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  1. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    That? Well that was really vague. There'd been a lot Starlight had sat about helping prepare for the festivities. Snacks, magical and other wise, the fail safe spells, the enchantments for what Spike needed, Discord's jello, the...Oh! "Oh! Yes, I scattered a few of the halves around town, and some of them are sat up as prizes at other booths." Starlight chuckled. There were a few dozen bits that had been cut in half for this event. By themselves they didn't do much of anything, but if the two halves came in contact with one another? Well the two lucky ponies would be in for a mile in each others horseshoes...At least for the festival anyway. There was already so many pranks and japes and silliness though, would they all be found? It'd certainly prove interesting either way.
  2. Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)

    "Oh! Hey there! This? It's a jello slide! Discord suggested some fun rides and I kinda made a joke about something like this, whiiich he thought was perfect..What's wrong with it though?" He asked as he hopped up from his seat to look over at the pool of multi-coloured treats. The jiggling mass was still quite colourful as ever. The baby dragon shrugged and sat back down. "Anyway, it's sort of like a ride and a game in one! You ride through the slide, and grab one of the tokens that's floating around in the jello. Some of them have magic effects, and others you can trade in for a prize. The jello's totally safe too. I mixed it up myself!" Spike proudly pulled out a tray of various jello ups from behind the booth and sat them on the table. "Oh, and I should mention that it's free to play. And any magic that happens will ware off at the end of the festival." (Hehe, might have been a misread there, but the jello indeed isn't actually mixed into a nasty brown X3)
  3. Now this was exciting! A whole holiday dedicated to pranks, silliness, bizarre ideas, and just downright absurdity? Sometimes Discord went overboard with this sort of thing, but so far everything seemed just right! He even let Spike be in charge of one of the attractions! It took all morning to set up and a few wheelbarrow loads full of jello, but it was finally ready! Not far from Sugarcube Corner — what better place to put it really — sat a massive, spiraling, looping, multicoloured slide. At the end of this gargantuan ride was a pool full of different kinds of jello...somehow managing not to mix together. Thanks Discord! No one wanted to dive into nasty looking brown jello...Well did anypony really want to dive into jello to begin with was the question? Maybe not at just a 'Hey! Come and dive into jello!'...Well Pinkie might. But for the average pony there was probably that nagging bit at the back of their head saying 'Nnnnno'. But this wild jello slide had a twist! It seemed like everything here had a twist. Sitting beneath the serenely jiggling surface of the sweet depths were tokens! Tokens of various shapes and sizes to be turned in for various tricks and prizes! Thanks to some help from Starlight, a good handful of the tokens in the pool were enchanted to do something fun or silly once obtained and removed from their sticky prison. Others could be turned in for a prize or snack or things like that. Riding the slide was free, but each pony was limited to one prize or prank per period of time...Which usually depended on how cool or how weird it was. Dressed up in a little technicolor jacket and swirly top hat, Spike sat eagerly at the booth, waiting and hoping that somepony would be intrigued enough to take a dive...And if not well hey, at least he'd have a snack later.
  4. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    "Ooooh, so that's where Spike got off to, I was wondering about that. Guess I know why he was getting me to enchant some things last night now." Starlight chuckled, she wasn't really surprised. It seemed like everypony was keen on getting involved in these shenanigans. A holiday where ponies could be as silly as they wanted to be? Even some of the most serious ponies she knew were out in full force...Speaking of serious, it wasn't hard to feel the daggers being glared towards her by the stallion she assumed to be 'Squall'. His first impression wasn't the...friendliest. But Starlight had little room to talk in that aspect. He had already turned to move on though, so she hadn't any real time for a proper introduction. "Errr sure. He seems the pretty...intense?" she replied with an awkward chuckle. "I guess time will tell huh?"
  5. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    Now here was an interesting turn of events, Starlight thought as she trotted through Ponyville with a tray of green jello cups floating by her side. Not all the long ago, the mare had been stealing cutie marks and practically gaslighting ponies into being 'equal', and now here she was practically doing the former for a holiday to help Discord! How time changes things. Granted, when the draconequus approached her with the idea she was...more than a little hesitant. Not that she didn't trust the god of chaos, he had been a good friend to her! No matter how eccentric he got at times he, as Fluttershy would put it, is really a sweetheart deep down. This holiday he plotted up was just as much for everypony else's enjoyment as it was his. Regardless it did take some convincing for her to agree too, and some talking with Twilight on setting up the spell that whisked away cutie marks for the game without Starlight having to go pony to pony and do so, however at the Princess' suggestion, she did add a twist to it. Rather than simply tear it away, seal it! Which of course was a brilliant and easy suggestion, and so with her assistance, she sat up the magical barrier around the town. Now of course not everypony would be interesting in playing, some might instead want to help with snacks or other activities during the festival! Those who were setting out the scavenger hunt were given bracelets which kept the magic at bay, letting them enjoy the festival without feeling rushed to get their mark freed. Most ponies however seemed surprisingly eager to join in on the hunt! The promise of prizes often did that. It wasn't long before Starlight was back to Discord's side, levitating the tray of jello up to him. "Whew, sorry that took so long. The pantry at the castle had nearly every colour of except green! I had to run down to the store and managed to get the last few packs. Apparently somepony's setting up a huge jello slide or something." the mare shook her head and chuckled before turning to the slowly growing group of ponies getting their scavenger maps from Discord. "Hello everypony, I hope you're all enjoying the festivities so far!" Thus far it seemed they were, with ponies throughout the town zipping to and fro with whatever whimsical items the draconequus' maps had them seeking out.
  6. Hey guys and gals! As you can see from the byootiful news announcement on front page, The Festival of Fools is up and running! Be sure to join in for the festivities and feel free to bring your funniest hats~

  7. [Age of Heroes] A Walk in the Park (semi closed)

    "I seriously think if I can get my paws on that book I can make some measure of headway into my situation." "That may be, but that thing would be under so many locks and keys you'd never get a chance to." "Maybe not normally, but the transaction goes down just before lunch. If I can find out enough before we're done looping, I may be able to grab it and find out what I need before the last loop!" Bahamut and Rosetta were going back and forth over some bit of information that the diamond dog had managed to find in her lexiconical digging. According to some gossip amongst the librarians, a tome found deep in Hesperia was found, dating back to the same time as the temple where Rosetta's incident occurred. There wasn't any information on what was in the tome, as it was untranslated, but a collector had just won the auction for it that morning. Rosetta wanted to go the easier route and just take it or try to outbid the guy for it. But Bahamut wasn't keen on the idea of theft, even if it was isolated in a time loop, nor did they have the kind of funds they used to when the Guard was still around. While the two argued back and forth, neither of them were particularly aware of what Mutt or Mauser were up to...That is until the moment there should have been a sickening crunch. Once the typical vertigo had faded, Rosetta was over by Mauser's side quicker than a flash. "Mauser! What in all creation are you thinking?! How many times have we had this talk? You can't just...I mean, I know it's a loop but there's always that chance that something could go wrong!" the floating dog said, stomping at the air.
  8. Kiku [Ready]

  9. Speak of the draconequus and he shall appear. It was times like this that Starlight wondered if Discord had ears everywhere...She made a mental note to check her room for any odd ears attached to bookshelves or pillow cases later. While the chao god's voice rang out in the room, the noodle himself had yet to show. Before she or Bevel could even ask him to come out, the...Book began to narrate itself. That's not really how she remembered the book going, but that's okay, artistic embellishments are something Discord was good at. Another thing Discord was good at? Entrances. Sure they were often silly, but no one out there, not even Trixie could say they made a more grand entrance...Okay Trixie did come pretty darn close though. Starlight laughed to herself, the tiny paper dollscord cackling and twiddling a mustache while perched upon Bevel's horn was a humorous sight. Only a moment later he had zipped off the paper...however that worked. And appeared full size before them. "It's pretty hard to pull off the look of an evil mastermind. You've got the flair, but the mustache is so passe." the mare giggled as she returned the hug from her chaotic friend. "I...don't know Discord, I've got a lot of things I need to get done. Paperwork, planning, sorting...filing..." The unicorn rubbed her face, yeah, he was right. The thought of reading through one more legal book tonight might push her right off her rocker. "Actually, you know what? That does sound like a good idea. What do you have in mind?"
  10. [Lore] Yokai Expanded

    Hello everybody! Friendly neighborhood Dubstep here with another lore article! Now as you know most all of these are written in character to give you a general idea of what a race if like. This one however is going to be a bit different. What I’ve written here is information on the mysterious Yokai race! In Character, they’re meant to be more of a mystery, not seen super often, and so I left details on their looks vague for the most part. But this has brought up many questions for people as to the limitations for their looks, size, colouration, and other odds and ends about our mischievous spirit friends. So here I’ll be doing my best to answer some of those burning questions and give you a BIT more Out of Character insight into the workings of the Yokai! As more Yokai species come to be acknowledged, this list will be updated to the best of my ability. General Yokai Information: This information applies across all Yokai! Be sure to give this a looksee first. Magic: All yokai are capable of magic. The vast majority of Yokai are of average or above power with their magic, but some (especially elders or those who dedicate themselves, or sometimes those who are just really lucky) can expect to be quite a deal more powerful than their brethren. That being said, please be responsible just as you would with Unicorns or Qilin/Longma, don’t go Alicorn Black Stallion overboard! Colouration: When making your yokai, you may feel inclined to stick with the natural colours based on the type of animal the yokai is. I want to let you all know right now that there is No Limitation on colours that a yokai can have. If you want a Jorōgumo with the colouration of the Fruit Stripes Zebra, go for it! Markings: Just like with colouration, you’re not limited on the kinds of markings your yokai can have. They can be plain and solid coloured, or they can have many swirls or polka dots or whatever you might think of. A good inspiration for markings on yokai could come from the Okami series! Hitodama: Hitodama are magical balls of fire that yokai can summon with enough power or effort. Hitodama can, among other things, drain the energy of those close to them, mesmerize those who stare into them, change colour at a whim or by mood, and can be used to hide the Yokai’s presence for a time. Passively they don’t require much effort to keep around, but actively using their magical properties take energy proportional to the magic used. Kitsune have their own unique variant known as Kitsune-bi, which they can call upon much more easily. Natural Affinity: It’s not uncommon for Yokai’s appearances to be affected by the places that they live. Some show this off in the form of flowers growing out of places, or even their steps sometimes leaving patches of short-lived blossoms. Those that live in warmer climates can sometimes shimmer like a mirage, or those in coastal or aquatic regions can appear to be damp even when completely dry. Just as some examples. Pact Magic: Yokai can form magical pacts with mortals, bestowing the mortal a portion of their power while also increasing their own. These pacts however come with a vow or a promise of some sort that the Yokai and other part of the pact agrees to, should one break this vow, an agreed upon detriment befalls the one who broke it. Such as temporary loss of magic until reparations are made, some sort of transformation, or any number of things. Even ‘bloodline’ curses that could affect generations down the road. Vows: Vows are similar to the Pact Magic that yokai can invoke, but only require the yokai making a promise to itself. So long as they keep this promise, such as protecting an area for example, they are blessed with more power or the power to keep the promise in general. In most cases there are strict stipulations that must be kept to uphold a Vow. Should they break this vow however, they’re struck with setbacks much like they would if they broke a Pact, sometimes worse as their magic turns against them. Bakeneko/Nekomata: As mentioned in the main article, Bakeneko and Nekomata take the shape of large house cats of sorts, such as Scottish Folds, Munchkins, Tabbies, etc. How large is likely to be a question however. Without going into super full detail, the average adult size is that of a large dog, with some growing larger. But still not QUITE as large as say, a lion or a tiger. The difference between a Bakeneko and a Nekomata is small, but important. A Bakeneko is a young Nekomata, due to the difference in their power and magic levels, they’re considered to be ‘semi-separate’ despite being the same race. When a Bakeneko matures, its tail splits into two indicating it’s now a Nekomata. Most Nekomata tails glow with a ghostly sort of wisp around the tips, but not always. Both Bakeneko and Nekomata can have glowing eyes or flowing bits of fur across their bodies, but not all do. Unlike some other yokai, Bakeneko nor Nekomata develop antlers or horns. Some Bakeneko/Nekomata walk on their hindlegs, but most prefer all four. Hebi: Hebi are ghostly looking snakes. As I mentioned in the article they look as though they’re made out of mist and can shift between corporeal and incorporeal at will. Just like real life snakes they have a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Cobras, pythons, anacondas, what have you. Hebi can sometimes be seen with horns or antlers, and rarely with small feathery wings that are more for hovering or gliding than actual flight. Inugami: The Inugami are floating doggos, despite not having wings, they can fly just fine! Their head appears corporeal and can resemble that of any dog breed you can think of. Their body however is different and appears almost ghostly and stretches quite a distance. This length varies based on the Inugami of course. An Inugami based on a Whippet will be a lot longer than one based on a Corgi, but both of them will be quite longer than their mundane counterparts. Head colours and body colours don’t often match. They are capable of having horns and are often seen with glowing eyes. The most common for head colour is black and eye glow/head marking is red, but this is not always the case. Feel free to go with a different choice, especially if you feel red and black is edgy! Ha-Inu: The other half of the flying doggo brothers. Ha-Inu much more closely resemble their mundane counterparts, albeit twice their size on average, larger ‘breeds’ sometimes matching ponies in size. They sport, as mentioned, large fluffy wings that allow them flight. And while white is the most common colouration, it’s perfectly normal for them to be other colours or multiple colours as well. It’s rather uncommon for Ha-Inu to have either horns or glowing eyes, but fluffy flowy bits are fairly commonplace. Kamaitachi: The mustelid yokai covers a lot of different species (save for Badgers, we’ll get to that) such as ferrets, weasels, otters, stoats, etc. They don’t sport wings or horns, nor do they have glowing eyes. But are, like all yokai, larger in size than their counterparts. Though being so small on average already, it wouldn’t be a surprise that they could be mistaken for just large mustelids. The interesting thing with Kamaitachi is that they are always born as triplets. Though not always identical. The trio almost always sticks together, and most apps will be Three-In-One, but if you feel it’s too difficult to have a Three-In-One app (as it would require some extra effort and description) you are more than welcome to app a single Kamaitachi and possibly seek out others to play the other two. Kamaitachi walk on their hind legs just fine, but are also capable of dropping to run on all fours. Kitsune: Now most of this is likely self explanatory due to the prevalence of Kitsune in various media, but for posterity's sake, I’ll write stuff down anyway. Kitsune can resemble any sort of fox. They can have any number of tails from one to nine on average, as mentioned some especially old or especially powerful Kitsune can sometimes have ten or more. It’s not super common though, so be sure to have a good reason for it if you have more than nine! Kitsune can summon Fox-Fire Will-o-Wisps, or Kitsune-bi, at will and these magical fires can be of any colours. Other yokai are able to summon something similar, called Hitodama, but not as easily as a Kitsune can. Kitsune also have a little ball they wear around a collar on their neck. No these do not actually contain the Kitsune’s Life Force nor does it magically control them against their will. It does however have a magical tie to them, containing a watered down portion of the magic they can do and can affect them aversely the longer they are away from it, but over time a Kitsune can get through this ‘withdrawal’ and be fine without it. Though some Kitsune will still do whatever they can to get it back. Kitsune can have glowing eyes and flowing bits, but horns are extremely rare. Mujina: Mujina are great shapeshifters, much like Changelings are. They could be you or me, or Frank from accounting! But as for how they look when not disguised, Mujina resemble badgers. More often than not they walk on two legs rather than four. More often still they remain disguised. Mujina are, as with other yokai, bigger than their mundane counterparts. But in their case it’s only slightly so. Mujina don’t have wings or horns, and are rarely ever seen with glowing eyes. Mujina are also often chubby. Ōkami: The majestic Ōkami resemble wolves of course! Any kind of wolf you can think of. Nearly all Ōkami’s fur is luxurious and clean, you’d be hard pressed to find an Ōkami with a dirty or messy coat. This fur is quite often blessed by wispy or billowy portions, as are their tails or the gorgeous manes they can possess. Ōkami can possess horns, antlers, or glowing eyes, but not wings. Tanuki: Tanuki, as mentioned in the main article, are chubby raccoon or raccoon-dog like yokai! Most carry around straw hats or leaves upon their forehead. These leaves aren’t actual leaves, but rather a magical construct of sorts made by the Tanuki as a conduit for much of their magics. Tanuki very rarely have glowing eyes, but aren’t seen with horns or wings, nor do they have much billow fur. Some however are seen with two tails. Jorōgumo: The spider Yokai, as one would come to expect, can look like any sort of spider. These arachnid-like yokai range in size from ‘small dog’ to ‘average pony’ with some variation. Some have almost feline like faces, while others more closely resemble that of ponies or other races. What the faces do have in common is that they have eight eyes. Occasionally Jorōgumo will also possess mandibles in addition to any other teeth they may have. Glowing eyes are sometimes seen in Jorōgumo, but not horns/antlers or wings. Flowing bits of fur happen occasionally. Some Jorōgumo also have a more ‘taur’ like appearance, having an upper body somewhat like that of a pony or griffon attached the the body of a spider. Yosuzumi: One of the possible Yokai not listed in the main article are the Yosuzumi. Yosuzumi are bird like Yokai that can resemble a number of flight-capable birds, like crows, robins, pigeons, hawks, and many many others. These Yokai are often quite larger than their mundane counterparts, but it’s rare to see any bigger than an average pony. Glowing eyes aren’t seen in Yosuzumi, but occasionally antlers or horns are. Flowing fur is...kinda out since they have feathers, but shimmery or glowing feathers are not unheard of. Sarugami: Another unlisted Yokai are the primate-like Sarugami. Most Sarugami have a monkey-like appearance, but can have the form of other primates such as apes, orangutans, or lemurs! These Yokai are fairly tall; an adult Sarugami standing up straight can match height with that of a teenage dragon on average. Glowing eyes are possible but not super common. Their fur is usually more fluffy than flowy, but again certainly possible. Wings aren’t seen, but horns and antlers show up now and again. Smugness and challenging the Serpent Council is optional. Onikuma: The Onikuma are large bear Yokai. They’re not really bigger than their mundane counterparts, as most bears are already large enough as is. Of course, they can resemble any type of bear! Onikuma are hefty and strong despite being fairly chubby looking. It’s not a good idea to pick a fight with an Onikuma. Onikuma can have horns, glowing eyes, and billowing fur. Wings are exceedingly rare but not impossible. However they are not proportional to the Onikuma’s size, small enough that they cannot fly, only hover at best. Sorry, no dropbears. Katakirauwa: Katakirauwa are Pig Yokai. More specifically they resemble piglets and are about the size of such. Katakirauwa sport only one ear and leave no shadows. They’re quiet but sneaky little Yokai, often stealing things of (mostly) no consequence, then returning them the next day in odd places. Katakirauwa have little in the way of fur (fuzz at best) so no billowing coats for them, alas. Glowing eyes are common, though horns and wings are not. Some Katakirauwa keep balls (or in some cases large cherry bombs they’ve found or made) to roll around on from one place to another. Bakenezumi: Rodent like Yokai, Bakenezumi cover a wide range between tiny mice to the large capybara. The smallest Bakenezumi is still a bit bigger than an average mouse, and one based off of a capybara can sometimes get as big as a pony itself. Bakenezumi are much stronger than their (usually) small appearance lets on. Even the smallest amongst them is capable of lifting swords at least three to four times their size. Bakenezumi can have glowing eyes, billowing fur, and even horns or antlers! Gyokuto: Probably among the cuddliest looking Yokai are the Gyokuto, the rabbit Yokai! These Yokai cover the Lagomorph family, rabbits, pikas, hares, etc. Their often long ears are tufted with wispy softly glowing fur. Some Gyokuto have antlers or horns, leading them to be mistaken for Jackalopes. Other parts of their fur can be wispy and have a soft glow to them, but it’s uncommon (Not impossible) for their eyes to glow. Most Gyokuto have a soft spot for Mochi and carry around large wooden mortar and pestle to make some for themselves or travelers. Nomuyagi: Nomuyagi cover sheep and goats, as such they can cover the variety of those! From the large Suffolk Sheep to the tiny Pygmy Goat! Horns and antlers are very common among Nomuyagi. Billowing fleece isn’t quite as common but can happen, as can glowing eyes. Nomuyagi often get along quite well with Tanuki as they both share a common love of the drink. So don’t be too surprised if you see a sheep carrying a keg around on its back during a visit to the outer regions of Neighpon. Koma-Inu/Shīsā: Koma-Inu and Shīsā are two separate, regional names for the same kind of Yokai. While in real life these represent the Lion Dog guardians of temples, for our purposes these cover Large Cats as well, such as tigers, lions, and panthers. Billowing fur, especially manes, is common among them. Antlers and horns are rare but not unheard of, and glowing eyes are common. Usually Koma-Inu are born as a set of twins, one male and one female, but single births aren’t impossible. Gyūki: Gyūki are bovine Yokai, covering cows and oxen and such. Just like their mundane cousins, Gyūki are hefty and strong. Horns and antlers are commonplace amongst them. Wispy fur is not particularly common, but can happen. More often than not their tails have wispy glowing fur on the tip. Eye glow is common as well. Wings are also possible. Yokai Funfact: Yokai can't say 'Moshi moshi'! A little known fact outside of Polohomo, but a 'sure fire' way to tell if someone's more than they appear is to greet them with "Moshi moshi"! If they reply back with only "Moshi" they could very well be a Yokai in disguise.
  11. [Age of Heroes] A Walk in the Park (semi closed)

    Bahamut chuckled and grinned at Mutt's enthusiasm for training, he can't help but to think that the doggo would have fit right in with Hopesguard, if only things had gone differently. "Ahh, I can't think of the last time I've really cut loose. There's uhh, not a lot of equipment out there than can handle that for me." he awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck as the many...many failed machines that R&D tried to make for him sprang to mind. He doubted that the stuff at the Danger Zone would fair any better. "Heh, yeah...I hope so too, but I won't be holding my breath." Rosetta replied. The chances of finding the information that she needed to fix this was next to none, there was so little information about the area, even less about the temple, and none that she could find on what had happened to her! But she wasn't about to give up on returning to at least some semblance of normalcy just yet. "Tell you what though, when I do find out what I need, you'll get one of the first hugs, how about that?" gently she pet her friend's head with the thaumite plates that made up her 'body'. It...it wasn't the same, but at least she could still kind of show affection to her friends.
  12. Through the late night air, Àilóng wistfully circled around high over the cloudtop city of Longri-La. Tonight was the last night of the First Moon, Long Guo's joyous celebration of the new lunar year. Even in the tranquil city of the Long, the celebrations were in full swing. But for the past two weeks, the dragon had spent most of it helping set up rather than partaking in the festivities. Granted, it was a pleasure getting to help the council and the citizens out, but by the time everything was ready, he was far too tired to enjoy any of it! The time he did have 'free', was spent in Dragon's Heart taking care of duties of the Serpent King, which meant even less of a chance to enjoy it. Tonight though? Tonight would be different. It had been some time since Yuè's visit. Time to think, time to pine, time to plan. But the time to do any of that had passed, the time to act was now. With a little snort of smoke and a grin, Àilóng zipped his way off towards Huangjing as swiftly as he could... Which for a dragon was rather swift. Music and merriment filled the air of the Imperial capital, Àilóng was certain tonight would be a perfect chance. Despite the temptation to join in on the dancing and laughter, the King had a goal in mind. The palace, as tightly guarded as it always was, was rather easy for Àilóng to slip into. It was like the guards knew that he was The Serpent King and wouldn't dare try to stop him or something! The Long giggled to himself as he flew up and over towards where he knew Yuè's room to be, landing gently on the balcony. "Surely you don't intend to retire for the evening just yet?" he said breaking the silence of the mare's stride towards her bed.
  13. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    Oooh now things were certainly getting interesting. Princess Cadence's presence here was an unexpected turn of events to be sure, but as she said it was an unexpected pleasure. She certainly earned her vacation here too by the sound of it. Lián pondered on just how difficult raising a child must be. And the Princess' was an alicorn as well, was it not? Normal foals were already hoovesful, one with that kind of power must be a nightmare to take care of at times. But if Lián had a bead on Cadence's personality, it was one she cherished...But even Saints need rest now and again. Speaking of rest, it was about time for the group to continue on to the house, he hoped. As much as he loved mingling with everypony, the Prince was sure they all were eager to slip into the shade and take a load off for a little while. Before that could happen though, and before Cadence could even finish a sentence, it seemed the Discord had some mischief to manage! Admittedly, Lián knew little about Discord or his magic, save for what he had learned during his short stay in Equestria. He seemed the prankster type, always willing to push the envelope as long as he could, yet all and all as harmless as a kitten. Sure he was a kitten with reality bending powers, but he was still mostly harmless. This new arrival that the draconequus conjured however was unknown to him however. He was a handsome and well dressed unicorn to be sure, one that Cadence at the very least seemed familiar with. A past lover, perhaps? No, no, too early to draw conclusions. The qilin smiled and dipped his head to the regal looking pony. "Oh I'm certain you're not intruding at all. Hello! It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I am Prince Hēi Lián of Long Guo. It seems that Discord decided that you could use a vacation too." he said with an amused chuckle, what a whimsical creature the noodle was.
  14. [Age of Heroes] A Walk in the Park (semi closed)

    Ahh, well that certainly explains things. No wonder Bahamut hadn't heard of Danger Zone. How many times had Smoke Screen changed the name of their gym? They would have made a great addition to Hopesguard had they just been willing to cooperate rather than go against the grain, so to speak. But now wasn't really the time for conjecture. There were more pressing matters currently at the table. Mutt's training would be interesting for sure. The dragon wasn't certain how much of a help he could be. He hadn't any real idea if the equipment at the Danger Zone could actually handle him, but at the very least he could be a spotter! "I always found that as oddly flattering. It makes me wonder if maybe they really did want to be a part of Hopesguard." Rosetta mused as the trio made their way towards the library. "Or, perhaps it's just their way of poking fun at the lot of us. Hard to really ask them when we've not seen them in ages."
  15. The Divine Protectorate

    I should learn to be more vocal about my interest, cus I certainly don't lack interest in this =o Yang's always ready to bust some heads...or fix up some noodles. Maybe both.