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  1. Why thank you ^-^ Im definitely up for giving this a chance. It really is awesome. And I think it's gonna be a long, long time Till touch-down brings me round again, to find I'm not the pony they think I am at home Oh no, no, no! I'm rocket flare Rocket Flare, Burning out my fuse up here alone lol now that is going to be my theme song. thank you for the inspiration! XD
  2. Day 3 Class today was okay. Normally I'm a little more attentive but without my glasses I can hardly see the board and just so you know, I'm not much of an audio learner. I go by visual. Always. So I just sat and 'attempted' to write every word that was being said. Epic fail considering the instructor was practically speaking a mile a minute. Dont you just hate it when the teacher is moving too fast? Slow down for the students at least, ya know? -sigh- So I just sat back and jotted down small little quotes about how bored I was. Thankfully after class, my friend Jacob was willing to let me copy his notes. Heh. Other than that my day was pretty average. -shrugs shoulders- Nothing else to say. So thanks for reading and hope your school days are going a bit better for you. Well for those of you who are still in school... -Rocket Flare
  3. Welcome to Canterlot, my good friend!
  4. Welcome to Canterlot. I am also loving your avatar....my heart exploded..
  5. RocketFlare


    I definitely understand how you feel...I only hope you feel better soon, Kendrick
  6. Best overall pony: Rainbow Dash! She's just 'Awesome!' Weirdest pony: Pinkie Pie. Theres no denying it after that episode "Party of One" Funniest pony: Fluttershy (especially when she snaps) Best Pegasus: Rainbow Dash Best Earth: Big McIntosh...Yep Best Unicorn: Rarity Best Princess: Princess Luna! The dialect she speaks in always cracxks me up! XD Best Male pony: Braeburn! YEEHAW! WELCOME TO AAAAPPLEOOOSA! Best Female pony: Fluttershy Best non-pony character: Spike
  7. Welcome to Canterlot Whirlwind! Im also new here. I hope you come to enjoy this place as much as I have...
  8. Some very interesting ponies in Canterlot....

    1. Pijin


      You mean...this site? Or Equestria Canterlot?

  9. Some very interesting ponies in Ponyville...

  10. Day 2 So...my first day of school went pretty well. Everypony in my class was very helpful with today's assignment since I was feeling a little lost. A friend kindly bought me one of my favorite drinks from the vending machine and I even found a twenty dollar bill lying on the sidewalk. There was only one word that could describe such a day like this. In the words of RainbowDash...simply, awesome. ...Well that is until I BROKE MY GLASSES! How, you ask? It happened when I came back home from school. I set my glasses down because I am nearsighted so when it comes to reading a book I don't really need my specs, you see. I went to grab something to drink from the fridge. Came back sat down only to feel something snap underneath me. Completely awful!! NOW I HAVE TO WALK AROUND SQUINTING. ITS UNFAIR! UNFAIR I TELL YOU!! Well..I guess I'm going to just...lie in a corner and sob away. But I guarantee you.. Im buying new specs. First chance I get... -Rocket Flare
  11. RocketFlare

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  12. Your telling me. The dare was for me to try to do a split and to stay in that position for 2 minutes. If I was able to do it then I would no longer be bothered day in and day out about mlp. But if I should fail I had to watch the first three episodes of mlp fim. A very strange dare but not impossible. I accepted with confidence and thought I was sure to win....so I thought. I succeeded in doing the split and I was doing okay at first but as the seconds rolled by, my legs began to grow numb...and...well..yeah. I collapsed. It was just too much for me... My friend was ecstatic, of course... So I watched the first three episodes and my initial plan was to watch those episodes and move on with my life...didn't happen....didn't happen at all...
  13. Day 1 Well I just moved to Canterlot and I must say the ponies here are very friendly. More than I expected. I was greeted by a few nice people while unpacking my things and even received the welcome song from a fellow pony named SonicRainb00m. I've got a long week ahead of me. School starts tomorrow and I have to yet to become completely use to Canterlot. I only hope things get even better from here on out. Well, it's getting late and I still wasn't able to get everything situated. Ah, well. Im off to bed. Night... -Rocket Flare
  14. They were a fan. They had been trying to get me into the show for awhile. XD Im actually glad I lost the dare now.
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