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  1. Hi everyone! I haven't been on in forever and I'm sure few remember me but, I wanted to show off my pony art! I have two SFW pony ask blogs over on tumblr Ask the Kelpies http://askthekelpies...tumblr.com and Ask Eerie Spooks http://askeerie.tumb....tumblr.com I hope it's alright to post here. But there's lots of drawings I promise!
  2. I'm leaving tomorrow for Georgia. School starts Monday. So I'll probably be inactive for a week.
  3. But since Scarecrow/Crane was in the second movie for a bit. It would feel so weird for the Joker not to be mentioned. Not after all the damage he caused.
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Maybe it's the voice? He sounds like such a sweetheart.
  5. The Dark Knight is one of my favorite movies so of course Heath Ledger is my favorite(liveaction)Joker. I'm curious what they are going to do regarding the Joker in this next movie. Is he going to be tucked away in Arkham the whole time or not mentioned at all? Despite the cheesy campiness of the Adam West Batman show I like Eartha Kit's Catwoman. Just listen to that voice!
  6. Well it’s a pleasure to meet you too Miss Droll. That sailor’s song you were singing was rather catchy and fun. Shame you didn’t catch the name though. Dotty Droll nodded as Klondike explained his profession. She could appreciate his enthusiasm for fixing. Dotty herself had spruced plenty of chipped and crumbling antiques. Suddenly her companion trailed off his tangent. Dotty thought he looked distracted. His ear kept twitching and she meant to ask about it. Then Dotty too noticed ponies lining up to a stall on the side of the path. She saw the orange, hatted pony that ran the stall peddling juice. Say Miss Droll? Care for a drink? I’ll go fetch us some! Oh um.. But he was gone before she could reply. Dotty paced a bit wondering if she should follow Klondike or continue on and wait for him to catch up. The latter seemed rude so Dotty got to the side of the path. She watched from under an apple tree as Klondike chatted up the pony running the stall. He paused and looked himself over. Dotty wondered what was the matter. He look dejected but, then he spotted a unicorn and his face was animated once again. What a funny gentlecolt.
  7. Dotty was trying to remember the next verse of her song when she noticed a dark blue stallion trotting next to her. For a moment she panicked thinking he might be part of the Apple family or at least he disapproved. Dotty tensed up preparing to be scolded. HI! Sorry to interrupt Miss, but what’s that you’re singing there? Dotty's ears perked up and she gave a mental sigh. She relaxed her posture when she saw the expression on the stallion's face was amusement and not disapproval. She felt a little embarrassed that someone had noticed her singing but, she felt so relieved she didn't mind. She was about to tell him the song when... Oh, excuse me, where are my manners… Again? Name’s Klondike from Ponyville! I repairs things! Dotty beamed. She had been schooled so many times on proper introductions. It made her happy to hear other ponies try it. Oh that's alright. My name is Dotty. Dotty Droll. Pleased to meet you Klondike. Dotty smiled and gave Klondike a nod. As to that song I can't tell you the name. It's something I heard sailors singing when they were loading up their ship. I never thought to ask what it was called... Dotty spaced out then, thinking back to when she had visited the docks one foggy morning. She had hovered around the anchored ship waiting to hear the whole song. It was an opportunity to hear the words clearly. Much better than trying to learn the songs in the taverns when the sailors had had too much salt. The smell of apples reminded Dotty she was nowhere near the sea now. Dotty focused back to the present and her fellow racer. Oh..um. Where was I? You said you repair things? That's a bit vague. What kind of things?
  8. My background is the Hatter's Domain in Alice; The Madness Returns. I am just fascinated by those pink windows.
  9. When the crowd first took off Dotty had to keep pace with them. She didn't want the ponies behind her didn't crash into her, causing a huge pony pile-up. The dread brought by the image in her mind of a hill of injured ponies with Dotty Droll at it's center was enough to keep her in a swift panicked run. Now ponies were more spread out. Dotty was at the back of the group but, she could still see the front runners ahead. Now she slowed down. Now she notices the clouds of leaves raining down. It was breathe taking! Or maybe it was all the running. Regardless the sight of all the colorful leafy condensation was making the race a much more pleasant experience for Dotty. The leaves also reminded Dotty of her Aunt Prim's advice. Dotty experimented for a stretch with running techniques that best brought down leaves. She measured each technique by how much it could make the trees shake. The one that worked best for her was a sort of hopping stomp. Dotty would rear up, then pound the ground with her hooves. It rather looked like she was pouncing after a bug trying to squish it. It was exhausting. Dotty grunted with each hop. I'm going to tire myself out before I'm even halfway. Dotty was so focused she didn't notice the apple trees until she caught a whiff of them on the breeze. She eased up on her stomping and took a look around. Like the falling leaves, sweet Apple Acres was a glorious sight. The view made her mouth watering and visions of baked apples danced in Dotty's head. It seemed cruel to be surrounded by all that juicy fruit. Dozens of apples had been brought down by the rumbling of the race. Dotty Droll gazed longingly and she could see ponies around her had the same idea. One apple won't hurt. Dotty Droll hastily trotted to the side of the road and snatched up a ripe red apple from between some tree roots. She hung her head guiltily know that other ponies had seen what she did. But when she took the first bite it was so crisp and sweet she didn't regret her decision. I will have to buy a dozen of these before I go back to Hoofington! The apple put a little pep to Dotty's step and she continued at a cheerful trot feeling much better about the race. The combination of the cool autumn breeze, the leaf showers and hills of apple trees made Dotty giddy. She playfully bumped a few racers, brohoofed others and quietly sang the least offensive sea shanty she knew. Oh when I leave for the briny deep, At the early morning bell! I'll give a kiss to my lovely's cheek, And I'll kiss her sister as well!
  10. When Dotty Droll's aunts told her that they were going to Ponyville to see Running of the Leaves they left out an important detail. You signed me up for the race?! You..you tricked me!? Nonsense! When I said we were goin' to watch the race I meant Prim n' me. I never said anythin' about you watchin'. Just said you were comin'. Aunt Doily chuckled as she tied a hoof knit scarf around Dotty's neck. Dotty, head bent down in defeat, whimpered. Enough o' that blubbering! You and your moaning! When I was your age I woulda give me left hoof to run in this race! Now you're going to run for the honor of Unique Antiques and make us proud! Aunt Prim lifted Dotty's head so she was looking her in the eye. Dotty bit her lip and nodded. She picked up her racer number 23 and Aunt Doily helped her stick it on her flank. Both aunts had suggestions of how Dotty should run the race. Prim said it was the amount of leaves you brought down that mattered not your speed. Doily thought it would be a good idea to run backwards so Dotty could see how leaves fell. Dotty nodded sullenly. She started to feel queasy as she approached the starting line and the other racers. Everypony was all a buzz with excitement but, Dotty had just wanted a peaceful day watching the race. Now here she was right in the middle of things. Dotty Droll's aunts could talk her into anything. Dotty looked around at the other racer's excited faces. She felt relieved to see a few who looked nervous too. On your marks! Dotty pawed the ground anxiously. Her new goal was to get through the race quickly while following her aunts instructions. She could still hear them yelling tips from the crowd. Be sure not to lose your scarf! It's a bit nippy today! Make every step count! Stomp those hooves! The two old mares were attracting a lot of attention. Dotty cringed. Get set! Dotty sighed. She turned her attention to the long winding path ahead. I hope there are resting spots along the way. The racers were getting in position. Dotty did her best to copy their stances. She tried to get herself psyched up. Go!!!! Dotty stumbled forward as she got pushed and nudged by other racers, giving a weak cry. For Unique Antiques!
  11. The first time I RPed was on Gaia Online. And it was bad. I've never been much of a writer and the themes didn't help. I like making up stories but I better at drawing them then telling.
  12. Dear Princess Celestia, I love your extensions! Where can I get some like your's?
  13. Did. . . did you just. . . just say. . . INVADER MOTHERF****ING ZIM!? WHERE!? I DEMAND TO KNOW! Well don't get your hopes up but, the last time I saw it on tv was on NickToons. They were having a marathon. I 've got all the dvds to keep my Zim hunger satisfied.
  14. Batman the Animated Series. So good! I recently found some dvds at the grocery store and bought two. They are 4 disk volumes 1 and 2. I am so happy I found them. I watched it as a kid but I was too little to appreciate as much as I do now. The style, the darkness, the voices! Ugh. Just love love love. The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. Cute, silly and weird. Lots of quirky animation. Invader Zim what a show!
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