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  1. Dubstep

    Are human OC(s) allowed?

    Heyo! Staff here, sorry for my delay in seeing this! I can confirm, while they're not allowed in the World of Equestria section, you're more than welcome to play them in our Free For All area to your heart's content!
  2. Dubstep

    A Student's Debt (Semi-Closed)

    And there was the perky pink party pony herself. Starlight was thankful Pinkie hadn't caught herself ablaze at that firepit. She'd go up like a sparkler! As expected, the ubiquitous mare already knew Valen, no surprise there. Nor was there much of a surprise in her having something ready and waiting for a friend. Starlight smiled and watched the little exchange before Pinkie had turned her attention to her. "Hehe, good morning Pinkie! Valen and I just got done signing some paperwork. Starting today Valen's my new assistant!" she said giving the colt a gentle pat on the shoulder and a comforting smile. "I figured since I skipped out on breakfast and my sweet tooth was calling to me, coming by for a snack would be a good idea." Starlight loved coming to Sugarcube Corner whenever she got a chance. She wasn't AS much of a sweet lover as Pinkie was, but when one has a craving, it's hard to deny this is the best place to swing by. "As for what I want, hmm. Oh surprise me! You've never let me down before in that department!"
  3. Dubstep

    A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Balder laughed and shrugged as he let his friend escape from the friendly hug. "Well there was the dragon hunt with Sigrun, that was pretty interesting." the explanation on that though would go unfinished for the time being, Balder wasn't about to be rude and talk over someone greeting his friend. This bull too seemed to be rather short...But then again Balder was unnaturally tall so who was he to question how tall or short somebou was? He introduced himself as Halvard's apprentice, that must be quite the stride to fill he thought...Which absolutely one hundred percent was not a short joke! It just meant that, ahh nevermind, it was just in his thoughts anyway. In kind, Balder would give a bow to Calder and smile. "[That's right, Balder, son of Jarl Haskell of Clan Kare. It's a pleasure to meet you, Calder.]" the young bull glanced at the bow resting on his back after Calder had mentioned it and gave a nod. "[Thank you, this bow had been a lost family heirloom for many years. I...]" once more the caribou's story would be cut short, this time by the sounding of a horn. The wedding as just about to commence! "[Oh! I'll explain more after the wedding, I'd love to share the tale if you're interested in hearing.]" Balder gave another bow and a smile to Calder and one to Limi as well as his friend made his way to his proper place. The young bou would take a seat near the front and eagerly watch the ceremony take place, it was after all one to remember for the ages.
  4. Hmm. That is a good point and an even better question. Just what would Auntie say about this. Àilóng took another bite of the Fire Flakes as he contemplated. This was not a matter of the country though, it was a matter of the heart. It was a matter of helping bring the world to a friend who hadn't the time to see it herself. The disguised dragon shook his head and swallowed his food. "It would be presumptuous of me to assume the Matron's thoughts on the matter one way or the other." Two could play at the impish game. Though he wasn't as constrained by them as he was sure that Yuè felt, he still knew those courtly manner and regal attitude. "And besides, it's not as though I cannot finish my Kingly duties before I take a trip. Or even take care of it before they begin for the day in case of breakfast." Àilóng grinned and leaned against a foreleg he let rest upon the table. "And besides, it'd be worth it to make you smile! Speaking of, where shall we head off to next? I'm sure there's loads of activities you've been itching to take part in." he motioned dramatically around at the festival. Food of course was great an all, but the First Moon always had so so much to offer!
  5. Dubstep

    A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    Ahh yes, now that sounded like a wonderful idea. Onsen had been gaining popularity over in Long Guo for a while now. And the few times that Lián had the chance to visit one turned out to be just what was needed after a long stressful day...or week. When Discord appeared behind him, Lián turned to face the draconequus with a smile. "Right you are, my friend!" whether Discord's words held another meaning behind them or not, the Prince certainly agreed at surface value. The qilin was unaware of just what sort of things that Sombra had done, but if Discord trusted him that was good enough for him. The trip to the onsen was quiet. Well, quieter. Things were never truly quiet with Discord around! Not that this was a bad thing really, but one could feel the film of awkwardness still hanging in the air, even as everypony settled into the warm water and steam of the onsen. The Prince made sure to leave the cricket's cage by the door. Wouldn't want the poor things to overheat! The quite hung in the air, even as Discord honked his rubber duckie. The heat of the spring would surely melt the ice sooner or later, but there was no harm in breaking it early. "Sombra, you said you're from the Crystal Empire yes? I've yet to have the pleasure of being able to visit. Is it as beautiful as travelers seem to suggest?" Sure, Lián could have fielded that question to Princess Cadence, but it didn't take a god of chaos to see that the unicorn felt awkward and out of place. Nor did it take much for Lián to know that, while Discord probably savoured those awkward feelings, that there was a method to his madness. Perhaps Sombra and Discord were kindred spirits. Maybe what both of them really needed was someone willing to be their friends.
  6. Starlight of course didn't balk from the snoot to snoot boop, giggling softly and nuzzling back when their noses met and a small honking noise played from...who knows where honestly. Discord came with built in sound effects after all. It made him great at parties. And speaking of parties, though it hadn't been the longest slumber party there had ever been, the last one they had was rather...enlightening to say the least. The mare hadn't ever been to a slumber party before it so she hadn't a thing to compare it to. But that was the thing wasn't it? It wasn't just a slumber party, it was a DISCORD slumber party! There was no comparing it! Not even to itself. The last one was so much fun and truthfully such a stress reliever, and that was just with a couple ponies. It was obvious Discord was setting out to outdo himself with this one. "If it's anything like the last one we had, it's going to be a blast! Oh, can we play Oubliettes and Ogres again? I've done more reading through Spike's books and I think I've got a better grasp at it now than I did before." Last time, Starlight went the safe and easy route, playing what else, a wizard! She hoped to continue on that campaign at some point, but finding the time to get Big Mac and that colt together was difficult. --- Speak of the devil though...or rather the dragon in this case, it wasn't but a moment later that Spike himself wandered in on the scene and glanced awkwardly between the cuddling trio. "Uhhh, am I interrupting something? Should I like, give you guys some privacy or?" Spike paused mid stride and thumbed over his shoulder. PDA didn't really give him the squicks or nothin, buuuuut. --- Starlight laughed and shook her head. "Hi Spike! No it's fine, Discord, Bevel, and I were just discussing the details of a slumber party we're going to be having!" the unicorn smiled over at her friends. Meanwhile Discord expertly pulled out a...Book. Well it certainly looked like one of Twilight books but something was odd about it. Just whaaaat was this silly noodle up to now? Whatever it was, it'd not be boring that's for sure. "Oh! How about you come join us Spike? It'll be a lot of fun!" --- Spike arched a brow incredulously "A slumber party? You mean those girly get-togethers where you play with make up and cloths and talk about crushes and do each others manes and junk? Count me out." the young dragon made a faux gagging motion and rolled his eyes. He soooo was too manly for that kinda stuff. --- Shrugging, Starlight leaned on Discord's shoulder as he worked up a portal to Chaosville. Smirking softly, she knew a sure fire way to get the dragon to come along. "Well if you're sure. I guess you'll miss out on the free snacks and OnO sessiooooon." she teased as she, Discord, and Bevel slipped through the slowly closing portal. The mare smirked at Discord, knowing full well that Spike would be joining them shortly. --- "Yup, guess I will. Have fun!" Spike waved as he turned to leave. But paused midstep once again and glanced over his shoulder at the closing portal..."Nggh...Oh fine!" with a dash and a dive, Spike lept through the portal just before it vwoiped shut! On the other side he managed to land upside down on a sofa of Discord's safe and sound.
  7. Dubstep

    [Age of Heroes] A Walk in the Park (semi closed)

    "THANK YOU!" Rosetta exclaimed and motioned at Mutt, staring at Bahamut the whole time. "I told you it had to be something like that!" she grinned and gave Mutt a hug. "Thanks for validating what I had assumed, buddy." the dragon just blushed and rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly. Okay, yeah. Hit harder next time then. With Bahamut properly embarrassed now, Mauser began into the long and short of today's plan... --- Okay, while the time loop training wasn't always the most interesting thing in the world, sometimes it got to be really fun. It wasn't every the dragon got to go all out in things! He even got to bring in a road roller! He always kinda wanted to drop one of those on a bad guy someday. It took some convincing to the road crew to lend it to him, but anything for a super hero right? At least one that was as well known as he was. He sighed wistfully a bit, maybe someday things could be like the glory days again. Maybe Mutt was a good beginning towards that. When it finally came time for the sharpness test, the first ball Bahamut through he maaaaay have put a bit too much windup on it, as there was just a tiny little sonic boom from how quick he throw it...Where the thing stopped was anyone's guess to be honest, luckily it was AWAY from the city or that would be really REALLY awkward. For Rosetta's part, she was having a blast too. Zipping around in the air dropping the balls got a little dull, but when she decided to drop fake ones made out of her thaumite plating, it became a little more fun and a lot more challenging.
  8. Dubstep

    LQB: Lore Questions Bomb

    34) I would figure we likely have other planets in the system. As of right now we've not come up with any or named any, but it could be a possibility that could be discussed in the future. 35) Another case of it currently not being named. I like the idea of Equus fairly well, but we've not got anything official. 36) Other staff, feel free to correct me on this. I believe that we do allow that sort of thing under the Unofficial Lore section. 39) It sure does! I actually have a character relevant to this question! >Here<
  9. Dubstep

    A Student's Debt (Semi-Closed)

    Excellent, Starlight had been craving a good cupcake or two all morning. Skipping breakfast was never a good idea. It always seemed to mean extra portions later in the day and getting tired sooner. Breakfast really was the most important meal of the day. As the two walked along and discussed, Starlight couldn't help but to giggle at the implication of 'normal'. "Heheh, well I've come to learn that things that happen in Ponyville rarely stay normal for long! I'm sure though your job will be fine, I'll do my utmost to make sure you're stress free! Working off a debt doesn't have to be a headache." she replied with a nod and a smile. "Hmm, I think tonight will just be a sort of...orientation night. I'll help you get used to where things are at the school and in the castle, I figure you visit town often enough to know where things are outside though. And if doesn't end up getting too late, maybe we can do some magical target practice or something." Ahh, the smell of Sugarcube Corner always lived up to its name, the wonderfully sweet smells wafting through the bakery would make anypony's tummy rumble. Starlight's was no exception. The mare laughed a bit and gave her stomach a pat. "And maybe with your help on hoof, I won't have to skip breakfast anymore!"
  10. This was all going...amazingly well! Àilóng hadn't really expected her to be able to let go of the Empress mentality so easily, even if it was just for a night. But perhaps tonight was one full of surprises. The disguised serpent returned Yuè smile with a bright grin of his own. He'd probably end up getting an earful from someone back in Longri-la for all this kerfuffle, but it was worth it to see her smile. Genuinely smile, not a painted on one for the sake of the crown. "I can do that." he replied in complete seriousness before taking another bite of the Fire Flakes. Traveling hither and yon to find great meals to bring to the mare he loved? Plus the icing on the cake of getting to try food from around the world too to find the best delicacies for her? Who could turn THAT down? "I'll start tomorrow. I hear Polyneighsa has some wonderful dishes. Perhaps the day after I can stop by Germaney." the king tapped his chin in thought. There were quite a few places to choose from, where would he even begin!
  11. Dubstep

    The Howler's Den: Long Kong Branch (Open)

    Through the streets of Long Kong, the busy streets were parting warily as a serpent dragon flowed through the streets with a mud caked shovel resting on his back. By now most ponies in the city knew the dragon as the owner of one of the best noodle shops around. He would argue the best but who has that kind of time. Others knew to keep their mouths shut about his day job though. Yángguāng, or just Yang as most called him, worked as the enforcer for the Divine Protectorate. So those in the know were right to be frightened at the sight. Who knew which poor sod he had just buried? Possibly alive?! Of course, Yang wasn't about to say that he had just got done planting a new tree nearby his shop. Let em cower, it was more fun that way. Buried mook or no, diggin a hole was thirsty work and it was break time at last. There was a new bar that was opening from what the dragon recalled, maybe this one would have something better than the swill some places seemed to hock as brew. Yang zipped up into the air to avoid the rest of the traffic and flew off towards his destination. It didn't take long to get there, obviously. Dusting his paws off and leaving the shovel leaning by the door, the serpent slid in to the Howler's Den. Smooth Jazz? Ech. Well it could be worse he figured. Either way, it was nice to get away from work and Work for a change an...ah Tartarus is that the boss? And Corva? Was this going to turn into a work day? Yang snorted softly to himself and floated on over anyway. "Hey boss, hey Corva. Small world catching both of you here. What's up." the dragon greeted his co-workers before nodding in greeting to the bartender as well.
  12. It warmed Àilóng's heart to see Yuè smile! Doubly so when he was part of the source of that happiness. Too much of her time was forced into that placid stoic facade that she felt an empress needed to be to garner respect. She needed time to be able to feel like a normal qilin now and again, time to step away from her worries and just be Yuè again! The dragon took a bit of the Fire Flakes as he listened to his friend's story. YEP those were hot alright! Àilóng wasn't unaccustomed to spicy foods by any means, though his favourite leaned more to sweets and savouries. Idly he lead the way over to an unoccupied bench where the two could sit and enjoy the meal sized portion of snacks without clogging up the walkway while they did. "Sworn sister...Mei right? I don't think I ever had the pleasure of meeting her." Àilóng replied between bites. "Though, if you would enjoy it, I'd be happy to bring you treats to the palace now and then. Or sneak you out for some."
  13. Yuè was nervous, it was plainly clear to the dragon. He had known her for far to long to expect her to be completely calm in the face of such a sudden tumultuous evening. So much happening at once everywhere, it was understandable that she was overwhelmed at first. But he was quite happy to see she took a moment to breath, relax, and center herself. Because really, if she wanted to draw attention, the best way to do that would be to have a panic attack, and neither of them wanted that. What did surprise Àilóng momentarily however was how her mood seemed to do a complete one-eighty as she excitedly beckoned the disguised serpent to follow her! And so he did through the miniature crowd of people over to...Ah, Fire Flakes! Of course, that certainly was to be expected. There was rarely an inner foal that could resist the call of Fire Flakes, the King was guilty of it for more than a number of foods. Of course he hadn't had his spirits crushed by a stifling title nearly as bad as Yuè...But that was neither here nor there. Not missing a beat, the 'stallion' stepped up to the stand and paid for an extra-large serving for them to share, withdrawing the fund from a pouch at his side that was...that was there before right? Regardless, he paid for food and stepped over to his friend with a smile. "Here, I figured one this size to share would be more filling over one smaller for each of us."