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  1. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    The world faded away. The underground area, her team, the professor. The rage of Midnight was focused solely upon Roman. This human, who treated her family like dirt, yet used them for his own purposes! Grimm had a LOT of explaining to do if she ever managed to catch up with him again. Using her second sword to swing, she allowed her rage, all her emotions she typically buries down deep, to flare up. A volcanic eruption of emotions. That was the fuse, but fuel was him not even remembering her. Was she so significant that he forgot! She snarl that escaped her mouth was not human. "You arrogant little pest of a human! I told you at the docks, we Faunus don't need you!" She took a hard swing, aimed at his cane instead of him. Even in her anger, she knew she'd have to fight his weapon before getting through to her target. Through gritted teeth, she said much softer, where only those listening closey would hear "After i'm done with you, i'm gunna find a certain wolf and he better damn have my answers"
  2. Halo: What was left behind.

    Trent frowned at the Spartan. What was he talking about? Cloaked Covies? They were ages away from the front line, this was a simple in and out mission. His mind paused completely when the word ‘Nuke’ came up. The Spartans had orders, to use a failsafe nuke?! While that, of itself, wasn’t a shocker to the ODST, what made him scared was the knowledge both Butler and Midnight grew up on his planet and had spent time in this area. The captains tolerance of Spartans was already limited… “I…” Trent hesitated as the helmet revealed the girl. Dammit! Innies were not people, they were a problem! Yet, he found his trigger finger not working. Dammit this was so much easier when the Captain was speaking to him about how they weren’t people, just targets. Just objects. So much easier to shoot. “Dammit!” Trent shakes his head, but walks away “Ok fine, you made your point. We let them go…” The ODST wasn’t pleased about the entire situation. But, now he had an issue. Did he keep the nuke to himself, or tell the Captain….If she found out, it would be bloody… Isabella ‘Lock-On’ Dylandy hadn’t expected anything. The girl had simply been sitting on the roof, bored. She had dismantaled and remade her sniper purely out of bordem. That’s when she heard the Spartan in her ear. Her reply was cold, a simple “Roger”. The second the Innie poked his head outside, it exploded. A single sniper shot found its mark. “Target eliminated” was the girls answer before going radio silent. The Innie that Sky had hostage simply grinned up at the Spartan. He spat blood onto the Spartans visor “I won’t talk to you” he said simply , before swallowing something that was within his mouth and he began to laugh “We win this round, you damn machine” before the cyanide from the pill killed the Innie soldier
  3. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    It wasn't hard to spot either of them. Slash and...Torchwick. That damn human was here! That meant, the White Fang was here also. She let out a short breath as she checks the blade in her hand, and the hsield in the other. It was time to party. She bit her lower lip. Could she make the distance before Torchwick pulled the trigger on his cane. No. But, there was one thing he could not be prepared for. Midnight took her blade, Judgement, and threw it right at Torchwick. It had enough power behind it to reach him. Using it as a distraction, the Faunus charged and made a wide swing at him. There was clear anger in her eyes. This human, the sight of him, annoyed her. This stupid human was way above his head. The Faunus didn't need his help to liberate themselves! "You! Why is it, everywhere i go, you're here waiting for me!?"
  4. Halo: What was left behind.

    Trent couldn’t believe his eyes. This Spartan had, single-handedly, taken out an entire barricade of Innies who had the superior position, as well as firepower. Yet, he made it look so, hell, easy. As soon as the Spartan hit the Innie line, the ODST moved up the corridor rifle raised. Thankfully, they were so focused on the Spartan they had no idea of the single reinforcement until it was too late. Seeing that the Spartan had, crippled them, the ODST ensured his rifle was loaded before taking aim. The Captain had been very clear. A full-sweep. No one left alive. He had been about to pull the trigger when the Spartan spoke up. The ODST shook his head, refusing to take his rifles aim away from the crippled Innie. “Sir, with all due respect. The orders given by the captain were perfectly clear. We’re to commit a full sweep of the base. We can’t afford to leave anyone alive, they could ambush the force set to replace us” The ODST, like the rest of his team, had no idea about the order to nuke the base, and were under the illusion the base would be recommissioned by a UNSC marine force. Trent took a deep breath, it was the job he signed up for. The Captain and the team were his family now, he had to follow orders. But for, some reason, he found himself pausing and looked at the Spartan, as if daring him to stop him. Lucifer, the ODST who was covering Sky, started laughing in their private COMs. Laughter of a child amused, and gripped by insanity. As he moved forwards, he could see the Innie ID’s vanishing quickly as Lucy ‘Lucifer’ Star followed her orders. Full-Sweep, no survivors. No Mercy. Upon reaching the data room, Sky would be met by gunfire. Mostly from M7 Caseless SMGS’ and M6 handguns. Not lethal, but an annoyance as a team of nearly half a dozen Innies were operating on the supercomputer in the middle of the room. They open fired, while one of them fled the room itself. Bolting out the emergency exit door. This individual was male, easily the biggest of all Innies in the room, standing at a 6’5, which was tall…for a non-spartan.
  5. Halo: What was left behind.

    Trent frowned at Duke, although the Helmet meant the ODST was simply staring at him, confused. Having never seen a Spartan in action, yet alone a Spartan-2, Ignite simply didn't understand how it was possible. The Machine Gun had the entire passage way covered, so what was Duke planning? The ODST Specialist could only watch what he thought was purely impossible. Not only was he charging an LMG, but somehow, not getting hit! The LAAG fired at Duke, but it was very clear the Innie behind the turret had been expecting marines, not a Spartan. Their aim was panicked, aiming at where he had been, not where he was. The barracade, which was simply a few tables shoved together, had half a dozen Innies at it. As Duke got closer, they began firing their own small-arms weapons, but outside of 1 UNSC MA5B Assault Rifle, none of them would even damage his armour, yet alone the shield. Lucifier nodded her head at the Spartan. After all, it was the 'safer' of the options. while safe wasn't her style, if the tin-can wanted to risk his life. She had nothing against it. She watched as the Spartan headed into a building right before moving herself, sliping around the corner and peaking through a window. 6 Innies, who had grabbed their weapons and looking at where the Spartan was fighting. With their backs to her. Taking him, she let it rip. The effect was instant. The Shredder rounds exploded into fragments upon contact with their target, and even their little amour did nothing to save them. They dropped within half-a-clip, a grin on her face, Lucifer continued to use the Shredder rounds and slowly began clearing room after room. A full sweep leaving a bloody picture behind her. Just like she was ordered to.
  6. Halo: What was left behind.

    Trent 'Ignite' Couns nodded his head. He knew why he, in part, was selected to deal with the Spartan. Because no one else wanted too, plus he was the newest member of the team. This meant, in terms of the 105th, he would Always draw the short straw. But, he mused as himself and Spartan Duke moved towards the basement stairs, it could be much worse. Following the Spartans instruction, he indeed let Duke take point. After all, the Spartans armour would survive almost anything. Hell, most Innie weapons wouldn't dent his armour. Coming down the stairs, Duke would be faced with his first problem. A barracade. The corridor was narrow with stray desks and other office equipment, but nearly 15 metres away was the LAAG Vulcan machine gun that one would normaly see mounted on a Warhog, or on the back of the Pelican Dropship. The triple barrells spun up and unleashed heavy sustained gunfire that forced Trent back up several steps. Normal Innie guns, easy. UNSC M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun firing somewhere between 450-550 12.7x99mm caseless shells. Not even a Spartans armour and shields could sustain against that kind of fire power for long. "Dammit! They've got the entire place locked down!" Trent said, looking at the SMG in his hands. Useless over this distance. "We need to try and flank it...Think you can get a shot off, or...?" The only options were, flank, pot-shots or retreat. And the idea of retreating didn't settle well in his chest, his pride as an ODST. Lucifer allowed the Spartan to take point, but was barely a step behind him. The ODST had a MA2B, a version of the common 'Assault Rifle' that was much harder to break. Lucy Star also knew that her shots would go hard and fast as she was using 'Shredder' rounds, anti-infanty bullets that worked best with the MA2B's fire rate. They arrived on the 3rd floor where Lucy directed the Spartan towards the ops center, however, the route there was not an easy one. A series of corridors, in a grid system, each large room housing several Innies. All of it was between them and the security locked door. "We won't have time to clear all the rooms. You go ahead, secure that data for the mission. Once it's started, come join me on the cleanup~" The sheer passion in her voice said it all, violence was what this ODST lived for, as she cocked her weapon. She glared at the Spartan through her tinted visor. If the tin-can could do anything, it was follow orders. "Now get going Soldier-Boy, i can handle a few Innies"
  7. Halo: What was left behind.

    The two ODSTs, Lock-On and Ignite, looked at Duke. Lock-Ok, born Isabella, had green trimmings on her armour. The girl nodded once, while Ignite, an ODST with pure black armour, rolled his shoulders and ensured his DMR was loaded. Butler looked over at Duke, and shrugged his wide shoulders “It’s happened in the past. Marines who panic and let a couple shots at us. They usually calm down once they see the uniform” There was a female laugh, wild as another ODST walked forwards. Her armour had fire-red trimings. “No Marine is good enough to kill us. We’re wasting time Captain, lets hustle” With yet another emotional laugh, the ODSt started jogging forwards. There was a second of hesitation before the rest of the ODST team followed up to the front door. Midnight nodded her head before kicking the door open, the ODSTs’ performed a textbook building entrance. The inside of the base, contrasting the outside, was high-tech. White walls with moniters flashing data. A single marine met them. The body of the soldier was against the wall, blood plastered on the wall behind him. “Contacts” said Captain Midnight, whose SMG was pointed forwards. “Walter, conclusion?” She asked her 2nd, who nodded his head and examined and corpse, before swearing. Standing up, he had a bullet shell in his hand. “Innies. It’s standard, this guy was taken by surprise. Didn’t fire a shot. Infiltration mission” The male let out a sigh before standing up, and bringing his Assault Rifle to bear. The Captain and her second looked at each other, and a silent message was spoken. “New plan Hell Jumpers. Full Sweep. Ignite, take Duke and sweep the basement. Lucifer, you’re with Sky. You’ve got the intel location, secure the data and clear out any Innies. None of them get the data. Midnight, Ignite. You’re with me, to the hanger. We’ll secure the evac before doubling back around” Despite being the 2nd in command, the ODST team seemed to have no issues taking orders from him. The ODSTs’ gave each other a quick nod and a loud ‘OhhRah!’ before splitting their ways. A glare from Alisea ‘Midnight’ Williams at both Spartans said everything to them before the blue-trimmed ODST vanished down a hallway. Lieutenant Lucy ‘Lucifer Star, the ODST girl who had laughed warmly before, looked at Sky. Even with the helmet over her face, the smirk of arrogance was impossible not to feel. SMG in hand and hand on hip, she rotated her head. “Well Tin-Can, ready to move?” 2nd Sergeant Trent ‘Ignite’ Couns walked up to Spartan Duke. The boy gave the Spartan a quick salute, before ensuring his Assault Rifle was loaded. “Basement is our destination. Ready to move sir?”
  8. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    I'll cry if this dies ;(
  9. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    I'll admit i don't think i'm up, but idk who is.
  10. Halo: What was left behind.

    The ODST team moved quickly, well, as quickly as they could being regular humans. The private coms were filled with a rather disapproving statement about Spartans, thankfully, the ODST team coms were set to private. The facility was a klick away, it wasn't long before they were eying up the facility. Ironically, the 'facility' was a simple white building in the side of a hill. Over the team radio, a voice came out. This radio was not ODST exclusive and included the Spartans. "Looks like a false entrance" Said Butler, the large male ODST pointed at the building. "No way a facility would be placed against a hill like that otherwise. Lock-On, stay out here and provide support until we get inside. Take the roof, keep an eye for covies" A simple emotionless "Confirmed" was the reply in a female voice. "Once we get inside the facility, Ignite, you're with Lock-On, keep her alive and keep the radio alive. Wolfy, you're with Butler. Find the data and secure it. Lucifer, you're with me. Armoury then hanger" The captains voice was clear and professional. The team were well versed, and knew what they were doing. "Spartans, do as you wish. We've got this handled. Radar points at the Covies being at least half an hour away. The only thing we have to fear is, maybe, any stupid ONI defense system and idiots marines. Rally with the ODST teams in the facility, or act with recon. Either is acceptable"
  11. Halo: What was left behind.

    During the drop itself, only a single ODST listened in to the teams comms to hear Duke's scream. That being the 2nd in coomand, Butler. After it stopped, he went back to the closed loop the team had. The convosation on the way down was nothing out of the ordinary for them. A casual chat about the planet, a short rant by Alisea about her personal distaste for Spartans before mocking a certain squadmate for their drunken actions during their last break. As the pods broke through the atmosphere, one final call came out. "Remember. Jumping feet first into hell isn't our main job. Making sure it's crowded when we get there, now that's a job" The ODST pods all landed within 10 metres of each other. Fire team Jinx has yet another successful landing with 0 casualties on their side. They armed up and began moving. Of course, they heard how 'green' the Spartans truly were and there was one voice that couldn't not comment on it. "Hell-jumpers are moving on the objective, keep up tin-cans" came a rather childish girls voice over the radio as the ODST team made a beeline for the facility, which was a mere kilometre away. Alisea Williams had made it perfectly clear to her team before the mission. The Spartans were not part of their team, and they could look after themselves.
  12. Halo: What was left behind.

    Butler turned to look at Duke, nodding his head. "Operating the pod once the drop has started, that's childs play. Keep her steady, keep an eye on your drop-partner and you'll be golden" He said, before walking off to his own pod. "Enjoy babysitting duty?" Said a voice over the ODST private channel "Why does it always have to be me?" was the reply "Because you're the best one for the job?" "You can tolerate those things" The voices allowed themselves a quiet laughter, right before going to radio silence. The Drop-Pods doors closed tight, locking the occupant in with their equipment. The pods rocked as the bay-doors opened, and below them was the planet. With only the metal of the drop pod protecting them. "Helljumpers, Do you want to live forever?" Came the voice of the ODST Captain. "Hell No!" was the unified reply, a single voice made of 5. "What is your purpose for fighting?" "To do the job no one else can!" "And how do we do that?" "Feet first into Hell!" With no warning, the Drop-Pods fired! All 8 pods thrown through space at Jerrico 8. Rocketing towards the planet at terminal velocity. Of course, if the pod was faulty or damage during the trip in. Well, the phase 'Digging your own grave' was a common one on ODST reports for a reason. The worst fate an ODST can suffer, dying in their pod.
  13. Halo: What was left behind.

    Butler raised his eyebrow at Duke, namely the suggestions. Longswords? Not only did none of them know how to pilot a longsword, but they didn't have any. Plus, Drop Pods were their speciality. "With Respect, Spartan Duke. We're part of the 105th, we're Helljumpers. Not Hell-gliders. We use our pods to get down there" The Odst would have moved on, but, Covernment interrogation? That hadn't been on the briefing? The Warrent Officer looked over his shoulder at his team, before looking back. He had to be the damn recon for the team, but he couldn't stand the fire. "The facility, no damn idea. As for the terrain, it's a forest. Trees, lakes, the occasional bog if you're unlucky. This whole op is a rush so only recon we have is base knowledge. Me and the Captain grew up here, we know our way around" Butler did like Duke, he seemed, well. For a Spartan, simple. Sky was asking too many damn questions. Not only 'reminding' the Captain of her job, but the terrain and the team. The ODST let out a sigh but shrugged his large shoulders "Most of the team are combat specialists in most aspects. Remember, we're Helljumpers, not run-of-the-mill ODST's. In total, we've got three 'Assault' Specialists. One sniper, One Technical and one heavy weapons" The Soldier pointed at three of the ODSTS', including Alisea. "Assault Specialists, Alisea Williams, Trent and Lucy. Techy is Davith, although, people call him Wolfy. Snipers real name is 'Issabella', although, just called her 'Lock-on'. And i'm heavy weapons and explosives" He lead both Spartans to two of the pods that were off to the side. "Here are ya pods. We've already checked over them and they're in fine working condition. Make sure you load up, once we deploy, there ain't no supply runs till we get back home"
  14. Halo: What was left behind.

    The Drop pod bay was Far from empty. ODST team designation 'Jinx' was suiting up, arming up and ensuring all pods were undamaged. Despite a team typically comprising of 12 members, this team had half that number. Only a single ODST looked away from their job at the arrival of Duke, and they nodded their head at another ODST. This one, shorter than the rest by at least two feet, walked over. Their armour was fully donned, designed for agility, with navy-blue trimmings. The ODST looked up at the Spartan, after all, she stood at only 5'6. "You're either Duke Foxtrot-666 or Sky Delta-166. Names Alisea Williams, i'm the Captain of the Helljumpers here" The girl took her helmet off. She had crimson-like eyes and long blue hair, which was currently tucked up for her helmet. That's when the second Spartan arrived. The girls eyes held no amusement or joy as she adressed them both. "Hopefully you read the briefing. You're to act as support for my team, ensure THEY don't do anything stupid and keep them alive if they do. Now, any questions, direct them to my second. I'm busy" Rather rudely, the girl turned around and walked back to the Drop Pod she was working on. Another ODST walked up to them, and removed their Helmet. It was a male, standing at 6'1, which was still shorter than the Spartans. His eyes were obsidian-black, but he smiled at the Spartans. "Pleasure Spartans. Names Walter Lasmin, but just call me 'Butler', everyone else does. Now, any questions about this op?"
  15. Halo: What was left behind.

    OCC: For those who are interested, PM me. Planet: Jerrico VIII (8) Mission Briefing: TOP SECRET 5 hours ago, Covernment Forces arrived at Outer Colony and Research Facility Planet Jerrico 8. Their forces comprised of ‘standard’ recon sleep. 1 Capital Class Cruiser and 3 ‘Interceptor Frigate’ Class Cruisers. As is standard, Covernment forces deployed onto the planet surface during the Space Battle. UNSC cruisers are bring called in to initiate a counter-offensive. UNSC Research Facility ‘Heavily Fire’ has gone dark. This facility is responsible for several Black Ops programs and the research must be recovered, or destroyed. To ensure this occurs, Spartan Duke ‘Foxtrot-666’ and Spartan Sky ‘Delta-116’, both surviving Spartan 2’s, are to be deployed to secure the objective. ODST Team ‘Jinxed’, of the 105th Division, will be deployed in support. The ODST teams’ members have previous experience with both Jerrico 8 and the Heavily Fire Base. Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Squad Leader, Alisea, will be in command of Fire team ‘Jinx’. While Fire team ‘Jinx’ is deployed to provide active fire support, the team is officially under command of the ODST Squad Leader. Evacuation will be through Pelican Dropships that are stationed within the facilities lower levels. Spartans, as well as ODST Squad Leader, are all capable of piloting a Pelican. Data is to be sent when in the Dropship, or if this proves impossible, given to ONI upon returning. TOP SECRET: Spartans Eyes Only The contents of Research Facility ‘Heavenly Fire’ are ONI Intelligence record, obtained through interrogation of captured Covernment forces. It is highly suspected that Covernment forces will react violently upon this discovery. Once Intel has been successfully obtained, Spartans are expected to activate the Nuclear Warhead underneath the facility before evacuating. Spartans are expected to deny all knowledge of the data. Aboard the UNSC Interceptor Steath Cruiser 'Saber', two groups of people received these orders. Sky and Duke, the Series-2 Spartans, received the orders in their entirity, along with orders to rally at the Drop Pod assembly area. ODST team 'Jinx' members received only have the mission briefing, and were already ensuring the drop pods were ready to go.