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  1. Ember was having an enjoyable time, if only her victims put up more of a fight. It was almost amusing how, these undead, were less worthy to die than those she killed before. They were civilians, but at least they had fight in them! These things weren't worth the effort it took to cut them down. She looked over at the team, she had managed to put some distance between them and herself. So when the glass was raining down, she had actually avoided it entirely and watched as a group of undead threw themselves at Rock and Doc. The big one with the claymore, she couldn't care less about. But Doc. She let out a feral growl. If anyone was killing him, it was her. No one else could have him! With reckless abandon, she threw herself forwards and into the building where the undead were ambushing from. Scythe in hand, she did what she did best. Butchered with no hesitation.
  2. Ember walked with the group, as close to Doc as she could with a smirk on her face as she did. She knew he didn't like her being near him, could sense it unnerved him, so she would see how close she could get without him losing it. The game she was playing distracted her entirely, until they arrived at the bridge that looked like a damned fort! Snipers, gun-turrets, the barrier. It was a wall that wouldn't fall, in theory. Part of her wondered, if those infected threw themselves forwards at the wall, would it hold, or crumble? A part of her wanted it to crumble, if only she could spend her days coated in blood with her Scythe. Voltairs speech made the girl roll her eyes, but she did opt to stay silent. Honour, compassion and empathy?! Those where useless on a killing field, all that mattered was your skill with a weapon and desire to kill. Ember knew she had plenty of both, and that is why she was going to survive this. Everyone else, however...Well, it was time for the reaper to collect once they fall. But, that was for later, as for now. Ember did as she was told. She took the left side, flashed a grin at the group, and walked forwards. The arriving into the city was bad and the smell, hit Ember hard. It was nothing like that she'd done, she'd left the bodies fresh in her day of killing. But this smell was wrong, and needed cleansing. Of course, those fools charged at her. 6 of them charged the Serial Killer with a Scythe. She grinned as she flipped her weapon around, time for the Reaper to collect. The first undead died instantly, Ember having spun around and sliced its head clean off with a single swing of her weapon. Using that momentum, she decapitated the following two. In mere seconds, the girl had efficiently dispatched 3 of her attackers. But the last 3, ohhh, she wanted to play with them. She ducked under ones swing, and tore its legs right off with a back-handed swing, before leaping backwards and watching her final two attacks charge straight at her. She let out a sigh, and spun the Scythe in her hands before leaping into the air and decapitating the last two mid-leap, before landing on the head of the one she de-legged and crushing its head. Having dispatched her group, the girl sighed. How boring, none of them put up any fight
  3. Midnight found herself really taken back. Not by the fact that they threw a blade at her neck and heart, but that she didn't feel fear. She knew the facts. She would die here, and there was nothing she could do about it. A fact she accepted so, no matter what, if this was her last act. She'd make them spitful. Whoever this person was, they weren't getting a thing out of her. Even if they killed her. She was silent as her attacker got more and more angry, but all she returned was a silent glare. She would die, but her final victory would be this. The insanity of her attacker, that she would die with all her information, and give away none. Of course, IF she had been sleeping properly and was alert. Perhaps she'd of paid attention to the voice of someone she was supposed to know growling at her. Then she'd realized Andrea was her tormentor, but alas, was not the case. She had nothing, no tricks, no ropes....She was alone. So she grinned a cocky grin. "Even if i knew where Grim was, i wouldn't tell you. None of us will. We fight and die for the Fang, for his leadership. I was his second for years, his assassin, his shadow. If you think i'd give him up willingly, then you truly are an idiot" She spat at her, and waited. Waited for the swing that would bring her death. She closed her eyes and huffed. Her life should have been so much more. And if there was, just a single regret above all else that she held...She never got to finish her....! TEHENGU'S VOICE!!! Her mind screamed it before she was aware, and she opened her eyes, quickly zeroing in on the Archer. It was...him!? This wasn't a dream, her attacker hadn't killed her and this was all a dream? She cut herself with a nail. Nope, ok, not a dream. "T! T-this thing, it has Andrea and Slash!" she yelled from her trapped position "Kill it!" She hadn't expected to survive, but now it was being offered, she wanted to grab it with both hands...Right before tearing her attacker in half with her bare hands!
  4. Yay! Me is not going to die at the hands of a small midget!
  5. Alll goood! Now save meeehhh!
  6. While the girl DID avoid the firearms, due to a personal preference to use her Scythe, explosives weren't far from off the table. Reaching in, she found several and, without checking, nor asking what kind, stuffed them into a pocket for the future. One other, the kid-assassin, Castor, also didn't go for a gun by choice. Was she proud of her weapons, honour bound? there were many options that Ember didn't know which one to pick. All she could hope was that she knew how to handle her blade otherwise, well. Ember knew she'd have little choice but to cut her up. She'd rather not, but it wouldn't be the first time. The Serial Killer let out a frustrated sigh as she glanced away from the team. She knew the need of preparation, she'd done it when she starting hunting down her victims. But it was boring, and the fire within her veins demanded blood by spilled! She glanced at Aquilo hungrily, mostly at his bite. When would he turn, if at all? Her eyes roamed to every memeber of the team, wondering who would be picked off first. Would it be Doc maybe? She partly hoped not, if only to torment him over the death of another. The girl, with her swords, should be fine. A sly grin ate at her face as she pictured how she'd bring Death upon any of those 'undead', and anyone unlucky enough to become infected.
  7. *Totally innocent whislte of a trapped Faunus*
  8. Ember couldn't not grin during the briefing. She didn't care about the elements, that was for the team who cared about society to worry about. Her job was simple, use her scythe to cut down whatever stood between herself and freedom. Freedom. Oh such a sweet word she'd missed it so much while stuck within prison. She did listen as the failed officer said they'd need ranged weapons, the girl snorted in responce. She didn't need a gun to be dangerous, her Scythe was more than enough to get her job done. "Give your damned firearms to them" She said, pointing lazily at Doc and Rock Eater "I ain't taking it, nor do i think i'll be trusted with one" She looked Doc in the eyes as she spoke, before glancing at the rest of the team. She had expected some reaction from one of them, other than Doc. Was her infamous reputation not enough anymore, had the world forgotten her? She growled, well, if it had, it was time to remind them, in brutal form, who had made them scared for their lives for months on end. That Death walked among them...and demanded blood.
  10. Armour, that's what this was about? It did make some sense, they were fighting the undead, zomibe, whatever. Assuming they wouldn't shoot, they'd be unstoppable. It was an undeniable fact, in her opinion, when it came to combat, she came second to no one. She didnt' care much for it, and it would ruin the clothes she'd gotten. Eventually, she opted to wear it all. She'd just gotten her freedom back, and wasn't going to die on this mission. Unlike Li, Ember had no issues about getting changed right in front of the team and placed her protection equipment over her undergarments, before putting her clothes back on over it. She knew the others were looking, but didn't care. Let them stare, she could still cut them into pieces should they try anything. She looked over at Doc, unspoken words about their past as she looked at the girl, Li or Caster. Why would she hide her name? Seemed ridiculous in her eyes. "He only refers to me as a crazy Ex? I honestly expected worse..." She muttered, loud enough for everyone to hear it though. She got great pleasure and amusement out of this. She'd been trapped behind bars for a year bored out of her brain, she would milk this freedom and entertainment for all it was worth.
  11. At the introductions, Ember simply smiled a sick smile. One she wore on the battlefield, a hungry look of fire that promised violence. She fidgeted with her Scythe as she waited, and, well, smirked at Doc. It amused her to no small amount that she was being partnered up with her Ex, and wondered what he'd been up too since she was locked up in prison. The rest of the team had impressive track records. A young girl who was an assassin, a Dog who was dedicated to lead and someone who was bitten. She looked at Aquilo hungrily, wondering when he'd count as one of them to end up on her chopping block. "Doccy, it's been too long" She said affectionately to her ex, even taking a step towards him, mostly to freak him out "Yeah, i know we had our differences. Like that time i got arrested for Murder and all~ But you never called or visited. Isn't nice to treat a girl like that~" She pouted, although Doc would know, just from the look in her eyes, she didn't care he hadn't visited her. She took the Scythe off her back, lazily spinning in around before sighing, resting one half on the ground. The team looked, interesting. It was one she could have a lotta fun with, after all. In a combat mission, anyone could get infected and her weapon was the cure...
  12. I think @PyroBlaze should hurry up and rescue his kitty cat friend!
  13. The singing on the stage has continued, although, the voice did sound slightly different. Less rough around the edges and more natural. That was mostly because Ember had spotted someone whose appearance had distracted her entirely. She had walked backstage, grabbed her beloved Scythe, and began pushing through the crowd of survivors to get to where she wanted to go. It wasn't hard to get there, one glare from her and a look at the black Scythe that hunt over her shoulders was more than enough for people to get the message. 'Get outta my way'. She eventually arrived where Voltaire and the rest of the team was gathered, her ruby-red eyes looking over at them. A child with a mask, a diamond dog, some guy with a massive blade and.....him. She was certain it was him from stage, but to see him so close. Did he have no idea she was on this mission also? Oh what a wonderful surprise this would be to him. With a cocky sly grin, the Serial Killer began to walk forwards at the ground with a glint in her eyes and a massive Scythe resting of her shoulders.
  14. To say Ember was having a 'lovely' time wouldn't be even close. The band hadn't recognized her, which to a degree, had been a benefit as she hummed backstage. Her request for the band, of course, did have one slight alteration. She wanted to sing, mostly because she loved the songs and, in her opinion, her singing voice was amazing. So after some warm ups, as well as her telling them what songs they were gunna play. She grabbed herself a new outfit, after all, this was a show and she had to look the part. She settled herself with tight-fitting black clothes, alongside a leathery jacket, and went on stage. Soon, the music started. Loud rock music. To the crowd, they'd think nothing of it. The singer's voice seemed to belong to the band, and her bright hair and eyes only complimented the music. On one of the songs, Ember eyed that Voltaire, the one who freed her. He seemed to wave his hand as if saying 'come here'. She could only assume it was a move to really the team, and one she cared little for as she rolled her eyes at him and went back to singing on stage.