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  1. That... was amazing It's like a tribute and big thank-you to the entire fandom, the way they took so many in-jokes and memes and dang-near canonized them while turning it all into a hilarious episode showing what the rest of Ponyville is doing while the Mane Six are off on their adventures. I love how the background Ponies and their interactions were realized, and they even included Steve!
  2. I keep wondering if they intend to do something with that little hanging plot thread....
  3. I really liked this episode ^_^ Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle's personalities played off each other quite well, and it was nice to see Twilight utilizing her wings more. I loved the message here, too. Both the episode's main characters learned a good lesson. *snicker* And I can't get 90's rapper Pinkie Pie out of my mind now XD Complete with an SD-rez music video!
  4. Aelius


    Whoops! My apologies, I guess I missed that part. In that case, I'll stick with my OC. Cutie Mark: Blue lightning bolt What it means: He's a weather pony with a fascination over lightning. And blue is his favorite colour.
  5. Aelius


    Heh, these are pretty neat! Alrighty, I'd like to request one for Derpy and her cutie mark of bubbles Also, how about my OC, Zap? Cutie Mark: Blue lightning bolt What it means: He's a weather pony with a fascination over lightning. And blue is his favorite colour.
  6. With that in mind, and everyone wondering how this might change Twilight's role, I'm almost dreading the possibility of the show pulling a "maintain the status quo" move and have Twilight lose her wings during Season 4's opening two-parter to keep things the way they were. Then again, they reformed Discord and went the rest of the season without reversing it, so hopefully this is just between season jitters. Yes... it would! :!: Y'know, I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Sombra. Given the prevalence of his magic in Season 3's opening and Twilight's overcoming of it (with Spike's help), her first true test as a Princess may be facing him again.
  7. Completely up to you You can base it on your OC, real life self, anything you think would be interesting.
  8. (Inspired by the events of today's episode...) So someone accidentally activated Starswirl the Bearded's unfinished spell before Twilight Sparkle had a chance to complete it. What opposite destiny and "wrong" cutie mark did you get stuck with before she fixed it?
  9. Celestia reigns the day, Luna rules the night, Twilight, by her very name, is the midpoint between the two. Hmm. Pondering this greatly.... Oh, and thanks Diego Havoc for posting the Derpy screencaps. I was looking for her all through the episode XD Neat to see Vinyl Scratch again, too!
  10. The first I had heard about it was from a friend of mine who said that despite the fact it was made for girls, it was amazingly good. I was skeptical, but then I noticed a lot of people in the forums and sites I visit were constantly quoting and posting pics of the show in streadily greater frequency. Then when I gave the style a try as a parody pic, Brian Blackberry told me to give the show itself a shot, then Bramble Rose followed up on that recommendation. I finally decided to look up some episodes on YouTube. Watched the first two episodes, there were okay. Checked out a few more, getting better, liking the art style, admiring the characters... Kept watching... Next thing I know I've seen the entire first season twice XD Yeah, I started seeking out other bronies from that point.
  11. Wow... I was completely blown away by the climax. The thought of Twilight becoming an Alicorn did cross my mind (y'know... princess...), but I didn't know if the Hasbro would go the "sitcom" route and refuse to do something to completely change canon and continuity. Happily, they went ahead with it and gave her wings! Awesome! This definitely opens up a ton of future opportunities for the new princess, and I'd love to see what she does with her new talents (and wings!). It was really neat to hear Princess Celestia sing, and great to see Princess Twilight take her first flight. The first half was good, too. Rather interesting to see the other Mane Six trying out the roles of everyone else. I guess their cutie mark derived destinies are truly what they are to be. I'm curious about whether there might be a new unicorn character added to the main cast to keep that "two of each" ratio in addition to a new alicorn. I'm doubtful (and kind of hoping they don't, because it seems like a jump-the-shark move), but pondering about it nonetheless. Anyways... great episode!
  12. I have a few... First of all, Derpy!! I also like Sea Swirl (I love the sea and dolphins, her cutie mark), the spa ponies Lotus and Aloe, Lyra, and Brolly (because he has similar colours to my ponysona), and the beautiful Fleur de Lis.
  13. This was a neat episode. I never imagined anyone could be as competitive as Rainbow Dash, but Lightning Dust really made an impression. Then again, this episode showed just how much Rainbow Dash embodies the loyalty element. I think, had she never have befriended the rest of the Mane Six, she may very well have been no different than Lightning Dust. I think having close friends helped Rainbow Dash realize that being the best doesn't come at the cost of everyone else around you. I was absolutely shocked that she would be willing to quit because of that, but it really shows she's come a long way since episode one. I must say I'm curious as to what Lightning Dust will do after this, though... It was also interesting to see a different side of Spitfire in this episode, and actually fit the setting very well. We've all seen her being so mellow and friendly at the Gala, then turning drill sergent here. It's actually not that surprising. I remember reading a similar statement from an actual military drill sergant, saying that at work, he had to be tough and demanding, but when he got home, his family did not need to see "big, tought, and harsh" They needed to see a husband and father. I have a feeling Spitfire acts similarly when she's off-the-clock. At first I was thinking the same thing about Lightning Dust, and worried we'd have an official, "canonized" Rainbow Dash 2.0, but as the episode went on the differences became apparent. You make a really good point about her being a fitting Shadowbolt and rival... This could be ripe for a continuation.
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