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  1. FallingStar


    If it won't be a problem, then i will definitely consider it! I really like the name. Thank you so much for the suggestion.
  2. FallingStar


    Oooh, I like that. But would that be appropriate for RP here? I'm not sure what their limitations are with names.
  3. FallingStar


    Figures. A really lovely name, though. I'm not surprised in the slightest. xD
  4. FallingStar


    Oooh, that is a very pretty name indeed
  5. FallingStar

    Falling Star

    Just doodles of Star, I guess... idk what to put here. ;~;
  6. Oh my gosh! You got an account on here! I was super surprised when I saw your application, holy mess. So excited. Hopefully we'll get to RP a bit. :3 This is Spoiled, btw.
  7. FallingStar


    You think so? Thank you very much!
  8. Hi! I saw your application first, but I figured I'd drop in and say hello here. I'm looking forward to seeing how you RP since you're a DM(sorry I'm nosy. Peeked at your profile just a moment ago).
  9. Oooh. Another artist. I look forward to seeing your art. Perhaps we could collaborate or something. :3 Welcome to the community! I'm pretty new, myself. > u>
  10. FallingStar

    well, it's no falling star

    As long as you give me credit for the lines! I appreciate you asking first. :3
  11. FallingStar

    twilight flower

    You simply MUST do one of Octavia. I would just die.
  12. FallingStar

    Suddenly... colors!

    Thank you for your lovely words! ; u; I don't really do requests often, but I do commissions! Haven't taken any pony ones yet, though.. Might do a request or two to get my name out there.
  13. Apparently so did the light blue pony with the white/blue striped mane.
  14. Oh, thank you! I usually just stick to RPGs, but I've been trying to learn Planetside 2. :3 I'm not the best at FPS games, but it's still really fun! I don't really have one for ponies, but I suppose I'd do something like what I posted above for $5. u vu It'd have prettier line art, though.
  15. Hmm... Idk every once in a while, I come back to WoW. I might get into it again. Same with GW2, it got kinda boring due to the limited skills. The only game I play regularly is League of Legends. The community isn't the best, but it is a good time killer. And trying to learn how to FPS in Planetside 2. e ne;; I'm pretty much a strict RPG girl.
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