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  1. The real winner is me. Tom Terrific is certified greatest of all time. No question at all
  2. Aquaria's tail was wagging fiercely as she stared across to the tiny grifflet. Her thoughts about adorable tiny pets slowly started to wander off into darker thoughts as she realized something important. "Disco. All of these noodles and ducks are trapped in the mirrors! None of them can escape. Are we trapped to? I think we might be stuck in mirrors, look they are all around us! I hear that mirrors steal your soul or was it your magic if you look at them too long," the ducktiger whined in a concerned voice, clearly overthinking things as she started to panic! The life guard leaped up into Discord's arms and covered his face in a panic, blinding him as she draped her lithe form over his body! "You are staring too much Discord. I think they might be trying to replace you. Nobody can escape the mirror realm, magic doesn't work there because it is like special," she reasoned aloud, her logic nonexistent as she clearly had no idea what she was talking about. Her mind was sometimes a spiderweb of completely unrelated thoughts, connected only vaguely from a simple origin. She tried to steer Discord from atop his form, the hybrid awkwardly turning his head to try and get him going in another direction. In addition to being moderately crazy, she clearly wasn't a good driver either, pointing him at a larger mirror that mostly resembled them. When she spotted both of them in that mirror, she squawked in playful terror! "Ah, if you walk into it, they will body snatch us. Ahh, there is a tiger on you Disco, watchout," Aquaria added in fear, tail wagging wildly as it became unclear if she was scared or having fun!
  3. Aquaria was indeed a good bird, always trying to be the best griffon she could be! She followed him over to the hall of mirrors, worried that her doppelgangers were nice griffons or ponies. She stood at the base of the stairs, and took a deep breath, the bird poofing her cheeks out in defiance! The lifeguard knew that she had to brave if she wanted to stand any chance! With a careful step, the hybrid walked up the stairs, pausing as she saw her twin sisters, a funny looking duck tiger on both her left and right. Her tail wagged excitedly, Aquaria giggled, finding her mirror image far too entertaining. "Be careful Disco, you never know when one of these weird zebrageese might attack," she warned excitedly. For as genuine as she might have been, fear was rather alien to her, the lifeguard's tail wagging wildly as she looked at her evil counterparts. She walked into the hall seeing the first mirror at the entrance! It contained the tiny version of her, the cutest grifflet ever staring back at her. Aquaria tried to get in a battle pose but couldn't giggling and cooing as she gently pawed at the cute mirror creature.
  4. Ria loved fun as much as the next pony, but this was too much. Her brain was sure that she was going to splat into the ground at one million miles an hour! Ria felt the weightlessness of flight with the torture of confinement, and quacked loudly in horror, her rose colored eyes saucer sized as she stared doom down on the descent! As soon as Aquaria was sure that the end had arrived, a flash of light entered her eyes while the lifeguard was magically switched with the operator! There was now a griffoness in a orange suit squawking loudly at the controls. It took a few seconds of aimless screaming before she realized where she was. Her eyes stared at the control panel as her brain tried to decipher the device. After looking for too long, she realized where the power was and powered down the ride. Although the mean pony may have deserved a good ride, she was too worried about all the other ponies and had to save them! Her lifefguard instincts were too powerful to be blinded by the desire for revenge! Once the ride slowed down, Ria looked over to Discord, no longer screaming or crying as her floof had expanded two fold to partially hide her face. She felt bad for the bully unicorn, but smiled as her DIscord appeared and offered an alternative. When asked about something less complicated, she nodded in agreement. "Yah, I like rides that I don't have to control! Still not sure how they made me switch places with the ride operator. That is a great trick. How do you think they did it Disco?" she commented in a cheerful manner. It was quite clear that the strange hybrid had no idea what his magic did. "You want to go the hall of mirrors? Be careful, there is a crazy duck who waves at you there. If you try to surprise her, she counter attacks and it is impossible to dodge. Be careful Disco, she might catch you," she warned in a concerned tone. The lifeguard wrapped herself around his arm while delivering her warning. Her innocence was endearing to say the least!
  5. All the mares praise my speed. Oh wait a minute, is this what sarcasm is? My life has all been a lie! Noooooooooooooooooo
  7. Asteria peered down into a lower level of the canyon, spotting a unicorn on the brink of falling into an icy underground river. Crimson eyes examined the situation, noting his awkward stance as they almost seemed to mathematically evaluate the best course of action. A light humming sound came from her long black horn as she exercised a quick burst of magic. Shadow Scribe could feel a strange and sudden yank on his hind leg as he was pulled away from the water and ice, although he could see no visible magic exercising its power over him, at least not in such a perilous position. As he slid back away from his potential demise, Asteria examined his surroundings, searching for a path for him to reach her upper level of the cavern. "There is an icy path on your right that leads to my location. You are free to traverse it up to my level, or I can offer to lift you to my level. You are also free to continue with your experiments if that is your preference. I would suggest avoiding the testing of advanced magical equipment in such a dangerous area, at least without proper supervision," she added in a stoic tone, seeming completely in control of her emotions in the somewhat stressful scene. Her dispassionate eyes looked upon his equipment, noting the runes upon them as she speculated what would bring him to a place like this to train. She assumed it was a training technique that thrived on the necessity of success, pushing himself farther than he might normally be willing to. That of course was just an assumption though, and Asteria tried to avoid making them, deciding to properly interview him once he was in a safe position.
  8. The howls of frigid wind sliced through the air, carving into everything unfortunate enough to be exposed to the open air! The light treading of hooves on stone filled the air as a lone pony crossed through the icy wastes via an elaborate cave system. She was a black unicorn mare covered in the heaviest of parkas, only trace amounts of her scarlet mane and tail seeming to escape into the freezing air of the wasteland. The courier was tasked with exchanging a fire ruby for a flask of dragonfire, and had just completed her mission, now carrying a bottle of the fiery liquid. It was safely stored away, radiating warmth of the unicorn as carried on with her trip to return to the Crystal Empire. Hot breaths of air escaped her maw as she slowly walked through the cavern. Immediately upon exiting her mouth, the air crystallized and fell to the ground in light shards, cracking as it hit the floor. Her mind flashed back to her previous dealing with a very impressed white dragoness. The great lizard was quite eager to collect her prized dinner, and was quick to trade with the strange pony who didn't fear her! "The hotsprings should be just around the corner. It should be warm enough a location to camp for the evening," she verbalized aloud, stepping around the corner to see the familiar sources of hot water waiting her arrival! Her mind thought of all the things she was going to do to rest and recover from the tiring icy trek. The unicorn soon slipped free of her warm outfit and loomed over the near boiling heat source! The long and powerful muscles of a marathon runner defined her form, the strange mare standing in stark opposition to the stereotype of her kind. She focused much more on physical training than magic training, but still had quite a few secrets to teach intrepid young unicorns! Just as she resolved to step into the water, the thundering crash of ice snapping under the force of something powerful filled the air. Her crimson eyes drifted away from the water and deeper into the cavern. If she didn't know any better, someone had either hit something, or been hit surprisingly hard! "Is someone there?" Asteria called out in the air, her voice seeming almost dispassionate as she took a few steps deeper to spot the source of this noise!
  9. Aquaria looked over to Discord in awe. The griffoness knew he was secretly a hero no matter what he might proudly declare. Previously bad ponies couldn't come to terms with how great they were! A smile spread across her face as she looked across to Discord, the lifeguard just glad to be with his chaotic buddy! The clicking noises of the ride filled the air, snapping her back to reality! Her paws wiggled excitedly as Ria looked on, but soon her brow raised in concern. "Disco, easy setting should have been this high, or this high. Or maybe even that high," she remarked nervously as the edged closer to the top of the ride tower. She shivered visibly, clearly looking scared, the griffoness an admittedly poor flyer on her own part. Ria didn't want to alarm Discord and kept a stiff, if not slightly quivering upper beak! There wasn't even a reprieve to catch their breath at the top. Suddenly, without warning, it fell at the instant it peaked, there was a feeling in the air, a dangerous feeling! Ria felt gravity pull the ride down faster than she was! This weightlessness was terrifying, it felt like they were falling to their doom for an uncomfortably long time! The terrified squawk of a bird in her last moments filled the air as her wings tried in vain to break free of her prison! "Ahhhhh, I'm so sorry," she cried out as their doom was all but certain! The ride was in all actuality safe, but her brain didn't know that, her chest heaving wildly as the bird tried in vain to save herself!
  10. The professional football team in Washington with an unprofessional name.
  11. Aquaria watched Discord in awe as he stared down the evil ticket pony. She wondered if they were about to fight, but soon realized that her friend had crushed the spirit of the evil pony and converted him into a permanent ally. Her eyes went wide as the pair parted ways. The lifeguard dashed after him and leaned up with her neck and whispered with her usual playful tone! "Disco, you are so brave! You're my hero," she explained with a smile while wrapping the spirit up in her powerful grabbers! She was more interested in Discord than the ponies, but the playful carnival music of her environment quickly brought the griffoness back into reality! "Oh, well, if you want my opinion, we should go for the scariest ride first. If you survive it, everything else will be easy, right? Uh, the scariest ride is that one," she explained excitedly, hopping up and down! Her talon pointed to a ride that was as tall as any sky scraper. "This ride drops you until you reach terminal velocity! That means MAXIMUM fall speed," she remarked with a giggle as the terrified ponies screamed at the top of their lungs, certain of their demise! She saw them all flailing towards their doom, only to be saved at the last possible moment. Her heart beat uneasy, but her resolve did not falter, Aquaria was brave, but she was even more foolhardy than anything! She looked up at Discord, almost like a foal longing to play with her favorite parent. "Try not to cry when we fall, okay," she explained while leading him up to the ride, a mischievous looking unicorn at the controls. "Can you take it easy on us? My uncle here is a senior after all," she remarked excitedly, squeezing Discord in a manner that would embarrass most ponies. The unicorn nodded, but devlishly smirked, cranking the intensity to maximum. He was going to scare the feathers off Aquaria, but she was too nice and gullible to notice!
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