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  1. 5" of snow...someone must have put away their shovel...

    1. Sondash145


      Half an inch of growth in the past three months...

      Still no snow here, I'm just gettin' taller. That's the only inch-related thing I can think of that doesn't delve into inappropriate territory.


      My jokes really jumped the shark there, didn't they?

  2. Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun!
  3. (Yes please)
  4. <---Hates alcohol.
  5. It's snowing...

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    2. DreamySunday


      You can keep it :D

    3. Dio


      Canadia. It's a magical place.

    4. SymphonicFire


      'Tis indeed.

  6. Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun!
  7. Still snowing...

    1. Sondash145


      Still ninety degrees...

  8. Biiirrrrddd

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  9. "Don't go back to bed, we are leaving soon." Slash sighed, turning to the next empty bed that belonged to Midnight. It was very unlike her to get up before him, much less Andrea. Then again, she was like this since the day she talked about her past, maybe that's why she seems to be avoiding the team. No matter, they'll be spending all their time together on this trip, he could find out why she's keeping her distance then.
  10. Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun!
  11. BONE SAW IS REAAAADYYYY! Anyone know that reference?
  12. @RainbowDaringDash You're up soon, are you ready?
  13. A few days after the incident, the first day of the trip. Slash woke up early to pack his bag and get ready. He quickly changed to his casual clothes before setting down his bag and sitting on a chair in their room, waiting for the others.
  14. Majority rule, I'll post soon.