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  1. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    Slash's eats perked up as the blade flew between Slash and Torchwick, startling the both of them. Slash turned his head and looked at the yelling faunus. Of course it was Midnight, she had a habit of jumping into fights without thinking. "Looks like back-up is here!" Slash grinned, freeing himself of his bonds and sent the White Fang guards flying with a double uppercut. "Took you guys long enough! I can't handle this many!" "No time to chat Mr Claw! We need to deal with the matter at hand!" Torchwick raises his cane to block the attack. "Uh, who are you again?" he said to the female faunus.
  2. Last post wins

    Gah! I hate winter! Slipped on ice at least 10 times today! Almost fell on my bum!
  3. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    "Let's go!" Oobleck yelled as he took the rope and followed the group. They would find themselves in the same area that Slash ended up when he fell. The Professor looked around, finding a small puddle of blood near the wall. He went over to the other side and saw the shipments of dust, and more importantly, the White Fang. "Is that Mr Claw?" he asked, looking down to see Slash tied up in front of Roman Torchwick. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "I fell through your ceiling, better call a roofer." Slash smirked, quickly getting hit in the head. "You are starting to get on my nerves. You have until the count of 10." Torchwick aimed his cane at Slash's head and put his finger on the trigger.
  4. Last post wins

    MOTHER F--- Thanks ;-;
  5. Last post wins

    Asagao to Kase-san, though it seems like only a teaser was released. Damn...
  6. Last post wins

    I'm so happy. This season we have two shoujo ai animes, and they are both from my favourite mangas! Squeeee~!
  7. Last post wins

    They are! It's a great feeling to look at it and remember all the hard work you put into it. ...and then forget about it.
  8. Last post wins

    I guess I play with lego? I build models like the Millenium Falcon and the Apollo Saturn V (Both I helped build, but do not own because I'm poor). I wanted them though. :T
  9. Last post wins

    ...winter is coming? Idk, not a huge Game of thrones fan. I'm sure a show so uh...gruesome doesn't fit well with MLP lol.
  10. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    I mean, we can start a new one, but wouldn't it be just like this one? XD
  11. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    Maybe, but it'll be hard to continue where we left off. *pulls knife out of thread*
  12. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    I know, but it's too quiet.
  13. Last post wins

    I only watch 3 of them. I didn't get into Arrow early on so I'm lazy to catch up.
  14. Last post wins

    HOOOOOOOOO! btw, when is the break over?! I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO BARRY!
  15. Lan Fa (WiP)

    I will finish it... ...but I wonder when it will finally be done... ...sorry.