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  1. SymphonicFire


    Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun!
  2. SymphonicFire

    Last post wins

    It's over 9000! Also omg MA! @Rosewind
  3. SymphonicFire


    Hi, I exist too. Welcome to a site that exists. I'm happy you exist.
  4. SymphonicFire

    Last post wins

    Omg dis is so good. Doesn't matter if you're not into Kpop.
  5. SymphonicFire

    Last post wins

    OMG! EXID mom is back! So happy she recovered.
  6. It's snowing! Autumn lasted for 2 weeks here...

    1. Corsair


      Where do you live?  I need to know so I can NEVER GO THERE.

    2. SymphonicFire


      Greetings from Edmonton, Alberta, CANADAAA!



  7. SymphonicFire

    Hey guys! What's up?

    Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun! It's good to have pony OCs since you can pretty much only use humans in Free for All roleplays, so you could work on that after you get comfortable with the site!
  8. SymphonicFire

    Last post wins

    I recently found this song again and got super obsessed. The memories of my highshool days flood back in waves of emotions.
  9. SymphonicFire

    Last post wins

    You're right. Blood is red.
  10. SymphonicFire

    Last post wins

    I mean, Danganronpa is technically censored...right?
  11. SymphonicFire

    What's up? I'm new.

    Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun!
  12. SymphonicFire

    Hello there, I'm new!

    Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun! Awesome! When you do release something, please share it! I'd love to check it out! Heheh, I like you already!
  13. SymphonicFire

    Well met, Canterlot!

    Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun!
  14. SymphonicFire

    Last post wins

    Baki is amazing and so is HSL, but do you know what is awesome? BANANA FIIIISSSHHHH!
  15. SymphonicFire

    Last post wins

    No waay! Also! I'm back from my camping trip.