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  1. It's quite alright! I apologize if what I said wasn't as clear as it should have been c:
  2. Oh I certainly understand and do agree that past information should come naturally through RP and the like. But the issue that arises is that, if someone were to have such little backstory, and then in RP come up with something outlandish or over the top that they say 'happened in their past' or what have you, without anything to explain why in their app, it could cause problems. Such as arguments between members or between members and staff over 'Well it doesn't say it there' 'Well is doesn't say it didn't happen either' or things like that. That's not me saying you would cause any issues of course, it's simply that we need to keep everyone on even ground as best as we can. That being said you don't need to fit every single detail about any character into an app. Just enough to give us an idea of those things listed above. The information in the app, aside from appearance (and even that if a pony were to keep it hidden IC), it meant to be purely OOC information until it is learn IC. As for changing mind on history or cutie mark story, once an application is accepted if you decide to change up anything on their app drastically (Such as major points in their history, their entire look, or their cutie mark story) the app will have to go through re-evaluation just to make sure it continues following the guidelines for WoE Now were this an FFA app there'd be no issues at all letting it stay as is. FFA is a much more relaxed, but far less structured, RP section that WoE is, and all you'd have to do with that is just post it in the appropriate section, no approval process required. If you feel that WoE is a bit too strict on the app making process, I totally understand, and FFA is certainly an option! I do believe though that your character would fit in just fine in WoE, but it will need the aforementioned expansions/additions made to it for it to be accepted ^^; Feel free to browse through other currently accepted app to get a general idea. Now obviously no one is going to chastise you if you don't write dozens and dozens of paragraphs like some apps have. We don't have a hard cap on how much you write for your WoE app, but we do have a minimum, so to speak.
  3. Hey there! Friendly neighborhood Dubstep here. First let me say a belated 'Welcome to the site!' and I hope you enjoy your stay here c: So let's get don to the nitty gritty. You've got a good start here! The only real issues are A: the History, not that it's bad mind you. It's just rather short! It doesn't give us a whole lot of insight into who Silver Stream is. To nab a short list from the application page itself (these of course are not all encompassing and you're free to add as much information as you'd like): 'Where was your character born? How was life for him or her growing up? Who are his or her parents and how do they get along with your character? Is there any other family we should know about? What is his or her life like now? How did your character get to where he or she is? Where does he or she hope to go from here?' You've hit most of these, but juuuust barely brushed over them. We'll need a bit more than that to really get a good feel of what this pony's life and history was like. B: Cutie Mark! The cutie mark choice is entirely fine, what we'd like to see though is the story of how they got their cutie mark! You can either include that in the Cutie Mark section itself, or in the History if you'd like. So long as it's there! and C: Character Summary. Now, this for me? I usually combine in with Personality. It's just a quick summary of who your character is. Imagine if you asked someone for a quick rundown of their character. For example, for me with Dark Core: 'Dark's a young colt who thinks he's the greatest villain of all time, but when it gets down to it he's more of an annoying kid who thinks his pranks are sooooo evil. He lives out in Froggy Bottom Bog though he's originally from Stalliongrad. He's mostly harmless, even if he's a grump and causes trouble for those around him.' It gives you a quick idea at a glance about who the character is, without going into as much detail as the whole history. I think what you've got here is a great start, and given some time to edit, I think you'll be WoE approved in no time c: If you've got any questions, feel free to ask me or any of our other RP Staff and we'll try to get back to you ASAP!
  4. "That's the general jist of it, yes! Those who seek us out only to raise their own station or for selfish reasons balk at the challenge of scaling the mountain, more often than not." the King replied with a nod. Now that wasn't to say there wasn't some really determined troublemakers or self-centered fools out there that managed to make the climb, but usually there weren't such issues. In short order, the Matron at last returned, along with a few flustered followers she had roped into helping. Àilóng had yet to meet anyone here that could keep up with Auntie when she really went at it. She was like a force of nature! Well while the others sat about warming up the water, Àilóng sat about choosing the tea. He wasn't entirely certain what the others preferred, but he knew what Yuè's favourite was by heart. "Baihao Yinzhen. Or White Hair Silver Needle. Steeping it takes a little longer than other white teas, five or six minutes. It's a sweet and delicate tea that I know at least one amongst you will enjoy." the dragon smiled over at the Empress and dipped his head.
  5. A picture puzzle and a mirror puzzle huh? Just who made this place? A Golden Age Comics character? Macadamia shook his head as he made his way towards his own destination, which at this point he was sure would have some sorta brainscratcher waiting for him. And sure enough he was right. By the pedestal sat four coloured buttons and a fifth clear button in the center. Counters, much like Applejack had described sat nearby, one with a timer and another that had three Xs and three check marks dimmed out on it. Scratching the back of his head, the young colt looked over the gizmo. This was gonna be one of those 'nothing ventured nothing gained' sort of situations, he was sure. Pressing the four coloured buttons did nothing, however pressing the clear one sat the time running and soon one of the coloured one flashed. "Ooooh, I gotcha!" with a grin he pressed the button that had lit up. A soft little chime played and a sequence of two went off. Macky copied them, and again with four...and then eight...By the time it had reached sixteen though, the colt lost track and missed a beat. Causing the first red X to pop up on the counter. Nothing bad seemed to happen though, as the timer was still ticking away. The pattern started back over at one and continued on. Once again though the sixteen pattern threw him off. Another red X. That's okay! They often say that the third time was the charm. Lucky for him he finally managed to earn a green check mark! The clear button flashed once and when pressed a new sequence started up, this time going faster, much to Macadamia's chagrin. The sixteen pattern once again threw him off and the third red X filled the bar, resetting the timer back to full but resetting his progress too. But not just that either. The sound of a buzzer sounded through the room resetting the progress and the timers of the other two. Near to each pony's puzzle a panel lit up. The panels each showed a little mock up of the race they were before it rapidly started to cycle through a number of different races. Eventually the cycling slowed to a stop. For Macadamia the picture landed on a Minotaur. For Applejack, a griffon. And for Bevel, a Giraffe. When the cycling had stopped, a pulse of magic shot forth from each of the panels at the puzzled participants. Mac clenched his eyes closed expecting the worst...But it didn't feel painful, just an odd fuzzy tingling that shot through him. Looking himself over, everything seemed to be fine...except that his right hind leg had changed into a much more bovine appearance. "What in sam hill?!"
  6. The dragon started to sweat a bit. Oh boy. That made things with the letter even worse. How on earth could they tell him now?! "I...see? Well stranger things have happened, you know." Bahamut replied, giving a glance over towards Rosetta. "It's fine, I won't pry. Though I'm sorry your run in with diamond dogs for the first time was a poor one. There's no reason to be humiliated though, you're still you, even if you've got a different body, right?" he gave Mutt a reassuring pat on the head. Meanwhile, Rosetta folded her arms and huffed. It was funny when you were on the outside, but being one of the ones to have to deal with bringing it up? Oi. After Rose had repeated back her brother's prophecy, she gently shook her head. "I can only imagine. Well don't worry, that's why we're here after all. We need to learn what he can and can't do as much as he does."
  7. Foxtrot watched curiously as Eden just sort of wandered out from under the table almost in a trance. This wasn't the first time he had done this, a time or two back in Fillydelphia and a few times in Las Pegasus, the colt would just trail off at night and stare up at the sky lost in thought. His parents thought it odd and, while it was, it was harmless. And so any time his brother drifted off to space, he'd wait it out while he came back down to earth. But something felt different this time. He couldn't really place it though. Glancing out the window that the colt was staring at, Foxtrot saw the beautiful aurora dancing in the evening sky. No wonder Eden was so entranced, it really was a beautiful sight! But...it was more than that still, wasn't it? The stallion's eyes drifted back over to his brother as the younger unicorn's horn started to mimic the shining, shimmering, splendid lights. 'He sure has a talent for that.' Foxtrot thought at just the right time, as no more than a moment later, the magic of Eden's horn flowed out like a curtain of light over his form before fading...and leaving his cutie mark! With an excited gasp, Foxtrot scrambled out from under the table and over to Eden and pulled him up into a hug. "Duuuuude!" he hollered excitedly. "Oh man, Eden, this is great! Oh my gosh, mom and dad are gonna be so excited!"
  8. This was always Rosetta's favourite part. The first time she had watched Mauser's eyes do the thing, it freaked her out. Not in a pad way, but it was something that was hard to forget and never really got old. She wondered what it must be like, gazing through those days and days of memories and where they all could lead or could have led. Organizing a library must have nothing on that. And with an ever confusing prophecy, it came to an end. A curious one at that. Rose had her suspicions that Mutt wasn't always a Diamond Dogs, but this seemed to confirm it. When Mauser went quiet, Rose sat back and waited. Something interesting must have came to light an-why was he giggling? Wow something really tickled him...What could be that...Ooooh no. Floating up from her seat, Rose smiled awkwardly and quickly grabbed Mauser by the scruff of the neck. "Ahahaha...Excuse us a moment." it must have been pretty humorous to see floating glowing metal diamond dog slowly dragging off another more corpreal one almost three times her size. Bahamut for his part simply sat in confusion. Not at just Mauser's sudden and rather uncharacteristic fit of hysterics, but that prophecy. Despite having been partnered with a Diamond Dog for so long, it hadn't really occurred to the dragon that Mutt's behavior was out of the norm for them. And so the 'not fully pony' bit stuck out to him. Was it an allegory of some sort? Something to do with him fitting in? Meanwhile, with her brother pulled around to a quiet corner, Rosetta tried her best to calm the roaring laughter. "Sssh, shhhhshshh! Hey, hey, shh. He, hey c'mon. He doesn't...We haven't told him yet okay? You saw the letter right? He doesn't know." she said looking over her should towards where Mutt and Bahamut sat. "We're trying to figure out when and how to tell him..." or if it'd be a good idea to tell him at all...
  9. Many much cutens
  10. =3 I'll toss Ryuto in the ring for this (And a solo vector would be rad as well, and thanks <3) >Right Here<
  11. This little get together was going to prove quite interesting. All these things, the Prince's odd choices, streamed together and he hoped that every thing would go according to plan. Only time would tell of course, only time would tell. Speaking of one of the pieces, Sī Jīn had strolled in not very long after him looking...Well looking a lot lovelier than he had anticipated. Truthfully he only expected her to just wear that hanfu, but all dolled up she was quite the sight to see. Lián would have to make a mental note to teasingly compliment her later. And possibly avoid something thrown afterwards. But for now. "Ah, Silverheart, no worries at all. Thank you for the introduction, Discord and I had a chance to speak some before this little event. He's quite the fish out of water, but I've enjoyed our brief company with him. the Prince said with a smile before turning to introduce the others. "As some have met some, and some have not met others, I'll do my best to introduce everyone to everyone. I'm sure you've already met Fēng Yīnhǎitāo, one of my sister's Watchers. The lovely young mare is Dēnglong Xiu, the Imperial Wood Synergist. Liviel Mizu as she mentioned is a friend of my sister and I, whom we had the pleasure of meeting during our time in the Monastery. Last and not least is my dear friend and handmaiden Sī Jīn. She's likely plotting revenge for my request." the stallion glanced over at Sī Jīn with a smile. Clearing his throat he turned back to Feng to answer his inquiry. "I suppose that's a valid concern. Though my intent isn't particularly a 'joke'. You've known me long enough to know how I feel about the rigidity of the court. I just hope that Yue isn't too...sour...at my choices." or at Discord's presence in one of his outfits. The poor draconequus was already having a hard time fitting in. As if on que his sister's arrival, and thus that of Qing's as well, was announced. Well. Time to see what sort of level of talking to this would net Lián. It took Yuè only a brief moment to notice...and even briefer of a moment still to shoot that look at him and Sī Jīn. Yep. Sour as an unripe persimmon. There would be much smoothing over to do. For now all he could do is shoot an apologetic smile over towards his sister and her poor over stressed assistant. All that could be done now really was to take his seat and try to enjoy the evening. He had no intent of causing actual mischief, only a slight stir, after all. Soon the formal opening remarks were done and the chef, and thus the food, was on its way! Yanhua's cooking was always something to drool over...when not in civilized company that is, but regardless it still made ones mouth water at the briefest of sniffs. It didn't help that the Prince had forwent breakfast to make it home early.
  12. Honestly, Foxtrot couldn't have hoped for a better day after taking this job. He got to spread one of the things he loved the most, got to meet the rulers of the Crystal Empire, and a great meal to top it off! Not to mention the fact that it seemed like Eden was enjoying himself too, that was always a top priority. There was little that could ruin it! As the stallion continued enjoying his meal however, a noise caused his ear to twitch. Now, being an older brother and having dealt with small children in the past as well, it was an obviously familiar sound. The total slimy devastation that a baby's sneeze could wreak was bad enough. But an alicorn baby? Well he wasn't sure, he was never around one! But he wouldn't take aaaany chances. It was a kneejerk reaction, but in short order Foxtrot dove beneath the table and gently yanked Eden underneath with him, just in time for the sound of gooey horror to splatter up above. After a few moments to let the 'panic' subside, okay to let the goop subside really, Foxtrot peeked out from under the table to observe ground zero. "I wasn't aware that the Crystal Empire was known for its hurricanes, ahaha!"
  13. Bahamut chuckled softly to himself at Mutt's response. It was funny, even if just a little bit sad. He was sure though that if anyone would be able to help out Mutt, it'd be Stable Loop. The only thing that the dragon wished was that he could help with whatever chip was on their shoulder. But alas. "Breakfast sounds like a fine idea. All I've had myself was a couple pieces of toast on the way." he said with a nod as he and Rosetta followed along. Rosetta herself, well. Breakfast wasn't much of an issue as she was. She _could_ eat, but it was a lot more complicated than just grabbing a bite at the local diner or something. Thaumite was involved, big shocker there, but it was usually too much of a hassle for out and about anyway. She did have to agree though, the time loop thing was pretty disorienting...It never really got less so, but at least you knew it would be after the first time.