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  1. I'm interested and I can join with Macadam.
  2. I personally don't really care what kind of NSFW content people watch, because let's face it, a fair amount of us bronies watch it anyway, the only difference is regarding how open you are about it. It doesn't matter what fandom you go on, people like 18+ content. I don't have much things to be ashamed about in the fandom, but over the last few months being on MLPForums and other sites it's safe to say that certain bronies do annoy me. So here's a list: Bronies who bash other bronies for not conforming to popular opinions. (There was a massive flame war almost two months ago on the MLPForums, but since it's political I rather not talk about it here) Overly pessimistic, misanthropic, and "edgy" people Bronies who try too hard to be a special snowflake Bronies who annoy or press non-bronies to like MLP. (recommending is fine, shoving it down their throats is not) RPers who take criticism of their OCs too seriously
  3. Alright...act natural... Macadam slowly moved his camera down, staring back at the mare while remaining silent. "Um...yeah," he finally replied, flattening his mane while hiding the bead of sweat that was trickling behind his ear. "Sorry, I was...just taking pictures. It's just a hobby I do when I'm off work and all. And actually, I was thinking of buying a pie and trying one myself." He looked around curiously, noticing that there was no one near her booth yet. "...Am I your first customer?" Macadam asked, grinning slightly. It was an appropiate subject change to get him off that small issue, and he went into his bags to pull out a hoofful of bits.
  4. "Wonder what this stall is selling..." Macadam didn't have much of a reason to be here; his family didn't live around Canterlot, and he didn't really intend to buy a whole lot of things from the booths. He wasn't even married yet, and his sister is too young to even consider having one herself. The grey earth pony stallion had one of his surveying cameras wrapped around his neck and behind his hoof, hanging on his right side, and appeared slightly out of place due to his apparel choice. For a festival he didn't dress all that formally; Macadam didn't bother to button his dark coat and he didn't have a tie nor a bowtie on him. But he needed an excuse to leave his workplace and stop idling around – he hasn't gotten any surveying work yet, so Macadam decided to come out and take some pictures at the family festival. Macadam looked around curiously and picked up his camera, and with his steady hooves took a few pictures of the booth and the crowd of ponies around him; they weren't the best pictures; it was a hobby he had, not a profound skill, after all. He arrived at one of the booths, raising his ears once a sweet aroma of cake (or was it pie?) went right into his muzzle. Macadam looked around for a line, finding none as it seemed that it was just recently set up, and while she wasn't looking he decided to take a picture of the oven, aiming at it with his lens and preparing...before the mare returned right back at the front of the booth. The stallion paused what he was doing and scrunched. ...This is certainly awkward.
  5. I'll join with Macadam, mostly to get back on track into RPing here.
  6. Adding /forums to the end of the URL should do the trick. I kind of just go to the home page by habit, though, so I ended up saving the /forums URL and setting it on my Firefox tab-page.
  7. Roleplay: World of Equestria Name: Macadam Sex: Male Age: Young stallion Species: Earth pony Eye Color: Dark purple. Coat Color: Stone gray. Mane/ Tail Color: Light gray, no color gradient. His mane is straight on the top but curves around his ear. Physique: (Slightly) above average size for a stallion, and a bit muscular due to his occupation and constant training. Residence: Eastern Nimbusgait Lake (Lake Cumulus), along the coast west of Trottingham and east of Cloudsdale. Occupation: Land surveyor! Cutie Mark: A flashing surveyor camera and telescope strapped next to it. History: Macadam was born to two engineer earth ponies, Entropy (father) and Cation (mother), who had moved out of the cities to live a calmer life in the suburban areas between Trottingham and the cloud-city of Cloudsdale with their newborn foal. Interestingly enough his mother was on a wheel-carriage permanently due to an workplace accident that irreversibly damaged her rear hoof, though it doesn't quite impede their family life that much. Only two years later Macadam received a younger sister, Streamline. Macadam wasn't very much the same pony he was when he was younger; he was energetic and erratic and at times simply did not know when to calm down. In his grade school years he was with the wrong crowd and took pleasure in causing all sorts of mischief around the neighborhood and picking on younger fillies and colts, sometimes even his own sister. Just as frequently, Macadam got into trouble for messing around in school and outside it, though he didn't care about it very much. His behavior gave his parents headaches. Then one day, at his graduation from one of his grade years came near, Macadam's group decided to search for a secret hideout in a lake cave that they believed was an old pirate stash. Due to Macadam's overconfidence, however, while attempting to find the rumored stash another colt and he accidentally slid down a part of the cave complex and broke one of their flashlights. The other three promptly ran away; one eventually told someone who then spread the word throughout the neighborhood. Now Macadam was genuinely scared, and with only a flashlight and an injured rear hoof they were seemingly stuck in the cave complex until the town can get help for them. But he was also determined to help another pony and himself escape the cave. It was then that Macadam's hidden skill really started to emerge; he always had a sense of direction and spatial memory but never noticed it. With what little light he had, Macadam tracked what distance they were moving and keeping themselves from moving in circles. Eventually after some trial and error, Macadam and the colt saw the bright sun shining through the small waterfall, and with a bit of cooperation were able to jump out and return to the surface. They were quickly met by groups of ponies who were waiting outside on the coast, and Macadam felt the warm hugs of his parents and sister...and then felt the punishment of being kept from going outside with his friends for the next two weeks. But only afterward did Macadam realize that he had finally gained his cutie mark due to his innate talent of directional sense. Afterwards was the hard hitting revelation that eventually changed the colt to a different path; once he graduated from his grade school, ponies simply did not put up with his antics anymore. He quickly found himself falling behind before thankfully his skill caught the attention of one of his science teachers, Mrs. Redshift who suddenly offered him a chance to work alongside with her and change for the better. Reluctantly he accepted...and then within a few weeks he had finally realized his potential. His transformation was unexpected; he suddenly turned from a foalish bully (or something similar) into an avid student. Over the years he was trained and soon became a land surveyor, mapping out both unused and owned land for multiple groups, from the regular resident to clubs to town mayors. Macadam grew up to be something very different from his younger self, had a pretty awesome story of how he got his cutie mark and "totally saved a bunch of colts", and had lots of land to work with. Character Summary/ Personality: Macadam never backs down from any challenge, unless it's too dangerous to do. He had learned through surveying that things sometimes does not simply go his way, so Macadam will find other options and would possibly try for days without giving up. He is going to finish the task, even though there is little reward for him at the end; unfortunately that same kind of philosophy causes Macadam to not accept letting go of a lost cause. Most of the time, Macadam is cool-headed; not much really angers him. He has lost reason to be openly enraged at anything, and furthermore he wants to maintain a good image for his family as he frequently needs to return him to check on his aged mother and other members; at most Macadam will storm off without a word. Macadam is also as unsubtle as a brick. He is poor at lying and doesn't hide very much from anyone; if a pony were to tell him a secret he's likely to leak it within an hour. His actions and thoughts are very obvious. While communicating with others he tends to be direct, sometimes too direct, and doesn't linger much on details. He has a preference for the loud places; ponies are unlikely to find him reading in a library and more likely around a bustling coffee shop. Macadam enjoys being around lots of ponies and lots of noise and has a strange tolerance for the most painful of noises. His personal hobbies are mechanical engineering, land surveying (obviously), cartography, photography, and doing things with family. On the other hoof he dislikes being "unproductive" and lazy, or other ponies trying to honey their words in front of him. He's not the pony to listen to excuses or stringy stories and certainly has other things to do. (( Damn site reset removed my avatar and Macadam pic :V ))
  8. Heal other teammates in TF2...with Crusader's Crossbow.

  9. Isn't it worrying that you three are only talking to one pony up until now?
  10. Skewer, a pegasus colt and the longest living OC to date (ever since I created him in September 2012), was inspired off my love of chess. I've played chess since I was six, and so when I got interested in roleplaying, I made this OC. Skewer was also based off some chessmasters as well, such as Kasprov, Karpov, Spassky, and Kramnik. He's still one of my favorite OCs. As an extra note, Skewer doesn't have a definite age; sometimes he's an adult stallion chessmaster, other times he's a young colt, and most of the time he's a teenager. Long Drive is my first OC in Canterlot, and the naive little earth pony colt who strives to be a professional golfer. I'm not too good at golfing myself, but I made this OC when we were having a golf session in my PE class. That's pretty much it. Traverse is a cartographer earth pony mare, and was created much later, though she is still surviving. She was inspired off my interest in cartography (my name is Cartophile in most forums, in fact), and also by a World History lesson of the Age of Exploration. Homeboard was created around the early autumn of 2013, and I don't think anyone in Canterlot even know her. As a quick summary, she's a teenage filly not much older than Skewer who's talent is backgammon. Her appearance is almost identical to Carom's (therefore she is a pegasus) with the exception of shorter height, different cutie mark, and a longer mane, and her personality is similar to Servante's. She's a mix of the two, along with a final touch- backgammon, which was something random I added in. Others are non-Canterlot OCs. Synapse and Inkblot are psychiatrists and psychologists, and a earth pony mare and stallion, respectively, and were inspired off Jacques Lacan and Sigmund Freud. Blockade is a bit more dull and less used and was inspired off the Crimean War. Astrolabe is based off Greek philosophers, despite being an astronomer, and finally, Cutaway was inspired off your typical everyday journalist.
  11. I have a good deal of OCs, so I'll start with males, then females (active OCs): Males- Cutaway > Byline Tripwire > Short Circuit Skewer > Fianchetto Long Drive > Putter Inkblot > Circadia Female- Homeboard > Double Check Blockade > Enfilade Blue Print > Private Eye Astrolabe > Magnitude Synapse > Axon Traverse > ???
  12. Consider the following: If say you three – Blue Moon, Dreamy Sunday, and Caralot – are always together, your relationship can be compared to the Three Musketeers. It's like looking at contrasting personalities.
  13. the chaotic deity of Discord to forcibly eat against her own will...
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