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  1. Winter Wrap-Up might be a bit tough to swallow if someone's not into musicals. Otherwise good.
  2. Dessa

    Rainy Day Melody

    I mean, I haven't been here in like a year, which is about the frequency of my visits these days. But I sawr a pony movie with my nephew and wanted to talk about it, so here I am! ...And yes. I am doing well.
  3. Dessa

    Rainy Day Melody

    Whaat? Mudbug is back? What's uuuuup, mudbug?! Hope you're doing better than Rainy Day here (you've just gotten better since I last saw your art)
  4. Well, that's good then. It's got lukewarm reviews from critics who do a pretty good job of nailing the movie's shortcomings. I'd still go with Party of One or Dragonshy to convert people.
  5. Dessa found it fair to middling. No better than a good episode, definitely better than bad episodes. Man, I dunno about anyone else, but I found the animation like uncanny valley for a good half hour before I got used to it. It's similar to what we're used to, but dissimilar enough that it's kinda unsettling. But from a technical perspective, it's nice and smooth and I spent the whole movie going back and forth on the question of whether it was 2d or 3d animation. It was probably a mix of both. As for the plot, it was pretty much what you could expect from a Meghan McCarthy season finale/opener, so if you like the finales/openers from seasons 2-5 (Except Magical Mystery Cure and Return of Harmony, which were done by M.A. Larson), you'll probably love the movie. Pretty much we're talking "big bad comes to town, kicks flank, ponies are despondent, they pull it together and make a friend of the bad guy and a few others on the way, and save the day in the end. IMO, the movie is carried mostly on spectacle, with the sheer newness of everything being the main drawing point here. I had hoped that this movie would be a chance to get deeper into the characters, but it's so busy introducing new characters, of which there are too many, that the Mane 6 were pretty much static entities the whole time. Flanderization was in full force here. Tempest was the only character that really seemed to get the development she deserved. The cat guy pretty much just flipped after a single act of kindness, and while I like his character outline, he really needed more time to establish his motives. And given the expense put into securing VAs for most of the new characters, odds are low we will see them in the show, or if we do, they will have different voices. Taye Diggs and Kristin Chenowith can't have come cheaply. Hell, that whole Badlands city scene just BEGGED for more. What is the deal with that place? We may never know. It was just kinda dropped in as a scary bad place full of scary bad creatures who were never visited again, save 1. Perhaps season 8 will see us revisit. I sure hope so. I'm definitely intrigued. Whatever the case, I think most folks here will like it. Don't bring newbies to the theatre thinking this will convert anybody though. This will appeal pretty much only to fans, kids, and perhaps some parents. —Dessa PS. Hi, yall! Hope you've been good lately!
  6. Dessa

    More Pony Smileys.png

    Slowly, eventually. It's a good distraction when I need it, but at 2-3 hours apiece, I'm not up to cranking them out. Some folks might think these are quick shrink-and-fix jobs, but they're 95% by hand. Also, the princesses will probably have to be redesigned completely. The only possible way I can see to make them work is to make them foals, because there's a 27 pixel cap vertically, and their long horns and manes just don't fit.
  7. Dessa

    More Pony Smileys.png

    The full set sized up, for those of you without super-vision. Apple bloom looks really weird, but the reference image is all oblong and asymmetrical like that, so lol?
  8. Dessa

    More Pony Smileys.png

    From the album: Pixelry

    A few more smileys to add to the existing set: (http://www.canterlot.com/gallery/image/4665-pony-smileys/) As before, these are sized for optimal use in IPS forums (like Canterlot here). They're pixel arted, so they look amazing at native resolution only. If you bring them to chat rooms and other forums, they may have scaling forced on them, but most of them still look decent, in my experience. The same distribution rights apply here as they do to the larger set linked above: Use wherever you like. No need for credit, but shout-outs are appreciated. Constructive criticism is always welcome.

    © Free to distribute.

  9. ...And y'all should go see it, because I know y'all like some animal-people. Funny, feelsy, smart, and with something to say! Seriously, you guys. Seriously.
  10. Maaaaan, I know I'm like weeks late and I havent been here in like a year, but allow be to be a nerd for a minute here: Countess Coloratura is Lady Gaga SO MUCH, and as a huge Gaga fangirl, I would be remiss if i didn't point out how. First of all there's this look: Vs. Veil, eyelashes, similar shade wig, same weird ball-knot ponytail. Then there's the name. Countess Rara, Lady Gaga. But these are obvious, yeah? But listen, man, they like gave them similar stories. Coloratura's manager is supposed to be like Gaga's first producer, Rob Fusari, who claimed to give Gaga her name and claimed she'd fail without him. Coloratura didn't just take a stage name, that's a whole identity that everyone knows her by now. Nobody calls Gaga Stefani Germanotta anymore (except her parents), and Coloratura is not the same pony as Rara. Speaking of which, Rara's performance with AJ early on is, I think, supposed to resemble Gaga before she was Gaga, back when she sang a really down to earth style (and very well, I might add). Coloratura and Gaga both share an undying devotion to the fanbase, and both say that the only thing that keeps them going is the fans. Both spend plenty of time on charity. Both invite fans on stage at the end of the performance and invite them to sing along. Coloratura's third song was very, very Gaga too. Gaga always takes a portion of her performances at the piano to sing these sorts of deeply personal ballads, and she often cries while doing so. Coloratura is no lazy Gaga reference. Amy Keating Rogers either did her research, or she is a Gaga fan herself (which wouldn't surprise me one bit).
  11. Dessa

    Campfire Stories

    If you wish to discuss this, Rosewind, you know how to reach me privately. I don't feel that it's an appropriate discussion to have HERE, under the image, where people are just interested in seeing pretty pictures of ponies and talking about them. I will say that personally, I support BBB displaying his art, and that if he must make an alteration to it to avoid violating any site rules, soft or hard, then so be it. This is wonderful work and he deserves to have it up for praise.
  12. Dessa

    Campfire Stories

    Now where have I seen this before...
  13. You chat RP? This is new to me. Oh, all the times we could have had!
  14. Dessa

    Nursey To The rescue

    Neigh, that'd be a peep. It's science.
  15. Dessa

    Lady Lemon

    Yes. Seven to nine of my yesses!
  16. A Dog and Pony show had a great moral. At its most basic: don't judge a book by its cover. In a deeper level it was an affirmation of the strength within feminitity (described in the episode as "being a lady"). Rarity solved her problem completely with her own wit, without ever being untrue to her gentility.
  17. Celestia gave her permission to go there, and it's Celestia's castle. Twilight wasn't trespassing. I would disagree about episodes not needing a moral. It needn't be a huge heavy handed affair, but every story should have something to do with a value. It's very difficult to think of any well-regarded story that doesn't explore something. As I said over at That Other Board That Shall Not Be Named: Great humor can make up for poor storytelling. Average humor cannot.
  18. Dessa

    Nursey To The rescue

    Lies. This Nurse is a sheep. I see those cloven hooves! A Pony in sheep's clothing! Can't trust a nurse like that.
  19. It felt like a season one episode in ehich all of the characters were replaced with hammy SNL imitations of themselves. The show had been on a long, slow slide of being less and less intelligent, and this is a low point.
  20. I hated Scooby Doo as a child, and I hate it as an adult even more. Worst episode. Horrible horrible episode. Bad!
  21. I can't be PMed? What does it say? I should totally be PMable. Edit: Nevermind, I figured it out. My inbox wasn't just full, but OVERfull from back when I was a mod and could hold way more PMs. Should be fixed now. PM away. My skype name is dessa.brewington, so you can request on there too.
  22. Just finished the main game. My crew: Dedenne -- Electric + Fairy Delphox -- Fire + Psychic Swalot -- Poison Venussaur (Mega) -- Grass + Poison Golurk -- Ground + Ghost Delcatty -- Normal There are one or two weaknesses here, but that's why I like having a Normal type around. Broad immunities! I haven't restarted to get anything specific, but I did switch out a lot of mons on the way to the Champ. Kept it nice and challenging that way. If anyone is interested, I've started a Skype group for Pokémon: The Very Best Channel, along with a google doc of friend codes (all people from around this corner of the Pony community). Message if you want in! Also, kirby: Gogoat is a total boss.
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