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  1. Everything is Fine (Closed)

    Ahh, so he was already doing some work for Rarity? And as a model at that? Starlight could certainly see why now that she thought about it. Valen certainly had the body for it and Rarity had the eye to catch that at first glance far more easily than Starlight. "Ah oui! Ça ressemble à ça." she replied with a little grin. And her Prench lessons were paying off. "If you need any Prench lessons at some point, I have a dear friend of mine who could help. She speaks the language natively and has been helping me learn some for fun." Bevel certainly wouldn't mind helping a friend of a friend, she was sure . "But no, it shouldn't be any problem at all! I doubt Rarity would swarm your schedule to such a point that you'd be doing back to back shows for nonstop months. I should be able to work the shows in with little to no problem. And who knows, depending on the timing I may see about giving a helping hoof. That way if there are days that we'd both need you, the show can go on!" Starlight wasn't the most...fashion forward pony, but she had learned a thing or two from the seamstress, and was fairly certain that Rarity wouldn't turn down a little extra help here and there.
  2. If anyone knew about escaping some kind of stressful situation, it was Yù. Not like she felt she could ever truly escape it, short of some kind of miracle. But at least some time away from the epicenter, so to speak, would possibly do wonders. And the spa treatment couldn't hurt either! "I do have to admit, that does sound like a great way to relax." the qilin said with a nod, returning the smile and wave to the mare that had arrived before them. "I hope you don't mind the extra company! I'm Yù Xīn, it's a pleasure to meet you!" Yù bowed her head and offered a hoofshake. As much as she'd like to have some alone time with Kahz, there'd be plenty of time for that later. For now? Why not relax and try to make a new friend?
  3. The heroes cried out in surprise as a vision of the oppressive overlord of the land appeared before them. His cape billowing dramatically. The leader of the little group stood defiantly at the forfront as the image sized up the would be 'saviours' of the land. As he rose a hoof to-Huh? Starlight blinked and looked up as a voice broke her from a chapter...just as it was getting good too! Ah well. She was less disappointed by having to pause her book and more pleasantly surprised at her visitor! "Oh! Bevel, come on in!" Starlight answered with a smile, marking and setting her book aside before. It had been a little while since she had seen her new friend. Truthfully she had though that Bevel had already returned to Aquellia. She'd certainly be a good distraction from her self imposed workload, if even for only a little while. When Bevel finally entered, Starlight gave a happy little wave in greeting. "I doubt I could forget someone that easily. It's good to see you! What brings you by tonight?"
  4. Everything is Fine (Closed)

    "Hmm. A bit of a mouthful though. But certainly on the list." she said with a smile and a nod. Naming anything was always the hardest part it seemed. You could come up with dozens of ideas for magic or stores or games, but trying to name them seemed to take twice as long! But it was something she'd have to decide on sooner, rather than later. Especially if she was going to have an assistant to speed things along! Speaking of speeding things along, the organization of the books went quite smoothly! Starlight seemed to have a decent collection of books, both new and old. Some of the magic books looked easily older than she was. "That would be helpful yeah! It would let me work around your schedule, rather than you having to work around one." It was more than a little impressive to tell the truth. Somepony so young managing to balance work and, presumably, still finding ample time for school and friends! At his age she...well okay at his age she was planning revenge against the world over a (in hindsight) rather silly and petty reason. But that was neither here nor there now was it? "Well, if we're going to be working together, it's only fitting we get to know one another a bit right? So tell me a little about yourself, Valen. Hobbies, pastimes. That sort of thing."
  5. [Age of Heroes] A Walk in the Park (semi closed)

    Just as before, Bahamut and Rosetta followed along with Mutt and Mauser, and just as before they took their seats as Mauser did his thing, paying, returning issuing Mutt's next challenge. Riding along for loops can be kinda fun. But they can also get a bit dull when you're not the ones being put to the test. By the time Mauser had already finished running over the challenge, Rosetta had already counted out the exact number with and without griffons. Then again with her experience it wasn't much of challenge now was it? Still, it was a fun little distraction. She was much more interested in getting a chance to get to that library! Maybe with luck and enough time she could find out a thing or two pertaining to that collar of Mutt's.
  6. Ahh, this was a pleasant surprise. Things were starting off very smoothly! Doubly so with Sī Jīn being able to field the history side of things. Knowing her she probably brushed up on everything days beforehoof in preparation. Not that Lián was a slouch, he just knew his strengths and history was certainly not one of them. Before the tour had a chance to truly start however, a late arrival had made his appearance, as noted by Sī Jīn. Not one to be rude, the Prince paused his stride and turned to the group again with a smile to greet said arrival. Oh what an adorable lil guy he was! Poor kid seemed rather shy though, best to keep things short and not draw too much attention to him. "Ahh, glad you're able to join us, friend. Don't fret overmuch about being late, were it not for my alarm, I'd have still been asleep myself." he said with a chuckle and a playful wink before turning to Big Mac. "We do have a couple of apple trees, yes. But that isn't to say that the court, or the head chef for that matter, would mind a larger variety. Perhaps after the tour we can discuss details on that further!" Lián replied with a nod. The apples he had tried at their farm were quite good! The prince was never quite aware of just how many kinds of apples there really were! Not that he could tell you the fifty some odd cultivars that Applejack and her kin had rambled off when explaining it, but it didn't make it any less fascinating. Nor any less impressive their dedication to their craft. Most qilin probably don't think much on the 'simple' apple. But then most qilin probably haven't met an Apple family pony. "If we're all ready, we can begin proceeding again!"
  7. Spike did have to admit, although the idea of visiting Whitescar was exciting...wasn't there still some civil unrest going over there? And did she say something about trolls? It'd probably be fine though! He couldn't say something as silly as 'Nothing bad ever happens at a wedding!' because then he'd have to worry that his snout may grow out ten feet or something. And obviously Sigrun and Halvard would prepare for something like wedding crashers so there'd probably be tonnes of guards there! All super strong vikings ready to kick some butt! Or something like that. Spike stood proudly and nodded when Sigrun acknowledged him. "That's right! You don't get to be a number one assistant by dilly dallying!" he said with a nod. Knowing full well he was great at dilly dallying. But even Luna was praising his assisting prowess, he totally wasn't letting it all go to his head though. Okay. He wasn't letting it go to his head too much. At least no one was getting him started on how he saved the Crystal Empire and had a really cool statue made of him. He's already hard to shut up sometimes. Spike shrugged softly. "I dunno, but it seems like uh...obsession?" Speaking of shutting up, this 'Bolt' didn't seem to have that term in his personal dictionary, and if he talked even half as fast as he ran, no one would ever get a word in edgewise. And aaaas if this guy could ever replace him. I mean sure he was fast and good looking, but the attitude was waaay wrong. At least he was making an attempt at trying, Spike had to give him that. "I already know dragon stuff. I was Dragon Lord." he commented, puffing his chest up proudly. Sure it was like, for five minutes, but that counts! Before the baby dragon could get anymore braggadocious, Fluttershy chimed in. "Bird seed? I think so, Owlowiscious doesn't really eat the stuff, but I think Starlight has a bird feeder she hangs outside her window. It should be in one of the pantries. I can help you look for it if you want."
  8. Jeeze, it was like everyone and their uncle, aunt, and third cousin twice removed was showing up! Even ponies that Spike hadn't ever seen before. Fluttershy had the same kind of desire that the dragon himself had. For Twilight to take a few moments to breathe. But being a Princess apparently meant having to deal with. Well. Everything! It was lucky that Twi wasn't claustrophobic...at least as far as he could remember. Maybe he should have grabbed a paper bag for he to keep from hyperventilating? Speaking of new ponies, or rather in this case dragons-wait. Dragon? Was there a new dragon that moved to Ponyville while he wasn't looking? Spike blinked in confusion and shook his head. Just a few seconds into conversation and this guy was pretty much calling Twilight's whole shtick 'crap' but acting like a buddy ol' chum. At least he seemed to at least have part of the holiday spirit in him. Though he hoped his wouldn't add onto Twilight's stress levels which were already reaching Maximum Freakout slowly but surely...Maybe he should have got her something stronger than eggnog... "Oh cool, a caribou wedding? I get to come too right? I wanna wear a super awesome helmet and a spear!" Spike said striking a little pose when Halvard passed over the wedding invitation to Twilight. With a little cough the baby dragon blushed and composed himself. Easy there Spike, rein it in...Heh. Caribou. Rein. Reindeer. Comedy was in his blood, what could he say? Either way he was sure that a wedding in Whitescar was some sort of big spectacle of an event. Not like the tame, frankly frilly sort of weddings in Equestria. Not that there was anything really wrong with them. So long as they're not quite as exciting as Shining Armor's was. Hoo boy. ((Apologies for a somewhat short reply, and for not fitting more people in ^^; hard a rough day yesterday and still kinda recovering))
  9. "Oh c'mon Twilight it's not that bad! You could have turned everything grey and grainy." he replied with a nod. Honestly that would have been kinda cool! It would have made everything feel like one of those really old detective films. The ones where the hero's always stepping towards the camera to monologue or something. "It's alright Twilight! Everypony will love it. I'll be back in a jiffy!" with a nod the little dragon zipped off towards the refreshment table. The night was only just beginning so surely the table wouldn't be...that...crowded. Spike slumped as he watched the already formed line slowly move. Looks like ponies reeeaaaallly liked their eggnog. C'mon c'mon. For a season of giving some ponies sure seemed more intent on taking. Would there even be any eggnog left? Knowing Twilight she was probably whipping herself into a tizzy rather than taking a second to breathe and realize that this probably looked better than what she originally planned! What was it that painter used to say? No mistakes, only happy accidents? Something like that. Either way, he soooo didn't want to be the one to tell Twilight they were out of eggnog...Especially with more and more guests still arriving, including high profile ones like Sigrun and Halvard. Spike hadn't really ever got the chance to talk to them, but from Twilight they sounded like alright ponies...er...caribou! The baby dragon had to constantly resist asking if he could poke their antlers, cus those looked really cool! "I wonder if Twilight has a spell to make someone grow antlers...Maybe Starlight does if she doesn't." he mused to himself as FINALLY he reached the destined eggnog bowl!...And there was plenty left! A great sense of relief washed over Spike as he dipped a healthy sized glass for Twi...better make it two, it seems like a two glass night. With less speed than before as to not spill the nog, Spike meandered back towards the...growing crowd around Twilight. Maybe three cups would have been better? "I'm back Twilight! The line was suuuuper long, but I got you a couple glasses!" he said with a smile as he held out the glass for his friend. Here's hoping he wouldn't be playing waiter all night if she decided to have him fetch drinks for the crowd, hooboy.
  10. Holiday Lights? Check. Tables set up with Holiday Snacks? Check. Ridiculous Holiday getup complete with silly looking at with a jingle bell in the pompom? Ugh. Spike looked his current hat and sweater over before deadpanning and returning to his list. Check... Presents, tinsel, banners. Everything that was on Twilight's list seemed like it was in order! Great! Rolling the parchment up, the little dragon stuffed it into his sweater. He had to give it one thing, despite the really gaudy look, it sure was warm! Maybe if Rarity was here she could rescue him from what she was sure to call a fashion faux pas. But alas! Business took her to Canterlot for this Hearthswarming, and Spike had to stick behind to make sure that everything was juuuuuuust right 'for the festivities', as Twilight put it. Spike was so sure it had nothing at all to do with Princess Luna coming as well. Twilight sure was like a book herself sometimes. An easy read! Well with everything taken care of and the list triple checked, maybe now Spike could actually start partying rather than cartographing...Was that for lists? Or was that maps? Eh whatever. Whistling a Hearthswarming tune, Spike sat out from the town hall to-WHOA HEY WHAT DUCK FOR COVER. Shoom and woosh went...whatever that was. Spike felt around over himself...yep, everything attached. What on earth was that anyway? Well it didn't tear apart the fabric of reality so that was a plus. Getting back to his feet, the dragon reached to grab the hat that had fallen from his head and noted the now glistening quality to not only it but to his claws as well. "Huh?" Spike donned his hat and got a better look at himself, legs, tail, frills. Sparkly! Crystal!...Oooooh! Twilight must have spiced up the decorations! How oddly spontaneous he thought as he withdrew the list and looked it over again. Spike shrugged, stuffed the list back away, and dusted himself off before making his way off to Twilight and Luna. "Hi Princess Luna great to see you made it!" Not that he really doubted she'd come, but it was nice to see her. Spike smiled and turned to Twlight with a little salute. "Alright that's the list checked, checked, and triple checked. Everything's where it's supposed to be. And I gotta say Twilight, the big crystally spell makes everything look even better!" the dragon paused and stared at his sweater and slumped. "Well almost everything..." Spike tugged the garment forward and grimaced. The sweater, already covered in designs of pine trees and presents and ornaments and holly now looked like it was graced by the lovechild of glitter and sequins.
  11. So good things can come from bad after all. Not that Yù particularly doubted that on most occasions. Just...well when one thinks of something good coming out of being blackmailed by an organization bent on dismantling the establishment and harming many innocent ponies?...Ugh, no no. Enough negative thoughts! Today was a relaxation day and it was a day made aaaaalll the better by the fact that Kahz actually was here. O-of course that was good because it was nice to have a friend around is all. Ahahahahha..ha...Ahem. The spa! Even with all the various thoughts, both for weal and for woe, floating around in the mare's head, they all agreed that a nice relaxing day at the spa was just what the doctor ordered. They should know, they technically are one! Yù smiled over at Kahz as they arrive, she may not be a changeling and couldn't literally sense his emotions or something, but it was easy to tell he was just as excited as she was...which only made things better still! "Ah, it would appear so yes! I'm sure the spa's going to be a fairly popular destination over the course of everypony's stay, huh?"
  12. [Age of Heroes] A Walk in the Park (semi closed)

    Bahamut and Rosetta both were doing their very best to not burst out giggling at the sudden and frankly hilarious fit of woofs and borks that Mutt fell into. Seems he had a harder time with the slingshotting of time than they did their first time around. Which made sense with his rubbery nature. The dog was already a rubber band without having time stretching him too! Still it was pretty darn funny, and seemed harmless enough! And Mutt didn't even notice what he had been doing. "It takes some getting used to." Bahamut said as he gave Mutt's head a pat. "Next time it happens you'll be a bit more prepared. It's always gonna feel weird, but it won't get you so hard." Rosetta nodded in agreement and floated down next to Mutt. "First time Bahamut did it, he fell flat on his rear. And the first time I did it, I had totally lost my internal clock for like two days. Thankfully it was a weekend so I didn't have to worry about it too much. But waking up at three in the morning one day to wake up at eight in the evening the next is a bit confusing."
  13. It's always a shame when ponies, or griffons or anyone for that matter, causes harm to such a degree that a species feels they have to go so deep into hiding to survive. Times have changed since then, but for a long lived race like the Yokai, it probably feels like it was just yesterday. Time heals all wounds, they say, but when time moves slower? Well... There wasn't anything for it right now, really. Dwelling on it wouldn't do any good! He was hear to learn after all, and spread that knowledge to the rest of the world. With a few more notes jotted down, Ashley placed his journal back into his pack and smiled. "Visiting the town sounds like a grand idea. I'd love to get a few sketches in of it." When Pocket mentioned Griffonstone, he couldn't help but to sigh and nod. "That it was. Oh what it must have been like in its heyday. I've been there a time or two recently, and things are...improving it seems. But it's certainly got a long way to go. It's nice though to see it on the incline, rather than decline."
  14. Fiiiiinally! The sun was being sat and that meant the long day was finally over and Starlight Glimmer could relax! Curled up in a chair in the corner of her room, the mare idly took a bite of some cereal as she floated a book over to read. Today was such a rush of a day that she hadn't even the time to have a real breakfast! And now the sun was giving way to night. Who knew there would be so much running around and paperwork involved in trying to get something as simple as a magic help-desk set up. But she supposed it was better to have things to cover liabilities and insurance and all of that boring stuff ahead of time before she really needed it. She could sort everything out in a day or so, tonight was her night to relax! Well, at least she wished it was. Starlight knew with everything she'd have to get done that she would have to get right back to it after she ate. That's why she was making sure to take her dear sweet time enjoying her cornflakes even if that meant they got soggy. The unicorn let out a little sigh as she turned the page in her book. Just a little adventure novel sat in a world where magic was far more rare than it was here. It made for an interesting distraction to be certain, but what she wouldn't give for some actual rest and relaxation after such a long day...
  15. Changelings in Paradise (Hub, see OOC)

    Ah! Well that was a surprise. Yù wasn't expecting anypony to be so quick to volunteer to lug around some bags, even at such a lovely island resort, it was still fairly hard work after all. Even though her luggage was rather mini-wait a moment. The dawning realization of just who had volunteered hit the mare after only a brief moment. She had to suppress an almost schoolfilly giggle as Kahz threw a wink her way. Okay, yes, vacation was an excellent idea. "T-Thank you very much." she said with a quick little bow. "I can already tell this will be a lovely vacation." [[Yù will now proceed to the Spa~! Huzzah!]]