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  1. Last post wins

    I like Banana Fish too!
  2. Last post wins

    Cells at Work is great! So is Asobi Asobase, Baki, Isekai maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu, and of course...Happy Sugar Life... Yes Mama, I don't think I can go in alone XD.
  3. Last post wins

    I mean, I don't feel any less lucky...
  4. Last post wins

    It was similar to that actually. I'd really want to, but the idea of my innocent butt walking into a tattoo studio feels weird.
  5. Last post wins

    I'd like to pierce my ears...I saw super cute Spirited away earrings...
  6. Last post wins

    I've heard about that anime. I didn't think it would work on anyone... I'M SORRY MAMA ROSE, I'LL GIVE YOU ALL THE PRAISE AND CUDDLES YOU NEED!
  7. Last post wins

    Yep. We were only 3 pages in. This is why I'm not a fan of posting orders.
  8. Last post wins

    There was...until it died.
  9. Last post wins

    Lol, thanks everyone!
  10. Last post wins

    Yoooo! YES! Especially Silent Voice and Your Name! Though, for Silent Voice, I recommend reading the manga first. The movie skips out parts that I feel are actually quite important. Prepare tissues for all those movies.
  11. Last post wins

    I gotta get that soon; a lot of positive things said about that game. Koe no Katachi is such a good manga. All of ya should read it if you haven't.
  12. Last post wins

    He's the best "girl"!
  13. Last post wins

    Also, I freaking love this song. The feels I get listening to this while on the train/walking.