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  1. Good to know next time I go through fimfiction I could be reading the next movie And I wouldn't be surprised if there are a dozen of these up already. It has been more than a whole week, after all.
  2. It wasn't bad...Better than I expected, but it was kinda short and rushed. Came off as sorta fan fiction-y at the end, in my opinion.
  3. Well consider me educated! Thanks for the welcome and the lesson, flutterscotch!
  4. Only to find out they're not fiction, but exploits of a pony that was around centuries ago.My one fact... finding out what happened to Spike's parents that his egg was left to Celestial.
  5. Definitely enjoyed the episode, though like some I watched it while exhausted so it'll be a few viewings before I catch a lot of things (didn't even realize there was a Stephen King reference, for example). I wasn't a big Trixie fan to begin with, so wasn't sure what to think of this episode but I was pleasantly surprised. And I won't try to hide my amusement at Trixie biffing her exit there at the end. Or Twilight breaking the 4th wall, technically, just to fix Pinkie's curse. The way I figure it, it has to be all the awesome that they managed to stuff into the episode. Now to watch it a few more times and see what all I missed on the first pass.
  6. Thanks, SonicRainB00m! Already having tons of fun here, not to worry.
  7. Thanks, Rosewind! Yeah, kind of a fan of Friendship is Witchcraft, seemed like a good line so I ran with it.
  8. Agreed, though I don't think it's Sombra himself like I've heard some thinking it was, since his eyes always glowed green/purple where hers glowed red. Either way, this is looking to be an awesome epiisode.
  9. Thanks, all! It's nice to meetcha
  10. True, didn't think of it from that perspective. Still gonna be a while before they try anything, though, what with having dropped $4 billion on LucasFilm.
  11. Well, after acquiring Marvel in 2009 and Lucas Arts this year, each for $4 billion, I figure it'll be a while before they look at picking up another property. Even then, I kinda figure they'd look more towards companies like DC Comics or the like. just my take on it, anyways.
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