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    Ponies, of course!
    I am very interested in any type of romantic RP. Stallion x Mare. Mare x Mare, or Stallion x Stallion. I'll role play it all!

    My musical interests are along the lines of Linkin Park, Cazzette, some Skrillix, Korn, Disturbed, Fuel, and more.

    Gaming. I play Xbox a lot, some computer gaming.

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    Shadow Dreams

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  1. It was…sick. I felt like crying more. Bawling my eyes out, but, yet, I couldn’t. It was impossible. I couldn’t move at all. I had thoughts flying around my head at that time. More and more joining them, hurting and draining my brain, almost and endless echo of sorrow. Yet, there was one word that continued to repeat – Paralyzed.

  2. Been a long time since I've updated my status...so...what's up?

    1. MyLittlePonyTales


      Hey there! How ya doing?

  3. Hello, welcome, and nice likes there! Slenderman is pretty cool! If you like him, you should look up SCP.
  4. hitman61live


    Welcome to Canterlot! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. Welcome to Canterlot and enjoy your stay!
  6. I return a short while later with a few scratches and a tree. The tree was small and looked like it had been struck by lightning. "I'm back!"
  7. I smile and head off into the woods, disappearing a good distance in.
  8. "Ahhh, my favorite job. Designing things!" I chuckle and walk towards the woods. "I'll be back."
  9. "I could drink a beer for that! But, we have.....we could make cider, now!"
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