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  1. I live in Poland but I was born in the U.S. so I can vote (I'll be 18 on Halloween so... ). To be honest I don't have really idea. I'm more Republican if it goes for that they are standing for but I can't really see a candidate who could represent me. ... There is still time and I'm gonna watch carefully the news, debates and the hustings.
  2. So I'm uploading next chapter... Just in case somebody is reading this. ----------------------------------------- Blue door creaked for a moment, when they were opening. A brown head slowly slipped from a blue police box standing just next to a big barn. In fact – TARDIS was inside a small box room, which door was just in front spaceships entrance. After overmastering a secret skill of walking on four legs and not being able to feel the ground beneath, Doctor changed his cloths (or just put anything on him). In TARDIS, surprisingly, there wasn’t even a single blouse for a pony. Instead Time Lord took a black tie and - after almost hanging himself while putting it on - he was ready. Now, step by step, TARDIS was being left and the door just in front of him were closer and closer. Time Lord raised his front leg to open the door. ‘I told ya, Applebloom, strange sounds aren’t happening in Apples farm. You must stop listening to all those grannies’ old pony tales. The is no such thing as…’ Before Doctor could press the door, they were opened widely by someone from the other side. A young orange mare was standing just a few inches from him. She had a yellow mane tied with a red ribbon and tail in the same colour. On the top of her head there was a typical straw hat. ‘See~?’ screamed frightened cub. A little pony with pink mane and also yellow fur was standing just next to her older sister. ‘Okay, colt. What are ya doin’ here?’ Time Lord smiled widely. No matter which universe he was – creatures who met him had the same facial expression when seeing him for the first time. ‘Redneck, huh?’ he said excitedly. ‘Nice to meet you!’ Applejack stared at the brown intruder uneasily. He was hiding in the box room, doing… whatever – she didn’t want to know what a colt could do alone in a dark, small, closed place. ’And you are…?’ ‘Doctor.’ The brown stranger kept smiling. ‘Doctor… Who?’ Applebloom stepped forward. ‘Just the ‘Doctor’.’ There was silence for a moment. Applejack looked at the colt. Where did he come from? Strange thing on his front leg didn’t seem to make yellow filly any calmer. There was something odd about him, except hiding in the box room. ‘I’m sorry but… where am I?’ ’Ponyville, of course.’ Applebloom seemed to do well with talking to that crazy stranger. ‘Ponyville, of course!’ Doctor repeated excitedly. He raised his hoof and hit his forehead. At once he hissed and mumbled something about “hands being useful†(whatever those “hands†were). ‘Applejack,’ Applebloom whispered conspiratorially. ‘What if he is a spy?’ Young filly eagerly stared at her sister, searching for even a bit of agreement to her theory. ‘Did you just tried to steal our applewares?’ she looked at him carefully. Stranger suddenly became severe. ‘Don’t be silly, Applejack. I can manage without them,’ he answered. ‘Are you, sir, just saying you don’t like our apples?’ Little filly looked at him angrily. She took a step forward, raising her head to make herself look more intimidating. ‘No,’ he stopped for a moment, thinking. ’Well… It might have sounded like that, but I had never eaten any of your applewares or even apples. So I can’t say…’ ‘Okay, okay!’ Applejack interrupted, waving her hoof, as she wanted to say “cut it outâ€Â. ‘You would better move, colt, because there isn’t much time to finish… Whatever you are doing for the Summer Sun Preparations,’ she looked at him carefully. ‘That’s funny, ‘cause you remind me of someone.’ Doctor shook his head apologetically and started walking slowly, through the barn. Talking to the natives wasn’t so hard. They were diligent and kind – in their own way. At least they didn’t want to kill him – which Doctor even didn’t expect to happen. ‘Blank flank!’ Applebloom shouted excitedly to Applejacks ear. ‘Can see that, young one. This is a one strange pony.’ Ponified Time Lord was again on his way. TARDIS was safe for a while – a short while, when he will stay here, until his spaceship will start listening to him again. Finally he had some time to watch everything which was surrounding him. It was a really nice place for living. Doctor realized, that Rose would like it in here. Cosy atmosphere, green trees full of tasty apples. Big, fluffy grass swinging on the wind. Doctor looked around amazed there were so many trees around. How ponies could take care of every single apple on this farm or on any other? Their determination reminded him of people – only they could try doing more than they could handle. Hoof by hoof he left the farm. Just above him there was a big banner informing that the territory of Apple’s Farm was ending right here – just in front of him. He passed the white, wooden fence and then stopped. Just ahead there was a city. Pretty colourful flowers were planted on a special ground, where a pony hoof never stepped in case not to trample anything. Even more beautiful butterflies were flying around them or sitting on the stamens to drink the tasty nectar. Further, there were buildings. All of them painted with pastel colours, were very similar to those on Earth. To his surprise a filly came out from one of it, opening the door with her front hoof. So all this place was inhabited by ponies – Doctor was stunned. He has never seen anything like this before. “That would be an explanation why I changed into a pony…†he thought. ‘Excuse me.’ Doctor looked down on a little filly that was standing just in front of him. Her dark blue mane and tail were straight. As for her fur – it was blue, with a cute little picture on her heap. An archer bow. ‘Yes?’ he smiled widely to the new met citizen of Ponyville. ‘Can you move to the side? I can’t get through,’ she asked politely. The filly was pulling a wain packed with sweets, cakes and drinks. It seemed too big to be handled by such a little pony, but the Doctor didn’t protest. ‘Of course, pardon me,’ Doctor jumped from the little ponies way. ‘Voila,’ he smiled again and moved on, not to disturb the Archer bow-filly. It was a very busy city, that’s for sure. Even looking at all those working ponies mad the observatory feel ashamed for loafing around. After walking awhile and examining few houses time lord ended up in the city center, where a street market was living it’s own life. Food, art, sellers, customers – there was hardly a place for a pony to put its hoof but Doctor didn’t seem worried about that. He started approaching the whole bunch of ponies hustling in one place. ‘Rose!’ Time lord immediately turned his head to the direction from which he has heard too familiar name. A brown colt with a dark brown, swept-back mane was galloping from the another part of the city, just towards the market. For the first time Doctor saw a pony with wings. “Pegasus!†he thought excitedly. On his heap there was a picture of a half moon. Strange. Everyone here got those silly, little marks – in the same place. But that wasn’t the most important thing right now, when a colt strikingly similar to Doctor was shouting the name of the woman he loved. He loves. ‘Rose!’ the colt smiled when a cream furred filly stepped out from the crowd. ‘Look, this is perfect for the Summer Sun.‘ He gave her a big red rose – similar to the one the filly got on her heap. The flower was gently put between the left ear and the light and dark pink mane of the filly. ‘It’s beautiful, Papermoon,’ she smiled to him and nipped her partner’s ear. ‘Romantic today, are you?’ she laughed sympathetically. The Doctor was just standing and watching the couple intensively. It was so… unbelievable. He watched as the ponies hugged by lying their heads on partner’s back. Then their eyes met. Time Lord didn’t took a step back even though the identical looking colt was staring right at him, in disbelief and in a second he whispered to Rose. Both of them were looking at the Doctor unconvinced. Papermoon took a step forward. With a great energy he approached the new colt was strikingly similar to him. Roseluck followed him, soon overhauling her partner. This was a very strange colt. Just as a… clone of Papermoon. ‘Nice to meet you,’ she smiled when she finally was close enough. The strange colt became even more strange, when the mare saw a leather band on his front leg with a long, metal stick-thing. ‘I’m Roseluck and this is Papermoon.’ Doctor nodded quietly for the first time not being able to talk. He wasn’t sure. That voice... ‘Would you like to step in for a slice of an apple pie I’ve made?’ Papermoon asked politely adjoining his partner. The strange colt nodded again and then smiled. ‘That would be brilliant, Papermoon’.
  3. Hi! Nice to meet you nn. Where are you from? How old are you? Do you have any favorite TV series? Hope you will enjoy staying here - You will be 20% cooler thanks to that! 8D.
  4. I now know what's the problem. I pasted some picture without that whole 'link thing' and the system couldn't see the post at all. But after I've put the picture in the right way everything was all right. nn'.
  5. I'm looking for a beta like... desperately D:. _____________ Circumstances "Barcelona?" Doctor smiled widely. TARDIS was purring quietly while her owner was impressing himself. Yeah, exactly - himself. If she only could tell him how bad he looked these days. Unfortunately TARDIS couldn't speak. Disappointing was the fact that Doctor never thought about giving his spaceship a voice. It's very own voice. TARDIS could feel but she couldn't speak her thoughts... More or less. After some years she figured out other ways to communicate. Very effectively. Doctor stopped for a moment, looking at the door. He wished Rose was there entering the ship. He could clearly imagine her walking towards him with a bright smile. Time Lord snapped his fingers giggling quietly. Closing the door just in front of Jackie's face was just too funny to resist. But there was no Jackie. No Mickey. He missed them. He could remember all of them: Rose, Martha and even Donna, whose yelling didn't seem so irksome right now. But everyone was happy just as it was - world without the Doctor. Some him-human was taking care of Rose, doing his best to make her happy (if he really was that similar to his prototype). Martha was protecting her world, fighting with what shouldn't have ever come on Earth and Donna... She couldn't even remember him. Doctor was alone but he had chosen it to be this way. It was better for everyone. Well - almost for everyone. TARDIS knew what was the problem. She could always understand him. And she helped him the only way she could help. "So? Where would you like to go? Maybe New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York?" he took a deep breath before he could continue. "You know, it would be nice to check on how did they deal with setting up the new government" Doctor explained his idea walking vigorously near the console. It looked almost as if he was dancing around it. "I know there are those cat-nurses and I don't really like cats but... Come on - how bad it could be?" he smiled truculently, then turned on the switch. Spaceship started making it's familiar noise. Doctor smiled to himself. He didn't have much but he had a house and that was a treasure no-one could ever steal from him. No-one - as long as he was in charge. TARDIS obeyed Doctor's order. Actually the trip wasn't so long and their destiny was close or you would rather call it "soon". 4000 years wasn't really a big deal for such a young (over 1000 years isn't really anything to be proud of) but experienced TARDIS. They were almost there. The ship felt contented about the Doctors soul being a bit cured by visiting a human city. But as they landed things have changed. Doctor was usually very excited about going there. He even used to whistle from time to time some cheerful tune. But not this time. Time Lord was still standing in one place not moving even an inch. TARDIS feel something is wrong, different. The scar in Doctors heart was so deep that even this place couldn't help him to clear his head. If spaceships could smile, TARDIS would definitely giggle right now. The idea was too tempting to reject it. Suddenly she started taking off - as quickly as she had landed. Roaring became louder and louder, waking the Time Lord from his tormor. "No... No, no no, no, no!" Doctor looked at the console, reading parameters. "It's impossible" he whispered to himself opening his eyes widely. It was like the universe was absorbing TARDIS. He hit the console with anger but spaceship didn't change her mind. She could feel his despair and stray. "Why are you doing this to me? Why now?" he cried. She wanted to answer him but it was pointless. She could only creak or roar from time to time, that's all. TARDIS was doing this for Doctors own good and she took whole responsibility for this trip. It was far from where they were supposed to be but it was worth going there - to the place where you can find only happiness and peace. - - - - - - The flight took them about two days. TARDIS was doing her best to make it as fast as it was possible but the reduction of the time still didn't prevent the Doctor from spending almost 48h inside his beloved blue police box. Time Lord had fallen asleep couple of hours ago, as he was powerless towards the TARDIS. D was now sitting on the ground with his hands crossed. He leaned against the dark brown door. His head hung, simply lying in his chest. Every Time Lord sometimes needed some sleep. Doctor wasn't moving. The only thing that could be heard in the TARDIS was a quiet mumble. "Banana cocktail..." Time Lord whispered, dreaming. It wasn't a good dream, nor a bad one. He raised his hand to touch his head. Two hearts pounded quickly when Doctor tried to get away from the castle, where British Queen appeared to be a human Dalek. He was looking for Rose to help her get away but she was nowhere to be found. Surprisingly hearts couldn't go faster, when their owner felt a dull pain in his skull. "Ouch!" Doctor opened his eyes quickly, as something heave hit him on his forehead. He wanted to complain loudly how ridiculous his dream was, when he realized what has woken him up. The first thing he could see was a big brown... thing. It was sitting in the top of his hand. Time Lord started shaking off that weird thing but it didn't want to move. Actually it couldn't, as it was a part of Doctor's body. "What?" he wagged his hand even more nervously. "What?!" Doctor groaned. In his entire lofe he wouldn't expect to have a... hoof (or even four of them!). Time Lord started examining himself carefully. Light brown fur, hooves, ears on the top of his head, long muzzle... He looked on the ground, where he could see his reflection in TARDISes deck. His mane was long and swept-back. Dark brown, which Doctor found rather disappointing. "A pony and not ginger". If TARDIS could, she would smile as a loud complain resonated around the spaceship. "But even so - I look surprisingly well, for a pony of course". He had also a short tail in the same color as the mane. After a while, another quite embarrassing fact hit him - he was naked. Only one part of his body was covered - the part no-one would expect to be hidden from others eyes. "How did I do this?" he looked astonished at his right hand (or rather leg). There was a dark brown, leather band. Quite wide. Under two clasps a sonic screwdriver was touching the thick material, waiting for its owner to be used. "Never thought about that" Doctor nodded admiringly. Even in this situation he could find a minute to compliment his own stroke of genius. His trip has ended. TARDIS was no longer giving out any sounds. Everything was quiet and steady - definitely too peaceful for a traveler like Doctor. Time Lord looked around for any clues. Becoming a pony wasn't quite a normal thing - even in the universe. He looked down on his legs. Hooves were something he had to accept, right now. Actually problem was how to stand up. It didn't seem to be the same a crawling, which he simply couldn't remember (come on, it was over 900 years ago). He stretched his front legs, than started to straighten the back ones. He was standing - finally. "It wasn't so bad" Doctor smiled to himself. "Allons-y!". After he took a step there was a dull thud as some pony started a new friendship with the floor. _______________ Help? :<
  6. Doctor Whooves of course. Also Roseluck and Papermoon . Even If they hardly appear D:.
  7. That would be awesome to read! For sure, in a shoret time, there will be lots of sketches of Arcana and Dazzle :3. Love those some kind of detective pony stories :3. CAn't wait. When do you want to upload it? nn.
  8. It's hopeless. All the time i can see a message "You must enter a post." Which post... where? I've written everything I want there >>. Help. ED: I found out that it's a problem with images... Whe I copied an image ther It didn't want to upload it. I'll try to upload that image some other way... Duh. Hard one D:. Thanks anyway.
  9. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! I love that game. It's so relaxing and... I love the soundtrack in there nn. It makes me feel like home. I have Animal Crossing: Wild World for my Nintendo DS, and also, yesterday bought 'Animal Crossing: let's go to the city!' for wii and I'm rally enjoying it. If anypony would like to meet here is my friend code: 2408-7087-6419. just say anything, before coming nn. Mushrooms, new cloths, designs, swimming, big world, benches... It looks so cool xx'. I won't buy the new Nintendo 3DS... I know - Nintendogs and Animal Crossing are fun but I don't think they are worth buying a new console, when I have Xbox, DS, Wii and my old PC... >>.
  10. Hello everypony! My name is Nika (Monika but I prefer my nickname). As you can see I'm a Doctor Who maniac and also a Doctor Whooves great fan . Yeah, I've made that animation right there *points at her avatar*. If you will find it on DA, there will be a couple of Dr.W arts there nn. This year I'll be 18. I was born in Halloween - 31.10 8D! Now I live in Poland but I used to live in Chicago when I was small (we left US, when I was 5). My English isn't as good as I wouls wish it to be, but it must do D:. I'm also a great fan of: 'Sherlock BBC', 'Star Wars', 'The Mentalist', ' Doctor Who' (again xD) and.. yeah. I think that's it . So... Hello .
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