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  1. Comic Con, Brony Con, Summer, the usual

  2. Oh...i hope it isn't too late....I've had a lot of things to do these couple of past weeks apalogies... Name: Hazil Thunder Character Description: Light blue, male, Black hair with a streak of yellow down the middle, green eyes, short mane and tail Bio: Hazil Thunder is the younger brother of Auroura, he's only younger by a year and a couple of months. Hazil worshiped his older brother. He followed his footsteps in joining the military, even though he knew the danger. He had trained for an entire year before being shipped out into a base. He heard his brother's dissappearence and he decided to sign up for the special recon squad. Training: Strength, Endurence, Speed, good front line defender, works well under stress Rank: Recruit Race: Pegasus
  3. I guess we should wait for a couple of more applicants unless you would like to start...if so We'll hop on over to the FFA 18+ and start
  4. Seems alright to me...i was sick yesterday I apalogize i didn't get to see this sooner...
  5. Look I'm not asking for much, I just want an interesting roleplay. Please just follow the rules of the site and respect others. In the time before the princesses, the ponies were waging war against each other based souly on their race. The Pegasus were the first to attack. They invaded the Earth ponies. Their ariel psyhic gave them a statistical advantage. But even the Pegasus couldn't stand a chance against the Unicorns and their magic. The Pegasus assembled an elite group of ponies to infiltrate the Unicorn stronghold and retrieve their leader. Three days before Hearth's Warming Eve the connection with the team was lost. They were presumed missing. A soldier named Aurora, who had finished his training courses, was sent in to claim land. Aurora grew up on a based military family. Both his brothers fought in the first battles. He decided to join the Ariel Allegiance, he wanted to fight on the front lines. His first mission was to claim land for the Ariel Allegiance. Aurora was told to carry out specific orders, get to the coordinates and wait for further orders. Shortly after the squad started to see things. Hear things in the cold dark snow filled country. A storm strarted to settle in and the squad decided to settle down and camp for the night. The roleplay is going to be about the squadron of Pegasus and their experiences with the Curse. They'll freeze, some might even turn against each other for small rations. They'll meet up with other ponies that aren't their race and try to survive the cold. Character Name: Character Description: ( Hair color, eye color, coat color, ect) Short Bio: Training: ( what they specialize in) Rank: Race: Before any of the races meet up they'll be seperate...

    1. NeoExlucky


      Well...hello to you too then...

  7. No...need to uh...barge in or anything like that...but i requested a picture from 4 months ago....
  8. Mind drawing my oc? Who is my avatar...
  9. MorningDawn

    My lil doodles

    This holds my attempts to draw some ponies!
  10. ge: 23 Gender: Male Height: 6.5 Weight: 145lbs Distinct features (if any): Black hair brown eyes Occupation: Youtube Partner What city do you live in? (make one up if you'd like) : Los Angeles, California, United States Backstory: Having been an active member of the YouTube community since its beginning, Josh suddenly found himself skyrocketing to fame soon after becoming a YouTube partner at the age of 17, and has remained one of the most popular faces on the site ever since. Admitting to being a Brony soon after the premire episode of My Little Pony:Friendship Is Magic seems to have added to his fame, and Josh has created a separate channel, which has become a major hit amongst the Brony community. Josh's fame is not without its price, however. Since becoming an internet star, Josh finds himself constantly being stopped by fans, which often leads to photos, autographs, and more than one phone number... What Josh wants, however, is a girl that loves him for who he truly is, not simply because he's famous. This, however, eludes him entirely... In addition to being on YouTube, Josh also creates MLP art and music, and has also written several popular fanfics under a pen name. Despite all of the perks of being an internet celebrity, Josh wishes to broaden his horizons and train to become a UAV Pilot for he Air Force. He is currently working toward his bachelor's degree in engineering to better make this dream a reality. Josh currently lives in a small apartment with his dog, Hotsauce, whom he loves dearly.
  11. Your name (first and last) : Josh Martinez Your age: 17 Gender: Male Height: 6.5 Weight: 130lbs Distinct features (if any): Black hair brown eyes Occupation: Youtuber, partnership with youtube. What city do you live in? (make one up if you'd like) : Los Angels Backstory: Josh is a famous youtuber who started at the bottom at the age of 12. He gained his popularity through blood and sweat. He got all the way to the top and defeated most of the others. Josh signed up for a contract with Youtube and got himself an extra job. He works day and night just trying to post each of his videos and keep his fans. He's gained everyone's respect and love. Josh is single and not looking for a relationship. He'd been rejected by a girl he really liked and was scared to ever try and ask a girl he knew and liked out. He's been a brony since he was 12. Besides being a hardworking youtuber. He also makes art, fanfics, and music in his brony life. Recently he'd made a brony channel and was bombarded with views. Josh also works in the Airforce being dispatched once every year for 7 months. He pilots Reaper Drones over enemy territories. Josh is spending his five months at his small apartment with his dog named Hotsauce
  12. Your name: David Masonfield Your species Earth Pony Age (In human years) : 27 Gender: Male Height: 6'5 Weight: 140 lbs Eye colour: Brown Mane colour: Blonde Description of your pony form: David is a tall earth pony, he's built heavily. He has a black coat. Description of your human form (hair and eye colour will remain the same): He's tall with a white complexion Cutie Mark: Pickaxe and a hammer Backstory: He was mining near Ponyville with his team. Out of all the miners, he was caught in the teleportation. He woke up in a strange place not knowing where or what he was. He decided to try and go back to the mine, only to find nothing. Everything was new to him, their were landmarks he never knew existed. Some were just placed there and others were mixed matched.
  13. Morning nodded, " Alright..lets hear this."
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