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  1. Mine needs more work. I've fallen out of my AC addiction lol.
  2. Two years later I forgot what I wanted to do.
  3. "I can distract them to make it easier for you guys. My semblance and weapon allow for great mobility, especially in the forest" Slash said as he inspected each of their opponent's weapons. "Be wary of other features their weapons might have and their semblances too." The fact that Slash didn't know any of their semblances made him a little nervous since they could be hiding a powerful semblance up their sleeve. Vinny puts his hands on his tonfa behind his back. "I can provide cover fire for Terry and Allen. With the forest as their terrain, they will likely try to draw you in. Separate them and bring them out so that Kat can easily take them down. I'll stay to cover everyone."
  4. As the teams were elevated up to the arena, the audience cheered with excitement. Slash looked around with a big smile on his face, waving to the crowd. He glances to the opposite side of the ring, recognizing the team he saw at the waiting lounge. "Atlas Academy...hmm" he thought, eyeing one person in particular. "Of course, Kat. Pick a good colour for me." Vinny said as he analyzes the opposing team, narrowing his gaze. He cracks a small smile upon recognizing their faces, things could not have worked out better for Vinny. "Before we begin, let's see what each team gets for their terrain!" Professor Port yelled into the microphone. Hologram screens appeared behind each team with an icon representing a type of terrain on them. Suddenly, it started to roll like a slot machine, scrolling until it finally landed on one. "On Team Samaritan's side...Forest!" the area behind the team was suddenly covered in trees, thick and dense. "On Team Cavity's side...Beach!" behind team KAVT appeared a sandy beach with many rocks and a body of water.
  5. Re:Zero is good. Idk about 2nd season yet though. The character development of Subaru is great. Gives him some depth instead of being just the “main character”.
  6. That's why I'm waiting for all the episodes to come out to binge watch after. XD
  7. Welcome to Canterlot!
  8. Yea, unfortunate. I would have rolled in with Lan Fa the smuggler ;-; Blaster pew pew
  9. Aw man! I can't believe I missed out on this!
  10. Once the teams have arrived at their respective gates, red lights flash to signal the staff to clear the area. "Please stand in a line and don't move" an engineer said before closing the gate. They went over to the control panel and waited for their signal. "This is it!" Slash said with a smirk as he extends his gauntlets to his elbows and tightens the wrapping on his hands. Professor Oobleck and Professor Port were the commentators for the tournament and had just finished wrapping up the last battle. "For the next match, we have Beacon's Team Samaritan versus Atlas's Team Cavity!" Port yelled into the microphone. Vinny inhaled and exhaled deeply to try calm himself, not because he's nervous about the fight, but because of how Allen was getting on his nerves. "You talk to much Allen" he said as he calmly put his hands behind his back and widened his stance. The roof starts to open up above the teams and the platform they were standing on started to raise.
  11. "Err...are you alright? You weren't that hyper a minute ago" Slash asked, a little worried about Andrea. Just a second ago she wasn't as confident but now it's like her butt is on fire. "Sounds like a plan on my part. But remember, it's 'our' team" he said as he looked at everyone, putting his hand on Tehengu's shoulder and Midnight's. "It sounds cheesy, but we've been through a lot...the four of us. We are all in this together." Vinny ignored Allen as he wasn't worth any of his time or energy, and instead kept eyeing their opponents. The camaraderie was something their team lacked, but it still wasn't as strong as what he has back home. The removal of the pain-in-the-neck called "Allen" would have improve this fault to a great extent. Unfortunately, it isn't possible, and it will be their downfall. ---"Team Samaritan and Team Cavity, please report to your respective gates." a voice on the intercom announced.--- "That's us I guess. Let's do this everyone." Slash smiled, looking at his team members with pride. Vinny looks back at the members of his team and nods. "Let's give it our best effort. Make Atlas proud to call us their students." he says before turning to walk towards their gate. It didn't really matter, he knows what needs to be done.
  12. "Basically yea. I'm sure they are well trained too though, so we'll still need to be careful of that" Slash nods. "Don't worry, we got this". He turned to Midnight and pointed at the screen and intercom. "We'll be called when it's out turn and then follow the hallway to the arena doors." "Since when was this your team? You're not even the leader, Allen" Vinny pointed out while returning a wave to Terry. "If anything, you're the one who is embarrassing." He said as he looked around, noticing people look at them because of Allen's yelling and the fact that he's doing up a girl's shirt. Vinny has had just about enough of Allen's...everything, but he has a job to do which unfortunately includes being associated with Allen. He straightens his robes and turns away, hoping to get away from the ruckus. "I'm heading to the arena. Kat, if you don't want to get lost, hold on to me or Terry. We have no time to lose." he says, promptly walking away. Upon arriving at the arena, Vinny spots a team in the waiting area, guessing they are local based on the way the were dressed. He looks up at the information board and sees that their opponents are from Beacon. Putting two and two together, he figures it out and looks closer at the members. There were definitely a few faces he recognized.
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