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  1. "I cannot convince others that I am fit to rule the Dragon Kingdom... if I can't project the aura of a true empress....." Where did foals get these ideas? Aura of a ruler indeed. Yuchou shot a glance at Aìlong with the corner of one eye, watching his reaction. "Majesty," she began, "comes more easily to some than others. This much is true, and has been since the First Egg hatched and birthed the world. Respect is a thing more rightly earned than given. The shadows of your father's rule lie deep and long, and it is difficult to shine from within them." The aged Long took a contemplative sip of her tea, allowing the steam to roll out of her nostrils. She hoped Húo wouldn't steal her drama, it took time to build such a delicate moment.
  2. The First Lesson (Open- TG for entry)

    Speaking of understatements, the first colt to arrive to the school seemed a little disappointed this morning. He'd gotten up early to explore a spot on the map he thought might be neat, only to get to that spot and find out there was nothing there but open desert and a bush. It hadn't been a good bush either, and would've been a terrible landmark with as small and sickly as it had looked. He'd feel sorry for the poor thing and given it his spare water before flying off. And now he was here. At school. A couple hours early, and without much to do but shuffle into his desk (it had been assigned to him a couple years ago when he first came to the school house and hadn't been changed, so he figured it was his), and start comparing his map to the school's. At least for about five minutes before he slips into a nap.
  3. [Age of Heroes] A Walk in the Park (semi closed)

    2-100952.8812 Mauser glanced sideways at Bahamut. He hadn't realized the dragon was that out of the loop. Mutt had an excuse since he was new to this side of the street, so to speak. The big dog stood up and paced to the door while he collected his thoughts. "It's not surprising you don't know about Danger Zone, I guess. Little history lesson then. When the Hopesguard was founded, one of the things they promised...well, more like one of the unspoken truths of their existence, was that it would take a higher caliber of criminal to get away with their plans. "You couldn't just have some random pony wake up with super speed and expect to be able to rob banks that afternoon." he said, pushing out into the street and the bustle of the city. "Conversely, the vigilantes who didn't want to join, or didn't make the cut, needed more training themselves. There wasn't really a coherent plan for what that meant, but everyone need to train themselves and find the limits of their powers, or to test their tech, or just somewhere to stay in shape where folks wouldn't care that your treadmill was set to thirty, or you were using girders as free weights." Mauser crossed the street at an intersection with a collection of ponies going about their business. seems a carriage ahead had lost its wheel and was holding up traffic. "Enter Smoke Screen. They were a repeat guest of the Manehattan penitentiary whose schtick was that they can blur the details of places, ponies, things, whatever. During one of their visits, they caught on to the idea of actually going straight for a while, or at least running a really long con. "They bought a warehouse by the docks and set up a complicated maze inside, with a bunch of training equipment calibrated for supers spread through it. They'd take a membership form with details like the secret identity, aliases, powers, that sort of thing, then would lead their clients to a private area where they could do their thing." They had by now turned onto the street with the library visible at the top of a hill. "Hopesguard shut that down, but by that time Screen had already opened three more in different cities. The Guard couldn't convict them of anything, but they started operating front organizations over the entrances. I'm pretty sure there are at least a dozen now, by it's always hard to find them. Screen keeps each one hidden in plain sight, but look for some place that seems to be doing a lot less business than it should be for how nice it looks. Screen also likes having old Guard aliases in the business name. Like Rosetta Florists in Whinnypeg, or the Bahamutt's, a pound in Canterlot."
  4. Sorry about the delay again. Work training was brütal.
  5. [Ready] Sweetbreeze

    Name: Sweetbreeze Sex: Colt Age: Colt Species: Pegacolt Eye colour: Cyan Coat: Cream with Sunshine primary flight feathers Mane/Tail: Goldenrod, both kept in a single long pony tail style. Each. Not, like, together. Physique: Coltish Residence: Dodge Junction Occupation: Nuttin' Cutie Mark: Nuttin' Unique Traits: Has a favourite hat, and a bracelet his ma gave him. Oh, and his flight feathers are a different colour than the rest of him. History: Born to Summer Wind and an unknown stallion, Sweetbreeze spent his formative years, back before he could talk proper'n all, in isolation halfway between Appaloosa and Dodge Junction. His ma' worked as a mail pony, so he was left to his own devices a lot, and took to exploring the environs in his downtime. By the time he was ready for school he'd gotten a feel for the way the desert breathed, and a peek into its heart. He came close to something out there in the wastes, but by the time summer break rolled around it was all forgotten in the schoolyard politics and classroom cliques. He settled into the new routine of flying to school in the morning, hanging out or exploring Dodge Junction after, and then flying back home for supper. At some point, he started picking random spots on the map of the area and making a detour to that spot on the way home. And eventually he started correcting his copy of the map, because it was out of date or wrong. Character Personality: Rambunctious and headstrong, Sweet's got an independent streak a mile wide. He often finds himself frustrated by needing to sit still and listen. To teachers, to other foals, to his mother, to other grownups, it doesn't matter. He'd much rather be doing than reading, or listening, or watching, or napping. Most days in the classroom, he spends his time staring out the window and listening only to the siren call of the open skies. For as headstrong as he is though, he's also courteous and polite, traits that infuriate his mother to no end for some reason. He minds his 'please' and 'thank you's, and always at least tries to pay attention to anyone he's actually talking to, he wipes his hooves before coming inside, knocks on doors and waits for an invitation, and always seems to know what to say or do to get himself off the hook if he does get in trouble. His moods can make him a charming rogue or an absolute darling. Character Summary: A headstrong charmer whose heart belongs to the skies above and the untamed wilds, Sweetbreeze is doomed to a life of wanderlust and a string of broken hearts in his wake. And assuming he doesn't acquire any unsightly scars, he's likely to grow into a real problem for mares across Equestria who need to safeguard their fillies' hearts.
  6. Aiyaaaaa! Where did fillies get such ideas! In her clan the fiction was all about romantic gallops into the sunset with a noble tenno, or daring and heroic raids into enemy fortresses. Though come to that, that one might not have been fiction. Still, there were no dungeons, no ghost emperors, and certainly no wandering off at night. You were too likely to end up with a sprain when they changed the stair heights on you. Thankfully they taught her to think on her hooves. "No, no. The treasures are on full display in one of the galleries we'll be passing through today, and the area I mentioned for being quiet is the staff quarters. It takes many dozens of qilin and longma to keep the palace running, and clean, so they have suites to sleep and live in." she said, smiling gamely at the antics of the group as they exchanged names. She acknowledged Macintosh's point with a nod, but is interrupted before she can come up with a non-committal answer by Lian giving a non-committal answer. She hides a deeper smirk behind a feigned cough, then takes a few backward steps "You all heard Prince Lian! Please get ready to move, we are beginning!" [[Sorry for the delays here, life put a lot more pressure on me than I thought it would, still adjusting]]
  7. [Age of Heroes] A Walk in the Park (semi closed)

    "Five." Mauser confirms, tucking into the plate he was presented with as soon as it arrived. He gestured for Mutt to do likewise, and said "Excellent. Next time I want you to tell me how many are there and how many hooves there are." The big dog spent the rest of the meal going over a general Diamond Dog physiology lesson, including notes on leading theories on how they were able to dig so quickly and efficiently. Once the meal was finished, he led the party to another newsstand and bought the same map, then marked out a path. "So, what we want to do is go through this route. It'll let us hit the library, then Bahamut and Mutt can split off to find a gym they want to use to train. I recommend Danger Zone if there is one, but I don't know where one is. You can peek around if you get bored or one doesn't let you in, but the object is to find a place that'll let you do serious training on a trial membership. Try not to let yourself learn too much about the other patrons though, it makes things awkward sometimes." There was a question that usually occurred here, but Mauser bowled over it by pointing to the Liberty building. "We'll meet up here when we're down to about an hour, and finish the day out up there. Remember that the first couple loops are about learning the rules and getting comfortable with looping. After a few of them, we'll start training, and eventually we'll add in heroics."
  8. Generosity of Spirit (SPONSORED- Canterlot)

    Oho. Opprotunity knocked! And since the clothing donations were well and truly sorted (aside from a display model of each of Rarity's outfits occupying a place of honour in front of the sleigh with some of the more extravagent gifts, Rutherford's included), the winged stallion picked up a plate from the buffet and wove through aerial fliers until he could land a short distance from the Yak and Princess with a jingle of sleigh-bells. "Prince Ruthorford!" He declared in his best basso. The yaks were notorious for recognizing the loud and boisterous. "Such an amazing and generous gift you brought! We'll be able to put it to great use helping needy ponies. I'm Honeywing, a trade-maker for Prince Blueblood." It was...technically true, but Yakyakistan was next on his list of nations to open trade-routes with. He had a full dossier on it and had done a covert fly-over on his way back from Whitescar a few weeks back. He offered the pie he'd grabbed from the buffet, made with Sweet Apple Acres apples and Appaloosan cinnamon, and continued. "Here, you remember Apple pony? We used some of her apples for this pie. There was another problem we ponies have that we might need help with. Canterlot's stonecutters cut too much stone this year and the city can't use it all. Good, sturdy rock, but we have so much of it in the palace already it would just sit and collect dust. We don't want to send it back and make them mad and I was hoping you might be able to use some of it. In return we could use a few blankets to keep little ponies warm, yak fur is good for that, right?" Flattery and challenge in equal parts, and offer something they need. That was the rule of trade. Granted, there would end up being a tarriff in each direction if this weren't being negotiated on Royal authority, technically, and still would generate one if bits had been involved. But a straight barter between the quarry and Yakyakistan wouldn't. And having the Palace buy up the blankets as a charitable inroad meant everyone won. Granted, his next trick would be selling that idea to the quarry and the Palace, but this was probably the only chance he'd get to talk to Rutherford without needing snow-shoes, and he JUST got back from Whitescar.
  9. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Ten mugs Windy had swallowed in a single pour. After her tenth she had switched to properly drinking instead, as she'd noticed one or two of the bystanders staring. Her stomach was complaining at her, but with the potion's effects siphoning off her internal magic she had little doubt none of the drink would remain in her system for long enough to be an issue. Hooray for unintended diet plans? Thirteen cups in, Windy ran into a problem. There was no more eggnog to be had. She drained her mug again, the fourteenth such, then cast around for something to catch up. She frowned and hung her head in defeat. Next time she'd need to be a little bit faster, it seemed. "Seems my count is fourteen mugs, for want of more eggnog." Three litres. Not bad, just not enough to win. All that was left was for the other competitors to give their official counts. Right now it seemed like Ejaz was in the lead, but she hadn't really been watching anyone but herself and Princess Twilight. "Just a moment gentlefolk, I'll be within earshot." The mare flew quickly over to her booth and grabbed a small flask (into the pack it goes), and a pair of boxes on a trolley. The boxes she brought to the donation bin, probably a years' supply of coat-care products for a dozen foals or half as many adults; simple soaps and unscented shampoos mostly, though there was also a sampling of dyes and scented conditioners. Donation accomplished, she brought the flask and a bit of guaze out, then spread a little of the clearish fluid into the cloth. She snipped off the gauze and tossed it over to Calder while she corked the solution again. It could be said to smell like firewood, in the same way that the Pona Lisa could be said to resemble a mare. Windy had this particular solution on hoof to use as part of more complicated aromas, but it wasn't just 'firewood' it was birchwood. From a Silver-birch. That had been cut into quarters and dried before being used in a hearth. Made from granite. With an iron grate.
  10. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Gulp. Around Windwright's fifth mug, Princess Twilight joined in and lined up sixteen mugs of eggnog. THAT was a challenge Windy didn't think she was up to, and she cast a wary glance in that direction. Which meant she kept it where it was since Twilight had...probably accidentally...placed herself between Windwright and the loudest of the dragons present. She was still tilting the mugs back and simply pouring the fluid down her throat in a single long swallow, but in a couple more mugs she'd need to start slowing down. Too much sloshing around was bound to cause some sort of an issue. Thank Luna this wasn't spiked eggnog or she'd end this little game in the hospital. Though come to that, where WAS the princess..? It was too lovely a night for solitude, especially with the warmth spell and the slight sheen everything had taken on from the crystal spell. "So." the pegasus said between two mugs. "What's your wager, princess? I've wagered any scent the winner wants. Calder clanless has wagered his gevir, and Halvard of Breen has wagered a donation to the Mayor's cause in everyone's name." It was presumptuous, but presumption and bravado were a part of the game as much as the actual drink. "You as well, Bolt!" the mare called out. She REALLY hoped he didn't join, if only because she wasn't actually sure what kind of scent he'd like and she didn't like her odds with a dragon in the mix. But no backing down now. "Step up and make an introduction and a wager if you're game." Seven mugs down now. Sisters help her, nine more to match Twilight if she finished all of hers.
  11. Generosity of Spirit (SPONSORED- Canterlot)

    Honeywing laughed and shook his head at the professor. "Glitz? No, he would've enjoyed a big party like this if I hadn't been working tonight. I believe he's back home in Ponyville helping out a business contact of his to expand into the town. You must find all this chatter boring, though, so far out of your scope of study." he said. Not that the professor had mentioned it. He was about to answer the new (Prench?) stallion's question when both he and the teacher vanished to the dance floor. "Ahem, well then. I'll admit it's been a little harder for me to keep abreast of the developments in Long Guo, beyond shimmersilk, pearl, and jade. I'm told there are a few culinary things I should look into as well, but that's sort of my father's scope, heh." the stallion answered Rarity. Granted, he had intended to broker some sort of trade between Whitescar and Neighpon that would help cool the tensions even faster, but he hadn't done enough reserch on the far East to determine what a suitable arrangement would be. "In either case, I can't imagine you having trouble setting a few new fashion trends. Anything in particular strumming the cords of inspiration? I can pass it along to Glitz so he can brainstorm a few coiffure styles to accompany them."
  12. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    "Oh, have we moved on to wagers?" the alchemist asked, sliding the first mugfull of eggnog down the hatch with barely a gulp. "I'll take your wager, Calder clanless, and match it with the scent of a Whitescar spring feast." she said. That was actually one of three of her favourite tricks. She wiped her mouth off with the back of her hoof and repeated the trick with the second mug, since the first round was over. "In fact, I'll extend that your way as well, Halvard of Breen, and either of you stallions will get to name whatever smell you please and I'll bottle it for you." Her mouth had dropped the wager off without checking for postage, but she was...pretty sure she could manage just about anything. Boulder would probably ask for sea spray, pitch, and pine, the scents of a sailor's home, which would be easy enough, though there was a chance Ejaz could ask for something tricky. Then again, she'd produced a bottle of jade perfume for one of the visiting dignitaries once for the Gala. JADE. Speaking of odd requests and events, unless she was much mistaken, that dragon's boasting was going to end in tears. She was glad her alchemical stock was insured, and the stall rented. She'd need to double check to make sure dragonfire was covered. Then again, she could probably sneak a few shed scales from any major damage, which could be worth their weight in gemstones...
  13. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Windwright smirked and fluttered past her mane-care product stand to grab a 3oz beaker, which she placed on the table beside the eggnog's bowl. She met Halvard's eyes to make sure he acknowledged her meaning, but grabbed a normal mug immediately. Not that she hadn't used that trick before, it just wasn't really in the spirit of things. She filled her mug and another two like it and sat them aside. She half listened to the Mayor's spiel for a few moments, enough to know the gist of the situation, but there was a drinking contest on. She'd donate a few things once that was finished. And volunteer to run the toiletries donations, since that was her stock in trade. Likewise she thought she spotted one of the spa ponies and mentally filed away her position to approach later on tonight. "Very well. Pure drinking contest, one drink at a time from each of us, last mare standing wins the glory?" she asks, leaning over the snack table with a grin that would've been called predatory on any creature that wasn't an obligate herbivore.
  14. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    Ouch. 0 for 2 tonight. Windy laughed a little under her breath and slipped the vial back into her medicine bag. "There's a joke I need to tell you later. For now, just think of this whole thing as a kind of game. The point isn't really to brag or set expectations, it's a way to get caribou talking to one another and introduced properly. And sometimes to get more than a little tipsy but I don't think the eggnog is spiked." She canted her head upward and spread her bicoloured wings at this point, either providing cover for somepony behind her or showing off in challenge, it was hard to say. The smirk she kept on her snout was unmistakably mischeivous though, and aimed right. At. Halvard. Truthfully she didn't stand a snowball's chance in Unyasi of beating him unless he'd eaten a heavy meal on the way in. She was probably a third his weight or less if you counted the antlers, but she could easily serve as extra motivation for the other stallion, Boulder, or Ejaz even. Calder was a wild card though. Most 'bou bulls could hold their drink, but Windy was used to pushing past uncomfortable sensations to swallow all manner of unpleasant concoctions. Eggnog would be a cinch.
  15. By No Means Perfect! (SPONSORED- Ponyville)

    "Call me Windwright, Pineson and Sunshinesdottir and alchemist of some renown. I drink for the reputation of Rainbow Falls and my husband Stormwatcher. Recounting my exploits would take a week and a day, and features the creation of over a dozen medicines, the cultivation of a dozen plants, and the destruction of a cottage in Las Pegasus." she announces loudly, turning to face the crowd in a slow arc. Her education had clearly been storied to include working a crowd and 'bou boasting. She meandered as she did and ended up near Ejaz, smirking at the Caribou with a playful glint in her eye. "C'mon, it's fun. Just brag about stuff you've done, use your dad's first name and -son, then go on about things. Just don't lie, you get in trouble if you get caught making stuff up." She said quickly out of the corner of her mouth, trying to pull the stallion into the festivities. She didn't see the punch on her quick glance over so assumed he'd already drank it.