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  1. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    "You're most welcom, Halvard. My parents and siblings asked that I send my regards as well. I tried to convince them to come along, but there's a lot to do at home that required their attentions." Balder was glad his gifts were well recieved...even if they hadn't been opened yet! The young bou hoped that they'd be just as well once opened as they were wrapped. Both of the gifts were wrapped in such away that just cursory glances wouldn't tell you what was in them, but one was fairly hefty looking to be sure. It seemed like the wedding party was already into full swing. Well, almost. There wasn't enough drinking or singing for it to be REALLY into full swing, Balder knew that much about any caribou party. But lack of intoxication and potentially off-tune chanting aside, everyone seemed to be having a great time! Even if he wasn't mingling just yet, the atmosphere of celebration was on that he enjoyed. Though as luck would have it, Balder would have his chance to mingle yet, with a long time friend no less! "Lími! Stars, it has been a while!" the lanky bou was quickly over and gave his friend a hardy hug. Thankfully for Lími, one that did not last nearly as long as Sigrun's own. "How have you been! I've heard you've been traveling far and wide like me. Shame we never bumped into one another out there!"
  2. A Student's Debt (Semi-Closed)

    "Oh! Vous parlez Prançais! I'm learning a little myself from a very close friend of mine. It's...certainly not as easy learning something like that as an adult." she said with a bemused sigh. Maybe she could do something about that. Sure there were translation spells, but that wasn't nearly as interesting as actually speaking the language. But that was a problem for another time, for now there was a contract to sign! The mare now dug out an inkwell and a quill from a drawer in her desk. "I'm afraid I don't have anything quite as fancy as a personal stamp or things like that, so an old fashioned signature will have to suffice!" the mare's horn lit up and levitated the quill, dipping it into the ink before she signed her line on the contract with an expert flourish. With her part done, she slid the documents over to the colt. "Now, we don't have to get started on any major work right away. We'll have lots of time this evening, for today is there anything you'd like to do or anywhere you'd want to go?" Just because there was a debt to be paid, didn't mean it had to be something rushed through. And besides, it would give them both a chance to get to know one another better as friends. "Oh, I know. If you've not already had lunch, we can stop by somewhere, my treat!"
  3. Àilóng knew full well what he was doing, and knew full well how the Chamberlain would react. AND knew full well that Yuè would not want to deal with the Chamberlain. The dragon sometimes came across as having his head in the clouds, but was smarter than some may give him credit for. Thus far everything was going as planned. Not that there was really much of a plan! He smiled as Yuè climbed aboard, and even brighter still as she let herself have a moment of play! Tonight may just work out after all! Wiggling almost like a cat, Àilóng soon zipped off and up into the sky as soon as he was sure that the Empress had a firm grip on his back. What kind of date would it be if she fell off midflight!...Not that uh, not that it was a date though. Ahah. Ha....Were the Chamberlain to peek into Yuè's chamber, he'd only catch her and the dragon already halfway gone into the night! "You really need a nicer Chamberlain." the King commented with a little smile over his shoulder as he made the way towards the night's festivities.
  4. [Age of Heroes] A Walk in the Park (semi closed)

    Black Haze, every time Bahamut had to heard that name, it brought every moment rushing back. The dragon blamed himself really. Well he blamed himself for a lot of things, despite it being a team so many looked at him like a leader and who else's fault could it be for not seeing the signs sooner, not doing something, anything to stop it. He couldn't see the future, but he should have seen something. His ruminating was cut short however by Mauser's questioning. "Hm? A-ah...ahaha...yes I uhm. It actually crashed through the two buildings over before it stopped. No one was hurt thankfully." he replied awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck. "I tried to explain to the owner that hitting it at full force was a bad idea. Soooo I held back. Aaand it still wasn't quite enough. I'm just glad everyone was understanding of things." that could have gone a lot worse, and could have cost a lot more money than it already had. By now Rosetta had mostly cooled off and floated back over to the group. "We have to get stuff custom made for him to not punch things through our basement. And even then I bet if he tried to go all out, he'd bust it." she said with a smirk as Bahamut awkwardly blushed. "I take it your next step has something to do with Bahamut's strength then?"
  5. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    "O-oh! Yes, sir. That's me, Balder of Clan Kare." the young caribou smiled brightly, he hadn't really expected that but it certainly was welcome to be...welcomed! "I'm glad I was able to make it on time. My parents insisted I prepared accordingly." Balder laughed and motioned towards his outfit. "Though truth be told, a portion of the time preparing gifts. Which I hope will be to both of your liking!" tradition in his clan dictated that gifts should be hoof made if one can help it. Thankfully on such short notice, his brothers and sister lent their hooves in the craft...elsewise they'd probably be as lopsided as his antlers! "You and Sigrun are more than welcome to open those two any time you'd like by the way! This one here though..." he glanced back at the one package still resting on his back. "Is to be presented to you both after the ceremony. A gift representing your new found unity, I think...Thank both of you again for having me!"
  6. That's about what the dragon had expected Yuè's reaction to be. The poor mare had become increasingly worried every passing day with proper this and wise that and protocols and bluh. It wasn't healthy for her! Àilóng wasn't going to let her worry herself stubborn like her advisors and chancellors and chamberlain. "Oh certainly! Remember, the unexpected arrival of a Long is always an auspicious occasion. Especially on a holiday!" he said with a lighthearted giggle. "Speaking of holidays, tonight is the last night of the First Moon. Surely you're not intending to miss out on the festivities?" he already knew the answer, she had intended on it, whether she really wanted to or not. The weight of this crown was slowly snuffing her passionate flame, and he simply couldn't stand it. Àilóng shook his head. "That just won't do! We can't have you missing out on this wonderful occasion. It's a great chance to connect with your people, and to unwind from the stresses of the days past." And it perhaps gave him a great chance to express how he felt for his longtime friend. The Long held out a claw. "Come on, never let a chance to enjoy your life pass you by."
  7. Ahh the rambunctiousness of youth. It wasn't as though Lián felt old or something, far from it. It was simply nice to have more than stuffy council members and busy work staff about the palace. Not that the work staff were terrible, but no one ever seemed to have time to breath! Especially with the Chancellor breathing down their neck. The children's youthful exuberance was a breath of fresh air, and that they were getting along was a blessing in and of itself. Truly he wished his sister would have been able to join in on this. But maybe at some point during the tour she could at least address them. For now though, he had a tour to guide. Phew boy. Smiling, the Prince led the group inwards bast the first gate. "The first gate here that we are passing through is called the Water Gate, also sometimes referred to as the Meridian Gate. This is where the Empress comes to address the citizens of Huangjing, as well as to promulgate decrees" he said as he motioned upwards towards the overhanging platform. On the other side of this gate was a beautifully kept entryway, decorated with beautiful flowers and plants surrounding a shimmering river that ran through past the walls on either side. Five bridges spanned the gap of the river leading to and even bigger and more elaborate gate! "This my friends is The Gate of Supreme Harmony." the massive gate was decorated with a beautiful. Six massive serpent dragons carrying a beautiful crown to a qilin and longma pair that were knelt down in reverence. [And now it's MY turn to apologize for delays, inspiration had run dry for a bit, whoops!]
  8. Frictionless Foolery (Jello Slide!)

    "Hey Apple Bloom I should mention that the more you..." and she was gone. Spike sighed. He was going to say the more she used it, the more it had a chance of playfully twisting those truths or sometimes flipping them around. The little dragon shrugged, she was a smart filly right? She'd not abuse a magical toy for her own potential gain! Speaking of upstanding responsible apples. "Hey Big Mac! Glad you could finally swing by!" Spike waved happily, beckoning the stallion over. "The slide's been a hit so far, Discord really got a great holiday going here." Looking around at all the festivities, it was pretty obvious that ponies were having a great time doing...well, most everything! Spike was sure that this would show the draconequus that he was a welcome part of Ponyville...He just hoped the success wouldn't go to his head...or influence the next Oubliettes and Ogres game. Actually scratch that last one, that would be loads of fun! "Speaking of the slide, how about you give it a try? Could end up being something really neat!"
  9. A Student's Debt (Semi-Closed)

    "Hello to you too, Valen, it's good to see you!" Starlight said with an equally cheery smile. Having some help would be absolutely fantastic, especially from somepony who was so eager to impress as Valen. "And thank you! I try to keep it welcoming and relaxing for anyone who needs to come in and catch a breather." it did help to have a hodgepodge of topics around the office, just in case you needed a jumping off point or a prop, or whatever you might need. "Probably! Getting everything sorted out with the contract though is the first step. It's not surprising that you're well prepared though. As for how I've been? Well settling in to the guidance counselor role is sure taking some getting used to." some of the students had more stress than others getting used to the school...while others brought more stress than others getting used to the school. Starlight took a sip of her tea and let out a little sigh before smiling again. "And how about you? How've you been since we last met?"
  10. Name: The Black Bishop Sex: Unknown, Presumed Male Age: Ancient Species: Alicorn Eye Colour: Left Eye: Golden. Right Eye covered by mask Coat: The Bishop's coat is presumed to be a light yellow from the small bit of fur that can be seen around around their uncovered eye and their mouth as well as the colouration of their wings. The rest of their body is covered by an elaborate set of black robes traced with golden designs and runes, while their head is covered by a wrapping of bandages around their head. Mane/Tail: The majority of the Bishop's mane is covered by the wrappings around their head, though tufts of black hair can be seen peeking out from the gaps and their tail is short and straight with the same black colour. Physique: A tall and imposing figure, both long legged and muscled, if it weren't for the horn that sticks from between the bandages the bandages they wear, one would likely confuse them for a caribou missing their antlers. Residence: Blackheart Citadel, a terrifying city that comes and goes at the Bishop’s command. The sickly tolling of a lone bell announces its arrival. Occupation: Master Necromancer and self-proclaimed ruler of Hesperia. Cutie Mark: Unknown, covered by their robe. Unique Traits/Powers: Ageless Immortality: The Bishop has existed for decades in a seemingly ageless state. Ancient paintings and texts fit the description of them reported today. Nopony is really sure where the Bishop obtained his Immortality, nor his wings Masterful Necromancy: A powerful Necromancer has many tools in their arsenal. The Black Bishop is blessed both by black magic prowess and a collection of ancient and dark artefacts that allow him to summon a veritable army of loyal, mindless skeletons and vengeful specters. Terrifying Presence: Be it from their imposing figure or some sort of magic or artefact, The Black Bishop exudes and aura that puts those that look at them ill at ease the nearer he is to them. Hypnotic Gaze: Staring into the eye of the Black Bishop can dominate the minds of the weak willed to force them to do his bidding. History: For decades there have been whispers across Hesperia and beyond of a great and terrible Necromancer who from their wicked city of iron and bone seeks to bring all the world to heel. The first recorded sightings of the pony who would call himself the Black Bishop date back some five hundred years. A small and unassuming village of twenty some odd ponies was wiped clean in an instant by a hoard of ensorcelled skeletons. The townsfolk escaped unscathed, scattered to the winds with nobody believing their outlandish tale. Hesperia was a land filled with outlaws and liars, some ponies trusted not even their closest allies, and so for many months their outlandish story was scoffed at. Until one day far in the southern desert of Hesperia, a monolithic tower of obsidian and iron arose with the ringing of a bell. Many just played this off as a mirage, a trick played by the scorching desert. But foolhardiness drove some to venture into the desert to find just what it was. And until their dying day they wished they hadn't. A walled city of black iron, bone, and steel, lit by sickly green fires had laid claim to a portion of the desert. Its seemingly empty buildings and eerie atmosphere that seemed to draw away light and warmth as one got closer to it was enough to keep most away. But those foolish enough to travel beyond the wall would find the glassy streets filled with shambling skeletons and devious traps. The ones who made it back warned others of this death trap in an attempt to steer them away from the deathtrap, but this only drove more to seek out the city to discover its secrets. Cities and traps aren't built for no reason. Most never returned. Others were too frightened to speak about what transpired there. For many years it remained just that, fools traveling in and either returning terrified or not returning at all. Eventually though, the gates of the city were thrown open and the first of what would come to be called the Horrid March began. Hundreds of skeletons and ghastly spirits came in droves, led by an imposing unicorn dressed head to hoof in immaculate black and gold robes with bandages around all but a portion of his face. None could believe what they were witnessing, but when faced with the harsh reality, many of Hesperia’s citizens banded together in an attempt to fight off this assailant. The battle raged with many towns and keeps being razed and occupied by the Black Bishop’s undead forces. Most hope was lost in the desert, until the arrival of the Sun Sentinel and her forces arrived, turning back the undead tide and pushing them back to their citadel. But while ultimate defeat was not dealt to the Black Bishop that day, his city vanishing with the same ringing that brought it to the desert to begin with, the day was won and the people of Hesperia were free to return to their lives as normal. This peace lasted for some time, no signs of the citadel were seen for many years. Until the sound of a great bell chiming in wilds of Saddle Arabia rang in the arrival of the Second Horrid March. Much like the first, many fought and fell, and much like the first it seemed as though the Black Bishop would conquer the sultanate until the arrival of Equestria’s heroine once more drove him into retreat. Time and again the March would rise and fall, though with more difficulty than the last. The Bishop is no fool, and learns from his mistakes. For many years the bell has been silent. Many things have changed in the world, and with the arrival of new heroes to the world, the thoughts of the Black Citadel had faded from many minds and the world could rest at ease. But in the outer regions of the Badlands, on a lone deserted island, the sound of sickly bell rings out, and a dark and terrifying city has rose once more. Within his keep, the Black Bishop plots and toils. Sightings of undead scouting the land of Equestria are being whispered about by concerned citizens. Will the Black March ride again? Who will stop it if it does? What does the Bishop hope to accomplish? And will you fall to his grasp? Character Summary/Personality: The Black Bishop is a dark, cold, and calculating villain. Few have met him face to face, and most that have would rather not speak of such things. The ones who do describe him as dangerously charming, tempting you with promises of power and riches as most villains would. And with the powers he holds as his disposal, it proves difficult to refuse. But even if you are ‘on his side’, the Bishop can rarely be trusted, once he’s through with you, you’re of no use to him any longer and he will dispose of you how he sees fit. Text Colour: Gold and Black.
  11. Àilóng's reaction was one of sympathy and understanding. It was a feeling he understood well, living a similar one himself. No one would say it, but he was sure that many of the Long thought him too young or unfit to fill his father's throne. And generally, he agreed with them. It wasn't that he thought less of himself, Àilóng felt himself to be a pretty upstanding dragon! It was just...was he really Serpent King material? Perhaps whatever Auntie had to say to Yuè he really would need to hear for himself.
  12. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    A wedding! Balder had never been to a wedding before! At least not the more traditional Caribou weddings anyway. His clan had smaller, more spiritual ceremonies that lasted only about an hour at best. They were nice and all, but the young bou couldn't help but to be enticed by the idea of the 'real' thing! So when he managed to receive an invitation to Sigrun's wedding, how in the world could he decline! First thing was first though, he had to make a stop back home to Kareheim to see his family. It had been a while since he left to travel Equestria and the lands beyond, so there was much catching up to do before he returned. However even that would have to hold off! Once he explained that he had a wedding to attend, his parents were quick to gussy him up, much to his protest and chagrin. The next day with hair combed, antlers bedecked in rings and charms decorated with stars, a dark blue, starry vest slapped on, and gifts wrapped up and tied to his back beside his bow and Balder was eventually able to get free from the doting and fancifying and make his way to the wedding! Unsurprisingly the place was absolutely packed when he had gotten there. As expected it was full of mostly caribou, most that Balder hadn't met before, but the curious part was the...almost eerie unicorn, the flashy entrance of the Princess Twilight! Gosh he'd have to see if she would have the chance to meet with him after the wedding! And the flamboyant almost over dramatic entrance of another unicorn. Was that just a thing unicorns did? Fancy entrances for fanciness sake? For now the calf would place all but one of the three wrapped gifts he brought onto a table with the rest. The third would be presented to the couple after the wedding. For now Balder would just....uh. He would. Stand there...he guessed. 'I really should have thought ahead about this.' he thought to himself. Not really knowing anyone here besides Sigrun was going to make things a challenge, that's for sure.
  13. Peachy's chibi portraits request thread! (CLOSED)

    Dang! I didn't even notice this thread, I'd have swung in when it was open. I'll have to keep both eyes peeled for when it's open again~ OwO
  14. A Student's Debt (Semi-Closed)

    Twilight's school did indeed prove to be a melting pot of cultures and creatures, one could argue that it was the single most diverse place in Equestria. How many other schools could say they had griffons, hippogriffs, ponies, changelings, dragons, yaks, you name it! And granted, while that did make the school all the more interesting, it too presented its own challenges. After all, when you bring so many cultures together, there's bound to be some friction! But that in part is why Starlight has the job here than she does. Being a guidance counselor wasn't the easiest job here at the school, but it was rewarding, helping ponies and others get what they needed to off their chest. And hopefully impart some wisdom in the process. The mare was enjoying some tea when the rap-tap-tap came to her door. She didn't usually get students in around this time, which meant it surely was Valen. Gulping down the swig of tea she still had in her mouth, Starlight responded with a happy "Come in!" as she sat aside her cup and went about fetching out the contract that she had finally finished writing up just this morning. The unicorn had to make sure that the contract was both fair to both herself and to Valen, and that everything was legal. Which given that law wasn't her specialty, took a lot of research and study. Only interrupted for a night by a rather interesting sleepover with Discord and some friends. But now the paperwork was finished and legally and magically binding. A formality on the latter part really, she trusted Valen and was sure Valen trusted her, but it never hurts to be careful.
  15. The sleepover hadn't even started yet, and Starlight could already tell that it was going to prove...Interesting. While for some ponies, Discord may be a bit too much to handle, there was never a dull moment with the draconequus. Sometimes they had opposite running ideas of fun, but the chaos spirit kept things interesting. And despite all of the work she was putting in on this job idea, it was far and away the ideal way to spend time. Starlight slightly jerked her head back when Discord poked her snoot. What was...oh. The mare wiggled her nose and thus the mustache that he stuck to it...sniff, sniff....nom "Mmm, cotton candy mustaches. Not bad." nomming on her impromptu snack, the unicorn listened as Discord listed off a makeover and a pillow fight as his two musts. She couldn't help but to chuckle at that. "Heh, well alright, but the pillow fight will have to come first if you don't want to mess up your make over." Starlight squinted though, that was one of Twilight's books, or one a lot like it. Something was...weird about it though. And weird meant Discord was planning something. No sense in worrying about it now though. "Alright! So a slumber party it is! Where should we have it? Is there anypony else you want to invite?"