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  1. With the meal ate, the check paid, and the plan set, Bahamut and Rosetta both hopped up from their seats. Well Rosetta floated up, which was almost the same thing. "Don't worry about the lock in treatment by the way. We'll stick with the cuff. It was just partialy to keep the officers feeling safe, and a test to see how you'd act." Rose said with a smile as she lead Mutt outside. The energy link between the cuff and Rosetta had about a foot and a half of space, which was a lot more wiggle room than being surrounded by her. The stroll to the hotel was mostly uneventful. A few ponies here and there stopped the two of them for an autograph, which they happily signed. It made them feel good that some still remembered them. The hotel, much like the bistro they had left, wasn't the fanciest in the world, but certainly nice enough. The trio's arrival drew a few odd glances and a couple murmurs, but Bahamut was able to pay for a room and get everyone there without hassle. Clean and cozy are words that could describe the room, a queen bed, a radio, dresser, mini-ice box, and a bathroom. It wasn't a penthouse suite but by golly was it a welcome sight. Once within the safety of the room, Rosetta locked up the door and let the cuff loose from around Mutt's wrist before piling the plates over in a corner. This would give Mutt his first look at her actual form! Well, actual form that was left anyway. "Alrighty, you get first dibs on a bath since I think between you and Bahamut here, you'll need it more." she said taking a seat on the plate pile. "I can wait, no problem at all. I'm sure it's been some time since you've had the chance, so take all the time you need."
  2. Rosetta smiles, which again is hard to tell, but her happy tone says more than she's able to show. He did have manners! "You're welcome! Pretty good stuff isn't it? It's Manehattan Clam Chowder. I had some once a good while ago in Canterlot, but I bet the stuff straight from the source tastes better." she said while reaching into something and pulling out enough bits to pay off the bill. Bahamut had just finished off his second bowl having skipped breakfast that morning. "Ahhh, that really hit the spot!" the dragon gave his belly a pat and sighed contently. "Now, I don't know about you two, but I'm ready to get to the hotel and get a nice hot bath in. Shall we?"
  3. The duo couldn't help but to laugh a bit at Mutt's eating habits. They knew he clearly needed the food, but it was just so silly. Regardless though of how silly it was, Bahamut was mindful enough to order Mutt a couple of more bowls after he had finished his...and refills on the drinks. "Well Rosetta, if you really think you can convince him, it probably wouldn't hurt. Rosetta firmly nodded her head. "Then when we're able to leave Manehattan, I'll try to find him. Or he'll probably find me or something. You know how he does." she said while fiddling around with one of the straws. "How you liking your meals, Mutt?"
  4. <Delayed Double Post Thanks To Crap Net>
  5. Rosetta and Bahamut glanced back and forth between each other and Mutt when he started staring at the food. Poor guy really mustn't have eaten in months! Especially with the way he practically inhaled the meal! Sure it was causing a little bit of a scene, but no one was about to say anything. Meanwhile, Bahamut enjoys his chowder at a much more reasonable pace while he and his partner discuss whoever it is they were talking about before...
  6. Rosetta rubbed her chin in thought. Which probably looked strange given that she was basically a construct made of magic and thaumite plates. "Hmm. I may know someone who can help with that." "He's retired from that though, isn't he?" Bahamut pointed out, arching a brow. Sure if anyone could help a worried hero with their training it'd be Stable Loop, but... "I'm sure I can convince him somehow. He's my big brother after all!" she said, leaning back in her seat as she watched the food arrive. She bet it tasted amazing. It smelled great! At least she could still smell the stuff. The waitress smiled and sat down a bow in front of both Bahamut and Mutt. The chowder was clearly hot and fresh, but not so scalding that one would have to wait to eat it.
  7. Bahamut listens quietly, letting Mutt get it all out, nodding softly with a sigh before speaking again. "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. That's neither here nor there is it? We've all done things that we regret, all made bad choices, even made choices that seemed good at the time that...didn't turn out how we expected it." both the dragon and Rosetta sigh a bit before he continues. "But bad choices of the past are in the past. There's not a thing you can do to change that. You play with the cards you're dealt and keep on moving." Bahamut gives the poor dog a pat on the shoulder. "You know why you're still here, Mutt? You're special. And I'm not meaning that in your typical cheesy comic book story 'Everyone is special!' sort of way. To put it plainly, you shouldn't have been able to survive that, nor have shot up like a loaded spring into the sky." Rosetta nods in agreement. "Exactly. You're not a normal diamond dog. Kinda like me...okay maybe bad example, I'm sort of a special case but that's a story for another time. What we mean is, you obviously have a gift of some sort. Which is great! You've just gotta take the time to figure out what you can do, and how you can use it for the greater good! You're here, you've got another chance, make it a good one right?" the magic corgi gave a little thumbs up.
  8. The poor thing. It really did bring a great deal of sympathy from Rosetta. She and her family were never the richest in the world, but they made do just fine and never really wanted for anything. To see one of her kind being given such a short end of the stick was really sad. But she was sure if he could pick himself up out of the dumps and have a little more faith and a lot more help, Mutt would end up just fine. "Ah don't worry then, we'll find you something good to eat!" Bahamut said with a grin and a nod as he looked over the menu. Going to restaurants was fairly simple anymore. Rosetta...couldn't really eat except under certain circumstances that her brother had figured out which meant Bahamut rarely had to pay for anyone but himself. But it was nice to get to treat someone to a meal now and again. It reminded him of times before The Fall and it felt especially nice being able to treat someone who hadn't eaten in so long. After much humming to himself and debating in his head, when next the waitress came around Bahamut ordered two bowls of Manehattan Clam Chowder and some cola. "I'm sorry by the way, that we couldn't have met on more pleasant circumstances. You seem like a fine fellow though!"
  9. This really was a treat for such an early arrival. Not only because the Chamberlain nearly had a mental breakdown either. This Discord guy was strange, but in a humorous sort of way. He wondered...Though his thoughts were put on hold for a few moments however, as Qing turned to quickly make apologies to the prince. "[No apologies necessary!]" Lián said with a little laugh and a shake of his head. "[Not only was my arrival early, it appears you've had your hooves full with more than a deal of excitement! But thank you either way, Qing.]" he really was worried the poor mare would just burst into flames from her nerves one of these days, the poor dear... Everyone save himself and perhaps Silver and Liviel seemed to be on edge about this spirit. While he certainly seemed like he was a troublemaker, Lián didn't get the impression that he was particularly malicious. More like a child who was perhaps a little to eager to press buttons once those buttons were found. Still, he was proving to be an interesting and dare it be said wise presence in his own way? Yes, this was far too good to pass up. If he were there, oh how it would ruffle the Chamberlain. "Oh sister, please don't trouble yourself on my account. No insult has been lain before me. That you would even go to such trouble in the first place warms my heart like nothing else." he said with a bow and a smile to his wonderful sister before turning to face the draconequus once more. "Lord...Discord was it? Firstly let me say, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance I'm sure. Secondly allow me to have the honor of introducing my handmaiden and dear friend Sī Jīn to those who have not had the pleasure." the prince motioned to the mare who for all intents and purposes simply appeared on the scene. He was used to that. "And thirdly, while the banquet may not be ready as of yet, allow me to formally invite you to it. As you are a stranger in a strange land, I feel it would look poorly on me were I to not provide some measure of hospitality." Lián smiled and let that just hang in the air. Oh he was sure this would be fun!
  10. "Goodness gracious, you really must have been struggling then." Rosetta said with some surprise. "Ponies are usually pretty good about helping out those who really need it. You must've been running into some bad eggs then." The short walk to the nearby hotel turned into a bit of a longer walk to a quaint little bistro downtown. It was one of the fancier eateries without being 'Turn your nose so high you'll drown if it rains' fancy. Once the restaurant was in sight, Rosetta removed a great majority of the plates from around Mutt, save for a cuff around one of his wrists, and gently sat him down. This both gave him a chance to move around himself again, and let Rosetta retake her 'usual' form. "There we go, better right? Just don't try going and running off or we'll all get into some serious trouble." Bahamut led the way into the bistro. A few odd looks and a bit of explanation from Bahamut later, the trio were seated at a nice corner booth. The restaurant had a quite and lovely atmosphere, and the delicious smell of the food wafting from the kitchen never seemed to cease. "Feel free to order whatever you'd like, Mutt. It's our treat. Just...try not to break the bank or eat the bistro out of house and home ahaha."
  11. The poor rookie wasn't around for long after the verbal berating. He zipped off in a flash leaving naught but a cloud in his shape where he stood before it too zipped off. Poor kid. "Thanks much, Chief. Hope this all calms down for you soon." Bahamut said bowing his head before turning back to the double dogs. "Alright, we're good to go! The nearest hotel isn't too far, so we'll be able to let you out before you know it, friend." the dragon gave a thumbs up to Mutt, he really hoped that this guy wouldn't harbor any hard feelings after all of this was over. Which with all the paperwork done, shouldn't be too long by now! "Should we pick up anything to eat on the way there? I'm not sure how many delivery places are that close." Rosetta opted to float along side Bahamut rather than bother walking. There were downsides to this whole ordeal of not having a body. This was not one of those. "How about you, Mutt? You hungry?"
  12. "Heh, now there's a thought I've had." Rosetta said with a little chuckle to herself. She wondered that on the daily, honestly. Then again was this really living? Most saw her as some weird ghost or maybe some advanced AI. Maybe the ghost part was true for all she knew..."But dwelling on that doesn't do any good. You just have to be thankful that you are and use that time to make the world a better, safer place." "I'm sure for someone not used to it, Rosetta's armour may be a little cramped, I'll see if I can find the chief. If we're free to go for the time being, I'll get us set up with a hotel room!" Bahamut rose up and wandered off into the still busy sea of officers. By the time the dragon did find the chief, the griffon was being approached by one of his newer rookies. "Uhm, sir. I had uh. That is there was a couple in earlier today, and they were wanting some adoption papers for the animal shelter, and the shelter was all out so they sent them here. And I had just dug them out for them, but then they had to go and said they'd be back later, and I laid the papers here..." the clearly stressed out unicorn said, fidgeting in place. "But when I came back, they were gone, have you seen them by chance, uh, sir?"
  13. Working differently? What exactly did he mean by that anyway? She could sympathize with the pup some though, diamond dogs got a bad rap sometimes. Bad apples spoil the bunch for some ponies. Which was one reason the whole...non-physical body thing was a boon. To most Rosetta only 'looked' like a diamond dog. So anyone who didn't already know her as a member of Hopesguard in the past wouldn't be like 'Oh boy, another diamond dog' or something. "Aww, well chin up! I'm sure if you're telling the truth and the justice system stays fair and true, you'll find something you're good at. It just takes practice and help." Bahamut gave a confirming nod. "That's right! No dragon...or diamond dog...is an island. It just takes finding the right friends to help you along your path! Perhaps after all is said and done, even we might become your friends! Your words ring true to me, I don't believe you intended any harm and I'm certain that with your testimony, the court will see that clear as day! That's not to say there won't be any repercussions, but you'll have a chance to make amends."
  14. age of heroes

    I also approve of the familial relation to Rosetta
  15. "Well for what it's worth it's nice to meet you. I'm going to guess by the fact that there wasn't a lot more destruction and mayhem at the docks that destruction and mayhem wasn't really your intent now was it?" she asked with a tone that said she would have arched a brow if she could. It really wasn't hard to guess either. Unless he was just a really, really bad villain! Being stuck under a huge crate doesn't really scream 'I am terror incarnate, fear me!'. "Sorry about the whole 'rat-in-a-cage' routine. It'll keep citizens off your back for a while though, and make them feel safer. Even if you weren't trying to cause any trouble." While Bahamut did say that they had done paperwork before, it still wasn't his favourite thing in the world. But paperwork was still an important part of the justice system! Without it, who knows what kind of turmoil there'd be! Some of these papers though seemed. Strange? Then again he was sure it just boiled down to him being used to Canterlot's paperwork! Manehattan surely would have different things. After a few times back and forth, having Rosetta sign when she needed to, getting Mutt's name and prints, it was finally done! Sort of. His next bit of rushing around was to different secretaries and officers stationed around the precinct to give the correct papers to so they could be sent off to the correct ponies around the city and up to Canterlot as well. Ahh the gears of justice ever turn. Eventually with a little huff of relief, the dragon plopped down next to Rosetta and her captive to catch his breath"Phew! And there we go! That only took...An hour and thirty three minutes. Personal record I'd say!"