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    Words cannot accurately describe HOW excited I am for this song. Not only is it a song by my all time favourite band ever, it marks the teasing beginning of a new saga in Coheed and Cambria's repertoire. The last album, The Colour Before The Sun was awesome, but it was also a departure from the norm in that it was the first non-concept album to date (not counting albums from when they were Shabutie). Before then, their previous albums had followed the store of The Amory Wars, a story and comic series written by their lead singer Claudio Sanchez. This new saga will likely prove to be just as amazing and thought provoking. I could go into the premise we were given here, but you can click through to the Youtube video to give it a looksee there. Without further ado, enjoy!
  2. Dubstep
    Many know Dan Avidan as Not So Grump, and Danny Sexbang of Ninja Sex Party and Star Bomb! Though not as many know of the band he had before, Skyhill, which was more akin to a "serious" band! It's pretty good stuff, and this was a recent release when Danny got back in touch with the other member of Skyhill, so enjoy!
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