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About Me

I am a brony whom is very fond of the show. i like pegesai more than any other pony species. favorite pony is rainbow dash. i wish to make alot of friends. i am very open to new ideas. my OC is flash Bomb, whom is my profile pic. Flashbomb's story ; Flashbomb was born in cloudsdale to two loving parents Windgust. and Lightning wind. He went to flyers school and passed. He became a proficient flier and became a avid fan of the wonderbolts and of a mare named Rainbow Dash. Ever since her sonic rainboom he vowed to get her attention by preforming his own sonic rainboom.

The sonic Flashboom incident

Flashbomb Stood high on a cloud and was determined to wow Rainbowdash with his own sonic rainboom. He dived off of his perch and gained speed. He smashed through several clouds and started to get to his maximum speed. He hit the critical speed and did the sonic rainboom, but with grave concequences. when the boom happened instead of light a loud bang and a dizzying flash disoriented him. He plummeted full speed into the everfree forest. He woke up in the hospital with bandages all over his body. he Gained his scars that would stay with him forever.But he gained his cutie mark. A cloud with a fflash behind it.

Weather team

Rainbow Dash heared about what happened and took pity on him. she offered him a position on the weather team as a cloud buster. A position that requires a pony to slam into Moisture hardened clouds to break them so that they are easier to handle. He took the oppertunuty and earned his place on the weather team.

The royal wedding

Flashbomb and his parents went to attend the royal wedding in canterlot. Then the changelings attacked. His parents and him tried to fight the changelings but when Windgust fell in the chaos Lightning wind was soon defeated. Seeing that his two loving parents were gone Flashbomb collapsed under the blows of the changelings unconcious. He awoke to find that the ponies had won but at a great loss. Even his two parents bodies were taken by the changelings. He was never more the small cot he was, but a determined and changed stallion.

He continues to help the weather team and wonders around ponyville making new friends. Most just think of him as the pony of scars

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