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  1. Why can't I even have a happy birthday

    1. DreamsofMaple


      I know that feeling.

  2. Although the world of Lauren Faust seems to include a multitude of mythical creatures, only several of the prominently sentient ones seem fixed to one type; that is, the griffins and unicorns. I believe it is slightly more well known that the English unicorn we all know and love (?) is just one type under that name, but the griffin is equally varied. Yes, I know that there are cyno griffins...but those aren't really one of the distinct types of griffins in world mythology, with hypogriffins being another thing entirely. In fact, some griffins in folklore do not have beaks or wings at all! While you may think that the eagle-headed griffin is the standard, in truth that is not entirely the case- from the English Isles to the hypothetical origin of the Griffin, the far East, time has produced at least four distinct types of griffin. Three of the four have a likely chance to be incorporated into Lauren's world, which are such: The griffin already present in canon, although like the other two has it's own sub-types; an earless griffin called the Opinicus, whom is exactly the same save for it's obvious lack of ears. The Axex is clearly more distinct, but still retains the generic features to be a sub-species: It has a body more slender, and both the head and wings of a hawk instead of an eagle. The Axex would do well to be in the land of zebras, given it's origin in Egyptian mythology. With unicorns already being one of three horse types in My Little Pony, it would be appropriate for the varieties to be emphasized on a lesser scale than griffins.
  3. Too numb to even feel the sadness and self hate

  4. I can't help it if I want to do the best I can with a character....
  5. .....I felt a little creepy when I was doing that before, in the few last days when I was stuck in limbo. I mean, I had the time so I kinda did read some accepted character profiles and ones that were still being worked on, after I read Phil's/Rarity's guide to making an application. Nearly ten years of off and on roleplaying, and I still haven't shaken off the butterflies when I enter new territory. Now I feel a little less like a stalker. Thank you! ..........Do you think I could base my first character in Saddleville Plains, somewhere between phillydelphia and Manehattan? He lives on a farm, see, and I was going for the lonely prairie angle where it's usually just the family and travelers are rather rare, although the character (that this account also shares the name of) goes to sell the majority of the harvest yield in Manhatten with his father in near end of summer every year. They mostly grow hay, which is easy to keep indefinitely if not exposed to water- the reason why the trip only has to happen once a year. The other crops that they grow are all grains, corn included- the prairie is an optimal environment. portions of these they basically trade with the nearest farms, which even then are pretty far away on hoof, for other kinds of crops like fruit. The rest they keep for themselves to eat, along with whatever produce they traded for with other said nearby farms. .......Oh dear....I'm sorry, I tend to go overboard with details....And now I don't want to erase all that text. I mean....it's only a small part of the whole thing, but still important. And I'm rather nervous about how the concept will be recieved here...
  6. Thank you. So....um.....I'm rather new to the fandom, and therefore not the most knowledgeable....but I have made some characters...I'm excited to try roleplaying here, if everything goes well....
  7. Maybe invent the first toaster and shroud the world of the technophobic in nightmares? ....I'm secretly afraid of the toaster I have when it's on. I'm not joking. No wait, that was the washing machine. I nearly flooded the house with it the last time. That isn't a joke either. My friend did have an account, but he made it sound like he stopped coming a few months back or something. I'm a fan because books don't need instruction manuals.
  8. About Myself: I'm obviously not very computer literate, for one. Good thing computers don't exist in Equestria. Or toasters. How I found Canterlot.com: From a friend whom had been on here before, from another community website. How I became a fan of MLP:FiM: Anything with animals is an instant favorite. My favourite main cast pony/s: Twilight Sparkle Uhhhhh......hi. I hope you weren't expecting more of a greeting. You might have seen me flailing around uselessly on the index for the last few days, so the enthusiasm has kind of already worn off. Astalakio said you were all a friendly bunch, so I hope you don't mind being patient with my occasional incompetence.
  9. I don't stand out much in real life either, but that has it's perks too.

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      Too late, you already stick out enough for me to notice. time for a party for you. *gives you glowsticks* WELCOME SPRINGWHEAT!!!

  10. Do I have to be this persistent just to get noticed, even here? That's the main thing that's bumming me out in this dead-end situation.

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