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  1. ShenHibiki


    XD Good joke! Neh, I still need to learn a lot on how to position them, they're weird to move sometimes!
  2. ShenHibiki


    ^^ and who claimed anything different...?
  3. ShenHibiki


    Stuff friends buy and that I -can- put here =P
  4. ShenHibiki

    Shen's Boredom~

    I'll post some stuff here, once in a while... Blame Manestream, she pointed a gun to my head and told me to post! =w=
  5. ^^ I would like to know where you found the original one for the pose~ I don't remember having posted it :3
  6. ... as a spanish-speaking pony, I laughed my ass off. XD
  7. There's a lil flaw on sweaters for unicorns, in my oppinion... ... you can ask SpiritFlame about it... BeatMatch didn't seem to have a problem, though.... <.<
  8. Blame the sweaters vs socks topic, I need two females to draw on sweaters~ If one's a unicorn, even better~ So, leave your refs here~! BeatMatch and SpiritFlame it is~!
  9. Couldn't help myself~ =P Who can guess who she is~? XD
  10. Pro: No one can sneak on you! Con: Nearsighted? Time to look silly with the extra glasses~ Shark Teeths~
  11. Until the last minutes of the second episode, yes. For a chaos entity, he seemed to have more of a plan than most evil guys. Then, he acted like a dumbass and was defeated due to cheer incompetence... so I have to say 'no' uness in the middle of the season they reveal it was part of a plan or something =P
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