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  1. As Solare continued to keep his head down in cover he took deep breaths as he waited to decide his next move. He would every now and then peek over cover to see exactly what or who lived in this little house. And to his surprise it was a mare! She seemed to be a scholar in terms of the art of technology. She must have built those turrets herself. And they would have torn him apart if it weren't for his magic. Just when he opened his mouth to get her attention another stallion's voice came from afar. This time it was a real bandit. The two had their fight and it resulted in the death of a few bandits and then the mare herself getting pinned. As well as her turrets being destroyed. Not a particularly good way to start the day he supposed. But she needed help and now he could move freely without being torn to shreds. And of course right when he decided to move on two more bandits decided to show their faces. Though they were different. They weren't attacking her it seemed, rather the opposite actually. Oh, he knew his fair share of this planet. Bandits pretend to be your friend and then just when you start to trust them you get a knife in the back. He would know because he had it happen before. Long ago, not relevant anymore. So Solare moved out of cover and his hooves made soft pats in the dirt as he moved up to where the two were. He stooped down next to the mare and looked up to both of the stallions. "I would suggest not robbing her at the point. Would be a petty thing to do really." Clearly he didn't know their intentions and didn't catch the bits the two said earlier. He then shifted his gaze over the mare and waved a hoof over her body. He let out a few chuckles. "I'm no medic. But you'll be alright I believe. No serious wounds. Then again." He stopped himself. "Nevermind." He then stood back up and backed up to get the two other in his sight. He was still speaking to the mare however. "Sorry about that. I feel that was my fault...caught the eye of your turret you see." He rubbed the back of his head nervously as he actually did realize her possible death could have been caused by him. It was a hard thing to grasp...but at least her turret suffered the loss and not her.
  2. Midst the chaos and anarchy that was Pandora one could actually find peace and tranquil in the darkest of places. Though that was really a very rare instance as finding peace on this planet proved to be one of the most difficult things to do, right next to just surviving. Along the dusty hill side a lone stallion trotted along taking his time to make sure everything was alright and nothing was going to surprise him. He had already had a few scuffles this day and he really didn't feel like getting into any more than he had to. So as he continued on the sound of gunfire made itself evident in the distance. His ears gave a twitch in the direction of the sound but he saw nothing and heard no more shots. Must have been shot from a sniper rifle. Bullet of that caliber had to be the only thing to ring out like that. But the bullets weren't flying at him so he really had nothing to worry about at the moment. He could continue on at his same pace. A few turned over pieces of rubble stood in his way so he mantled over the rubble and once he fell on the other side he heard a rather strange whirring. The whirring was the followed by a few loud beeps and clicks and as he looked on his chest he saw a bright beam right on his being. He looked to where the beam was coming from, a turret rig it seemed. And it had him targeted. The bullets then shot out from the turret and he quickly reacted throwing up a shield and then redirecting the bullets to fall to the ground. He quickly dove to cover and then held himself down as he barrage of bullets was sent his way. Once the turret stopped shooting he decided to retaliate with something of his own. He then started to channel his magic into his hoof and as his eyes started to glow he saw the orb of magic manifest just above his hoof. He then launched out of cover and launched his nova bomb freely. It missed the turret by a long shot and instead hit a pile of rubble a few meters away from it. During that time of throwing the magic he swore he saw a house behind the turret. Maybe someone lived her and this was for protection? Well he was no enemy...and he didn't want to disable their only means of outside defense. So he then dashed out of cover and quickly threw up a shield again to deflect the bullets. He made it to another small amount of cover and hunkered down again as the turret continued to scan the area and wait for him to pop his head out again. Surely if anyone was living in that house he thought he saw the noises he made and the shooting would draw them out. And the he could explain himself. This planet was ridiculous.
  3. Name: Solare Flare Age: 21 Gender: Stallion Race: Unicorn Appearance: Solare has a bright white coat and sports a brilliantly golden mane and tail. His mane is mostly pushed to one side always and his tail doesn't quite touch the ground. He has a dark black and green type of cloak and armor he wears with its various sashes and markings with their various tears and rips due to having been worn daily. Physique: Average build with just a bit of muscle Ability: Nova bomb - Due to his unicorn magic Solare can concentrate his energy into one high powered sphere and launch it at his enemies to eradicate them. Personality: Quick to trust and easy to fool Solare is one that cares for others. What he is doing on Pandora is unknown. But even though he loves to help others that doesn't mean he isn't dangerous. He is quick witted and can be a kind of jokester. If one gets on his nerves he will often retort with heavy sarcasm. History: Born into a high up family on the other side of the galaxy, high class was all Solare knew when he was a kid. For he and his family magic was a common thing so it was nothing to point a finger at. He had been practicing his magic on his own but his levels were nothing too harmful at that time. But of course that all had to change the day his city was attacked by their enemy. The enemy forces easily crushed the city and left only a few survivors. The next few years of his life were hard on the young stallion. But he became strong due to the harsh ways. On their darkest day Solare was sent away along with a few other kids his age to a different planet in hopes they would find sanctuary. But to their surprise they landed on Pandora. About half and half survived the first few nights on the harsh planet but Solare quickly adapted. His magic grew stronger and he eventually reached the age where he set off on his own from the others that survived. The others took refuge in a town and Solare has not seen any of the other kids from his planet since. He actually prefers to keep it that way. Bad memories and all. Pets: None. Other: He has a built in magic enhancer to give him that extra boost for his nova bombs. It covers his right shoulder with a metal like plate. OOC: Sorry it took so long to get this up. Let me know if I need to change anything.
  4. *Praises the Sun*

  5. One could only hold a glance to a silent pony for so long. But really it had only been a few seconds though to the Griffon as he waited for a response from the new mare it felt like forever. She seemed to be fine with sitting next to them seeing as how she had set up her stuff next to him, the surfer certainly didn't mind at all. Every now and then he would catch bits of talk from the conversation between Aquaria and Inkbrand and he would accidentally eavesdrop a bit. The things Ink said made the griffon chuckle but he really had no idea if the other griffon was up for it. At least they were getting along just fine. Then came the sounds of screaming from a few beach goers behind the group and yells directed towards the stationary group of ponies and griffons. Maverick turned his head to see that a speeding volleyball was heading straight for them. In a quick reaction he got up from the sand and seemed to cover the mare whom he had been waiting for a response from. He wasn't all over her mind you, just had a talon around part of her and had moved to block the ball that never came. In his sudden move to get up his light blue and white surfboard fell to the sandy ground with a soft but audible "thunk". He looked up from the sand to see that the ball had actually almost hit Aquaria and Ink but the two were fine. The large splash that the volleyball caused in the ocean caused Maverick to raise an eyebrow and let out a whistle. He was impressed. The griffon got up from the sand and looked to the mare as he took his talon off of her. "You alright Miss?" He was sure she was alright, but then again you never know. The sudden move could have jolted her of caused a twist or something. One could never be too careful. Maverick then looked over to Ink as he seemed to be giving a piece of his mind to the stallion must have caused the ball to come their way. He was a rather burly looking stallion. Maverick intercepted between Ink and the burly stallion with looks to both of them. "Dudes. Calm it down. It was an accident!" The griffon gave a rather content smile to the stallion who sent the ball. He put a talon on his back and looked past him to see the volleyball court that he used to be playing at. Well the court that used to be there. "You've got some power there my friend." He gave another pat to the stallion and then put his talon back on the sand. "That always happen when you play volleyball?" He let out a few happy chuckles at his joke and backed away from the middle of Ink and the stallion. "All my days on this beach I've seen some crazy volleyball players. Seen a lot of crazy things really." The griffon shrugged and still had that same happy smile on his face. "Just like, be more careful next time dude. If you watch yourself next time and I'm not out on a wave I might just join you." Again he gave a quick pat to the stallion and then turned his gaze to Ink who still seemed rather angry. He kept his head turned to the stallion but looked over to see the mare still there and Aquaria. Just checking. "Now. You alright?"
  6. As Maverick waited to hear a response from the stallion sitting next to him he turned his gaze out to the ocean once again. He swore he could see something out there but then again he did just wipeout rather hard on the beach, so his mind could have been playing tricks on him. It looked like some kind of snorkel or something in the water but he was sure it was just nothing. So the Griffon put both of his talons in the warm sand and burrowed them deeper and just let the warmth of the sand flow through him. It seemed this stallion's name was Inkbrand. Seemed fitting for the stallion seeing as how he was quite tatted. They seemed rather intricate and nice on the stallion's build so he really knew what he was doing. Maverick nodded to the stallion as it seemed he was here for all three of the things he had listed. The griffon nodded yet again and still had that bright smile on his face. When the stallion dumped his stuff next to Maverick he seemed to imply that he would be joining him on his next wave. "You ever surfed before mate? Not doubting your skills in the slightest, just curious is all." But before Maverick could get an answer from the stallion it seemed they had another visitor. The griffon turned his head to face in the direction of the voice he heard and to his surprise it was another griffon! This griffon seemed rather excitable and it made Maverick chuckle. "Never seen a red griffon? Ha! I didn't know I wassa part of a rare species." He laughed at his own joke and kept his eyes on the young griffon as she introduced herself as Aquaria and then brought them both in for a rather tight hug. Maverick could only laugh as he put a talon around the griffon as well. "If only all the griffons or ponies I met were as nice as you! Ah world uh be a happier place." He clicked his tongue at Aquaria and cast a glance to Inkbrand who was in the hug as well. Even though he had that accident earlier this was turning out perfectly fine! No not fine, better! Maverick was going to try and etch his way out of the hug from Aquaria but yet another voice broke his concentration that caused him to focus on something else. He turned his head from left to right and continued to miss where the voice came from. But eventually he found the location of the voice! It was from a rather elegant looking mare who was now placing her things near him and the others. Maverick still had his same bright smile on his face as he chuckled a bit to the mare. "Sir Griffon? Miss I have no title. But I appreciate it, and I appreciate you wanting to check on me." Maverick then put the talon back on the sand that he had around Aquaria. He gaze still focused on the new mare. "Saw my wipeout didja? Totes bogus if you ask me, but then again things happen bruh." Then something hit him. The accent of this mare was something that he had only heard once, and it was quite a long time ago. He had really only know the common tongue of the beach and a few cities. By cities he meant like common speak. Maverick himself had often been told that he has this kind of slow speaking surfer drawl but he doesn't care, he likes that. "Miss." He started as he still kept his gaze on the mare. "You from 'round these parts? That uh..yer accent seems rather." He then put his talon up and tried to act like he was trying to put his talon on exactly what he was looking for. "Like you are well off? If that sounded bad my bad duder. Twas not intentional. You'll haf to forgive me Ma'am. I really only know the Beach." The fact that he was still being hugged by this griffon was something else. He gave a quick look over to Inkbrand and then over Aquaria and then back again to the new mare. "You know if I knew this would happen I might just wipe out more often!" He laughed at his own joke but after his laugh he looked back to the new mare. Seeing as how she spoke to him directly and she had unanswered questions from him.
  7. Maverick looked to his left and right and in the fullness of the beach that was spanning as far as his eyes could see. He didn't even realize the amount of ponies and other beach goers that were here this day. He saw a few mares and stallions playing a game of some kind in the sands. They seemed to be having a good time as most beach goers did. To his left he saw a few ponies that must have seen his wipe out but the didn't seem to mind that he did, and they were waving to the griffon. The surfer gave a nod to them and they went on their way. Among the last group of ponies he saw was a mare and a stallion that had their little fillies off playing in the sand. The family seemed to be that very stereotypical beach going family. Maybe their first time? Because the mom was relaxing on a beach towel with a filly building a sand castle near her. The father was wading in the water with their colt as well. Casual beach goers it seemed. A voice brought the griffon snapped him out of his trance. He looked to his left and right but that was the wrong direction so he turned to the other direction. A rather tatted up stallion sat next to him after his comment on buying the beach dinner before. Maverick gave a few low chuckles. "Saw that wipeout didja?" He spoke in his usual drawl. The comment of a few candles and some music only caused the griffon to laugh yet again. "Oh trust me brutha. Me and this beach are real acquainted. She's probably angry at me 'cuz I haven't proposed to her." The griffon shrugged and looked out to the endless water. "The ocean may be a love of mine. But she isn't one you'd want to get in a tied relationship man." The griffon looked behind him to make sure his board was still there and sure enough it was. Don't know why he doubted it. Since it was there and his mind was at ease he let out a content breath and leaned up against the board and relaxed. "I plan on tackling her waves again, just gonna wait for a bit." Maverick then turned his gaze to the stallion that was sitting next to him. "What brings you to this beach duder? Day of relaxation? Looking for some sick and gnarly waves? Trying to find that sweet beach mare or what?" Maverick put one of his talons in the warm sand and grabbed an amount in his talon. He let it run through his talon and fall back with the other particles of sand. "Oh my bad brutha." He then extended a talon to the stallion. "Name is Maverick. What's yours man?"
  8. Maverick took a few steps outside of his little beach side hut and took in a deep breath of air. He held it in his lungs as he scanned over the never ending shore line of the ocean. Once he had a good amount of sight of the ocean he exhaled with a loud and satisfying "Ahh!" The griffon had a big smile on his face for it was the perfect day. The sun was shining and not a cloud was in the sky. The air was blowing a cool breeze but it was still hot outside. Maverick stepped off the wooden steps of his hut and felt his talons and paws make contact with the warm sand. A little too warm actually. What happened next was a little dance done by the griffon as he jumped his way back the wooden steps to avoid the hot sand. He then quickly ran inside and came back out with his board on his back. His dark blue and red surfboard. His favorite. The griffon took off towards the shore line and let the heat of the sand burn his talons and paws. Eventually he would get used to it but luckily the sand was colder where it met the water. So he stood there. As he stood by the shore line the water lapped up to meet his front talons and then retreated back to the ocean. Only to come back again and then go away again. As he was standing there a few stallions and mares passed by and waved to the griffon. He waved back of course. But that wasn't what Maverick was after. He turned his eyes out to the ocean and saw the waves. The large waves out on the ocean blue. His eyes went wide and a smile crept on his face. "Nautical.." He mumbled quietly. The griffon then jumped into the water and took his board off his back. He laid on it and paddled out to the ocean. Once out there he was instantly met with a wave. The wave picked him up and he was at the mercy of the ocean now. The griffon gained his balance and managed to get going along the wave. He zipped to the left a bit and then to the right a bit. It was his wave now, he owned it. But something went wrong.. As the wave moved along Maverick did a little too much. The griffon lost his balance and managed to slip off his board and the tied strap around his back paw was connected to his board so it came with him. Maverick was closer to the shore line than he thought and in the end he had fallen off the wave. He was now beak first in the sand. He could hear a few giggles and laughs from passing ponies but the griffon paid no mind to them. He slowly brought his head up and spat out a good amount of sand. "Totally gotta be kidding me..." The griffon then grabbed his board that was lodged in the sand just a bit behind him. He propped it upright in the sand and sat down on the sand next to it. Every now and then he would cough up some sand but he had already gotten most of it. Even though he just wiped out Maverick had a big smile on his face. He brought a talon up to his seashell necklace and rubbed it while he watched the ocean. He didn’t care that he wiped out. Seeing the ocean like this and feeling the warm air on his face made him a very happy griffon. In a bit he would get back up and try again. It was a great day to be out on the beach.
  9. I was actually basing this more off of Dark Souls 1. Everything else looks fine.
  10. You can join if you'd like. There is one other that is away but still in this. Just a heads up. But you can put in an app
  11. As Galloth was freed he looked to his savior to give a thankful nod. He did give the silent one a nod but it seemed the one who saved him was rather dark and didn't like to speak much. Normally he would have even said something, thanking him for saving his life but others were still fighting their share of the dismembered wolves so they still had some stuff to do. But even though only a few remained it seemed Galloth wasn't the only one who noticed the exit, or what he assumed the exit was. The mare he had thrown a wolf away from, Titan, was now charging for the door that was barely visible on the other side of the shadowy room. Galloth made his way over to one of the stone walls and grabbed a torch out of its hold and kept it in his hand. He then made his way to the other side of the room with the door, holding the torch by the door. If those others were confused on where to go, the route was lit now so they had to be blind not to see it. So Galloth caught up to Titan and stood in the doorway. He held his torch high and seemed to wave it to any of the wolves that would try to come his way. But they backed away at the feel of the slightest warmth of fire. With small whines those who felt even the smallest raise in temperature ran away into the darkness and vanished. And those that stayed around were smart enough to realize they did not want to face the same fate of warm air so they fled to the shadows as well. Galloth was able to regain himself as the wolves seemed to all vanish. He gave a look down the doorway and sighed. "We must be getting close to getting out of here." He said to anyone who would be listening. Once the others were around he moved the torch through each of them to try and see their faces. "Even though I don't know any of you. After watching you all fight like that I look forward to getting to know you." He said with a small chuckle at the end. "Anyone injured? Chimeless cleric I may be but when I get my chime back I can do the best I can."
  12. The griffon raised an eyebrow to the pony that approached her. He wanted to try and sell her his things. Most likely the things he just picked up and was looking to sell to what he thought was the nearest vendor and make some quick gold. And cause her to take all the worthless things he had to offer. The griffon shook her head towards the pony. "I don't run that kind of shop." She put a talon up to signal she didn't want his things. "I am an enchanter. I don't buy things off of ponies. I'm sorry, why not try one of the other vendors?" Estus shook her head again and put her talons together in a cross over herself. She leaned up against her doorway and brought up one leg. It felt like a good way to stand and besides, her leg was getting tired anyways. She looked towards the insides of her shop and then back outside. She caught a sight of the same pony who tried to sell her his things but tried to avoid any direct eye contact. She felt a surge of magic course through her veins a bit which caused her eyes and all the lines on her body to glow a bright blue for maybe two seconds. Those surges happened all the time and she didn't think anything of them. It seemed normal for those with an inherit magic ability.
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