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  1. Run, run, RUN! Your friend invites you to visit Canterlot, where you get to explore such beautiful scenery! You have a week to decide whether or not you want to go. What do?
  2. A pair of my rolled up fuzzy aloe socks. Do I sew socks or something? 225 x 169, Google Images
  3. Scream my head off as I have octopus legs now. I guess I'm going to the circus in a large aquarium tank... You go to a room in your house that's rarely been visited, and you look around in the boxes of old stuff. You find beautiful family heirlooms. What do?
  4. Leap out of the ring. Did I even agree to this?! I'm not strong enough! You are planning on making strawberry cupcakes for your family, but one of the relatives don't like strawberries. What do?
  5. Hello, hello! Have a warm welcome to Canterlot.com! So, what kind of video games do you play, and what sports do you watch?
  6. New avatar! I think my mane looks awesome in red and purple, and I'm loving that fedora!

    1. NeoExlucky


      You know who else loves Fedora's? Neo does!

  7. post-apocalyptic neighborhoods that sold sauerkraut on a stick every single...
  8. Hello there, welcome! How's Canterlot for you so far? Also, what other types of roleplaying can you do?
  9. Hello, hello! Hope you get to enjoy Canterlot, because this is one friendly community you'll love to stay with! *brohoof*
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