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  1. Today I have a Rarity and Spike draw. They were really cute to draw, except I have no concept of drawing Spike, as you can see I had to redraw him twice! Hope you like, have a nice day!
  2. I have another video today, this one is Applejack! Quick and simple!
  3. Thanks I love you art too. Means a lot to here this!
  4. So I did another with Raven from Teen Titans, a show I watched religiously as a kid. True it is not a pony. More ponies coming soon?
  5. Well howdy everypony (as a certain orange pony of ours would say. I decided why not open a thread for my new art? I am not professional by any means, and I know I am only okay, but art sure is fun! I love doing it on my own as a hobby. I decided to open a youtube account, and I was so proud of myself when I figured out how to speed-draw. I thought I would share some of my videos and pictures. Thanks so much for looking Not all of it is pony-art which I hope is okay ^_^My first is a video of me drawing Rainbow Dash, my favorite or the mane six. I don't own the music (obviously)
  6. Recently at Comic Con, a video was shown with storyboard of clips from the new episodes, with their voice actors and music. Some things will be made clear: 1) Nightmare moon is returning. She claims in the clip "to want to be the only princess". This is the eye-opener, there is something we are so missing to have gentle Luna go all crazy again! 2.) An episode called the Power Ponies will be released, where the ponies become knock-off superheros, spike included. There is also a female villain going to be introduced as well here. 3.) Cutie Mark Crusaders are going to be heavily bullied in an episode. 4.) Applejack and her family are going to be singing another song about how awesome it is to be the Apple Family! You can watch the clip here. Someone was able to record it from comic-con. Come and chat, debate, discuss before I freak out! http://www.mylittleponynews.com/2013/07/my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic.html Rainbolt
  7. Ah darn I have flash animation the program, I could play around with it? What puppets are you looking for? So no art room available? Also what is the story or plot, here I will contact you on skype
  8. Well I am back, hello world!

  9. I would love too! I wasn't sure because it was made last year, and the last reply was in October. I am a dedicated artist so any way I could contribute art would be great! Maybe an updated thread would be good, I dunno, unless there is a thread I am missing? I would be good for concept artist, vector images, I can even give a go at background even though i have never explored the area, characters/monsters, themes, you name it!
  10. Is this still alive It looks awesome!
  11. Rainbolt

    New Podcast?

    Well after a long delay I might be starting this back up!
  12. Rainbolt

    New Podcast?

    Thanks NemiesisPony I can totally see that ^.^ We will work hard to hopefully bring it back
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