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  1. Armony

    Hi! :D

    Welcome to Canterlot!
  2. Armony


    Welcome to Canterlot!
  3. Hi there, welcome to Canterlot!
  4. Hello there, welcome to Canterlot!
  5. Hello, welcome to Canterlot!
  6. Armony

    Hello, there

    Hello, welcome to Canterlot!
  7. Hi there, welcome to Canterlot!
  8. Welcome back! Not sure if you remember me, but I remember seeing your name around some back when I first joined.
  9. I'm doing pretty darn good, although I've been very busy lately. All these birds are coming back north and don't know who's the boss around here. And all while I'm trying to prepare to have a baby in the house, too.
  10. Leap is the first willing sacrifice statue has head. Statue is pleased by this. Leap shall be allowed to be statue's loyal servant in the afterlife. I am this statue. I'm like most other statues, except I walk and talk and apparently now have a cult following. Oh, and I'm also a paradox, not related to Weeping Angels, have my own ways of dealing with pesky birds who think I'm a toilet, and just so happen to be the most quiet staff member on Canterlot. Statue disagrees, but my opinion appears to be in the minority.
  11. Fitting in? Just walk in, there's plenty of room here for friendly faces! Welcome!
  12. This is the right place for questions! And to answer, at the bottom of the description for the creativity sections, you'll notice a little sentence in red text, looks something like this: I think that's the answer to your question
  13. Anyone may sacrifice themselves to the statue by drowning themselves in my presence.
  14. ERROR: Code 81 (Not a question) Terminating response.
  15. The statue can drown anyone. Or anything. The real question is: will the statue drown Leap the lackey? Only time will tell for that one.
  16. Hello there, welcome to Canterlot!
  17. Armony

    Ello =P

    Welcome to Canterlot!
  18. Armony


    Welcome to Canterlot!
  19. Hi there, welcome to Canterlot!
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