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  1. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    They, split up? And the fact that Slash Wasn't with them wasn't at all a good sign. While the other cat did have many flaws, which Midnight would need a lot of time to list out, he also took full charge of the team. Meaning vanishing wasn't an option. Meaning, he was lost, unlikely, or...something out of his control happened to him. CAt Faunus don't get loss, and if he did. Midnight would make him pay for it, if nothing else, Cat Faunus had their pride dammit! If Slash was worth his ears.... Still, out of them all, she had the best way to track Slash. After quickly bandaging herself up, and taking a long drink, she walked over to Andrea. Ohh how this would be embarrassing. "Andrea, Slash is missing and, well, i doubt the professor will find him by running around. I know you and Slash hold hands quite a bit, meaning there is a high chance his scent will be on," Gods this was embarrassing, of all people, Andrea! "J-just, hold out your hand for a bit...A-and i swear, you pull any funny business, i don't care if i'm bleeding, i'll bury you"
  2. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    Midnight was leaning heavily on Tehengu to move, although one swing of her flask later and she seemed able to move under her own steam, sort of. She was struggling, but then, she'd live. And at the end of the day, wasn't that what was important? She was falling apart, and would need to bandage up her arm, but for now, she was alive and mobile. And wasn't that important? "Wait...where is Slash? Wasn't he with you?" She asked Tehengu. It wasn't like Slash to just vanish when the team was concerned, so where was he?
  3. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    The cat Faunus was lying on the ground, one hand pressed on her bloodied shoulder as she looked at Tehengu. She saw the shift in him, but if she was honest, she didn't care, couldn't care, in her situation. She was a soldier first... She reached her hand out for her flask, and looked up at Tehengu. This time when she smirked, a little life reached her eyes, but not much. "I'll find 'em later T, right now, i just gota get back on my feet" She said, sighing slightly as she realized how bad she must look to him. Bleeding, torn up and, well, she knew what her eyes did when she was like this. Had many comments back in the Fang camps... "If you're worried about me dying and being reckless T, remember what i am. I'm a soldier first, and a soldier accepts the reality that when they put on their uniform, they might be buried in it" Midnight had no intention of dying any time soon, oh no. She had so much to do before she was buried in the ground. She waveed her hand at Tehengu to pass her flask over "Come on, pass me that and lets get going..."
  4. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    All good! I hate to be 'that guy', but imma do it anyway because i'm usually an ass. You're up in the regular rp also
  5. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    Chants 'yes' continually!
  6. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    We only have 2 faunus main chars? I think, so i mean, I think Faunus are amazing but you can play human
  7. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    Yeah we're mostly waiting for Pyro, although i think Andrea can post to. I'm sorta stuck waiting for Pyro tbh
  8. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    *Kicks feet up* I ain't letting this die, i've invested way too much to watch this die
  9. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    @PyroBlaze i think is up?
  10. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    Just point the way and i'll burn em alive
  11. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    So who i gotta murder to ensure this don't die ehhh?
  12. life after death

    Despite the zombies rushing them on mass, Embers continued to slaughter them as they came. It was rather simple in her eyes, they simply ran into her blade. While the blood did make her grin, it was also...well, a little bit of a let down. She'd been so excited to kill, only to run into things that weren't worth the effort at this point. So when she spotted, it, she grinned. A giant Spider-Mare ehhh? Now this, THIS WAS A CHALLENGE! She let out a yell, one of blood and death, right as the damn thing dared to strike at her! She dodged to that side, and spat up at the creature "How DARE YOU try and hit me! Do you have Any idea who i am! I am the Reaper, I am Death in the Flesh! How dare you try and kill me!" Powered by her rage, and used the side of the building to leapfrog her way up, occastionally using her Scythe to catch and spin on a try piece of metal, and she charged up to take a swing at the stupid spiders face!
  13. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    After her 'rescue', Midnight didn't move. She was just staring at Tehengu, but her eyes were...wrong. Often times, her amber eyes had a glint to them, a sign of amusement, of anger. A shimmer of emotion that appeared as if sunlight was gently kissing them. That glint was gone, and while the girl herself seemed emotional and restless, what stared at Tehengu were not the eyes he was used to seeing. For those moments, gone was the young girl who had worked herself into such a state he'd needed to kiss her to get her to focus. The eyes that stared at him were dead, cold and harsh as winter itself. The eyes of a killer. She stared at him for many moments, before slowly standing up and examining herself for injuries. Her right shoulder had been stabbed, and was bleeding down her arm and onto her black jacket. She let out a sigh, one of frustration over pain, as she applied pressure to the wound with her other arm. She had been about to answer, when the Professor ran off once again. Leaving Midnight and Tehengu alone in the room. The girl had no idea what to say. He'd saved her, and her heart had leapt out of her when she'd heard his voice coming to save her. But, ironically, she loathed the very fact she HAD to be saved. While her eyes appeared dead, she smiled, but it failed to reach her eyes. "Thank you T....That Psycho was....she was after Grim, and thought i'd give him up" despite knowing Tehengu didn't like the idea of her and Grim, she had to tell someone what happened. Incase they came back for vengence "They were trailing us since Beacon. They knew about you and Slash, meaning whoever that was, they knew about my connection to the fang for a long time...Given they way they fought....." Suddenly, with seemingly no warning, the girl went from standing up on her feet, to slumped. Her legs failing to hold her up as a wave of fatigue hit her. She reached for the flask, which had escaped her pocket and now sat on the ground nearby, just out of her grasp "I'm certain that someone at Beacon"
  14. life after death

    Despite saving his life, Embers simply snorted at the 'thanks' she recieved. She hadn't done it for him, no, she'd done it because if anyone was taking his life, it was her. And that meant he had to be himself, not infected. Ohhh she'd having him begging for mercy when she was done, and then, only then, would she remove his head with her Scythe. Even as she was moved to the back, coated in blood. The infected never gave up. She glanced over at Doc fired into them, and grinned. They wanted him eh? "You want him, come get him. The ONLY one that kills him is me!" She dived forwards, INTO Docs line of fire as she weapon spun up and down, hacking limbs apart. They did manage to bite down, but her armour kept her safe long enough for her to continue butching her way through them. She didn't care about the mission, the element. She cared for two things, in that very moment. The rush as she killed, and that Docs blood would be on her Scythe before this 'mission' was over.