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  1. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    Ahh, and as if on que there was Ishi! It had been quite a while since he last got to see him, or the Shogun for that matter. Lián made a mental not to try and rectify that as soon as he was able! The Prince smiled and waved as his friend approached. "Too long indeed, Ishi! It's wonderful to see you. Things are going about as well as one could reasonably expect. Yue's trying her hardest, as per usual. I try to keep her reminded not to over do herself, but ahh. You know how she is. How fairs your brother?" Before he could recieve an answer however, the arrival of another guest gave the qilin a small measure of surprise! "Ahh, Discord! What a pleasant surprise. Yes, it indeed is my first time to the Gallopocus Islands. Even only having just set hoof on the shores, it already impresses me with its beauty." he said, gazing around at the tropical destination. There were beautiful beaches in Long Guo, but when one sees them often enough, others gain that much more beauty. It wasn't long after Discord's arrival that another voice came with greeting. Ahh, the host himself! "Heheh, aloha, Prince Blueblood. The trip was wonderfully relaxing, thank you! I'm sure we'll have a good deal of time to get acquainted during our stay." Lián gave a little bow of his own in return and a slight shrug at his questioning glance. He had simply assumed Discord invited. Though Discord inviting himself seemed like a thing he would do. Never the less, he was a welcome addition in this Prince's book. "What say we make our way to your beach home before we dive into too many pleasantries? I brought a gift and they are much better cold!"
  2. Everything is Fine (Closed)

    When Twilight brought up the idea of a tour of the castle, Starlight thought it was a great idea! Finally a chance for Twilight to put her hoof down, take a little breather away from all Ye Royale Paperworke and spend some time doing something she enjoyed! What Starlight didn't think was too great of an idea was her co-guiding the tour like she had offered. All this time here and she still managed to get lost from time to time. The blind leading the blind wasn't the best idea. So she politely declined since Twilight knew more about the castle AND teaching than she did. Instead, the mare opted to do something she had...well. Sort of been procrastinating on. Reorganizing her room. It wasn't messy by any means, but she had kept her room much the same since she had got here, and a change of pace was long overdue. She had already gotten her bed moved over by the window, and her dresser on the other near the closet. Which just left a few odds and ends, including her bookshelves. With books stacked in piles to the side, Starlight went about levitating the shelves here and there, trying to decide on the best place to put them. Eventually she decided to the left and the right of the door looked quite nice and still left plenty of room for the door to open. Now all that was left was to get the books back in their place. Moving everything around so much however had stirred up quite a bit of dust. The pesky particles tickled Starlight's nose as she tried to get the stacks of novels and spellbooks back in their proper place. One stray sneeze broke her concentration long enough to drop a stack that clattered to the ground. Which knocked another stack over followed by a third! Starlight sighed as she shook her head at the toppled literature. Dusting. Dusting was the next thing on the list. It seemed though that the minor avalanche had drawn the attention of somepony, likely from the tour. "Huh? Oh! Yeah, yeah. Everything's alright. Just a domino effect after a stray sneeze! Knocked over some books." she replied with a smile. "I'm Starlight Glimmer, you must be here for Twilight's tour right?"
  3. Welcome back friendo, glad to see you around again c:

    1. Bellosh


      *glomps the Zeigy* <3

  4. A misdirection spell of sorts ah? Well now that was interesting! Ashley made sure to jot a note of that down. Wouldn't want to have any would be explorers getting lost. They'd have to make sure they had a trustworthy guide to take them through the mists. It was shame that the poor pack leader had to do something so drastic due to the actions of fools. Yokai were clearly more than just animals, and even if they were poaching was outright wrong. "It's sad that such a beautiful place had to be separated off from the rest of the world. But better that than the alternative." Ashley said with a nod. This bear yokai on the other claw sounds like he was just as bad as the poachers perhaps? Maybe even worse for all the griffon knew. But the twisting and corruption of the landscape sounds pretty bad to him. Nensho's pondering on the intermingling of Yokai caused Ashley to perk up. "Well while I can't speak for the past, I have spent some time down in Poninawa. Very pretty island! Lots of meadows and forests. A lot of Yokai live down there, some even say that it's the island where they first came to be. But if so well ahah, they're not telling." the griffon chuckles. My few days spent down there taught me that no matter how much you learn about the Yokai, there'll always be much and more you don't know! But they get along well with the islanders in spite of their little pranks and teasing."
  5. Dubby's AMA

    Four to the left, two to the right, zero to the left.
  6. Lián hadn't agreed to this! Had he? Surely he didn't? Yet there he was getting dressed and ready in the appropriate Imperial attire anyway. Nothing as extravigant as what he had to wear to actual boring and proper Council meetings or their ilk, but he was certainly dressed to impress. The stallion had chosen an outfit similar to the one he had wore to the Grand Galloping Gala some time ago. A white and gold vest made of the always beautiful shimmersilk adorned with the imperial crest. While the the front part of the vest stopped at Lián's chest, the tail of the garment continued down his back past his flanks much like a cape. His wavy mane was left to hang freely, rather than kept up in the stuffy, and frankly uncomfortable, braid and knot that were 'required' when attending court. Showy, but not showboaty. Enough to turn heads without being overly distracting...He hoped anyway. After all this ordeal wasn't about him! This was a much more special kind of day. After all, how often did the 'Forbidden' Palace open up? Especially to a collection of foreign youth? Lián had to admit that this wasn't...the best of ideas. The Prince had, on multiple occasions, suggested that his sister should work towards being more open with not only herself but with her people as well. Being as young as they were, they had a chance to make a real positive change in the Long Guo Empire, to bring it more to speed with the rest of the world. He expected her to act on those suggestions at some point...but not quite like this! Inviting other royalty or important political figures over, sure! But a tour of the palace with children? And Lián was to be the tour guide??? The Prince wasn't an irresponsible qilin by any means. Nor did he dislike children. But of the options available was he really the best one to be teaching anypony about the palace? Let alone youths?...Well at least he was one of the least boring choices for the job. As he and Sī Jīn arrived near the gate, his friend once again for the...twelfth? Thirteenth? time today (he had lost count) voiced her concern about this whole thing. Lián didn't entirely disagree with her. There were quite a few risks with this. Not for the children really, the palace was quite safe. But many of the council members and even some of the Empress' guards found this to be...irregular to say the least. "<I am aware.>" he replied in kind. "<It's too late now however, we'll have to play by ear.>" With that, Sī Jīn made her entrance to greet the group and explain the rules. The Prince had also lost count of how many times he had heard her go through this spiel in practice. Once the threefold speech was over, it was time for Hēi Lián to make his own entrance. Prince Hēi Lián was many things. Was graceful one of them? Oh absolutely. The prince strode onto the scene with an elegant confidence so strong that if somepony didn't know better, they'd swear he never touched the ground. Taking his place where Sī Jīn, the Prince bowed his head in greeting to all present. Among whom were a pair of faces that he quite easily recalled from his time in Equestria! Apple Bloom and her older brother, Big Mac. He had to wonder, was Apple Bloom here to learn? Or just to see him? Either way he would be sure to thank them both for visiting personally when everything was said and done! "Hello everyone. I hope you haven't been waiting overlong, if so I humbly apologize for the wait." he said in clear Equestria, dipping his head once more before speaking again. "As Sī Jīn mentioned, I am Prince Hēi Lián. Please feel free to call me Lián. Allow me to personally thank all of you for coming. I'm certain that there are likely more exciting ways that some of you would like to spend your day. That you would choose instead to come and learn of Long Guo, its Palace, and its people is very humbling. So thank you all very much. I will do my best to keep the journey through the Palace as interesting as possible and have already taken the liberty of requesting a meal be prepared around lunch time for a nice break! If there are any questions before we begin the tour, I would be more than pleased to answer them as best as possible." Lián smiled brightly to the little crowd and waited. They all seemed like good kids, and responsible chaperones. Maybe today would go more smoothly than expected!
  7. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    A get together for Princes hmm? Certainly not the strangest reason for a pseudo political get together that Hēi Lián had ever heard of, but it was certainly up there. Still though, the heart was in the right place. From a political standpoint this could easily make relations between Long Guo, Neighpon, and Equestria stronger than they already were. From a none diplomatic standpoint? Free vacation to the Gallopocus Islands! And really who could say no to a trip to such a beautiful destination? Lián hadn't the chance to really meet Prince Blueblood during his first trip to Canterlot back during the Grand Galloping Gala. The qilin had heard...mixed reviews to say the least. But all signs seemed to point towards the Equestrian Prince being generally 'alright'. Lián would have to see for himself after all! With his bags packed and loaded aboard the ship everything seemed to be in order! Clothes, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste. He felt like he was going down a check list a mother would make for their child when visiting a friend's house for the week. But it was better to have than need. Alongside his own belongings were two neatly wrapped bottles. Gifts as thanks for Blueblood's generosity. He was fairly certain it'd make a fine general gift as well once it was chilled and all of the guests were settled in. Speaking of settled in, he did hope that Sī Jīn didn't feel too put out that she couldn't attend. Not that it would stop her from watching somewhere in the shadows the whole time, he was sure. But that was fine, he just hoped she wouldn't be bored and would enjoy her own mini-vacation while doing her ninja thing. The trip to the Islands was long but peaceful, the only 'trouble' faced along the way was a light rainstorm about halfway there. But the ship docked without any incident and the Prince took a pleased inhale of the tropical air as he stepped onto the docks. Beside him his bags floated on small clouds, breath magic at its finest, albeit most mundane. The qilin glanced around at the scenery, it seemed he may have been the first to arrive. That or the last and everyone else had already met somewhere perhaps?
  8. Though Àilóng smiled at Yuè's reaction to his choice of tea, he couldn't help but to feel a twinge of sadness. She still felt the need, nay, the pressure to hide her emotions. To continue cultivating that presence of nigh ephemeral untouchability. To be the ever composed, never shaken, perfect of perfects. In many ways the life of the Empress was much more difficult than that of the Serpent King. True he was considered a sovereign and many of the Long Sun looked up to him and his council as though they were a heavenly host, but in Longri-la, he was far more free. He could be himself and yet still rule with composure and grace...Most of the time. But Yuè was always under the scrutinizing eye of not only the citizens of Long Guo, but of her own Court as well! Who through everything their land and the world around them has seen, still desperately cling to the oldest and more constraining traditions. Was there nothing he could do? He wondered. Perhaps, but that was a thought for another time. Àilóng was pleased that the Empress chose to sit near him. Though how much of it was out of tradition and how much of it was 'Hey, I'm going to sit near my friend!'? Either way! The delightful aroma of the Baihao Yinzhen wafted from its pot as whistled softly. Before an apprentice had the chance, Àilóng politely poured Yuè her tea while she and Auntie talked. Best not to interrupt something so important. After all it'd be something he would have to hear as well! He sat about pouring himself a cup before settling back in and listening to the conversation intently.
  9. Crimson Helmet hm? An ancient evil bear Yokai? Fascinating! Digging through his pack, Ashley pulled out a small notebook and pen and jotted down some notes. If he got around to writing about this location, that'd be one important bit of information he just simply couldn't leave out! The griffon scribbled a little sketch next to it as Taira described the creature. Without colour it didn't do it as much justice, but Ashley was a fairly decent artist. He drew little arrows noting 'red wisps' at spots along the doodle's back. Once they had passed through the misty barrier that bordered on mystic, Ashley paused his writing to get a good look at their surroundings. The beautiful forest that was hidden by the thick mists laid before them. It really was a spectacular sight. Even after having seen so many valleys and forests and plains in his day, each one still held something that the other didn't. Enough so to still be just as beautiful as the last. This one had the advantage of the billowy mist of green that gave it a curious but uniquely beautiful ambiance. The griffon soon jotted down even more notes and sketches on another page of his book. When Taira asked for questions, Ashley had no sooner opened his beak when Pocket Change took the words straight from his mouth! He chuckled and nodded. "Pocket Change beat me to it! I must say I'm rather curious myself. It's quite clearly not just a normal mist."
  10. Spike [Ready]

    Name: Spike Sex: Male Age: 'Baby' Species: Dragon Eye Colour: Moderate Pistachio (#77BD41) Scales: Light Mulberry (#D08BE7) body scales with Light Spring Budish Gray (#DCEDC1) along his underbelly. As well as Light Lime Green (#C2D876) 'ear' frills. Spikes: Spike's spikes are quite spikey and trail from the top of his head to the near tip of his tail and are Moderate Harlequin (#61A84A) in colouration. Physique: Spikes in the best shape ever...well for a baby dragon. He's not particularly tall nor is he particularly muscular, a bit soft some might say. But he has to be in tip top condition for his job as Number One Assistant to the Twilight Sparkle. Residence: Ponyville's Castle of Friendship Occupation: Full Time Number One Assistant, Part Time Saviour of the Crystal Empire! Unique Traits: Dragon Fire: As with most dragons, Spike has access to dragon fire! Thus far he's shown two kinds. A magical green fire used to send messages to and fro between long distances, and a more traditional blazing orange fire used to save the Equestria Games from a frozen falling cloud! A-Tier Amanuensis: You don't earn the title of Twilight Sparkle's Number One Assistant by being a layabout (well, at least not being a layabout all the time)! Spike is well trained in taking dictation and has excellent penmanship...even if his art skills leave much to be desired. Wealsome Wit: One of the benefits of growing up alongside Twilight, Spike has a great amount of intellect and is naturally inquisitive. Being so young however this usually only comes by in spurts. Don't let that fool you though, the baby dragon is far from dumb! Reptilian Resilience: Even as a baby dragon, Spike is made of tougher stuff, y'know. Like scales! He can handle high heats and take a lickin and keep on tickin! History: The great and storied tale of Spike the Dragon begins long long ago in a galaxy far far away. Or rather, it began in Canterlot at Celestia's School for Magically Gifted Unicorns. It's unknown to Spike just how his egg came to be at the Academy, but fate works in mysterious ways. Whatever winds of fortune carried Spike's egg to Canterlot also lead him to being hatched by the filly who would be his greatest friend, Twilight Sparkle! Of course, nothing starts off as a bed of roses. Not long after Twilight had hatched his egg and earned her cutie mark, Spike was taken in and cared for by Celestia. It wasn't but a few days afterwards that he was presented to Twilight. A typical rambunctious and excitable infant, Spike proved to be more than a hoofful for young Twilight. This led to quite a number frustrating situations and sleepless night for the filly and some hurt feelings for the still learning dragonling. But a bit of sensitivity and understanding goes a long way and Twilight learned that Spike wasn't meant to be a test of responsibility, but a much needed friend. Twilight patched things up with Spike and viewed their situation differently than before when she returned home. Growing up in around those he did shaped young Spike's formative years. Despite not being one for rigorous study himself, Spike did learn the value of a good book from Twilight and when she wasn't busy studying magic, taught Spike the basics such as math, spelling, reading, and writing. On the other end of the spectrum from Shining Armor, Spike found an early love for games like Oubliettes and Ogres, and a bit of interest in sports. He also learned a deal of things from Night Light and Twilight Velvet, including cooking! Throughout Twilight's years in school, Spike was her constant companion and eventually became her study buddy and assistant, quizzing her before big tests, keeping track of her schedules, and double checking her many...many...many checklists. A less humble dragon would have said she'd have been lost without him. Despite the challenges of being the assistant to Celestia's top student, Spike stuck with Twilight through it all. From her social isolation in Canterlot, to her first trip to Ponyville, to becoming a Princess and everything in between and to come! Character Summary/Personality: Spike is a young, friendly, eager dragon working as the number one assistant to Twilight Sparkle! While a smart dragon, Spike is still young and can be either childish or naive from time to time. When he's not busy with helping out Twilight around the castle, he can usually be found playing Oubliettes and Ogres or talking sports talk with his friends. (Which truth be told he knows very little on sports, but likes to feel like he belongs.) Text Colour: (#77BD41) Poison Joke Reaction: TBD Author's Notes: As per usual, the history's short cus, well. You all know Spike. So I apologize for it not being as long and interesting to read as some of my others.

    No rush at all! =3 real life comes first after all, no need to sweat over it
  12. [Age of Heroes] A Walk in the Park (semi closed)

    Traveling with Mauser was never a straightforward affair. At least not inside of a loop that is. There was always one thing or another that seemed to catch his attention and make him zip off after it. It was confusing the first few times it happened, but after a while Bahamut just sort of got used to it. It clearly wasn't a Diamond Dog thing, as Rose never seemed to do it. So either it was a Mauser thing or a Time Power thing. The dragon was inclined to believe the former. The museums they visited were all quite fascinating. Ancient fossils, historical exhibits, audio tours, art. But golly molly there were a lot of stairs. Up and down and up and down. It's not like there weren't elevators, but noooo. At least the botanical garden was nice and relaxing. A beautiful scene for a break between walking so much. Eventually they came to a stop in front of a large building, likely city hall. Mauser called them over to take a look at the map. Bahamut himself was much like Mauser, he didn't really...have a lot that he did to pass the time. Exercising only did so much, and if he said something like 'Hey let's check the gym out!' he'd probably get some laughs even if he was serious. Rosetta on the other paw had no fear about her personal stereotypes. "How about we hit up the library?" she asked with a smile, tail wagging as she floated back from the map.
  13. After the delightful smelling meal had arrived at the banquet table a serious of events transpired. A rather frightening serious of events if truth be told. It wasn't but a couple of moments after Qing had sampled his sister's food that something odd besat the poor mare. Something in the shrimp soup was causing her a fit. At first Lián had simply assumed she couldn't handle the spice of the soup. But when her reaction had went from mild to severe, it became quite obvious that it was as simple as too much seasoning. Before the Prince could ask Sī Jīn for confirmation of his suspicions however, the call of 'Poison!' rang out from a perhaps a touch hasty Feng. That call however was enough to set the guests and the retinue into panic...and not the entertaining kind that came from a practical joke or jape. 'I swear to the Ancestors...' he thought as he rubbed his face. 'If they try to blame Discord for this chaos, words will be had.' Sure the draconequus was one of chaos. But he was of chaos, not malice. The chances of him being the cause of this were slim to none. And really? Of all the ponies here, none of them have seen something like this before? Lián watched as Discord approached Qing as he gave an impassioned speech. It was true that Long Guo had for a long time had been growing more stagnant, more authoritarian. Their late father had tried, bless his soul, and Yuè despite paving the way to more open interaction with the lands beyond their home was still held back by the staunch traditions and 'rules' and 'proper' behavior of the land. Times change and with the changing of time so must the people. As Discord dislodged a shrimp from within Qing, the Prince dearly hoped that if it would remove any doubt as to the spirit's intentions. So too did the now flopping and soon dead once again shrimp confirm Lián's suspicions. The qilin watched sadly as Discord made his exit. With a little sigh he glanced over to Sī Jīn. "Could I ask that you go and speak with him? I feel the need to play a dose of damage control." he said as he rose from his chair, making his way over towards the crowd of bodyguards near Yanhua. "Move along, move along." he said as he shooed off the frankly now quite confused bodyguards. "Really now. Has no one among you here ever seen an allergic reaction?" the stallion shook his head and after making sure Yanhua wasn't going to be bothered any further, made his way towards where his sister and her retinue were trying to whisk her off. "I mean honestly." he glanced between the senior members and Feng as well. "Do not get me wrong. That you all would worry so greatly about my sister is good...or I suppose some of you are more worried about The Empress than Yuè...Either way. To fall into such panic and disarray like this? Some of you acting like chickens without heads." he glanced up at Feng who still stood on the table. "Chaos is a part of every day life. Nothing ever goes exactly planned. I applaud everyone's quick reactions, but even in situations that may be frightening, you must keep a cool and level head. Poison does not work that way. Had it been poison you'd have had even less time to panic over the situation. Now please, let us continue the meal in peace. No one is at fault here except for the shrimp and I believe they've already been punished enough by being cooked." the prince said with a chuckle.
  14. Ahh what a fine journey this was turning out to be! And for once Ashley was able to say that without it being sarcastic. So far. It was a beautiful day, he had a guide and companions with him — going it alone now and then was fine, but sometimes you really needed someone to talk to besides rocks and ancient remains — and he'd be able to have all sorts of material for a new book! It seemed like Pocket Change was just as eager as he was to see everything there was out here in these mountains. "Sounds like there's quite a bit of etiquit involved, goodness. Well I do hope whatever spirits may be out there are understanding of foreigners not quite getting right the first try." the griffon said with a little chuckle. As Taira parted back the mists with a breath of magic, Ashley let out an impressed whistle. "What a helpful trick that is! Ahh times like this make me wish that we griffons had magic of our own as well. Would have gotten me out of quite the number of sticky situations. Both figurative and literally!" a shake of his head and a shudder escaped Ashley before he pressed on with the group.
  15. [Age of Heroes] A Walk in the Park (semi closed)

    Grumbling quietly to himself, Bahamut decided that his meal of chicken made for a much better conversation partner for the time being. Was this going to be a once per loop thing? Reveal a new embarrassing thing about him each time? The dragon liked to think there weren't that many to reveal. But when we're talking about someone who can see past, present, and future? You never know. Chicken doesn't reveal your embarrassing secrets at least. Nomf. Rosetta smiled and flopped down (but not through, that'd look weird) into the booth after returning. Novice Lesson One seemed to go without a hitch. Of course it was one of the easiest lessons that Mutt would be facing, but it was important as the groundwork for future lessons to come, as Mauser pointed out. "I think that sounds like a great idea!" a walk around the city, get used to the lay out, take in the sights. It wasn't the first time that she or Bahamut had been to Fillydelphia, but it WAS the first time they had been there on anything besides business. "What do you think, Bahamut?" The dragon looked up from his meal as he was addressed and blinked, swallowing his mouthful and dabbing away any crumbs before speaking "Sounds fine by me. A little fresh air and sunshine never hurt."