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    Science Fiction, anime, anthropomorphics, astronomy, computer programming, web programming, football, Celtic culture, geology, physics, cartography, skepticism

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    Carrot Fields
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    Sunrise Beach
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    Martini Paradise
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I am an atypical geek, who loses himself in the fannish worlds of Science Fiction, fantasy, anime, video games, anthropomorphics, and of course Friendship Is Magic; who is into academic pursuits such as astronomy and history, but strangely is also obsessed with both NCAA and NFL football.

I am usually around here, but if you can't find me here, you can try me at my Skype address.


  • Cast Arts - From the mane six to the most obscure background character.
  • OC Arts - Art of my and other people's OC characters from Canterlot.

RP Characters

Cast: Trixie | Braeburn | Cheerilee | Flitter

OCs: Carrot Fields | Martini Paradise | Sunrise Beach


Interested in greeting to know the geek behind the ponies? Brianblackberry on Twitter

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