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  1. *gets bag of Doritos* I'm ready!
  2. An Otaku, actually. Someone who is allergic to something weird.
  3. Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun!
  4. Li recognized a face there who seemed to be with others who could only be her sisters and...someone else. She lowered her blades, eyeing the girl staring at her through her mask. The girl from before seemed to have dropped her "innocent girl" act, but underneath it was a cliché "I'll do anything to survive" kind of attitude. It was amusing to see them take charge of the situation, saying they were about to detonate a bomb and that others are allowed to travel with them like it's a privilege. Li decided to play along, a group this size is bound to provide some good entertainment at some point. Loud noises suddenly erupted from just outside the library, meaning that danger was closing in on them. She did as she was told and ran out of the building, smiling at how interesting things have become.
  5. How are you? 

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      Aren't you the creator?

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      Yeah, though I have to clear the history daily on this computer so..... 



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      Ready to continue?


  6. Upupu~! Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun!
  7. "Let's go." Li said, quickly running back through the room and down the stairs. She unsheathed her blades again and cut a path for the both of them before heading to the library. She looked back often to check on the stallion and the undead. The big one seemed to be mostly out of sight now. "Where to now?"
  8. Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget have fun!
  9. It's giving me a horror kind of vibe, maybe a haunted mansion or something along those lines?
  10. Spying on people spying on people.

  11. Welcome to Canterlot! Don't forget to have fun! ...Red Pandas!
  12. Maybe a Scotland Yard roleplay? Or a Danganronpa roleplay?

    1. Davroth


      I thought a lot about a Danganronpa scenario for forum RP, but it seems really tough since it involves so much secrets and deceit...

    2. SymphonicFire


      It is, planning the murders are already hard enough. I think it is possible with a lot of work; I have already started a few months ago but shoved it aside so I could study. Maybe I'll start working on it again soon.

  13. Ironwood calmly turned towards the girl and narrowed his eyes a little. The lack of respect this girl was showing surprised him, Ozpin has always done a much better job compared to this. Though he was surprised, he didn't feel intimidated at all; the student is foolish to come to those conclusions and foolish to believe she is making the situation any better by pointing her blade at the wrong person. "Neither is the correct reason for my being here, but I thank you nonetheless for confirming my suspicions. Report to Professor Ozpin's office after your classes tomorrow, we have much to discuss. Have a good rest of the evening." he said, turning around to go into the elevator and closed the doors. Cinder returns to the hall with guards chasing after her. She quickly changes to her dress and tosses her mask away, quickly heading to where her partners were. Slash was barely holding on until a strangely familiar woman approached them. That slender figure, especially those legs! She suddenly stood next to the Schnee and held onto his arm. "Ah, excuse me, I was just leaving." the male faunus said, heading back to Tehengu. Wasn't the Schnee with the other girl? Or maybe Slash was just being jealous? No, bad Slash! Your heart, soul, and body belongs to Andrea. Your heart, soul, and body belongs to Andrea! "And that's my exit cue. It was nice to meet you Tehengu, until next time." Ellie smiled, disappearing into the crowd. (8,000 posts! )
  14. Cinder noticed the bombs and jumped away from them, summoning a bow in a burst of flames and shooting it at the bombs to detonate them. Using the explosion as a distraction, she slips away from the girls and heads back to the dance. Just as Cinder leaves, the elevator doors opens and out steps General Ironwood with a concerned look on his face.