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  1. Matron Yuchou regarded the painter for a few contemplative moments, then nodded to herself and uncoiled upward. And upward, and up and up and upward. Eventually she reversed course and dove straight for the clouds forming the 'ground'. "I'll return in just a few moments, if you'll excuse me." She called out as she speed past and through the cloud layer, with the wind of her passing pulling the hole closed behind her until all that remained was a swiftly repairing divot. She had somehow managed to shout in a polite and demure speaking tone.
  2. crystal palace

    "Everything is crystal!" Eden says almost right away. He'd thought about that while thinking about the other question, so he could spare a couple more words this time! He especially liked the way the buildings and the road did funny things with the light, he got to walk through a real rainbow! Without getting wet! Anywhere that did that was awesome in his book. Eden perked up when he heard what dinner was going to be. Spinach and (ugh) broccoli with a special sauce? He was pretty sure food that was the same colour as you was supposed to be good for you, that's why he always ate all of his veggies and Foxy got grape jam on his breakfast toast, but he didn't really like broccolis. Maybe they were different here, and maybe they use more spinach, which he did like. Besides, he wasn't going to wrinkle his snout with a Princess here! Especially a Princess with such a pretty Empire. He couldn't really stop the ear flipping back and forth between up and down, though.
  3. Stable Loop predicts a victory!
  4. Roleplay Type: Age of Heroes Name: Mouser (Stable Loop) Sex: Male Age: Young? Adult Species: Diamond Dog Appearance: Covered from tip to toe in shaggy Charcoal grey fur, Mouser is a mountain of muscular Diamond Dog defying depictions of wizards the world over. He towers over most creatures when he doesn't slouch, and even then is taller than most ponies. His eyes, dull purple with an olive starburst, are distinctive in that they bear a ring if faintly glowing ice-blue pigmentation next to the pupil. When actively using his gift, this expands sharp spikes that flare outward and he gains a limbal ring the same colour, giving his eyes the appearance of clock faces. He sports a fluffy tail that curls up once unless he's in a dour mood. He's inherited his father's old long coat, which is normally all he wears in his civilian persona. He also carries a wizardly staff for the look of the thing and because it's a sturdy piece of oak about five feet long. And how can anyone with Mouser's build possibly maintain a secret identity? The answer is in an object of power he retrieved roughly a week before the expedition that would have discovered it anyway, leaving in its place an IOU. The Amulet of the Scales is rumored to do a lot of things. Ancient accounts claim "ye ameyulette, beynge used bye a neophyte who knowwes notte that whyche she hunttes, bestowes powerr withe whyche she despenseth justyce." but scholars generally agree that it's magics primarily dealt with tracking and flight. In the paws of someone who knows the proper activating phrases however, such as Mouser, it transforms the wearer into an adolescent dragon. Combined with his goggles and various other occult (but entirely mundane) pieces of jewellery, this gives Stable Loop the perfect disguise: a dragon pretending to be a gremlin. The draconic scales are a silvery gray, and he wears an oversized cotton cap with 'ears' over what are ostensibly his horns. Residence: Canterlot Occupation: Hero and sometime wizard. Not on par with his father or siblings of course, but he can play with the toys. Unique Traits: Mouser is a massive breed, a Caucasian Mountain dog, who normally weigh in well north of 150 even without being Diamond Dogs. He moves with an alarming amount of power and grace, especially for something his size. Powers: Temporal Review: Mouser has the ability to look forward or backward along the timeline with absolute clarity. When looking backwards he can see what has happened to a person, place, or thing as if he had been there. Looking forward presents a unique set of challenges though, as he sees nearly all possible outcomes and must decide for himself which of those is likely to be the timeline he'll be in when that junction arrives. It's dangerous to be down the wrong trouser of time after all. Momentary Reprieve: Mouser is able to shift his true self outside the boundaries of Time, effectively pausing the world to give him thinking space. With some effort, he can occasionally pull others into this realm as well, depending on the individual in question and how firm their sense of self is. In this realm, time does not flow, the mind needs no rest, the body no longer matters. Emotion, language, and thought are all that exist. Mouser normally uses this in conjunction with his power of Review to allow him to not only see, but analyse the timeline. Window Between Worlds: Mouser can keep tabs on more than just alternate timelines, he is able to step briefly across the boundaries that sperate worlds, allowing him to see and interact with alternate realities. This is one of his few powers that he cannot share with others in any capacity. Deja Faisant: Those who know Mouser will note that he's nearly always where pain and trouble isn't. He never stumbles, trips, or falls when he doesn't intend to. Things don't fall on him, ignite him, or hit him. He never runs into anyone or is run into by anyone. Without knowing about his powers one would suspect he was just uncommonly lucky, but in truth he just generally knows where to be in the next couple of seconds. Temet Nosce: As a matter of course, Mouser knows where his physical limits lie, and what it would take to transcend them. Recursion: What most think of as Stable Loop's primary power, this allows him to designate a number of participants who then experience a given stretch of time that repeats itself until either Mouser releases it or they hit a predetermined condition. Mouser can only have one such loop active at any given time, and only his chosen participants can even remember that the loop happened at all. Random events tend to turn out differently in each iteration, and events will always finish playing out and then reset one more time when he stops the loop. It is from this power that his codename is drawn. Hopeless: Not a power per se but Stable Loop was, perhaps luckily, never officially a member of the Hopesguard, and as such Marionette contains no more information on him than any other prominent citizen. Strong like the Mountain: Again, not exactly a power, but Mouser's size gives him a certain amount of strength, which he retains even when in dragon shape. Diamond is Unbreakable: Like all Diamond Dogs, rocks and gems offer little resistance to his paws, claws, and jaws. Occultist: Mouser can use magical artifacts and implements as if he were a full Wizard, though raw spells elude him. This makes him the least magically talented of his siblings who have any knack for it at all. Prime Weakness: Temporal manipulation is a Prime power, and as such comes with its own drawbacks and a specific weakness. For Mouser the two weaknesses are random events, like lottery drawings, die rolls, raffles, etc, which completely flummox his predictions (the more even each possible result the harder it is for him to choose an outcome, and the more results there are the less likely that outcome is to be correct), and secondly the more people know about his powers the less he'll be able to manipulate and control the outcome. His outright weakness is that if he intentionally breaks his word, his powers become limited in scope to events within a dozen seconds for the next dozen hours. History: Never what one might call the runt of the litter, Mouser was named somewhat ironically. From a young age he was precocious and far more aware of the world than he ought to be, avoiding the big troubles all puppies get into with a deftness that was uncanny. His wizardly father suspected temporal shenanigans immediately, but as the Diamond Dog was unable to manifest even the simplest of spells, he shrugged it off as just one of those things that happen some practitioners. It started as vivid dreams of fantastic places little Mouser swore were real. But since by this point his sister was strolling some the house like walls and doors were mere suggestions, his family again wrote it off as youthful imagination. Then the headaches started and stopped almost immediately, and the pup's considerate little gestures started being unsettlingly prescient. Finally his father pulled him aside and got the talk from Mouser, who quoted it verbatim before he'd had time to actually say anything. He Gazed upon the soul of his son, then nodded with satisfaction started helping the boy keep his secret. His siblings eventually drifted to the Academy or their personal pursuits, but Mouser never did, electing to isolate himself instead in the foothills of the Griffonstone range, always just missing any would-be visitors not sent by his family. Often by visiting his family. And so he was one of the best kept secret allies of the burgeoning hero scene. He was an active and staunch ally of his sister and her friends, though when Marionette was built he started to withdraw, saying the team didn't need him as much. Then the Guard fell. When Rosetta came by, he had her favorite meal waiting for her, though he himself was nowhere to be found, along with a note apologising for everything and encouraging her not to give up. He kept himself busy after that tracking down and subduing or redeeming fallen heroes, always one step ahead of anyone who knew him as Mouser. It was during this time frame he earned the nicknames "The Gray Ghost", and "the Untouchable". The next time anyone who actually knew him saw Mouser was when he just happened to be at an outpost near the Hesperian desert. He'd cooked Rosetta's favorite meal again for her and caught up over dinner, though he seemed distracted by something he refused to talk about. And that was it. He all but vanished after that, hiding in his mountain fastness and refusing to see anyone by dint of simply never being there when other people came. Character Personality: A tough nut to crack, Mouser is both self-reliant and self-effacing. He has the low grade Atlas Complex nearly all oracles and seers develop, with a side helping of absolute self assurance that comes from literally being able to see in real time the consequences of decisions he hasn't made yet. Notable Allies: The former members of the Hopesguard, to varying degrees: Rosetta, his sister whom he supports wholeheartedly and without question any time she would have asked. He's more than a little overprotective of her, when she lets him be. Bahamut, begrudgingly. He blames Bahamut nearly as much as he blames himself for Rosetta's condition. Marionette, he claims to like her, but was more or less retired by the time she was constructed. He certainly likes that she had very little information about him. Enemies: Court of the Winter Queens, Mouser has inherited some bad debt from his grandfather, who didn't think he'd have children, and runs afoul of the debtee from time to time. He owes them a favor they aren't keen to call in. Yet. Black Haze, Mouser avoids the Hopebane at all costs, and has gotten pretty good at it. He claims any meeting between them will only end badly for everyone involved. Senor Caballero, the bandit whose fateful meeting with Bahamut and Rosetta crushed his spirit before that meeting even happened. Mouser makes a point of keeping him in prison.
  5. Beware the broom...
  6. It wasn't that Sī Jīn hadn't been keen on following the Prince into the garden, she had been, however she'd found that something was nagging at her once they'd entered the Academy grounds, and had Ridden to check on security arrangements, silent as an owl's sigh and hidden as a bat in the night. Once her paranoia had been sated, she Rode the wind back to the garden's gates. With the scene being played out now, she immediately returned to paranoia. Feng was there, so clearly nothing was about to happen to the Empress, but the hodgepodge creature they were speaking with could only be the being she'd read of in legend, Discord. She didn't have the Weapon, no one thought it would ever be needed! There were other new faces as well. Silverheart, one of the Prince's acquaintances from Equestria, was surprising but perhaps the Empress had acquired him. There was the chamberlain glaring daggers at Discord and both of the unfamiliar faces, as was his way. Liviel seemed to be speaking on behalf of the false-Long, but that was her way come to that. The first newcomer she had seen was the one closer to the Prince, of course, whose tail seemed to be nearly smothering the other in her hasty bow. She had heard a name on the lips of one of the spectators to this event, Dong Qing? Sī Jīn was resolved to keep an eye on this new mare, for now, and as for the other...well, she looked like a stiff breeze would probably do her in right now. A course of action laid itself out to Sī Jīn, but she suppressed the first instinct. And the second and third ones to boot, and instead stepped calmly into the garden as if she hadn't a care in the world. She'd found a summer dressing gown after her bath and the reapplication of her make-up, and in its voluminous sleeves she had a trick or two tucked away she hoped she wouldn't need. She placed herself on Lian's right side, flanking him by half a pace or so as if she simply belonged there and to suggest otherwise would be like asking why the sun rose in the morning. She bowed graciously to those present after she'd stopped walking, a gesture of silent deference and respect that seemed to offer no explanation for its owner's presence. She'd carefully cultivated a reputation for being simple but capable, and she wasn't going to let it slip now just because they were back home. She'd felt validated in this view after that Noodle Incident, when the would-be assailant was made a laughingstock for even suggesting that Lian's maid had bested the attempt not out of clumsy stupidity but cunning deception. No, let Lian introduce her or let them ask who she was, no need for them to think she was anything more than a pretty face following the Prince and carrying his things and doing as she was told.
  7. longma

    Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Dān Xìnyǎng (单 信仰) Sex: Stallion Age: Adult Species: Longma Eye colour: Russet red Coat: Dull Purplish blue-black (#191970) with scales the color of obsidian. He often polishes his snout and brow scales to give them the same sheen as that stone, but they're ordinarily a rough matte. Mane/Tail: A long single braid of Chinese Violet (#856088) for mane, and another for his tail. He keeps both tied with a black ribbon. His horns are a cinnabar shade (#E34234) and curve up then swoop forward sharply, like a puku. He keeps them razor sharp. Physique: Muscular, in the way of a stallion who eats well and does a lot of heavy work. However when he's not working he tends to hunch down so as to look less intimidating. This isn't helped by the scars on his scales. Residence: Third floor of a little curio shop on Porcelain Street, Trades District, Long Kong. His landmare and her son run the shop together, and he helps out from time to time, but he's there to pay for the shop's…insurance. Occupation: Officially he's a clerk at a tea shop. However since that lounge is owned by the Triad, easy money is on him being an enforcer and bouncer. His codename is Mr. Zhentou, Mr. Pillow. Cutie Mark: A river that makes three loops in an inverse triangle before paradoxically flowing into itself. Unique Traits: a pair of nez pince spectacles is nearly always on his nose when he's not doing his Other job, though the lenses are just for show. He also has several small scars on the scales of his nose and forehead, signs of a rough childhood by the look of them. He also nearly always has a book to hoof or carried in a satchel or saddle bag. History: Dan Xingyang's father was a Triad goon. His grandfather was a Triad thug. His great grandfather was a Triad tough. He came from a long line of low level strong-arms writing for the Triad, so it was a matter of course that Xin follow that same lonesome path. However his mother, Ancestors keep her, had insisted that he be educated before taking up the family business of getting himself killed for someone else before his foal was out of diapers. And so he had been. He took to it like a duck to water, as did his younger brother and both of his sisters. Unlike them he actually did end up joining the Triad, his cutie mark practically guaranteed he would, but he was smart enough that his bosses didn't just throw him at cops or scags. No, his combination of brains and muscles kept him closer to specific interests as combination bodyguard and enforcer, keeping an eye out for trouble from without or within. Eventually he'd been and long enough to request assignments, and was given a rather cushy job watching some dream peddler sell his Breath. It was easy, he made sure the qillin wasn't disturbed while they worked, and that they didn't use their magic on the bookkeepers or Bosses, and that guards were discouraged or bribed off. Character Personality: Xingyang is surprisingly erudite for a two bit goon. He dislikes violence, seeing it as a necessary evil at best, inefficient and too likely to draw attention. Violence begets oppression, oppression begets resentment, resentment begets violence. One flows into the other like an endless river. Much simpler to convince them you're doing them a favor, but Xing wasn't in charge of things, generally, and didn't really want to be. All that resentment and violence tended to percolate to the top of the pyramid, in his experience. As long as he wasn't on the bottom rung, he was where he wanted to be. Character Summary: One of nature's corporals, Dan Xingyang is thoughtful, erudite, and poetic, and he will kick your flank up between your ears if you give him cause to. It's nothing personal, just business.
  8. Yuchou's eyes sparkled, a little mischievous glint in them as she responded with "Ah, but that's the thing. It's important for those with free time to have hobbies, but it's even more important for those who feel they have no time. Without a distraction, we get so wound up that even the smallest unexpected pressure can cause us to fly off in an unexpect-" But whatever it was the Matron want expecting, it certainly wasn't a sneeze-powered discharge of random unicorn magic interfering with her perfectly coiffed mane of majestic hair, or her magnificent ridge of fur being turned into some sort of lowland herding animal's coat. She frowned, puzzled for a moment, and closed her eyes. And then, something curious happened. There was a faint glow from the vicinity of her forehead, revealing one of the scales there to not be a scale at all, but a scale-shaped jade green jewel. A ripple passed along her length, unbinding the magics like a scarf whose thread had gotten caught in a door. The energies then sluiced of of her in rivulets that rained on the clouds below her. When they passed, her hair had reverted to it's natural, albeit unstylled shape. One thing about working with young Long: you either learned to ground out magical discharges on your own or you cheated and made a Pearl that did it for you. Both, in Yuchou's case. Not her Gift, or even, come to that, her Pearl in this case but one she was loaned for the trip. Thankfully she hadn't removed it, but it had taken effort for the Pearl to undo the enchantment. That didn't happen with Long magic, something for her colleague to look into.
  9. crystal palace

    Wooooow. The Crystal Palace! Eden had been a good colt all day, doing his homework just like Foxy had asked when he left this morning. They got in super late last night, so Eden hadn't gotten to see much, and this evening he had been too busy listening to his brother explaining all the rules for the dinner meeting with the Princess and Prince and little Princess. And someone else new. So many new ponies! So many new places! Eden was bouncing in his seat with barely-contained glee! He nodded at the Princess when she talked to him, and considered her question very seriously before saying "Pretty!" in a tone that rang of high praise. Both the city itself and its inhabitants were the most amazing thing Eden had seen in his life! So far, anyway, And there was something tickling the back of his mind. Like maybe there was more he wasn't seeing yet. Not that he'd seen more than the few blocks between the palace and their hotel, he was asleep last night when they got in.
  10. Matron Yuchou closed her eyes and hummed quietly. "So polite, little one. Let's see. We have green tea, white tea, black tea, and infusions that use them as bases, mint tea, and chamomile tea as well. For infusions we have peach, lotus, cherry blossom, plum, pomegranate, melon, saffron, clover, thistle, and oolong. Whichever tea you choose can be served with lemon, sugar, honey, cream, or juice. The tea is grown here and will be quite fresh, as are most of the other ingredients, though not the cream, clover, melons, or sugar." she lists off each flavour with a puff of Breath that carries its scent over the assembled crowd, well familiar with the lot. She opens her eyes and smiles down at the artist, a small whisp of smoke trailing from her nose. "Oh, and of course there will be tea cakes. Growing tea is something of a hobby of a few of my apprentices, the dears." she declares, finally finished with her line of thought, for the moment. She looks meaningfully over to Feng and adds, "It is always a boon when those who work near us have hobbies of their own, don't you think, noble guard?"
  11. Mint blinked, caught off guard by the mare's sudden...well he supposed it wasn't really forward considering why they were here. But still, he was usually the one that had to do the starting with that sort of thing! It was a refreshing change, and his eyes were most certainly not green before. The stallion actually blushed a little, and grinned as he stepped to the side, enveloping the bushels of apples with a gentle green glow that pulls them out of the way as well, with an "Oh, for sure!" He quickly writes out the details for the Avalon Inn in Canterlot, including the kitchen's needs for the moment and a price inquiry, and leaves the note folded into quarters and stuck under the corner of the till. "I'll be in Ponyville until later this evening, the Boss isn't expecting me back until tomorrow at the earliest." he says, clipping out a polite and professional bow before retreating with both bushels of apples in tow. *exit Mint*
  12. Roleplay Type: World of Whitescar Name: Ragnhildr Våbensmede Sex: Mare Age: Young Adult Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Moderate Violet (7F3FCB) Coat: Peach, with a fade to pale pearl on her snout and hooves (F9AD81 to FFEFDF) Mane/Tail: Straw Yellow (FFF467) Her mane is kept under a kercheif at all times ('generously' 'given' to her by the Jarl's 'humble' 'housecarls'.) and her tail is a braided mess. Physique: Both buff and underfed. She's all muscle and bone. Residence: The Iron Camp Occupation: Blacksmith slave Cutie Mark: An iron anvil. One of her scars splits it diagonally. Unique Traits: Several wicked scars (the worst of these extends up her snout, across her cheek less than an inch from her left eye, down her neck, and across her right shoulder in a continuous line, as well as the one on her right flank splitting the cutie mark) , a chunk missing out of one ear, and the fur of one leg is missing in a three inch band. She has no unique spell per se, instead focusing her attention on Telekinetic strength and efficiency. Years of training have made her an extraordinary armourer weaponsmith, and blacksmith, and the unique way she was trained has given her deep reserves of magic that, coupled with her Telekinetic efficiency, mean she effectively never runs out of power while working for hours on end. History: Foalnapped as a young filly, Ragnhildr has spent nearly her whole life chained in one way or another to the Red Jarl and his forces. As soon as she was old enough, she was assigned to the forges. At first it was carrying the buckets of scrap iron, filings, and tools, gradually expanding in weight and force through working bellows, carrying the quench tanks, and eventually swinging the forging hammers. Once she started using magic, her energy was exhausted every day on working the bellows and forges on her own before being forced to carry on manually once it ran dry. She tried to run when she was young, but the guard dealt her a blow as she looked over her shoulder, leaving an angry scar that she carries to this day. She tried to run again when she got her cutie mark, but the guard stopped her and scarred the mark to remind her of her place. She tried to run a third time, and the Jarl's men took her friends to a dark hole, with the threat of pain for them. She no longer runs. The guards have taken off her shackles now, because she can no longer run. But she can plan. She can wait. Character Personality: Quiet rebellion, quiet strength. Ragnhildr has both in spades. Outwardly she complies with every task and request put before her, no matter how cruel the device. However into each shackle she builds a weakness. A stress point she can exploit when The Day Comes. Every weapon save one has a flaw that only she knows. Every suit of armor a catch too subtle to be found easily. When The Day comes, the Red Jarl and his men will rue the day they took the Våbensmede clan. But for now, Ragnhildr waits. Character Summary: Scarred blacksmith for the Red Jarl, Ragnhildr patiently waits for her chance to escape. One day, she will fight, and one day she will kill for the honour of the lost Våbensmede clan. But that day is not today. That day will only come when she can ensure that nopony else will come to harm. Til Valhalla, bróðir.
  13. "Mint Zest!" Replied the unicorn with a big grin. "And two bushels should be fine for me, I like apples, but the train ride isn't all that long." He stacked up two sets of five bits each and slipped them onto the counter with a slight chuckle at his own joke. His eyes (were they always gold?) sparkled with mirth while he pondered out loud "Though a kiss from a pretty mare like you might be worth the extra, I also wouldn't want to deprive the rest of these ponies their chance. So just a bushel of Macintosh, and one split between gold delicious and honeycrisp?"
  14. Sī Jīn was finally fully back in her element. Before they'd even landed, the handmaiden had Ridden over to the docks to get the prince's affairs in order. Fees were paid, roads were cleared, a path was made. Once Lián had disembarked, there was a coterie of porters ready to load carts with his luggage. She may not be the chamberlain, but her clan prided itself on courtly training and competency. She'd followed at a discrete distance until she spotted some of the Palace's guards, then Ridden ahead to draw the prince a bath. She'd had more than enough time to bathe herself by the time Lián arrived, and had a towel and clean robes ready for when he got out. In short, she did her job well, and was more than ready to accompany Lián into the gardens, even if she wasn't personally fond of the surprise this time.
  15. The Matron smirked enigmatically and dipped her head to Presteza. "Just so, noble artist." the Long confirmed. "In so doing, the Emporer's family learn of the Long and our ways, and we Long are afforded an opportunity to learn how the young ones are growing. At one time, the fosterage was undertaken just before the young ruler's coming of age, in fact. Now it is usually much earlier. Foals are easier to keep track of, and my eyes are not what they once were." The aged serpent stared off toward the eastern horizon for a moment with a contemplative cant to her head. "But that is not important for now. Tell me, young Miss, what is your favourite variety of tea?"