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  1. Yeah, but all it really means is that there are a couple extra tickets floating around whose Invitees were told they came from Swift Squall. Technically it was Aqua's parents who donated but I can't see there being a rule against someone donating and giving away their invitations to attend under someone else's invite.
  2. Aquamarine Gleam was sitting at a table with a pair of donors from Trottingham, one of the Lunar guard she'd never met, and a sheriff from one of the wild land border towns. She'd reached a compromise with her family, who'd partly funded the rental as their 'donation to the cause' this year. She was officially attending as Private Aquamarine Gleam, but she'd been obliged to do so in a ball gown rather than her dress uniform. The gown was haute coutre of the latest fads, which her parents had just happened to have commissioned for her. She had wondered why her parents had wanted to provide a custom tailored dress uniform for her, and now she knew - to make sure this gown had been cut perfectly for her. It was in the style of classic ball gowns, with billowing bell full skirts and petticoats, but just enough not the classic ball gowns that it looked modern and completely messed with her five-year-out-of-date sensibilities. Her dam's staff mares which had helped her get dressed had been very polite about how she had been doing it all wrong, but they had nonetheless completely taken over in dressing her in this frippery, making sure her dam would not be embarrassed by her lack of current style. Even she had to admit it was gorgeous, perfect for her colors in powder blue silk and silver threaded seams, and she had to appreciate the concession to her affiliation to the guard in the form of the crest of the Crystal Guard filigreed into the breast of the tight bodice, but even despite that, she hated the thing almost as much as she hated the socialite she was sitting next to, exchanging pleasantries while he bragged about all the successes he'd had that year thanks to the REA. She and the aerion guard shared a knowing look when the stallion turned to a waiter to ask for his first course. It was a look nearly every lawpony knew, one part rolled 'get a load of this one' eyes, and one part 'grin and bear it' smirk. THIS was why she'd joined the REA in the first place, avoiding parties like this one with blowhards like this one. It was a tedious reminder of the life she'd escaped. Then there was a blessing in the form of an unthinkable faux-pas. The jerk went on bragging about the size of his donation and when he mentioned an exact figure Aqua's head whipped around so fast one of the curls of her mane pulled free from where it had been tucked into its elaborate updo and ended up danging at her temple. The entire table and the two nearest him went silent as every single eye locked onto the boorish stallion and Aqua employed the sneer she actually appreciated having learned from her sire. She wasn't as good at it as he was; her look said 'you are inadequate' rather than 'you are the type of thing left behind after bottom feeders consume pond scum and I never want to see you again' but it got her point across. She exchanged a glance with the other guards at the table and said "I think I shall enjoy the company over there. If you'll excuse me." in a passable imitation of her dam's clipped inflections. Everyone nodded and stood up together, the other serviceponies drifting off in various directions while Aqua, the only unicorn among them, pulled the chairs in and bid the embarrassed looking wife of the offender a good evening. She headed in the direction of the dance floor, pointedly ignoring anything further either of them said. It was an act, of course. At least once a year at these events somepony broke the taboo and tried to use the donation as a bragging point and the others at the table would stand up and walk away, but the guards would be back to the table in a few minutes to eat, and hopefully the braggart learned some manners by then. If not it might actually be a fairly enjoyable Ball. All of this was before dinner was done and the actual planned entertainment started even. Although now that she thought about it, tradition also dictated that she find the pony who had inherited the invitation she'd relinquished as a guard and get to know them. She hadn't been introduced to anypony yet by the staff, maybe it had gone unclaimed this year?
  3. You are hereby cordially invited to attend the Royal Equestrian Guards' annual Ball. This year's event will be held in the illustrious Royal Grande hotel in Canterlot. Security will be handled by a private firm, so please remember to have your invitations and identification with you when you arrive at eight hours past noon five nights before the autumnal equinox. Proceeds from this year's Ball will benefit the Equestrian Services Organization in their efforts to improve interdisciplinary cooperation and morale, as well as to fund improvements to the training grounds and academies for the Wonderbolts, the Royal Equestrian Army, and the Twilight, Solar, and Crystal Guards. Please indicate your meal selection and that of any guests who will be attending with you on the enclosed RSVP postcard no later than three weeks before the event. This is a formal event for guards and civilians to mingle and understand one another. Evening dress is strongly recommended. The Royal Grande was one of the largest hotels in Canterlot, and tonight the entire top two floors had been reserved for processing and housing the annual Guard's Ball. On the floor below, attendees were vetted quickly and efficiently by the hired security, then processed through the registration desks by the maîtres d'hôtel who then passed the guests off to hotel staffers, with the entire operation overseen by the Equestrian Services Organization. On the top floor, the orchestra was playing a selection of light melodies on the stage of the Grande Ballroom and several smaller event halls had been arranged with tables for the various branches of the armed services and policing forces.The lighting was warm and mellow as a summer sunset, and speakers in each room conveyed the orchestra's performance or the occasional interlude or speech to all attendees. Periodically the orchestra would bring a full band onto the stage as well to combine for a symphonic version of one of the REA branches' marches or anthem. True to the spirit of the event, no table was populated entirely by any single group, and even the smallest hall contained seats reserved for civilian ticket holders and donors alike. The seating arrangements had all been planned, with little cards at each place setting to let the attendees know which seat at which table in which room their meal would be served, and hotel staff were busily busing attendees to their assigned places. There were quite literally hundreds of guests seated already, and the rooms looked to be set to accommodate even more before the evening was over. In short, the ESO had done everything in its power to make sure tonight was as stress-free as possible for each and every one of its attending servicemembers, a place and a time where they could let their manes down and just enjoy the evening without the distinctions and duties of rank and regiment. At once formal and informal, exquisite and relaxed, tonight was a night to let down walls and build inroads, and to remind the isolated and insular that the armed forces and its members were a unified whole. Tonight was the Royal Equestrian Guards' Ball.
  4. Caught up to everything here so far, and gonna add both of my guards: Name: Aquamarine Gleam Branch and Rank: Private First Class, Grystal Guard Plus One: forfeited, also a donor in absentia And Name: Licorice Whip Branch and Rank: Royal Guard, Sergeant Plus One: Sparkles
  5. I'm gonna put his assumed name in as attending and I'm not gonna stop you from trying, I just don't know if trying to subtly interrogate a group of what are essentially cops and former comrades and commanding officers is the best plan of action here.
  6. Burning Aegis added! I'm not sure 'creepy and a bit off' is a vibe you wanna give off in a room full of soldiers and trained guards, but I have no specific objections as long as you can give a reasonable explanation for how he managed to nab the ID and invite of a sailor without the lieutenant noticing. It is an invite/RSVP only affair, which makes for some interesting Mission Impossible/Oceans Eleven stories for getting in. Might be easier to trick the precinct Chief of the Twilight Guard into giving Drop a ticket of his own.
  7. Not sure how much interest is here, but the Chiyo clan is still looking for members. I swear I don't bite or smell bad, and you get to be a ninja!
  8. You are hereby Cordially invited to attend the Royal Equestrian Guards' annual Ball. This year's event will be held in the illustrious Royal Grande hotel in Canterlot. Security will be handled by a private firm, so please remember to have your invitation and identification with you when you arrive at eight hours past noon three... Proceeds from this year's Ball will benefit the Equestrian Services Organization in their efforts to improve interdisciplinary cooperation and morale, as well as to fund improvements to the training grounds and academies for the Wonderbolts, the Royal Equestrian Army, and the Twilight, Solar, and Crystal Guards. This thread is to plan and execute the above event, a catered ball that's one part fund raising, one part giving guardsponies a time and place to relax. Skeleton crews of volunteers are left in the precincts for the duration of the event, as guards, policeponies, and Wonderbolts from every branch and region are invited, and anypony can secure an invitation for 'a modest donation' or by petitioning the local office of the REA to receive the ticket of a donor in absentia or a plus one forfeited by the owner. Citizens who are wanting to express gratitude for something positive the guard has done for them in the last year tend to get preferential treatment, since the primary function of the function is to boost morale among Equestria's generally thankless silent defenders. Notably, the Princesses are generally not invited by default unless they procure a ticket in a manner any other citizen would (which is generally a trivial matter if there are discretionary funds left) or if they are the +1 for a ticket-holder. This is a party for the guards to relax, not work, so the security and safety of the event is handled by a private group hired by the ESO for the event, as are the catering and entertainment. All of that is IC information though, for this thread just drop in and we can brainstorm why you might be here! Please do RSVP in here though so I can keep the roster below up to date. Catering for the event is open to discussion but will default to plated options (chosen by RSVP) that we're hoofwaving as not really important with cocktails being butlerred around the room. [b]Name[/b]: (profile links would be nice, but not required unless you're seeking a +1 and are not in the REG OOC thread http://www.canterlot.com/topic/21977-royal-equestrian-guard-ooc/) [b]Role[/b]: (Guard, Donor, Citizen, Plus One, ESO staff, Event Staff) (for guards) [b]Branch and Rank[/b]: (if you know them) [b]Plus One[/b]: (name is fine, profile link is better if the other player's owner doesn't want to post on his or her own, unless you want to leave the ticket Open) (for donors) [b]Plus One[/b]: (name is fine, profile link is better if the other player's owner doesn't want to post on his or her own, unless you want to leave the ticket Open or donate in Absentia.) (for citizens) (optional)[b]Donor:[/b] (name of the donor in absentia on whose ticket you're attending.)(This is only if your character would know and it's important for the RP.) (optional)[b]Plus One:[/b] (name is fine, profile link is better if the other player's owner doesn't want to post on his or her own. Make sure if you have a Donor that the Donor is absent!) (for Plus Ones) [b]Attending with[/b]: (name) (for Staff) [b]Job[/b]: (security, catering, entertainment, etc.) [b]Organization[/b]: (security should be from the same firm. Hotel staff should be from Royal Grande. Catering staff can be different if they're catering different courses. Entertainment is probably a band or orchestra name, or solo.) Note that the roster doesn't need to be full, and we can NPC or hoofwave any of the missing roles if they're critical! Guards in attendance: Corporal Applejack - Twilight Guard +Rainbow Dash - Wonderbolt Burning Aegis - Lunar Guard +Private Reckless - Royal Guard Private Aquamarine Gleam - Crystal Guard Captain Fire Walker - Twilight Guard +Swift Squall - Billionaire Playcolt Philanthropist Adventurer Corporal Flash Sentry - Twilight Guard +Presteza - Artist Private Heart Shield - Royal Guard Sergeant Licorice Whip - Royal Guard +Sparkles - Jeweler Commander Shining Armor - Crystal Guard +Mi Amore Cadenza - Princess Lieutenant Still Waters? - Navy Guards seeking a +1 Specialist Midnight Oil - Lunar Guard Donors in attendance: none yet! Donors in absentia: Aquamarine Gleam - On Behalf of the Resplendence family of Canterlot, you are hereby cordially invited to attend... Swift Squall - On Behalf of Swift Squall, you are hereby cordially invited to attend... Staff: none yet!
  9. Everything was proceeding according to plan, it would seem. Mauser hadn't expected much more than establishing baselines on the first few trips through the loop, and the baseline was rather clearly and firmly established now. They had found Mutt's starting strength, agility, stamina, and precision levels, and determined how well he knew how to parse his senses. After one or two more loops they could probably start serious training. But while they had the individual pieces in place, there was one last thing they needed to find out. The four of them were still on the field, littered with hoofballs and geegaws from their practice, with mauser leaning heavily on his staff while the other three talked. They probably only had ten minutes left before the loop snapped back now. The big dog checked the position of the sun (and the small crowd who'd gathered to watch the clearly super-powered team train), and nodded to himself, then without warning or outward provocation he used the staff to vault in Mutt's direction in a surprise attack!
  10. Mauser only smirked in response to Rosetta's question, a sparkle of mischief in his eyes. He let Mutt's answer to Bahamut stand unchallenged. He'd expected something similar with the rubberdog off-guard, mentally. Good. All was well in this neck of the woods. The big dog stretched to his full height and started to explain the day's plan. "Well then, let's get started." Mauser said. The four of them had snuck into the hoof-ball arena for the Fillydelphia Griffons, along with some 'equipment', to do another kind of training. The regimen was simple, 10 minutes of warmup were already over, so they'd be testing Mutt's speed, stamina, strength, and sharpness for an hour each by rotating through in 20 minute intervals. Speed was up first, and the big dog had procured a stopwatch and one of the measuring spools officials used for stuff. He was standing in the endzone with one end of the spool spiked into the ground, and the other tied to Mutt's tail. The goal was to get as far as he could in fifteen seconds. After speed would be stamina, which was much more straightforward. Mutt would be running around the arena until he couldn't run anymore or he ran out of time. For strength, various training dummies and weights had been 'borrowed' from around town, including a road roller Smolder had hefted into the area. Mauser was glad they weren't going to have to pay for any of the damage to the field. Finally, sharpness was just going to be Rosetta, Smolder, and Mauser tossing balls for Mutt to catch. Which sounded easy until one accounted for the fact that Mauser would be throwing the midrange ones blindfolded and spinning around, Rosetta would be dropping hers while flying over the field, and the dragon's only instructions were to 'go long and keep tally'. Mauser had also given the other two instructions for surprise tests of other facets of Mutt's physiology and psychology. All of this after another diner test, too, where Mutt had been asked to determine which of the staff were from the farthest away.
  11. Honeywing tugged at his braid while reading over the latest Canterlot Gazette he'd had delivered to his room in the I.M.A.G.I.N.E. outpost. Princess Cadenza's column had picked up steam in the syndication deal with it's home paper, and had reached everywhere, essentially. Everypony who was anypony had read at least a few of the articles, and the stallion had picked up the last few just to be able to keep up with gossip. Lately though, he found himself with a quandry that he thought warranted her opinion. A letter sat finished on the desk in his nigh-calligraphical hoofwriting, and he was debating whether or not to send it. It read: Dear Cady, Love is a many-splendored thing, and I've been exceptionally blessed to have a wonderful stallion in my life for the last several years. He's had a recent string of successes lately and recently was able to secure new clients for his fashion boutique. I'd like to see that success push even further to make this a truly memorable year for him by planning a surprise wedding. However I'm worried that he'll either feel left out of the planning of the event, or that I won't be able to coordinate such a thing without topping off that he is one of the participants. Given how much work he already puts in on his business I definitely don't want him doing much of the actual work, if any, but this is directly adjacent to his line of business so I'm concerned he'll find out about it and the careful balancing act will fall down. I love him dearly and want to spend the rest of my life with him, but I don't know if the gesture of taking all the pressure off of his own wedding is worth the risk of disappointment if he finds out before it's ready. Should I start laying the plans (there is a Party Pony Specialist in Ponyville I'm relatively confident can get everything but the outfits done without tipping her hoof), or is it better to be up front and let him in on the process? Sincerely, a silver-tongued suitor
  12. "You let me into your timeline, pup. For the next couple years I probably have a better idea of what you're likely to do than you do. I know your secrets, and I've seen every cloudy height you've stood at the precipice of and how long you stared." Mauser stood up and paced around the rubber dog. He was giving a lot of lectures this couple of days, but there was nothing for it. "Part of the point of this little training exercise is to push you past the point where I'm more or less in your head, but I'm also wanting to help you get that head on right. You have a lot of potential, and it'd be a shame if you turned into another Black Haze. Not that I trained him, thank the Stars." The big dog looked up as he said that, as if actually offering a prayer. He retrieved his staff and bindle, the former of which looked less comically oversized in his massive paws, then stretched to his tippy-toes with his arms out along its length. As much as those little lessons terrified Rosetta and as safe as he knew they were, he still always felt better after a lot of exercise when he pulled that stunt. Which went a lot better with pre-workout stretching. Although one of these days he'd have to bite the bullet and learn what his limits were like without it lately. Never knew when there would be an emergency. Or, well... Most never knew. The diamond dog grunted and pointed at Bahamut with his staff. "You still hold the impact force record over at the Gilded Rings? They don't let me in the door after I went four rounds against Boulderhoof without getting hit, so I can't check, but given that you knocked the test machine through the concrete retaining wall I'm guessing it stands."
  13. Mauser sighed and took off his costume while Rosetta berated him, letting her work herself up into a fury and wind herself out of it again. They'd had this talk far, FAR more often than she'd thought, actually. He'd set up a loop one day just to try to explain the why of it to her once, but hadn't made any headway finding out how to get his point across before he'd just given up and apologised. Profusely. With cheesecake. He was just making her angrier by not letting her yelling afect him, and he understood that too, but Rosetta wasn't the one he was really worried about this time. When his costume was off, he took off his amulet and handed it to her as he grew into his full, looming height and plopped onto his rump. She stormed off, probably to rant at the trees for a while, before he took a deep breath and said. "I'm sorry you had to see that. Make no mistake though, you did have to, for three reasons. Number one, you won't be able to save everybody. Even if you'd caught me, by the time you'd caught up and with the way you were reaching, the whiplash would've been enough. Honestly, aim for the waist, and if you have the time try to slow the fall rather than stop it. Bungee, maybe. Second, when we train later, really, REALLY train, I need you to know that even if you lose control and hurt me, it won't be permanent. Don't hold back, we need to find your real limits before we work on finding your operational limits. And third, you have a good heart, Mutt. Your first reaction wasn't confusion, or panic. Those came after your instinct to try to save me already carried you over the edge. Don't lose that, but don't let it be a weakness either. Eventually someone is going to try to take advantage of that naivete, someone who means to have you hurt yourself. You can't save anyone if you're dead." He glanced out toward the park, where Rosetta had stormed off to. "As for me, the loops are a failsafe.Rosetta doesn't actually know, because she wouldn't care, but I only figured out I could make these loops when I had an accident that should...well, let's just say that there's a reason I'm so confident in this power that my codename is Stable Loop, and not Second Sight or anything referencing my other powers." He barked out a laugh, gallows humor or no, "Honestly though, I have no idea why so many of us pick such dumb code names. Rosetta might have the right Idea, just going by her name. Not that some of us don't or didn't have reasons to hide."
  14. 2-144446.62012 After a day spent indexing the library's books on magic and history, Mauser was waiting at the bottom of the Liberty building, ready to challenge Mutt to a little race. From the base to the top, he weaved through the railings and narrowly beat out the rubberdog by dint of being able to literally fly thanks to his amulet. Thankfully Rosetta had been chatting animatedly with Bahamut at the bottom of the stairs when they started, the dragon was probably the only one capable of stopping the object lesson about to take place. The pseudo-dragon hovered near the railings, weaving to and fro while Mutt took a look around. "So," the dragon-disguised-dog began, "I mentioned there are four ways to reset the loop. Time is the first, the loop will reset in about an hour no matter what we do.The second is when I end the loop. We'll go back to the start and be allowed to play events out one last time. That won't come for a while. You personally will snap back if you lose consciousness unwillingly, though the time loop will continue without you for a bit. And the fourth..." There's a down-beat of wings, pushing the dragon up. While rising, his claws come up as well and hook into the amulet's chain, and as he falls from the beat he flips the amulet up and off, flinging it past Mutt on the platform and managing to land it near the stairwell. This left one very large diamond dog with no ground under him for over 800 feet. Gravity being what it is, he continued to fall, fast. Less than ten seconds later, there was a wrenching sensation, as if the entire universe turned 90 degrees and fishtailed. There was the sound of splintered silk, a scent like turquoise, and the taste of rose gold as time rewound itself. 6/23.2 093834.22179 The little not-gremlin was standing, safe and hale, with a slight frown on his face. Rosetta was probably going to be mad at him when she figured out why time snapped back early. Mutt too, but that was a lesson that was hard to learn any other way. Easy to hear, sure, but hard to understand.
  15. 2-104518.1285 Mauser looked away and rubbed an arm. He hadn't actually looked, he'd promised Rosetta he wouldn't spy on her timeline (and Bahamut's by extension), and he didn't want to risk the idea that there was no turning back for his sister. Hope was a powerful thing, and he didn't want to take it from them, nor their triumph if they accomplished it without his interference. Still, there was a job to do. "That's why I'm here this round, and any others I can spare. We'll be doing whatever research you need while the two of you start exploring your limits. We'll pick a place to meet each day before snapback, and talk about the plan for the next round." The big dog nodded toward the library, "I'll be here this round. Then we'll meet up for some sightseeing and a quick and relatively painless lesson at the Liberty Building." he said, extending a paw to point to the distant building.
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