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  1. Hiiii, welcome back! 

  2. Mal grinned as Lyra and Trixie began to complete their part of the plan. Wasting no time, she began to summon up a series of small green flames, focusing as much power into them as she could, in as small a space as she could. To magical senses, her viridian flames hissed and glowed even brighter, becoming nearly blinding as she put more and more power in. She advanced towards the river, a malicious grin on her face. Overflowing with confidence, she funneled even more into the wisps than she had earlier in testing. Her horn began to ache from the effort, and she grit her teeth in determination. The hissing deepened into a humming as the concentrated magical energy throbbed, though to non-magical senses it appeared little different than before. A thought occurred to her. That little foal was like she had been, years ago. The clockwork were the manticore. If there was one thing that was certain, it was that she would not let that happen again. The thought filled her with furious determination, and the flame responded in kind, doubling in intensity once, twice, three times. Finally, the rocks came crashing down. With a cathartic scream, she flung the infernal motes over the river, spreading them out to cover the whole width of the waterway before they exploded. This time the sound was audible without enhanced magical perception, a series of thunderous booms that shook the earth. Not long behind them, a shockwave that knocked Mal clear off her hooves, sending her rolling all the way back towards the others. Behind that, a painfully chill breeze followed closely, freezing the water that had splashed onto them instantly, and turning the mist left in the air into icy flakes. As Mal shakily stood up once more, she smiled. Not only had the river in the area around the rocks been frozen, much of the water further away had been physically blasted away. As such, the ice in the area around the rocks had conformed perfectly to the shock distribution of the blast, a series of smooth, round semi-spheres overlapping each other and the rock barricade, sealing off any chance of water continuing to run through the now-empty river bed. "Suck it, river!" Mal shouted, the rush of victory filling in for her expended magical energy. She grinned manically at Lyra. "I'd say that was definitely okay, greenhorn. Hoof bump." She raised her hoof for a bump, but promptly became unbalanced and fell completely over back onto her side. She groaned, put a hoof her her aching horn, and managed to push herself up into a sitting position. "Guh, that's gonna smart in the morning."
  3. "Doing what?" Asked Pinkie, her eyes snapping open. "Oh, did I move? Hmm, maybe it's just thinking about where I want to go. 'Cuz I was thinking of floating in the sky, so I floated towards it. Maybe..." She closed her eyes again and in a flash she zipped away home, leaving Dark Core suddenly and unceremoniously alone in the forest. (Exit)
  4. Pinkie finished up her cooking and stepped out with a desert cart, laden with the strange desert omelettes. "Okie dokie loki, these, uh... things are ready." She paused as something occurred to her. "Hey, Mr. Cake is back, that means..." She glanced up at the clock. "My shift is over! And I'm almost late! Oh no, I am late! I'm late, I'm late!" Without further ado, she dashed out the door. A few moments later, she popped her head in just to add "for a very important date!" before disappearing again, leaving Mr. Cake to deal with the customers, satisfied or otherwise. (Exit)
  5. "I know," said Pinkie, launching into an energetic ramble at maximum speed. "That's why I'm in here! They were all talking about cookie omelets, so I said I bet I could make those, and then one of them ordered some, so now I'm trying a new experimental recipe, I sweetened the eggs and now I'm making them up into omelets, but with cookie stuff instead of veggies, but then I thought I would have to be careful to keep like chocolate chips from just melting into the eggs and making the whole thing chocolate, so I made sure to add the things closer to the end of the recipe, but not so early that it had hardened, which was kinda hard, but I think I got them mixed in pretty well, and there's cookie crumbles and cinnamon and even though it's not really cookie stuff I thought whipped cream would be great on top, so I pulled that out to put on top, but then I was like hey, if I'm gonna put whipped cream on, then there's gotta be a cherry on top, but then when I got back from getting out the cherries my first omelet had started to burn a little so I had to toss that one, but this next one I'm working on is gonna be fantastic, I guarantee it, oh and yes I think those folks came in together maybe, I dunno, but they are from out of town definitely, well except Apple Bloom, of course, 'cause if they were from here I'd know it, oh, but they didn't come in all together now that I think of it because that brown pony came in looking for me specifically, well not really specifically, but she wanted to find someone who could teach her to throw awesome parties, and everypony knows my parties are the best parties, so I decided to teach her, though first I kinda yelled at her a little because of a misunderstanding, but that got cleared up pretty fast, and then Apple Bloom came in looking for help with Granny Smith's party, so I'm having Sweet manage that with my help so she can learn how to throw parties, though I'd never really thought of it like a teacher before, so I'm not really sure if it's the best way to teach, but I heard that experience is the best teacher, so I thought it would probably be a good way to teach, so she's been working with Apple Bloom, and..." She finally paused, taking a massive gasp of air. She opened her mouth, but then looked confused. "Um... where was I? Oh well." She added a few ingredients to her work in progress.
  6. "Uh, no sir ma'am, you don't have to. I can work with him. As long as he doesn't try to do anything bad. But yeah, Gilda's got a good point. What if the treasure map is a fake? Or if it's not, but the city itself ends up being a myth, and it's actually just made of brass or something. Yeuch." She made a disgusted face. "If that happened, you'd be getting your reward, but we'd be going hungry. That's not very fair." Shard paused, considering. "Oh, and the guy himself, he's got a band of its, right? How many bandits, and how tough are they? I don't think I could handle more than thirty or so if they're really strong. Maybe more like fifty if they're weaker. Any more than that and it gets real annoying when they dog-pile me."
  7. "Hmm..." PInkies hooves flailed ineffectually at the air in an exaggerated walking motion. "Nope, not working. Oh, maybe if I blow real hard I'll go in the other direction." She turned around without thinking about it, simply rotating around without any leverage. She then began to take deep breaths and blow as hard as she could, an act which resulted in nothing happening whatsoever, save that after a few minutes of it, she began to turn purple. She huffed and gasped for a moment, "This... isn't... working... either." She paused, trying to catch her breath. "I think... I'm gonna lay down for a bit... ok?" She flipped over in mid-air. "Mm, floating is awful comfy. No wonder pegasuses like to sleep in clouds." She closed her eyes and began to float upwards very very slowly.
  8. Mal stomped her hoof. "I'll prote-er... hurt anyone who messes with him. Me, I mean. Guh, whatever. I know I can do it, and I'm as charged as I can be." She looked away, somewhat embarrassed to be in the position of playing hero. She glared at Lyra. "We're gonna redirect the river so the lay-lines don't align with the ruins, thus cutting the automatons off from their power source, was that not clear from when the Doctor said it? You drop rocks into the river. I freeze the water so it can't carry 'em away, and BAM, the the river shifts and everypony can go home." She paused. "Or go looking for more ruins, I'm hoping to find something useful one of these days." She gave the Doctor a sideways glance. She really wanted to go exploring with him, but she was too self-conscious to ask. She was sure he would find something, unlike she, who's explorations more often than not ended up not even finding a ruin at all, let alone anything useful from said ruin.
  9. Oh I'm not as close as that video, I'm well outside of town, still a good distance away, and I am keeping an eye on the evacuation notices. It's more likely that we'll be taking people in if Fort Collins get evacuated than that we'll have to evacuate ourselves. As a very small upside, at least with all the smoke, my bees were super docile when I opened up their hive this morning.
  10. So there's a big wildfire burning not far from me, making me nervous, so that's about all I can think about right now. There's a lot of smoke out. A friend of mine climbed up on his roof and made this yesterday. And the fire's estimated area has more than doubled since then. Some nifty pictures.
  11. Pinkie nodded at Sweet's suggestion for applesauce cake. "Sister, if you can think it up, Pinkie Pie can make it. Uh, with Mr. and Mrs. Cake's help, at least. That's more Applejack's speciality though, and since it's her granny, she'd probably be a better bet for it." She looked to Apple Bloom. "Have you talked to her 'bout the party any? I bet she'd want to make the cake herself, doesn't she usually?" Pinkie stepped back. "Oops, I'm getting too into it, sorry Sweet, it's your project. I just happen to know a lot about the ponies in question 'cause they're my friends. It's your project, I'm just here to help." She smiled and continued to watch as Sweet made progress. She clearly knew a decent amount about planning, or at least was able to figure it out quick. Pinkie smiled and nodded sagely as Sweet questioned Apple Bloom. She glanced over at Muffin and winked at him as she noticed him looking at the inventory, an irrepressible smile on her face. But then, Timid ordered the confections they'd been talking about. "Ooh! You're on! Though I can't guarantee they'll turn out perfect the first time, this is gonna be highly experimental." She snapped a pair of goggles over her eyes, giving a manic grin to the ponies. "I'll be back in a jiffy," she said, before bolting into the kitchen.
  12. Shard's eyes lit up and she wasted no time in emptying the proffered purse and wolfing down its contents with great gusto. "Mmph, so um, oops," Attempting to speak with her mouth full sent a small spray of molten gold onto the table, where it caught fire briefly until she bent down to lick it up. "Mm, sorry 'bout that. But anyway, I was gonna ask how you wanted to split the treasure we do get to keep. You said we got 40% from the buffalo, so are we splitting the rest evenly? 'Cause 10% of a famous lost city is still huuuge, I dunno how we'd even get that out of there." She frowned. "Oh, and if we have to bring back the rest of the city for them, we'd need a whole big expedition. I don't think I could carry more than like, a small building, and even that would be pretty tough if it's made of gold." Her questions asked, she turned her attention to the pony. Gilda had brought up a good point. "So, how fast can you travel? I mean, if you can't fly you're already going to be slower than us. Would you you be cool with being carried? You don't look too heavy." She paused, a thoughtful look on her face for a moment. "A retriever, huh? I thought only diamond dogs were those. The way you describe it sounds kinda like a thief." She frowned at him. "Stealing is bad."
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