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  1. I did not like Scootaloo’s parents. Her aunts seemed like better parents than they are. To put raising their child off on others so that they can focus on what they want to do in life seems seriously selfish. I get needing to have a job and traveling for work, but how many nights did Scootaloo have to put herself to bed or cook her own dinner? Military families move regularly, so why have a house in Ponyville when you can stay together in the place you are working? (I guess I’m thinking like the show The Wild Thornberry’s.) Also, why did it take Sombra coming back to compel them to finally be a family again? Equestria has been threatened several times before, so why is this time any different? Maybe it’s because I am a parent, but I just can’t see leaving my son for such an extended period like that and missing so many important milestones.
  2. For anyone who thought Trenderhoof was an obnoxious git, he looks like an angel compared to Zephyr Breeze. I know people like him, so I am glad to see MLP address this kind of person. For everyone who mentioned Zephyr making eyes at Rainbow Dash, did any of you catch his parents saying the same at the end of the episode when she had lunch with them? I'm wondering if he got the idea from his parents, who think she's a good fit for him. Think about it: similar enough, has a good job, knows and gets along with the family, can take their son off their hooves. Matching up their son with Dash would be a good thing for Mr. and Mrs. Shy. And also, their last name is Shy. Twilight's parents last name is Sparkle. Is the married last name passed on by the woman in Equestria society? Just a random thought.
  3. Green Isn't Your Color is a personal favorite. I love how maturely they handled jealousy. Rather than going the jealous sabotage stereotype, they show a more broad side of someone jealous trying to show support in spite of her feelings. Also, since I'm a professional photographer/videographer, I love Photo Finish.
  4. The preview on EQD made this episode look like a low expectations filler, which is exactly the opposite of what we got! This episode surprised me several times with its set up, humor, pacing, and good use of each of the mane six characters. I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this episode.
  5. I was not expecting a Christmas story in May, but this was very enjoyable. The music aspect reminded me of the Albert Finney version of A Christmas Carol, which is one of my favorite versions. I thought that the casting of characters was spot on, all except Rainbow Dash as Bob Cratchet. Personally, I think Fluttershy would have made a better Cratchet, but I'm nit picking.
  6. Well, I'm finally getting around to sharing my thoughts on this episode! To be fair, it was fun watching this episode while going into the early stages of labor, but becoming a mom on Mother's Day far outweighs this one. Granted, becoming a mom outweighs just about anything, so let me be more fair. Any South Park fans out there? I ask because this episode reminds me of the South Park episode There Goes the Neighborhood, where Token received a nickname he didn't like and got all butt hurt over it. I know that the writers were going for a military hazing feel in this episode with the Wonderbolts, but I kept thinking about how some people tease you if they actually like you. The Bolts do genuinely admire Rainbow Dash, and should have probably said something to her about her irrational behavior before it got out of hand.
  7. I loved Cranky's line at the end with Celestia: How do you get your hair to do that? I cracked up! At first, I thought that the pointing out of background ponies felt a little bit on the forced side, but Cranky sold it for me.
  8. I was thinking more along the lines of why Cadance still looked so good after delivering such a huge baby. All she had was messed up hair, and that's it. With a horn that size on the baby, I would think she had a C section. If that was the case, she should not be flying around in the library, let alone walking up and down stairs!
  9. Why am I not surprised that Tree Hugger is a nude art model... I did think that the lesson in this episode was great. As we grow older, our lives and interests grow and change. It can be scary and lonely to see our friends drift away, but we can also make new friends who can also enrich our lives.
  10. I honestly found the B story line between Starlight and Sunburst to be the superior storyline in this episode, mostly because of Spike. Spike was great in this episode! He is at his best when he is in a supportive role. I also liked that Starlight and Sunburst both wanted to show their best perception of themselves, which is believable. Several of us do the same because we want our friends and family to think we are successful. Admitting our faults is embarrassing, and that was fairly clearly shown. The baby arc was the weaker A storyline, though I did love seeing Shining Armor's character development. It makes me wonder what he's going to be like if his daughter ever gets married. I'm imagining something like this: Officiant: So, are you ready to walk your daughter down the aisle? Shining Armor: *freaking out* I'm not ready! Flurry Heart: But dad, it's my wedding day! Besides, I'm pregnant! Shining Armor: *bursts into tears* Flurry Heart: Dad, why must you always cry at weddings?!? I have to call fowl on Cadance being so up and active right after giving birth. Since I'll be in that roll in two months, I'm already learning of and reading about what to expect in post pardom and I doubt flying around would be in that category. Lack of sleep is going to be a huge factor, but the remaining details, well, I'll spare you guys. I'm just going to say hospital grade mesh underwear and let you Google the rest. All in all, this was the most underwhelming premier I've seen so far. It was a fun episode, but I feel like it could have been a stand alone episode instead of a two part season premier. I do want to see more of Starlight and Spike together since they play off of each other well.
  11. While I'm a little disappointed that I won't be able to share baby timing like I did with the baby announcement episode, I am excited to hear that we will be getting new episodes soon. Let's just hope we don't see another wife javelin throw right after Cadance gives birth. Based on the new baby's size, I'm wondering if Flurry Heart is a C-section baby. Since I'm due in May, it will be nice to watch some new episodes while folding little clothes and getting ready for my son to get here. I'm sure it will be a little trickier to see new episodes between new parental responsibilities.
  12. How can you resist cats? They are so precious! I really need to update with some more recent photos. I recently did a Hospice project with some wonderful memorial work. While a sad project to work on, I know it meant the whole wide world to the family to have a memorial video and photos. I also linked to just one video since Vimeo is acting up. Just click on my user name for more of my video work!
  13. You are a man after my own heart for saying this. Every so often if I know that the light outside is stable and I am going from indoor to outdoor during a wedding, I cheat and switch to auto, but for the most part, I prefer the creative control I get with manual. By the way guys, you can see highlights my video work here: https://vimeo.com/user14422571 (Be sure to click my user name to see the rest. Vimeo is being a turd to link on the forum.) And here's some highlights from my photo work: https://www.behance.net/SueWehking
  14. Best tip I have is to always look for new ways to improve. You will never be perfect, and you will always be your own worst critic. That's okay since that will motivate you to continue to make improvements. Second piece of advice is to learn the manual settings on your camera. Look up tutorials, and begin to experiment. Things such as your white balance settings, exposure, F-stop, and ISO settings can help you create different effects. Play around and see what works for you and your style.
  15. I do both photography and videography for a living. Nice to know that there are other shutterbugs here on the forum!
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