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  1. What an incredible journey this show has been, I'll never forget it as long as I live. In my hayday (get it) I used to frequent this site so much, and I loved every second I spent with you old timers who might remember me. 


    Thanks everyone for the community in general :)

  2. Back at it again at Krispy Kreme.

  3. Whenever I pop in it makes me happy to see people from the old days still kickin around, I hope everyone is doing well! 

  4. Granted, but now reality is false. Honestly? I just wish for a Mars bar.
  5. *breathes harder than everyone else to assert my dominance*

  6. Granted, but it's a terrible port that only runs at 23 FPS, and in the distance you can hear the sony CEO cackling like a witch. I wish that I had the ability to do a standing backflip.
  7. I am here to take back what is rightfully mine.
  8. Hey I just got a quick question, Whats the name of this plant?
  9. *Hears Emerald Splashing in distance* 


  10. Absolute M A D M A N

    1. DreamySunday


      Complete! N A M D A M!

  11. Im the trash man! I come out, throw trash all over the ring!

  12. You do, but low and behold, your mind is no longer hardwired for entertainment, the show loses revenue and you are discontinued. I wish the game hangman never existed.
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