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  1. This is where I post drawings that are entirely finished. These will always be in full color, and occasionally I will have a background too. Sometimes these will all be monochrome, but not often.
  2. [colour=#ee82ee](After much turmoil and confusion, I return home for my regularly scheduled roleplaying. I apologize I wasn't at a computer -- family issues called.)[/colour] Papyrus internally began banging her head against the wall for not being cautious enough. The back of her mind told her that there wasn't much she could do with a stern father's undying love standing in the way, but that part of her brain was being quickly being pillaged by the soldiers of anxiety. She gave the most convincing (and most phony) smile in a long time when the green unicorn pony was caught off guard by a bell behind her. Her eyes shot open faster than the realization that it was their food ready. Embarrassed, she turned and grabbed the tray with the help of her glowing horn. She sat down at a vacant table and gestured invitingly for Black Hole and his darling filly to take a seat opposite of her. This small diner beat most other food courts in Canterlot in the field of seating. Pap shifted her weight on the large cushion. "[colour=#66cc66]Take a seat,[/colour]" she suggested.
  3. (Yuck, phone posting. Will fix later.)
  4. "Wait...you mean you didn't know she was at the salon?" The mare asked curiously. She was nearly positive that the filly's father knew of her whereabouts earlier, but now her sureness dwindled. Seeing the stallion surprised made her continue. "She was at the Shockblast Salon with Calypso." Papyrus tried not to sound accusing, knowing that a caring father would go over to the Shockblast and beat the goodness out of Calypso if he was mistreating his daughter.
  5. Now, Papyrus was not particularly known for her generousness. This was of course not because she didn't have a caring and kind soul willing to help anypony who was down on their luck, but rather because she never really could work up the courage to express herself. A homeless pony sitting in the gutter would rip her heart out, but an interaction with somepony who she wasn't acquainted with did not appeal to her that much. She'd walk past him, the soft jingle of coins in her saddlebags as she walked past overwhelming her with guilt. This meant the unicorn did not have much experience. This also meant that when the pony first expressed her inner compassion for a complete stranger, she was completely unsure what to do once thanked for it. Pap looked into Black Hole's name-fitting eyes for a moment, but then her eyes closed and she sighed. No reason to be nervous, she said to herself in her head, just grab the order and quit being such a scaredy-pony. Papyrus cleared her throat and looked up at the shop's menu, trying to sound unworried and nonchalant. [colour=#66cc66]"I'd like to purchase two daisy sandwiches, first one with white bread and the other with whole wheat, and a short glass of water." [/colour]Pap's facade of nonchalance worked well, though, and the clerk nodded eagerly and sped off.
  6. Shrunken pupils and a rapidly increasing heartbeat, at the point where it seemed like it would thump right out of Papyrus's chest any second, it seemed like they were the only things she could remember. Foalnapping? Papyrus would look at her hooves if she wasn't paralyzed in an utter fear of Nebula's father. She would never do something so absolutely vile. His bright red eyes threatened her, and his words certainly twisted the knife in her wound. The pony felt a stinging in the corners of her eyes, even though she knew it was just a misunderstanding, she felt like she would break down any second. The small filly behind her seemed like she was depending on a sort of strength and courage that the Manehattan pony just didn't have. However, despite the horrible urge to cower and burst into tears, she shakily stood on her hooves. "[colour=#66cc66]I-I'm sorry-- sir! I just...[/colour]" The mare was sputtering and tripping over her words like they were huge obstacles. Papyrus sighed. "[colour=#66cc66]I was just getting her something to eat. I saw her at the barber, helping out the stylist. She seemed hungry and a bit upset, so I tried to get her some lunch.[/colour]" Despite her weak explanation, the pony hoped that Nebula Rose's father would accept it.
  7. Papyrus carefully surveyed the land around her. Canterlot was a big city, and that certainly didn't help. According to her train map, they were in the Southeast, and according to her memory, all of her (though great and memorable) instances in Canterlot were more so in the very middle of the city. She cursed at herself in her mind for not bothering to bring a real map on her way. Instead, she looked down and Nebula and smiled at her nervously. [colour=#66cc66]"Well, this should be an adventure." [/colour]the unicorn said optimistically. She took a step off of the front porch of the Shockblast Salon. As far as she could tell, this was fairly similar to central Canterlot. The streets were still mainly lined with lavender sidewalks and had nice green roads. The buildings were still tall and towering, and ribbons still hung from some, while others chose to be short and stout but just as elegant. However, the placement of said buildings was entirely different. Papyrus began to step away from the salon. The green pony tried to walk slowly, so that the small filly and her short legs could keep up. She looked around cautiously. There was no way to tell where anything was, based on her sense of direction. Pap supposed she needed to fully use all of her other senses. She knew in the back of her mind that it would be a bad idea, considering the ones she mainly used were purely sight and a tad bit of common sense, but it shouldn't be all too hard, should it? The pony started trying to trust her sight less and more trust her other senses. She listened for the sound of an oven timer ringing or a pot of water bubbling. She stuck out her nose and sniffed as discreetly as possible, trying to make out the heavenly aroma of freshly baked bread or a pie sitting in a window to cool. She listened for the sound of an outdoor seat pushing out or a few ponies talking through a mouthful of hor d'oeurves (despite the obvious violation of unspoken Canterlot manners). After a little while, her eyes caught target of a few umbrella-covered tables sitting out front of a small shop. [colour=#66cc66]"Looks like we're here..." [/colour]the older pony trailed off worriedly. Would she be able to hide her social anxieties for the point of getting this filly some lunch? It appeared that it would be quite the challenge, considering the rather large swarm of ponies that were outside. They were all prancing about, giggling, chewing a bite or two, going back inside with their empty plate for seconds so that the dishwasher wouldn't have to do more work than necessary. Pap was known for her shyness and social awkwardness, and this situation screamed at the back of her mind to run far, far away.
  8. Papyrus nodded at the small filly, admiring the happy aura that she gave off with the pep in her step as she trotted over. However, at the sight of the bits being held in her mouth, the unicorn shifted her weight from hoof to hoof. [colour=#66cc66]"You wouldn't wanna lose that, exactly..." [/colour]the green mare leaned down, took the bits, and then put them in the white foal's saddlebags. She checked her own orange saddlebags for her things, gestured for Nebula Rose to come over, and stepped outside of the salon.
  9. Papyrus thought for a moment. She was completely lost in this area, despite the map in her saddlebags. It only covered the train's path, and unfortunately all she knew was that this shop was located at the very last stop. The city pony looked over at Calypso, a questioning look in her eyes that obviously pleaded for information to help the poor scared foal. She couldn't tell left from right in this town, and her social anxieties didn't help at all. Fortunately, the warm welcome of the citizens that she'd met so far made her a lot less intimated by the town. However, that didn't help the situation at hoof at all, except maybe having a few ponies she wouldn't mind asking for a bit of help. Papyrus walked over to the filly and gave a reassuring stroke through her mane, feeling Nebula's warmth swallowing her whole from a few feet away. [colour=#66CC66]"We should be able to find a place for you to stay and grab a bite, it shouldn't be all too difficult." [/colour]Papyrus said, trying to douse her words in the sort of warmth and comfort she remembered her mother using.
  10. [colour=#66cc66]"Say, uh, Nebula," [/colour]Papyrus began.[colour=#66cc66]"You look a teeny bit drowsy. You should probably take five, huh?" [/colour]the mare did underestimate a bit, and Rose's drooping eyes made it seem like she hadn't gotten a good night's sleep in a few years. Calypso reassured her quite a bit by now, and after letting out her long stream of tears the poor filly probably had an awful headache. Pap wasn't sure whether she was doing this as work for her family or just to occupy her free time, but she was sure that CC's kind heart and good nature (at least, as far as she knew) would dictate her to go calm down a bit, and likely take the rest of the day off. It wasn't like he couldn't handle the shop on his own. A grown stallion not managing a small barber without trouble would be silly. The green mare gently poked the back of Rose's head with her nose, taking note of her mane's typical filly scent that filled her brain with a lovely nostalgia. [colour=#66CC66]"Lunch break seems good about now." [/colour]Papyrus suggested.
  11. Papyrus was certain he knew why she was asking. After all, it wasn't as if she'd look for information about where they were playing just for kicks! The mare was about to respond, but she was cut off by a certain small filly's voice that almost sounded like...sobbing? The unicorn feared that she got too worked up by the pressure of having to do so much work for the Salon. She held out a hoof, her body slightly eased to the room where she heard the quiet near-crying coming from. [colour=#66cc66]"Might go check it out later," [/colour]Pap said quickly. [colour=#66cc66]"one moment." [/colour]She stepped into the back room.
  12. Roleplay Type: World of Equestria Name: Papyrus, often nicknamed Pap Sex: Female Age: Young Mare Species: Unicorn Eye colour: Bright amber Coat: Light emerald green, well-groomed and silky Mane/Tail: Strong red; burgundy, combed rather straight with a few stray hairs here and there Physique: Average height, a tad bit more weight than the standard pony Residence: Canterlot, The Foothills, Equestria Occupation: Author, best known for her tragedies (note: writes under the pseudonym of Candy Corn, explained below) Cutie Mark: Small brown inkwell, with red feather with a yellow quill to the left of it. She received her cutie mark one summer night, when she had finally finished the journal her aunt had bought for her last Hearth's Warming Eve. As she wrote the last entry, she decided to flip to the beginning, and was amazed how much her writing had progressed over time. She closed the journal and put it under her bed, then she unfurled a scroll and began to write. Papyrus' quill danced until sunrise, when she finally rolled over and submitted to sleep. The foal didn't even notice the sparkling on her flank when she finally rested off her long adventures in another (fictional) world that existed purely in her imagination until that night. History: Papyrus was born in Fillydelphia, where her parents moved for a short period of time for the quietness and serenity in comparison to Manehatten, but they soon returned due to their homesickness. They sent the green foal to a private school. She was not very skilled with schoolwork, but thanks to her father's fortune he collected from his profitable carriage repair shop, tutoring was always available to keep her grades up. Her intelligence wasn't the problem, but rather her impatience and short attention span. These were also an obstacle in trying to befriend her classmates. She wasn't very concerned about the beginning stages of friendship, and instead she opted to instantly put her faith in ponies she hardly knew, and skip getting to know them. Because of this, Papyrus never had too many friends and learned to enjoy being alone a lot more over socializing, but she still had a pal or two that enjoyed her company. However, the results were permanent, and she became awfully rude to ponies other than her close friends in the future, just because of her lack of experience. Her parents were Nutty Bolts, an eccentric orange-coated repairstallion with a wrench for a cutie mark, and Palette, a pale yellow unicorn who was head-over-hooves for the visual arts. Pap loves them dearly, but they have a tendency to not even try to understand her interests the way she attempts to tolerate theirs (though she fails to realize her habit of doing the same thing). With help from her mother's constant coos about following her dreams and her father's perfect modeling of hard work, she pursued writing once she got her cutie mark. She was enrolled in a few writer's workshops, and once she graduated from school her skill with words was impeccable. Papyrus made several short stories from her new small apartment in Canterlot and began to sell manuscripts on street corners However, with her amazing success and lack of people skills combined, she decided to start writing under the pseudonym of "Candy Corn" to avoid crowds and interviews. She continued to expand as a literary artist since then, and hopes to leave her mark in history. Character Summary: Papyrus always has good intentions, but due to her awkwardness they tend to lead into the wrong places. Her social anxiety prevents her from doing the good for society she wishes she could accomplish, and she hopes that one day she will overcome it. Until then, though, she still has her favorite hobbies that she is very skilled at. As implied by her name, Papyrus loves exploring the deepest corners of her mind for a good, entertaining story (depending on your definition of "entertaining", and its similarity to "heart-wrenching"), but she also has a passion for baking sweets. Even though she has an issue with sharing her pastries with anyone, she has the notion that she's doing good to the community by making them. Some other things she enjoys just as much are taking long, solitary strolls in Whitetail Wood, and making scarves in her spare time (though she'd do much more than just little scarves if she had the talent). However, she has a certain instinct to run away and never return if she has to go to a large social gathering or take care of a more active animal. Besides for what she likes externally, trying to befriend Papyrus, or even talk to her, without her making the first move is a bad idea. Her experience in conversation is lacking, and she becomes very nervous and intimidated if someone wants to have a lively conversation. Ironically, her fear of weirding out the person on the other end often becomes the reason why she does. Along with her slight social handicap, Papyrus also isn't very good at giving advice, or being very athletic. Most of her strength is in her magic, but even then her strongest spell in terms of a fight is a magical barrier large enough to surround her for a short minute or two.
  13. [colour=#dda0dd]((Heh, sorry about that. Shenanigans beckoned.))[/colour] Papyrus cocked her head in curiosity. Sure, she hadn't heard much of disco, but then again she was never really one for much music at all, or she would own a stereo. The unicorn considered going to see his show, but she didn't know much about it. [colour=#66CC66]"When and where are you playing?" [/colour]she questioned.
  14. Though Papyrus was very concerned a moment ago about the poor filly feeling ashamed of her clumsiness, it certainly didn't show now as she admired herself in the large mirror in front of her. She grinned at the reflection matching hers exactly as she tested her new manecut from a few different angles. He had apparently added a silk-like feeling to it too, and thanks to his magical enhancement she didn't have to worry about it falling out of place over the day's course. His fine description of "femme fatale" was definitely right, and though Papyrus didn't exactly have the dark feminine vibe at first, he took care of everything. She nodded quickly at him, smiling wide. An orange glow surrounded her tangerine saddlebags, and she lifted out eight bits. [colour=#66CC66]"Will this do? [/colour]she asked.
  15. (([colour=#ee82ee]OOC: You get cut off mid-sentence there?[/colour]))
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