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  1. Silver had been awake for a while when he heard Aisha get up up from her makeshift bed. He heard her walk to the bathroom but he didn't say anything. He was focused on something else. He sat against the wall, his eyes closed as he focused solely on the glyph in front of him. It was a small Summionning glyph but by the sweat on Silver's brow it was obvious that he was struggling to accomplish something.
  2. Forget that! I can teach you how to meow meow like a cow. As for my question... Do you ever get tired of being random?
  3. OK I finished catching up. Is the trip you guys skipped to the mission with obleck?
  4. (Sorry for my recent hiatus. I had some issues with Internet. But if everyone still wants to keep going I'm OK with that.)
  5. Who said anything about exploding suns?
  6. When is the world going to end?
  7. so I can keep you ask blog alive
  8. sooo... I'm back... I hope. My internet was turned off and my phone needed to be repaired. But hopefully I should be back and be able to post consistently.
  9. Just wanted to share.
  10. Silver shook his head slightly. "There was a tom cat snooping around, but I think I threw him off." He explained quietly as he lead their dance."You might have ruined it thought by holding my arm like you did. He's under the impression that I came here with Aisha" He looked around subtly and noticed that they were being eye'd down by Slash and his other comrade. "So whats our next move?"
  11. Silver was about to persist in their conversation but he felt it inappropriate. He decided to try and end the conversation and just walkaway but before he could try Cinder was on his arm. He looked at her before turning towards Slash, but before Silver could defend himself, the faunus had left. Silver lightly shook off Cinder before offering her a dance. "How'd it go? Anything go wrong?"
  12. Sorry for my long absence, i've been busy with school and looking for work.
  13. *peeks head in* Hey i'm looking for- *realizes where he is* ............. Oh Crap! *starts running.*
  14. /﹋\ (҂`_´) -SON,STAY BEHIND THE WALL,THE COPY AND PASTERS ARE COMING AFTER US! <,︻╦╤─ ҉ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - /﹋\ ┻┳| ┳┻| _ ┻┳| •.• ) -But daddy... ┳┻|⊂ノ ┻┳|
  15. Soooooo.... Dreamy is shipped with Koro-Sensei?