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  1. Tron Legacy roleplay? Might not start it until 2 weeks later though.

    1. MrCry


      Boi, yes!


  2. I love Melanie Martenez, her style is so unique.
  3. You should. The soundtrack is great and Emma Watson has a decent voice.
  4. You know how your skin can peel off when you get sun burned? I got it on my nose and I peeled it. Turns out it was not ready and now I look like Rudolph.

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. DreamySunday


      Aloe feels so good <3 My momma used to keep a plant for when we would get burned.

    3. DreamySunday


      I used to call it the sleepy cactus.

    4. SymphonicFire


      Image result for anime snicker gif

      That's hilarious.

  5. I just watched the recent "Beauty and the Beast" movie, came so close to crying in the first 2 minutes because it was a major childhood bomb, if that makes any sense. This process repeats about five more times throughout the movie until I finally burst into tears at the very end.
  6. Ohh! Cool! ...then why doesn't it say "Rosewind" instead? XD Okay I'll stop...
  7. Yep, he's probably rolling around so that he wouldn't leak.
  8. Who is this "Madelyne"? Ah, I know, you took her drink because it's that irresistible ya?
  9. Slash woke up as he needed to go to the bathroom. He looked for either one of the girls to let them know he was going out, but neither seemed to be there. "I'll hold it..." he sighed, figuring they went out to do the same before going back to sleep.
  10. RIP DreamySunday, died petting a beast she should not have petted.
  11. I have a competition today and tomorrow! I'll crush all my opponents!