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  1. Cloud puts in her earbuds and puts her head down, resting her head in her arms and closing her eyes.
  2. (Lol, Im kinda lost too) Cloud walks into class with a Frappaccino she had bought from a near by convince store. She yawns and sits down in a desk and opens the coffee then takes a drink.
  3. Cloud shook her head "The cold is evil, and needs to die." She says as they step inside. She sighes in relief as the heating hits her face.
  4. Cloud nods "I wish spring would come already, I hate winter.." She said puting her hands in her pockets.
  5. Cloud tiredly bumps into him "You know, If I wasent tired as heak, id offer you a re-match.."
  6. Cloud let's out a small amused grunt "You got lucky yesterday, nothing else."
  7. (Sorry I keep getting dragged away from the RP, Stuff just keeps coming up o3o) Cloud hops off of the bus, She puts her hood to her hoodie up to try and keep semi-warm. She starts to walk slowly to the main entrance, Waiting for one of her friends to join her.
  8. Cloud lets out a small laugh "You know what's funny? Im not late, How ironic is that.."
  9. Cloud accepts the drink, taking a drink of it. It made her shiver, it tasted like liquid energy. She hands it back to him "I think ill manage, Id love a frapachino right now though.. That's the good stuff man." She sighes
  10. Cloud nods "Yeah, I'm fine.. Just, tired as heak.." She tells him. She turns to Rise and pushes him jokingly "You don't even know" she laughes quietly.
  11. Cloud walks half awake to the bus stop, A few ponies were already standing there. She sighes and rubbs her eyes. She didn't get enough sleep last night. She walks up and stands next to Rise and mumbles what sounds like a greeting.
  12. (I figured scene we skipped to night it wouldn't matter.)
  13. (How about those seahawks?) Cloud was closing up shop, She yawn's as she goes into the back room to collect her things. She puts her backpack on and walks out the door, making sure to lock it. She had a way's to walk to get home.
  14. Cloud nodded "Nice to meet you to" She says, with a small wave. Cloud returns to looking down at her phone while leaning on the glass display case of the counter.
  15. (Going to head to bed) Cloud smiled "So she lives? Good, Your the one who pays me." She says jokingly. Cloud stands up from the chair behind the counter as the two walk in. The two trade a few words before Vinyl introduces her to the gray mare. 'Octavia'. This slightly arouses Cloud's curiosity, She knew they were friends, but still, it was kinda cool seeing her in person. Cloud reaches out and takes her hand, Shaking it firmly "Whats up?" She smiles slightly at the two's antics.
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