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  1. "Hmm..." Aselia pondered as she looked around the area. "Um...I don't know...I think we should probably tell someone about those barrels of oil that I found, but other than that, I don't think there's anything else I can look for. Where do you think we should go, Clover?" She turned to her companion. "I'm up for almost anything that will help these people right now. Unless it includes storming the castle and going someplace that leads to our deaths. Dying isn't in my day plan right now." Then she heard the other voice ask about her shape shifter abilities. "The Circle? Yeah, sure, if that's what you want to call it. I learned that at the circle..." She didn't trust this mare yet...
  2. So, who wants to thread with Octavia?

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  3. Aselia stayed outside of the chantry and tried her best to not leave, as she really did want to explore the town and see what she could find. Still, she needed to wait for her companion, and that was that. "Hmm..." Aselia thought to herself as she stared between two points. "Left or right..." She didn't really know which way to go, and she didn't even know what exactly to look for. Maybe it would be best if she stopped and waited till night...
  4. Aselia gave her new traveling companion a funny look and a turn of her head before speaking. "Erm...okay...well I think there might have been one back in the chantry...we could head back there for your...issue..." Aselia didn't exactly know what her friend was doing. It was odd and but she supposed she had seen things like that before, from foals. Either way, Aselia started to head back for the chantry, without any knowledge of what was going on.
  5. Aselia stopped at the intersection between houses. There were so many of them, and there had to be something inside of one of them, but where could it be? The oil surely wasn't the only thing they could use, right "You have any ideas?" She asked her companion. "Where do you think we should go?" She was oblivious to the fact that her companion was staring at her rump.
  6. "That sounds delightful." Aselia said with a smirk. "I suppose do recreational things when we should be preparing for tonight wouldn't exactly help with our image in this town. Considering, I'm pretty sure that Bann Teagan doesn't like us at the moment, and who knows who else we've managed to make angry at this time." She put the final barrel out of the building and started counting them. "Alright, I think that's 12. We should probably report these when we get the chance. For now let's keep looking through the market place."
  7. "Slow down their honey." Aselia smirked at the girl. "I see where this is going, get a girl all alone, compliment her, and then go to town, but you're gonna have to at least take me out to dinner first." She joked with Clover. "Anyways, my name is Aselia Vesper." She looked down at the barrels she was collecting and decided to take a break. "Well...being an Apostate feels...well feels the way I think anyone feels like. Not being locked up is a good thing, I have a slight phobia of templars, but eh, I'm pretty good so far...well maybe...there is a bit of a pull to the...dark side..." Aselia took a minute to try and explain what she meant by that. "Blood magic...is an interesting topic. It's evil, and dark, and sinister. Every mage feels it's pull, and lately...I've started to feel it's pull greatly, even more so than before, like it's calling to me. It...didn't help that not long ago I had an encounter with a demon. Some people say that blood magic can help keep demons away, it forces demons listen you, or something. I know that it's evil...but what if it doesn't have to be? Like a sword isn't evil if it's used to kill someone, the person is evil. Blood magic is only a tool, what if it could be used for good?"
  8. Aselia went out on her own for a bit. Looking through sets of house to try and find anything that could be used for tonight. She looked around many of the houses, but only seemed to come up on several empty barrels and some mice. She also found a couple copper pieces and a rug, but those wouldn't be useful. Looking around gave her a feeling of depression. It seemed so sad that these people had lost their homes, and some of them might not ever be able to return to their original lives. Who knows how many have passed so far... It wasn't until Aselia was inspecting a market that she found anything useful. A group of suspicious barrels were crowded around a corner, all of them looked old and dusty. Upon opening them, Aselia was greeted to an unpleasant aroma that made her gag a little. She knew what it was just by the smell, which she despised. "Oil..." She mumbled to herself and smirked after she got her bearings. "We could get a campfire goin, tonight with these."
  9. So then...we're just gonna ignore the absence and get right to the review! Dusk's Dawn is an interesting title that has received it's fair share of reviews, most of which being bad. While observing and taking notes on the video, I began to realize that the fan product wasn't as bad as Snowdrop, in fact I don't know what my opinion on Dusk's Dawn is. Don't get me wrong, when it does something wrong, it's really, really bad, but not everything is bad and some of the things that it does, I have to give it credit for. The title is certainly ambitious and I praise it for being so bold as to go outside the box, but it does have it's problems... So let's just get this out of the way, the voice acting in this is terrible. There are some voices that aren't that bad, but there isn't anything too good in this. There was a Pegasus with an accent in the video who I never understood, some of the voices seem like their reading off of the script, and I swear there is a line that just uses google translate's bot as a voice. I never really liked any of the voices, and most of which were annoying. I understand that you might not be able to get people like Elliemonty, but I know that lines can be read and acted better than that, and I can say that from experience. Moving on, the animation was...well...not very good. I felt like someone had just copied and pasted the pony creator products into flash and tried to do something, and while that may work for some things, it doesn't work here. There are many times where things seem off and not right, especially when it comes to the wand (I think it was a wand). I have no idea what it really is, and that's a problem. It looks somewhat like a sonic screwdriver actually, but that doesn't make any sense. Now let's talk about what I can appreciate here. This video isn't afraid to think outside the box. Most animations I see are fairly boring and stay relatively the same. Most include one of the main characters doing something, or include something that feels really slice-of-life ish, and there's nothing wrong with that, but after a while it gets tiring. This however, made me think it was gonna be a good fight. Seeing something like Swing tavi Swing, in a full animation was gonna be good, and I like that it was a little dark, but I was disappointed that there was no actual fight scene. I also like the song in the video, I like the idea and the general beat to it. Now we can reflect on this. So what we have here is something that thinks outside of the box, has a decent song, but lacks good animation and voice acting. I personally don't hate it as much as I hate something like Snowdrop or Button's adventures. There are worse things out there, but I wouldn't tell you to show this to someone who hadn't seen anything in the fandom. There also was the problem at the end where one of the characters stumbles upon the elements of harmony, which kinda bugged me, but the series won't continute, so I'm okay with it. I know that's off topic, but I just wanted to bring that up somewhere in this review. Now then, I give Dusk's Dawn a 4/10, it needs a lot of improvement, but the idea isn't half bad and if it got a revival with some decent voice actors and better animation, I'd take another look again. I'm sorry that it took so long to get this review out guys, but I just couldn't get motivated to do a review, and I think I actually tried to quit Canterlot at somepoint, but I'm not sure. I'm still here, and you guys are kinda stuck with me for a while now, so good luck with that. Anyway, I'll see you guys at some point later, with the next review in the Hatred marathon, which may or may not be a fanfic...we'll see... This has been Neo Review, thanks for reading, take care, and have a good night.
  10. That moment when you realize the school blocks the chat room. D:

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  11. "So, what you're saying is, we're just going to leave them to die?" Aselia asked. "Do you think that the darkspawn will all just lay down and die at our hooves? If we help them we might have the beginnings of an army at our side, and that's what's important. Now why don't you two kiss and make up, and then we can go see how to better prepare ourselves for tonight." Aselia didn't want a fight to break out now, especially when we were in the chantry. She understood where Grym was coming from, especially when he mentioned that he was a unicorn, but she couldn't believe she was playing that card. (Aselia disapproves of Grym [-5]) "I can help scavenge around for supplies to help us for tonight, Bann Teagan. Just point me in the right direction and I'll follow." She said quickly. She wouldn't let a warden decide what she was going to do. That was the same reason she never wanted to join the circle of magi. Aselia certainly was glad that Broken decided to do something. (Aselia approves of Brokem [+5])
  12. Aselia returned from her bear form, logic and sense returning. She smoothed out her dress and joined the group as they were gathered. "Well...that was certainly interesting." She said with a small smile and looked around the group. "I suppose we should get on the road now, a group of bodies with a bunch of people around it wull probably cause some issues with the others." She turned to the road, but stopped herself a bit. She forgot one little thing. She turned back to the group and her smile grew. "My name is Aselia by the way. I'm a shapeshifter." Aselia mind ran wild as she stood next to the group. The idea of cutting ones tongue out was a terrible. Yes, in logic, that was the best idea. She could not talk about these events with a missing tongue but at the same time, she couldn't talk about anything else. A missing tongue could cause a lot of other problems, and what would happen if she choked on all the blood? That was a bad idea. (Aselia Disapproves of Clover [-5]) One of the wardens, Broken seemed to disapprove of this idea, and for some reason it seemed like she and the pony that Gossan let live were...connected. She seemed to like her or had took pity on her. Aselia didn't know what that reason was but she felt happy that she didn't like it and was also glad that Gossan let her live. (Aselia approves of Gossan [+5] and Broken [+5]) She was also glad that Broken did something about Gossan's...sword problem. She knew what rage could do, but that seemed a bit over the top. (Aselia approves of Broken [+5])
  13. Aselia instinctively tried to grab for her staff, though after she realized it wasn't there, she already knew the perfect spell to use. (Bear Shape) Her body felt larger, and heavier as her shape became longer, stouter, a littler less agile, and even furrier than she already was. Claws sprouted out of her hooves, which had also lost their shape and now were furry paws. She charged forward, bellowing out a fearsome growl as her instincts only said to fight anything near her. (Rage) Her anger grew at a fast rate and she felt a very strong hatred towards these soldiers, as if they were harming her cubs. She found a solider and glared at him, throwing her paw up into the air and slamming it down on him. (Slam) She clawed and bit at him, only wanting to deal as much damage to the solider as possible.
  14. Aselia stayed quiet while the others talked, she mostly stayed with Gossan, the diamond dog, as she felt more comfortable with him than the others at this point, though she was starting to take a liking to Grymrose, and the two cute little mares were also interesting. She didn't know that there were that many other ponies that shared her...ahem...interests. That aside, now there seemed to be a little problem going on. This guard, whomever he may be, Aselia was trying to calculate other problems. Though now this...whatever he was, was wanting to kill Grym "Don't worry, Warden, we can take this guy." Aselia said in a humored voice. "S'long as one of you has my back, I'll just tear him to shreds."
  15. "Oh, lady, you shouldn't have!" Octavia called, throwing her hooves around her friend. Octavia had a love of sweets, especially jam. She looked over at the jam, her eyes hovered hungrily at it. Octavia sure was hungry, and a little...ahem...date...wouldn't be too much of a bad idea right now. Though where would she place this date? She remembered a historian friend of hers mention that there was a little hill nearby that many couples used as a romantic area. Octavia figured that it just might be the place where she could be alone with her friend. She turned to the closet, throwing on a saddle bag and stuffing the blanket and the jar into her bag. "Come on, I know the perfect place for this." She trotted out the door and made for the hills near the outskirts of Canterlot.
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