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  1. Midnight wore her typical clothes, a black shirt, black coat and even pants and boots. But the girl, unlike many times before, had a soft smile on her face. Ever since the battle from the train, the faunus had been making an effort to get along with her team, admittantly the orders of her leader were the reason...Not that her team had to know. She'd applogised to Tehengu, although she didn't have the heart to pretend to date him, even that much was too mean. She got along, ok with Slash and Andrea was tolerable if she 'played' along with the humans teasing. She had to admit, it was a struggle. But she thought it was going ok. Armed wih her swords over her back, as well as the shield, the girl stretched her arms out above her head. "You know, i was wondering, do you guys remember who we're fighting today....?" The girl let out a sigh as she continued her stretching. Like many mornings, Midnight had refused to leave her bed until she had too and as always, was a little bit of a grumpy kitten in the morning.
  2. Midnight managed to drag herself onto her feet, only to use Tehengu to help her get up. The girl was breathing heavily, and had oen of her eyes closed as fatigue ate away at her. Gods above she was tired. But finally, she had a purpose again. An agent of the fang once again. Kayden had returned to the world she wanted. A world where the Faunus were equal to humans. But before that happened, she needed to follow her orders from KAyden. Assist her team. But what did that even mean? Assist them in what? Work with them how? His orders were never this vague before but...She had her orders. She would rally with her team, and Kaydens plan would reveal itself to her. It had too. She would just wait for his updated orders. Midnight, with T's help, managed to get to the medical bay. When the medics starting patching the cat Faunus back up, she'd bow her head at her 'friend'. "Tehengu, i'm...i'm so sorry for how i've been acting. I just got, emotional and i ...I didn't think about you, o-or anyone on the team. I'm a horrible team member..."
  3. The mini-explosion that her crystal had ignited, thanks to T's shot, made quick work of the wolves that had attacked her! Positioning herself back, Midnight kept a single focus - Her shield. She blocked a majority of the attacks, with only a few slipping past. Sadly, the last Grimm that charged at her caught the cat by surprise. Having just put down another wolf, an Ursa slammed into the girl from behind and she dropped her shield, the defensive item getting too far away for her to grab. Midnight dragged herself onto her feet, and had no choice. She grabbed her second blade and lowered herself close to the ground, tightening her grip on her weapons. She had one change NOT to screw this up. That's when the Ursa charged! It got within a metre. Midnight could almost smell its breath, its large paw speeding towards her! Midnight could almost feel the sharpness of its claw when she moved, ducking under it, and jammed both of her blades into its chest. Must like many Grim, it vanished and 'dropped' Midnight onto the ground. The cat Faunus let out an exhausted sigh, even letting her blades drop onto the ground as she fought to keep her eyes open. The Grim hadn't landed too many hits on her, just some light scratches over her arm and one across her back. But she was alive. Just so, tired. "I'm going to sleep for a month after this...but at least...i have purpose again"
  4. There were, SO MANY. But Midnight had no time to fear. - She had orders. And the girls body moved as the first wolf reached her, a brutal counter-attack from her blade tore the Grim in half, before she raised her shield and claws slammed into it. She knew her job was to play defensive, after all, her body was in agony and she'd sleep for a WEEK after this at least. She threw a look behind her, and specifically, the archer. T. That's when she had an idea, and a sly grin grew on her face. His arrows were powerful weapons, and if she lined them up for him. She shifted her body, giving a wolf to her left a perfect opening while 'guarding' the one on her right. Like any pack animal, they struck, with 3 more wolfs piling in on top of the girl too. In an indeal world, she'd fire them up into the sky for easy-pickings. But here, the girl simply leaped abckwards and the wolves 'slammed' into one another. The girl simply pointed her blade at them, and glanced at T. An order to fire. After all, one good shot would kill all of them, if T noticed the small crystal of fire-dust Midnight had left behind. Midnight glanced at her shield, the inside had crystals of Dust for battle. But after the train and that move, she only had a few dust-defensive moves left...She had to ensure she killed as many Grim as possible, because in this war, she was already crippled.
  5. Midnight raised her shield high, and glanced at her 'team'. Her mission was clear, keep them alive and do...well, she wasn't sure WHAT Kayden wanted out of her team but. It didn't matter at the end of it, all she had to know was she had to keep her teammates alive. Her Aura was, well, half-up at best. All it would take is a couple of hits before it collpased completely, so she couldn't hold the line. Dodging was her best friend. She glanced behind at, at T and that pest Andrea. She glared at the girl, but focused on the incoming grim. She would have to do it, she'd put her pride, her anger and hatred alside. She'd do whatever it took to achieve the mission she'd been set.
  6. Midnight wanted a single thing in this world. There was so much weighinng on her. The fate of her people, Kayden accepting her, her betrayal, Tehengu, the weird kid in class who wrote her a super creepy letter that she could never unread, the fact that despite being in overwhelming pain, grim were about to flood the city and she'd have to fight to survive and god she needed back up. Midnight wanted to sleep. And yet, as always... "Damn...it. Why can't the Grimm just get the message and die..." Midnight placed one of her blades on her back, and grabbed her shield. She knew she couldn't dodge everything like usual, so she needed her shield. Fatigue ate away at her, and she moved her feet. Midnight did the one thing she didn't want to do, and placed herself between the hole and her team. She was, well, the only one with a shield. A way to defend against Grim attacks. Tehengu had a bow/blade, Slash had...fists and Andrea was well...useless. If she was going to achieve her mission, then. She needed everyone, including Andrea, alive.
  7. Midnight kept her eyes closed as the door was fast approaching, and in the darkness of her mind...She feared death. Midnight had no issues with death itself, everyone was mortal. But rather, how would she die. Midnight knew how she wanted to die, fighting for her people, blade in hand. If she died in this train crash... The impact removed any and all thoughts from her mind as, even with the shield she'd thrown up started to get thrown apart. Midnight felt worry bite at ehr for every shield she threw her dust into, it was melting away faster...Even with Tehngus support...! Midnight felt something burning her face right as the 'cacoon' she'd made shatterd, yet...Midnight opened her eyes, and despite the pain that pulsed through her entire body...no one was dead. She wasn't dead. Midnight let out a sigh of relief...Thank god she'd made it out alive. The faunus dragged herself to her feet, letting out a cry of pain as her entire body protested, demanding to remain lying down! "N-no one...died, r-right?" The pain and exhaustion that etched through her entire body was audible in each and every word, yet the Fanus couldn't just lie down. She had to...She had her orders.
  8. Midnight blinked hard, three times. She almost fell over as the train shifted slightly, reocvering only thanks to her cat-like grace. She took her weapons back from Tehengu, giving him a silent thanks as she placed the shield on her arm and rolled her wrist with the blade on it, happy with how it felt. It was time to...She looked up out the front of the train, and saw the FAST approaching 'exit'. Crapppp The girl looked over at her partner, and flashed him a cocky smile "Of course i'm fine. That human couldn't hold a candle to me, even when i'm like this...But there is a slightly more pressing problem, being that..." The girl gestured outside the window to the fast appraoching wall that they were going to slam into...And explode. She looked at him, and in her mind, weighted up her options. If she struck now...She could give herself enough time to escape, get T....She nearly slapped herself, could she even..betray him like that? "We're about to hit that wall, full force. We need to....Trust me on this one...." Midnight looked up and knew, deep down, the chances of death were fast approaching. Unlike Kayden, she didn't have a teleporter to get her out...But she had Dust, a LOT of it. If she made a large enough barrier around herself...It would need to....Midnight grabbed Tehengu tightly by his shirt with her left hand, shuffled up to him nicer than she'd ever been before (Yes, that includes their kiss), and jammed her blade into the ground, while looking at him in the eyes. "If you don't trust me, we die here...." She said coldly as she shifted her arm, and channelled everything she had, ALL the dust she had access too, into her blade. The Dust exploded around her and Tehengu, so close that neither of them would be able to move as the Dust formed wall after wall after all around them. Midnight closed her eyes, and hoped...Hoped that the endless waves of Dust she was throwing at the problem would keep her, and her partner, alive.
  9. Midnight slightly leaned into Kayden as he placed his hand on her face, she couldn't help it, she was a bit of a sucker for physical affection when she was in the mood. As he spoke, as his orders were given, Midnight's heart steeled itself. She had her orders, and this time, many questions too. The most important was why did her team matter? So much of the orders she'd been given made no sense...."Consider it handled Kayden. I have my old phone with me, incase you need to get in contact with me..." And like that, some, weird girl appeared and they both, including the unconcous Torchwick, vanished. Midnight blinked, and couldn't not flinch. Just being near him was so...intoxicating, so to have him vanish like that cut her deeper than she'd ever admit. Moments of silence were broken by Tehengu walking in. She turned around, and glanced at his feet. Her sword and shield were just lying there from when she'd dropped them, and her other blade lay attached to her hip. So she did the only thing she could think with her friend in front of her. "I found Torchwick, but...He blew up the console, and then some girl...The one from Slash's train, it just...she just came out of no where, and then they all vanished. The controls are....the train can't be stopped...." The girl blinked, hard, twice. The shot she'd taken was starting to slow down, and worryingly, the endless waves of fatigue and sleep were starting to claw away at her. Trying to bring her down.
  10. His words were almost too good to be true, right? The city had been evacuated, backup was already on the way and not a single Faunus would be hurt because of it. Was this just a lie, being spun for her comfort? Something for Kayden to say, an illusion to paint in front of her to show a world that was a lie? She felt him holding both of her hands, and not once, for a moment, did she feel the urge to pull away. Surely, this was reality? Was it, or another mask to wear for humans to cast their judgements...? Midnight closed her eyes up tightly. She'd...promised. Promised not to judge humans so harshly, to try give them a chance. By did they honestly need it, after all the ones they'd been given throughout history? Her whole life had been dictated by her ears, by the blood that ran through her veins. All because, those damn humans....They'd ruined her life, forced her into the arms of the Fang. If only they'd listened, if only they cared enough to understand who she was! Silence consumed the train car, and slowly, with no power, the girls hands slipped out of Kaydens and she walked around him...Standing right in front of the controls. With no effort, barely a single movement...She could end it. She could stop this train, stop the attack. Save the city, even if no people remain within it. She'd be a hero of the people, her team could become true hunters. All the things so many desired for, the selfish desire for fame and power...Was right at her finger-tips. A single action to save a city, to stop the White Fang from attacking it...From bringing chaos to a peaceful city. The girls hand grasped the controls. Was this her...? A Faunus fighting for Humans?! Fighting to protect the very people who had...caused her nothing but pain. There was one, a single human, that had showed her kindness. Treated her as equal, made her feel worthy of having her ears. Was that single human, that single flicker of light in the darkness, worth burning with? Was the warmth of that humans smile, when he'd hugged her, made her feel safe and welcome, worth the suffering her people had to suffer? No. Midnight lowered her hand, leaving the train in motion. She couldn't do it. She couldn't let the fire go out. The fire that burned within her heart, the hatred of humans that had fuelled her for years, had driven her to become the Faunus she was today. The White Fang were the ONLY hope for Faunus-Kind to be considered equals, and if the humans denied them that...Then it would be war. That was the way of the White Fang. That was the way of Kayden...Of Grim. Of her...A single human, for all the good it had done, was not worth the suffering of her people. What right did she have to be happy, because of some human, when her kind were suffering under the hands of them? What right did she have to be smiling while her people were slaves?! Only when her people are free, truly free, from humans, would she earn the right....The right to smile, the right, to be happy. "Wolfy..." Her voice was barely a whisper as she said the one nickname she'd ever given him, the one clear sign of affection she had for Kayden. "You've done what I asked. I asked you show me you've changed. And this, despite the pain that may come...You've changed for the better of our people. So i'll come back....I'll return as your shadow, to do...what must be done for our people. For the Faunus, i'll do whatever you order me to...." The look in the girls eyes burned, with a simple desire Kayden would long since know. For in their youngest years within the Fang, it had always been a simple system. Kayden would give the order, and Midnight would obey it. He had showed her a life worth living, he had showed her each step and how to take what she wanted. She had laid her past to rest, she had freed her people from captivity, and she would free the Faunus completely. All she need do, is follow Kaydens orders. And he would give her whatever she desired.
  11. Midnight stood face-to-face (Or close enough given he was a spot taller than her) with the leader of the White Fang...The boy who her team wanted to stop at all costs...The power for the train was within reach, all Midnight would have to do is reach around his back, and she could stop everything. The motion of the train, the plan...Everything was within Midnights power to stop. Instead of acting, the cat-Faunus looked up at Kayden with a soft smile, sadness coating her eyes somewhat. Her weapons of war long discarded, and in a battle...that she was far too untrained to handle. She nodded her head at his reply, and glanced over at Torchwood...That human dare call her people animals, yet he acts like nothing more than a beast himself. "So what do you intend to do? We both know if this train gets to the city, the Grim will come. They'll attack, and the explosion...There are so many members of...our family here. We Can't Let Them Die" Her conviction burned in her final words, looking him right in the eyes. He HAD to do something, he couldnt' allow them...to die, not like this...Not at the hands of their OWN plan!
  12. Midnights sword and shield clattered to the ground as she stared at him..What was... The words escaped her lips before she could stop herself. "Kayden...W-what are you...doing here!??" She demanded, taking a half-step forwards towards him, and glanced at the body of Torchwick before looking back at him. She haven't even thoughts about him being here, but...why... "What are...are you planning Kayden? Please..." The girl took another step fowards him, leaving her weapon behind, completely defenceless. It wouldn't be hard for the leader of the White Fang to stab the girl right in the chest with his weapon, to strike her down and kill her. The person who may very well be stopping his plan. The girl reached out, lightly reaching for his arm and tugging at it "Was this...your plan Kayden....?"
  13. Midnight spotted her instanty after entering the car, although who she was meant to be was alien to her. Some girl with an, umbrella? Midnight raised her swords, right as Slash and Tehengu appeared. Offering to take him, Midnight didn't even give Slash a nod before throwing herself forwards, not even bothering to feint an attack on the girl before making her way into the next cart. Midnight turned to Tehengu, and hesitation appeared on her face for a moment before nodding, and once again, using her speed, leapt through the train car wordlessly and slipping past the Fang member, and into the front cart where he was waiting for her...Roman. Midnight grinned darkly as she pointed her shield forwards, and tightened the grip on her sword "Human Filth...Now, here is how this is going to work. I'm going to kill you, stop this train and ruin this entire plan you've made...and not necessarily in that order...Now just die for me" The cat Faunus began to prowl forwards, waiting to use her shield to block the attack of her enemy before going all in for the melee.
  14. Midnight felt vice in her veins as the plan was revealed...They were going to bring the GRIMM to the city? Whose plan was this. If it was that flthy human...Midnight felt anger wrap around her throat as she followed her team forwards, and quickly reached the hatch. She looked at the others, and while she was conflicted....She was part of this team. She needed to... "Filter through. No matter what, we need to get through. If we fail...The Grimm get access to the city, and that Human filth get what he desires...Chaos" She stated out his plan, even if it had a slightly familiar ring to it. She glanced at her hip, where her second sword sat unused...She saw the hatch with Andrea, and using the covering fire of Tehengu, dived right in without a single word to her team about her plan. Her plan to get to that front cart as quickly as she could, and do what she had too...
  15. Midnight looked at her sword once the other three got on, and rested her back against the wall of the train for now. She let the others do their jobs while the girls mind whirled away, thinking...maybe if she... "They won't let us get through the train...Even if we go over the top. That human will try get in the way, stop us from stopping the train. If we get to the front of the train, i can get past him...Give me that opening and i'll stop the train..." Midnight let out a deep breath as she looked up from her sword. She had to...right?
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