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    Pone, StevenU, Homestuck, World Building, Tabletop RPGs, Music, Creating Achievements, Amassing An Army Of OCs...Oh, and Collecting Waifus obv.

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About Me

Hey! You! With the face and the eyes! Reading these words! How's it goin? Have you had enough to eat? Drink? Made sure to take any medication you need to today?


Anywho! Hello! I am he of many names! Though most here know me as Dubstep or DC. I've been around since the early days though I took a break from the site for a lil while! Feels really good to be back though! I used to RP quite a lot but after some stuff, I kinda fell out of my groove, and I'm tryin to work it back! I'm certainly down to RP but forgive me if it takes a lil while for me to get in any sort of reply!


Now that that bit's outta the way, time to run through some little tidbits/opinions.

  • I have 540(+) OCs across various fandoms. Not all of them are fleshed out and some are just basic ideas right now.
  • My favourite colour is orange, followed closely by pink.
  • I have a love for making Achievements for practically no reason! As seen here in my My Little Achievements thread!
  • I'm a huge fan of Steven Universe, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Homestuck, among other things! Feel free to inquire within.
  • Best Princess is Cadence.
  • Best Mane Six is Pinkie Pie.
  • Best Pony is Trixie.
  • Best Redeemed Villain is Starlight Glimmer
  • Best Non-Pony is Gilda.
  • Best Student is Sandbar


Uhh what else. Oh right! If you want to add me on Discord or Skype or whatever, just be sure to let me know! Spammers have always been a big issue, so if I don't recognize the name I'm LIKELY to decline or report it x3 so just let me know! If you've got any questions for me, or my OCs, I've got an Ask Thread. So feel free to check it out!

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