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  1. Actually, I said "fanon" 4 times. You get no cookie.

  2. Cry!!! You are a manic-depressive Vinyl Scratch; what do?
  3. @Moderation team: This might not be the right place or any of that jazz... This is a story where YOUR comments drive the plot! What does that remind you of? THAT'S RIGHT! Choose Your Own Adventure stories! Oh, and MSPaint Adventures, which was what I was reading when the idea came to me. So, quote the original post ONLY when you're submitting something to drive the plot. Adding a side remark about the story, DON'T quote this post. I will edit this post whenever the story updates. BEGIN! Daring Doo stared up at the towering temple. She was in the Painted Pinto Desert, the scorching sun beating down on her coat. She had traveled far and wide from the Unyasi plains to the great city of Canterlot. Now, her quests have left her here. Her hoofs clopped loudly as she stamped up the dilapitaded stairs. By the time she reached the top, her breath was labored and heavy, Celestia's sun not helping her at all. "Finally," she panted. "I've finally found the lost temple of the Pinto Desert! But, the old Zebras of native Equestria must have laid countless traps! I'll have to be EXTRA careful navigating it." Daring looked over her shoulders at the desert from whence she had came from. It had been quite the accomplishment... She trotted into the aging temple, her hoof sinking into the floor not a foot in. The button sank, and she heard clicks echo throughout the tunnels. Arrows shot out at her from all directions, and she dropped to the floor and rolled to the side, the arrows clinking against the tiles harmlessly. She started down the hall, and the floor gave way to her weight. She surveyed her surroundings, and realized the pit was empty. Slowly, sand started to drip down. She would have to escape quickly if she wished to survive! THAT'S IT FOR NOW! HELP DARING ESCAPE THE PIT!
  4. Actually, if you divide by 0, you don't get any answer. At all. It has no answer.
  5. Doesn't exactly seem like your usual style, for better or for worse. I like it.
  6. Only the most amazing funneriffic wonderfully hundred pages! ART THOU DISPLEASED!?!?
  7. Maybe you should've read a few pages ago, or did you just read this page?
  8. WHY WOULD YOU POST THAT?!?!? You're Octavia and you live with Vinyl Scratch; what do?
  9. I'm planning a Choose Your Own Adventure style fic, where the comments drive the plot. Ideas on the beginning? Desert Island, or lost in the Everfree, perhaps?

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    2. frenzyhero


      But I plan on having Folarin appear, somehow.

    3. Pijin


      o.O How the heck is that going to work?

    4. frenzyhero


      I have NO idea, but I'll be damned if I won't do it.

  10. CRY! You are astounded by my ability to recycle images. WHAT DO? HUH! WHAT DO!?!!?!?!?! WHAT DO NAO, PONY!?!?!?!?
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