice coming from the woods, but she wasn't sure about it, because of the music. After all she decided to look around. It seemed everything was alright yet. Shade and Bluemoon were swimming, Flash flew up to a cloud to rest. "Bluemoon can swim?"-she thought as she looked at her while she headed to the direction of the cabins. She thought if there is somepony in the woods than she will probably be there. "Maybe Flash is right...I should give him a second chance...I could go there and say sorry like before...or...Not! I didn't do anything! He was the one who caused the problem...but he will never ask me to forgive him.." Violet didn't need to go so far to find out that she was right. She found...Dawn? "Dawn! Are you alright!? Did you hurt?-she asked as she helped the little filly up. "Oh...we left you there...please don't be angry, we were just so excited about going to the forest, we didn't notice that you wasn't there."[/colour]
  7. While Violet was walking next to Knight, she felt that nothing could happen to her, and it looked like Knight didn't mind that Violet joined to him. [colour=#B22222]"Bugs are so awesome!" [/colour][colour=#000000]It was so beautiful when they passed by some bushes and a huge amount of glowing bugs came out from them. "Yes Knight... they are awsome.."-said Violet as she watched them flying away in the night. Soon a more amazing sight unfolded when the group arrived to a waterfall. As Violet stepped closer, she saw the moon reflecting on the water. "Knight...this is SO...beautiful." Flash and Broken were already in the pool and said that the water is perfect. "Oh...I wish I could swim!"-she thought as she saw how the two pony enjoyed the water. [/colour][colour=#B22222]"Wanna' swim?" [/colour][colour=#000000]Violet heared Knight's question behind herself. "No, I..." Splash!! Knight pushed Violet into the lake before she could finish her sentence. Violet was so scared because she remembered what happened before when she tried to swim and now she was under the water again. She started to trample with her legs again, just like last time, to get back to the top of the water, while she felt that somepony landed in the water not far from her. She was runing out from air, but this time she was able to reach the top. She took a deep breath and started to cough, as she got out from the river. "Knight!..."-she shouted in a shaking voice, seeing him and Slick in the water, than coughed again. "Why did you do that?! I can't swim! You didn't even let me to answer! "-she shouted while she breathed fast. She waited for a short time than sighed. "I knew this was a bad idea..."-she said than she turned around to go back to the cabins. "Have fun..."-she said huffily than started to walk away.[/colour]
  8. Shade could reassure Violet bit when she told her, that she will turn back with Violet, if she would be scared. "Thank you Shade!"-she said and gave her a unsure smile. Violet followed the others to the forest. It was so dark and quiet, the shroud almost covered all of the light what the moon made. Sometimes she heared soft thrills from the nearby bushes but she tried not to pay attention for it. She stopped for a minute and looked back. She had the strange feel that something watched her but soon she shook her head and closed up to the others. "Oh come on Violet! What could happen?! You will trip over a branch!" Violet started to look for Knight, she would feel much safer next to him, and when she found him she joined to him. "Hey Knight...This forest is awsome, right?"-she gave him a nervous giggle.
  9. Knight told Violet that he was a bit shocked but after he had seen that he received his cutie mark everything turned much more better, also this time, Knight was so kind with Violet. As Knight turned around to talk with Slick and Flash, Violet looked at the sky and saw the millions of the stars. She was sure about that she was on the right track, and maybe, soon she could tell him how she feel. Violet totally lost in the stars and in her thoughts, but she heared that Blizzy suggested to go and look around in the woods. Violet thought it wasn't the best idea to do at night, it could be dangerous, but she didn't want to be out of the fun. "Well...I'm going too."-she said than looked at Knight who gave a Slick and Flash a triple brohoof. "But please promise me we really won't go so far."-she said as she turned back to Blizzy.
  10. [colour=#B22222]"Hey Violet, look!"[/colour] Violet heared Knight calling her name as she jumped out. "Yes!" She stood next to him and Knight flashed his flank. [colour=#B22222]"I just got the awesomest cutie mark ever" [/colour][colour=#000000]It was dark but Violet could see that there was something on his flank. It looked like...two sword. "Wow, Knight! I'm so jealous."-she said and gave him a smile. "It looks awsome! You're probably so proud.."-Violet hesitated a bit than said-"Knight...are you better now? I wanted to talk with you but I couldn't because the roomchecks started. I was in the colts cabin when Petals entered and I saw you. You didn't look very good than, so...is everything alright now?"-she asked as she looked into his eyes.[/colour]
  11. "You're welcome Shade!.." Violet didn't know what she did but Shade was thankful anyway, also she was lucky because Miss Licorice wasn't even mad for being late. She went to her bed and started to make it up when she heared Shade. [colour=#800080]"So yeaaahhh, we sort of just kissed.." [/colour][colour=#000000]Violet stood up to congratulate her friend. "This is so AWSOME Shade! You are the luckiest filly in the world!"-she gave her a smile. "You and Slick are just fit together!" Violet walked back to her bed and as she laid down she grabbed her plushie (Which was a white bunny) than threw it to the air and as she catched it she hugged it. "I love you Snowflake!"-she said quietly than put it down next to herself. "Okay Violet, I don't care what happen tomorrow, you will talk with him. The today...well it was thick day, but tomorrow you will probably have some time...finally."-she thought as she watched the others. She saw Pocket drinking something from a container and Shade...well she was doing something what she didn't see clear. Soon somepony knocked on the window. [/colour][colour=#800080]"Hey girls!! The colts are here!! Who wants to sneak?" [/colour][colour=#000000]Maybe i didn't need to wait to tomorrow. Shade asked for help as she tried to hoist herself up to the window. "Wait Shade, I will help..." Violet went to the window, grabbed Shade's leg and jostled her a bit till she could hop out. After it Violet hoisted herself up to the window and jumped out. Well it wasn't a great landing but she didn't hit herself. She got up and looked around. Most of the colts were there, also Knight.[/colour]
  12. [colour=#ff8c00]"Well White Cloud, it's nice to meet you!"[/colour]-said Orange Beat and gave him a friendly smile. [colour=#ff8c00]"My name is Orange Beat! I live not far from here and..."[/colour] She didn't finish her sentence because she noticed a pegasus who wanted to join into their conversation. [colour=#ff8c00]"Well, I think we have enough seats..."[/colour]-she said and looked at White Cloud. [colour=#ff8c00]"...am I right? By the way, nice glasses."[/colour]-she said as she turned back to the pegasus. [colour=#ff8c00]"I didn't see a lot pony yet who weared glasses like that. Name is Orange Beat."[/colour]-she said and held her hoof to the pegasus. [colour=#ff8c00]"And this stallion next to me is White Cloud."[/colour]
  13. Orange Beat, as almost everyday, was outside doing nothing. She just walked around the town while she was listening her favourite dubstep on her earphones. She listened it a hundred times but it still wasn't boring. Anyway she had other songs on her phone. [colour=#ff8c00]"We had a great day out calling my name like Ferris Bueller it's time to wrap this up, we're getting 20 percent cooler..."[/colour][colour=#363636]-she sang the song as she passed by the Sugarcube Corner. She felt something delicious smell as she passed and she wanted to find out what made it. After she had turned off the music, she put away her earphones than entered to the bakery. [/colour][colour=#ff8c00]"Hi there Mr. Cake! What have this amazing smell?"[/colour][colour=#363636]-she asked. Orange Beat visited this bakery a lots of time and they know each other very well with Mr. Cake and Mrs. Cake. Mr. Cake get out a fresh baked pastry and allowed Orange Beat to taste it. [/colour][colour=#ff8c00]"Wow! Thank you Mr. Cake! You're awsome!"[/colour][colour=#363636] Orange Beat grabbed the pastry and headed to one of the tables. She sat down and started to that delicious cake as she was still thinking about the music what she was listening. She looked around and saw that all the tables were empty except one in the corner. A stallion sat there and Orange Beat was sure about that, she had seen him before here but she didn't speak with him yet. She stood up and went to the table where he was sitting. "Umm..Hi!"-she smiled at him. [/colour][colour=#ff8c00]"I've seen you here before but we didn't speak yet and I thought It's time to get to know each other you so...can I join? Of course if you don't mind..." [/colour]
  14. (Oh no! Sorry guys, the yesterday was very busy and i could be able to reply but i started to read a new book and it's so interesting and awsome. It's called On the Shadows Path from Bant Weeks. I wanted to reply but then it was to late and the teacher closed the computer room so I needed to wait till today 3 pm. Sorry... Btw, my prof picture is one my newest OC called Orange Beat. I'm still working on a background story, but i want her to be a character in one of my stories in the future. I'm glad you like it Stormy! ) After she knocked on the door, Flashbomb was the one who opened it for her, than he went back to his back and continued reading his book. He saw Knight who didn't look well and Violet can't imagine what could happened so fast that changed his mood. She was ready to adress him when she heared Puzzle. "I'm Violet. You know, I was the one who sat next to Shade on the bus."-she said and smiled at him. She didn't know when will be the roomchecks till she saw Petals to enter the colts cabin. Violet tried sneak out out without beeing seen and it seemed she was able because Petals didn't even look at her. "Why just now?"-she said in herself as she headed back to her cabin. She hoped Miss Licorice isn't there yet so she will have some time to do her bed. Well she was wrong. Miss Licorice was already there and she was ready to start the check, also she stood in the door so Violet couldn't get in without draw her attention. "I'm so sorry Miss Licorice! I'm late but...but I didn't know when will be the room checks."-she said while she could see the others inside. Every filly was there except her.
  15. Dawn introduced herself and told Violet that her friend, Shade, helped her to get here, when a blue box fell to the ground and Violet felt that something clashed into her hoof. She looked down and noticed something what looked like a marble but it was different. It was so clean and shiny. Violet picked it up to have a closer look, she didn't notice that Knight entered the cabin, till he started to speak. [colour=#B22222]"Just so you know... I'm okay..." [/colour][colour=#000000]Violet was so surprised when she turned around and saw that Knight was there to tell her, he is alright. [/colour][colour=#B22222]"So... Yeah..." [/colour][colour=#000000]She didn't know what to say at the moment, she just stood there quietly, and watched as Knight left the cabin and closed the door. She wasn't sad or angry anymore, rather bit stunned but happy. "He cares about me..."-she said as she looked down to the pearl what she still held in her hoof. She smiled than turned towards Dawn. "It's good to meet you, Dawn! My name is Violet!" She said as she walked to her bed, and saw that her plushie was still on it's place. "Is this yours?"-asked Violet while she sat down and started to examine the pearl. "It's so beautiful...I wish it would be mine." Violet stood up and gave the pearl to Dawn. "Would you be nice, and take care of it? It need to do something..." Violet felt stupid because she didn't said anything to Knight when he visited her, so she decided, she will speak with him. She left the cabin and heared that somepony played music on the loudspeakers. "I know this song!"-she giggled and continued her way to the colts cabin. It was a bit cold but at least she didn't need to go so far. She reached the cabin but the door was closed so Violet knocked on it a few times than she waited for reply. Somepony was probably inside because the light was on. While she was waiting outside and thought about what to say, she heared the music stop.[/colour]
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