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  1. I just bought what would have been £103.95 worth of games for £26.90. Words are failing to describe how much I love the Steam Summer Sales right now.

    1. Halide



    2. tacobob


      GOG is having a ton of sales as well. Oh well. Bye money. :|

  2. I was just about to make a thread for Fallen London, and then I noticed this one. I recently started playing the game again after a few year's absence, with a new character, Ignatius Eastaughffe, and I need people to pass on boxed cats to and suchlike. I warn you though, since I've not been playing as him long, he's not very useful for high-levelled storylets. I hope you'll not mind that I dropped you a calling card.
  3. I am finding that test sidebar increasingly difficult to ignore. I suspect it to be plotting something.

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    2. Corsair


      Move along, citizens! Nothing to see here!

    3. stormchaser1991


      now i am really wondering maybe it something that it is going to dertory the world

    4. SunsetSombra


      Nonsense, there are no insidious plots to filter subliminal messages into your brain on every visit...t'is just a figment of your imagination!

  4. So, uh... It's been over a week since anybody posted in the RP. I get that you guys can be busy, but still, more than a week seems a little excessive.
  5. Okey dokey, finally got around to posting. I hope many more people get involved soon! This's gonna be fun!
  6. Does anyone else spend a long time thinking about what accents all the people in an RP are speaking in?

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    2. Bellosh


      I once had a thread in Spam Stables about that. It got auto-deleted though.

    3. Sailu
    4. Ciraxis


      Rosie speaks with R'lyehian accent. I am sure of it!

  7. Griff walked towards the camp, surveying it as he walked along on his hind legs. As he did so, he noticed two things. Firstly, he realised he was later than he thought he was, and therefore he was regrettably not the first to arrive. He had aimed to arrive early, and walk around the tunnels on his own for a bit, to see if the stories were true. He should have very much liked to have seen the caverns in all their glistening glory, in peace and quiet before any other dogs arrived. Why, that was practically his reason for coming! (Well, that and the fact that he didn't want to give all the other dogs in his camp another reason for not liking him by not attending the event.) But, he would have to abandon those plans it seemed. The second thing he noticed was that there was a pony in the camp. How curious! Griff had not been expecting to see ponies here, but it was a pleasant surprise to be proven wrong. He decided to approach the group the pony appeared to be standing with, which consisted of two other dogs. One, a female, looked to be rather excited and generally amiable. The other, a male clad in a hard hat seemed more serious. In fact, Griff almost thought he saw something rather... malicious in the way he appeared to be looking at the pony, but he shook off the notion. He walked up to them, waving with one arm, slinging down his bag of supplies with the other. "Hello! Am Griff. Pleasure to meet! You are all here for the dig?" He addressed the group with a smile, hoping that he would get along with them.
  8. Am I the only one who just really doesn't *get* dark MLP RPs and fanfics? I mean, it completely goes against the source material; what's the appeal?

    1. narwhaliagames


      i think thats the point, its nothing like the source material and it shows what charicters would be like in a different light but thats just why i like to write and read them

    2. SteelEagle


      depends on the type of darkness. You can maintain the important aspects of characterization if you do darkness well, but honestly, some people do it so poorly it becomes boring and uninteresting by paragraph two.

  9. Name: Griff Link: http://www.canterlot...dy/#entry369790 Reason for coming: Since he's already not massively popular with his fellow dogs he's coming to make sure he isn't further ostracised by them. [Edited to fit sign up sheet and for general neatness]
  10. So have you guys and gals spun around in circles today?

    1. Quillhart


      Well... I have my chair. <_<

  11. I don't know if any of you saw the Doctor Who Christmas special just now, but just in case you did, I'd like to issue an apology on behalf of the U.K. for creating that.

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    2. starswirlthebearded


      So far all of my friends enjoyed it. Myself included.

    3. brianblackberry


      Well that does not bode well; still haven't seen it.

    4. Monochrome


      I live in pacific time, so it doesn't come on for another hour or so here.... Well dang, this doesn't give me high hopes for it. D:

  12. Well curses, no matter what I try it doesn't look like I'll be able to use the chatroom any time soon

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    2. GhostGirl


      I suggest AndroIRC. It's free and relatively straightforward. The server, like Corsair said, is just irc.naughtygazelle.com, it'll default to a port that works, and once you're on the server you just have to type "/join #canterlot" and you're good.

    3. DamianMane


      I shall have to get that at some point then.

    4. starswirlthebearded


      YAAIC is also rather good for an android client.

  13. HOLD UP A SEC! The eggplant to aubergine filter was removed?!?

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    2. ping111


      Does this mean we can use the word mom now? Uh oh...

    3. NeoExlucky


      Being able to use the word mom on canterlot...probably the greatest thing since since sliced bread!

    4. Rosewind


      Welcome to months and months and months ago!

  14. Since it's been established that ponies can grow facial hair, it kind of saddens me how few stallions actually sport beards or musataches

    1. Duskfall


      Yous gots to be in compliance withts the Groomin' Standards!

    2. starswirlthebearded


      Not everypony can have as awesome of a beard as Star Swirl the Bearded.

  15. I'm back! At least I think. Unless I'm not, it that would just raise questions

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