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  1. Chuckling softly, Sparkles dabbed his mouth before responding to Heart Shield with a little nod. "Ahh yes, it's true that a lot of packs aren't the most sociable...But they're also not the most welcomed in pony lands. It's a cycle I suppose, I'm glad to have at least chipped away at that, even if just a little bit." they would say with no small measure of pride. It took some hard work and effort to establish themselves in Canterlot! Visiting Ponyville was easy, it was a very welcoming place and Canterlot was starting to take after it some, but there would always be some snubnoses out there, little one can do about that. "My pack operates not terribly far from Solstice Heights, so when I decided to open up a jewelry store I figured Canterlot a perfect place. That being said it certainly was a bit of a challenge getting a paw in the door. But it was a challenge that proved well worth it I think." Sparkles' tail would wag softly behind him as he gave a glance in Licorice's direction with a loving smile. "Not trying to get too sappy, but with there being a certain guest here, love is in the air I suppose."
  2. Now that had Sparkles' curiosity piqued. A little brow arched at Licorice as he idly stirred his drink with one paw, the other holding his chin as a smirk played across his lips. The stallion wasn't really one to do innuendo, at least not ones that most could really pick up on. Made it all the more fun of a guessing game, but perhaps they would see later just what their pony really meant. The diamond dog had ordered a nice Alfredo dish and was of course mindful of tucking in a napkin to avoid getting any on their top. "I can imagine guard duty getting a bit isolating." they'd say with a nod and a glance over at the dining Licorice. "That's why it's good to have a good-natured nosy diamond dog around now and again." Sparkles would giggle and take a bit of their meal, dabbing away any leftover sauce as they glanced around the room. "Well would you look at that. Not just the quintessential couple of Equestria, but those two as well huh? All the more star studded tonight it seems!" Sparkles said aloud to himself as he saw both Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Perhaps not household names, but one would be hard pressed living somewhere like Canterlot without having heard of them at least once, maybe thrice. "Ever and more feeling the odd dog out~ This spinel can only sparkle so brightly after all."
  3. Sparkles could count on one paw the amount of fancy get-togethers he had been invited to. It was one aside from this. They'd once gone to a smallish get together of a client of theirs who just had to show off the necklace they crafted for them with them there. The dog assumed it was for the novelty of it, but they went anyway. It was fine, dull, lots of tiny unfilling food and lifeless music, but it went well enough. It absolutely was not what he would have called a wonderful time though. This however at least showed the promise of not being so stuffy one might think you're in a teddy bear factory. After having hopped down from Licorice's back to take their seat — and their seat was even pushed in for them, they certainly found a keeper — Sparkles would wave in greeting to Heart Shield. "Very nice to meet you as well! I hope you don't mind the company." they would say with a smile, giving another glace around the room to take in the sights. Hoo boy did they feel like a fish out of water here. It seemed like it was going to be a fairly quiet get toget-NOPE. Jumping Jimminy but did Princess Cadence have some pipes on her. Where it anyone else, Sparkles would have to question just why she was so excited. But with a title like Princess of Love? "Any closer to that outburst and it wouldn't be just wedding bells that'd be ringing..." Sparkles said with a soft giggle and a rub of one of their ears
  4. Starlight knew that being late with lunch wasn't the best thing for somepony's nutrition, but making sure her office was sat up well, then making sure to take all the time she could to listen to anyone that came by that morning meant that the mare was running a wee bit late for her break. But given that the new Headmare had given everyone a longer lunch break, was she really all that late? A little. Bit first days were always a bit frazzling though. The unicorn's lunch was something she had prepared and warmed up herself, not because she didn't enjoy the school's lunches, but because she'd been practicing cooking for a little bit now. A hay burger with brie and caramelized onions, as well as some thick cut fries as well, not the world's greatest meal but certainly impressive for only a few days practice. "Hey! Sorry I'm a little late." Starlight would say with a smile as she approached, waving to Rarity as she passed by on her way out. "Well she certainly seemed excited about something. Hope I'm not interrupting anything!"
  5. Again the mare would nod, listening as Silverstream spoke. It wasn't easy dealing with the idea that you and friends could go their separate ways someday, or that after finding friendship that you'd have to experience things alone again someday. It's understandable for the hippogriff to feel that concern, goodness knows Starlight often had. "One of the biggest joys of friendship isn't just maintaining the ones you have, but also cultivating new ones." Starlight said with a gentle smile as she took her seat once again. "If you focus too much on the sardines, you miss out on the anchovies and the prawns." Fish analogies were harder than they seemed..."You're worried about losing who you are now because you feel your friends have led you to be who you are, right?" Starlight knew how that felt too, lessons learned the hard way helped her showed her the loss or gain of true friendship can be changing. However. The mare shook her head. "The you that you are now was always inside of you. Just as your friends helped bring that out, you've helped to bring out the them they are." The mare took a little sip of her tea before continuing. "Your friends are your inspiration, and I'm sure you're an inspiration to them too. If you were somehow far away from your friends, I can't imagine for a second you'd not see something, think of one of them, and be inspired still. And think of it this way, every time you got the chance to see them again, think of how much you'd be able to share with one another. All the lessons and experiences. It'd be like opening a Hearth's Warming gift every time you gathered round!" Starlight would smile and set her now empty cup aside. "That spark of inspiration that your friends helped to ignite is inside of you no matter the distance."
  6. Ship Name: Zephyr's Kiss Captain: Tarisio Goldplume Ship Ranking: Aeronautical, Refurbished Griffon Military Great Frigate, 5th Rank Gundecks: 1 Guns: 40+ Including but not limited to several 42 Pounders, 4 Long Nines, 4 Cannonades, 2 Paixhans Guns, and several appropriated magitech cannons Crew Size: 200~ Player Played Crew: Tarisio Mercutio Goldplume - Captain - Myself Minerva Sheartalon - First Mate - Myself Edelweiss - Cabin Boy - Windwright
  7. ~~~~~~~Two Hours Earlier~~~~~~ Sparkles sighed softly, leaning against the wall, watching as Licorice ran to and fro in what could only be labeled as a panic. Ever since the letter of the ball arrived the stallion had been worrying about what they should wear, who would be there, how they should arrive. It was like watching a filly get ready for her prom and the diamond dog couldn't help but to giggle at this a little bit, but as time ticked closer and closer to the ball arriving he knew he'd have to step in and get the poor dear to focus a little bit. It was a time to relax, a time to unwind and enjoy themselves. And maybe a chance to show off a little bit. At the very least, Licorice needed to do the former or he'd tie himself into a Licorice Knot. Having already decided on what they were going to wear, most of the dog's time was spend helping get Licorice set up. Licorice's medals and commendations were shined up and pinned onto the stallion's top by the tiny dog, a little brush of the mane, a little spritz of some delightfully rose scented cologne, and he was ready. All that was left was for the dog to get dressed and the two of them to decide on their arrival...Which Sparkles already had a little bit of an idea for~ ~~~~~~Now~~~~~~ Perched atop Licorice's back sidesaddle and legs crossed with an air of grandeur at least ten times bigger than he was, Sparkles smiled and gently rubbed the stallion's back. The diamond dog himself was dressed in a stunning sapphire blue tuxedo with dazzling silver cuff links that adorned the wrists, also studded with sapphires of course. "Oh I think it certainly might. Whether it's the call out or who, or rather what, your plus one is, guess we'll know before the night's through huh?" Sparkles giggled to themselves as their eyes glided around the room, he wasn't personally acquainted with...well anyone here. Though they did recognize a few faces. Prince Shining Armor and Princess Cadence being the most obvious two, but there were a couple they vaguely recalled seeing at the costume contest during Nightmare Night if they weren't mistaken. But that was neither here nor there. Sparkles would casually lean in and whisper to Licorice. "Shining Armor is all the more impressive in person, cuts a really dashing figure. And Cadence, gosh, what I wouldn't give to hair like hers." the dog idly fiddled with the fluffy fur atop their head and sighed softly before shrugging. "Let me know if I'm starting to make a fool of myself sweetie. Cus I'm not quite as used to the sorts of affairs."
  8. Name: Sparkles Role: Plus Ultra One Attending with: Licorice Whip
  9. The mare's listening ears were on high as she sat quietly, letting the hippogriff expound upon her feelings. As she went on, Starlight couldn't help but to feel a kinship with Silverstream's worries. After all, everything that lead her to where she is in life was catalyzed by the 'loss' of a friend. It was never an easy concept to think about, losing touch with somepony that you care about, that you see every single day and spend so much time with. To think that in one single moment that could all change and be snatched away from you in the blink of an eye. It's like a part of your world crumbling down...But what she had taken years to learn, the students had so much more time to see. Despite her misty eyes, Starlight spoke up at last a moment after SIlverstream finished. "Oh...I know that feeling all too well. The idea of losing a friend can be terrifying." the mare would rise up to her hooves and move to Silverstream's side, gently laying a hoof on her shoulder. "When I was a filly younger than you, I lost touch with a good friend. The only one I had at the time at that." she'd chuckle softly and continue. "The hurt and loneliness made me a really bitter pony...I did a lot of things I regret. But then I met Twilight and the girls and...even if I didn't realize it at the time, things started changing for the better." she shook her head and laughed. "I'll spare you the boring details on that and get to the point...I finally ran into that friend again after all those years. Things were...a little rocky for a bit, but I found out that even after all those years apart, in the end? We were still friends." Starlight smiled softly, pausing for a moment before continuing again. "Sometimes friends part ways, and they may not see one another for months or years. But no matter the distance, no matter the time, they'll always be right with you." the mare would gently poke the hippogriff's chest, just by her heart. "Growing and learning on your own is nothing to feel bad about. Because your friends will always be there. And if you ever do part ways, think of all the wonderful things you'll be able to share once you reunite. Change is nothing to be afraid of, because near or far, your friends will always be with you. Me included!" she'd finish, offering Silverstream a little hug for comfort.
  10. Starlight chuckled softly, Silverstream was always such a bundle of energy, it was good to see that extended beyond school. That kind of positive attitude would carry her far in life. "That's wonderfully nice of you, Silverstream, I'm certain Sandbar appreciates it!" she'd say with a smile and a nod. It was good that the children were learning to share the weight of responsibility. No one pony can carry everything on their shoulders, at least not for long. "As for getting some apples." she went on to explain, just as Smolder arrived. "Applejack's got a sort of special sale going on today. Five bits for a bushel! Buuut there's a bit of a twist to it." Starlight glanced back over towards the booth where AJ and a mare she seemed rather familiar with were gabbing and chuckled. "But if you don't know, I won't spoil the surprise for you." Starlight gave a little wink and adjusted the bushels floating at her side. "You girls have a great day, I'll see you all later!" the mare would wave once more before moving to make her way back off to Ponyville, she had some apple prepping to do!
  11. Taking a moment to step up to the supplies, Àilóng would exchange a few pleasantries with the stall's owner before returning to Yuè's side with a smile, laying them out on the table before them. Vibrant reds and purples were apparently going to be used with the materials the disguised dragon had chosen, as well as a bit of yellow to accentuate. "Oh you know you're free to ask anything of me, Yuè." he'd reply with a smile as he started into his part of the work. "Truth be told it is much like your own celebrations! Even some of the stuffiest amongst us find themselves loosening up and partaking in dances and games with their friends and neighbors. Our homes are decorated with colourful lanterns and much time is spent together fixing things like yuanxiao, fagao, or yusheng." he couldn't help but to lick his lips a little and laugh. The food was usually the best part of these celebrations, with the mare at his side that was easily beaten. "But what of you and yours? How does the palace celebrate this most wonderful of occasions?" Àilóng asked with a tilt of his head. A large part of him assumed that his poor friend barely got a moment to even think about the holiday, let alone celebrate it, but knowing her brother as well as he does the bigger part of him was certain she at least had a little time to indulge in some 'frivolity'.
  12. Oooookay. Scratch that apparently. First day within the first hour and somepony was already here. Well that was no trouble, it was what she was here for after all! Starlight smiled as Silverstream made her way in, it was a little strange seeing her without her notebook in tow, but really that was neither here nor there. "Good morning Silverstream, of course! Come right on in." the unicorn's horn would light up and gently slide out one of the seats in front of her desk for the hippogriff to take a seat. The mare herself would set up a little straighter and scoot closer to her desk. Silverstream was certainly what one could call inquisitive, so it was difficult to guess just exactly what sort of friendship question she could have. "Okay, ask away! And if you'd like a cup of tea, just let me know, Applejack sent me several packs." she would reply with a soft laugh as she settled in to hear what Silverstream had to ask.
  13. Starlight would giggle softly at her friend's blush. Poor mare had such a hard time believing that something like this could be centered around her more than just the apples "Now Applejack, don't sell yourself so short. I think most everyone in Ponyville thinks you're something special. I know I do!" the unicorn gave her behatted friend a little smile as they went about finding the apples she had ordered. Truth be told, Starlight had entirely expected there to not be a Grenadier left on the farm. Not many ponies really seemed to use those much! But AJ always seemed good at pleasantly surprising her friends. Nodding at Applejack's advice she would glance over in the notebook as she wrote. "That doesn't sound like too bad of an idea, I had read about them melting really easy when they cooked. Which had me thinking of trying apple jam, but I can hardly say no to a recipe from you!" With the bits already laid on the table, Starlight would slide them over with a hoof. With her other forehoof on Applejack's shoulder for balance the mare would lean in and give the farmer the other half of the payment: a sweet little kiss upon the lips, a second per bit seemed like the fair deal! With that somewhat short transaction taken care of, Starlight would part lips and lift the bushels up to her side with a flare of her horn. "Thanks a lot, Applejack! You should try to come by tonight, I'd really appreciate the help with the applesauce. I've learned some cooking stuff from Pinkie but I'm far from what you could call professional." Starlight said with a laugh and a little shake of her head, thinking back to some early...less than stellar performances. "See you later! Hope the rest of the sale goes smoothly!" Turning with a little spring in her step, Starlight would begin her way back down towards Ponyville, only to stop part way down the line with a little wave! "Well hello there, Silverstream. Come to get some apples, or just visiting?"
  14. "Hey there, Applejack! Seems like your sale's a hit huh?" Starlight said with a smile as she trotted her way up. It was plain to see the dents in the grass where bushels upon bushels had sat before. That was to be expected, Sweet Apple Acres always had the best of the best when it came to the fruit, and they always sold well, but this little booth of Applejack's took the cake! "Can't say what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn't a kissing booth." the mare giggled softly and glanced over at where the bushels sat then over towards their stack of lock boxes with an impressed whistle. "Glad to see it's working out so well though! Well if it's alright then I'd like to get a couple bushels myself. One of Cosmic Crisp and one of Grenadier if you have them." the unicorn had done a bit of reading on fruit cultivars recently, surprisingly fascinating stuff! Starlight would smile as she dug out the bits for the baskets. "I'm guessing this whole thing has felt like it's been going on for months huh?" she'd say with a laugh, laying the bits on the table. "It does seem a bit out of your usual comfort zone, but I guess that's what makes it so nice to see. Think you'll be doing this sort of sale again sometime? I'm sure it'll do just as well."
  15. Phew! That took care of most all of today's errands! Starlight Glimmer wiped a bit of sweat away from her brow as she trotted along. The mare had been out and about for what felt like the greater majority of the day. She had books to take to Twilight, a dress to try on for Rarity, and not to mention she was planning on visiting Bevel later that day! She really did have her hooves full! That didn't mean however she hadn't the time nor inkling to stop by and visit Applejack when she had seen that the mare was having a special sale on their apples. There was never any question on the freshness or quality from their farm, plus she had been meaning to get a couple of bushels just the other day but hadn't the time to swing by! But with a break in today's busy schedule, how could she not? Though the mare hadn't been expecting a line. Starlight whistled to herself in surprise. It wasn't every day that Sweet Apple Acres had a line of all things. She giggled to herself quietly and shrugged as she took her place in line. Good thing she was free, this could be a little bit of a wait.
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