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  1. (Welcome aboard mi amigo!) Winter finally able to calm down kept her pace up and couldn't help but become exasperated when she saw the smoke coming off of Rainbow's and Silverbolts heels as they ran around the track. "And I thought Scribble was fast at running...." Winter said with a crooked smile, not knowing whether to be frightened or amused. "Though I've only seen her run that fast to get first in line on taco day in the lunch room." Winter said with a little chuckle remembering a fifth grade Scribble pushing high schoolers out of the way to get to the tacos only to be dragged out by the teacher with a taco in her mouth because she got in the wrong line for lunch. (She's not in the room at the moment, she went to the bathroom ^-^'') Scribble walked down the hallway and sneezed suddenly as she past by the principles' office. "Someone must be talking about me..." She said scratching her noise. In the middle of all that she bumped into someone knocking herself down and landing on her behind. "Ouf!" Scribble said looking up to see a very angry Blood Blue. "Watch where you're going peasant!" Blue Blood snapped as Scribble let out a laugh and took out her head phones. "P-peasant? Dude you talk funny." Scribble said getting up and dusting herself off. "Get with the program, no one talks like that anymore. Well the weirdos in the drama department do, but that's only when they're doing a Shakespeare play I suppose." Scribble said rambling to herself before looking at Blue Blood and snickering at his appearance, "What?" He questioned. Scribble just giggled some more and walked off without answering him.
  2. (She's Scribble, she don't care! XD I'll just change it in a moment)
  3. Winter rolled her eyes "Go ahead, I can't get into anymore trouble with the mess I caused in the kitchen." She said not caring. Scribble hummed to herself as she walked through the halls spinning around on her toes listening to music. She was on her way to the bathroom and because English was boring to Scribble, even more so, since it was Shakespeare, Scribble was taking her own sweet time. After this class all she had to do was wait for Winter to get done with Gym and she was home free to go look at some kittens and puppies at the animal shelter.
  4. Winter rolled her eyes and scoffed. "I guess Princess Blue Blood can't hack a little sweat." Winter said to Blue Blood as she jogged by, she wasn't nearly as fast as Silverbolt or RainbowDash but she was leading the rest of the pack. Due to running around with Scribble along with dealing with her best friend's high energy Winter had great endurance.
  5. (She wanted him to apologize but he made her apologize) Winter stretching next to Silverbolt and caught Blue Blood glaring at her. So in turn she glared right back at him. "Snob" Winter muttered under her breath wishing that Scribble was there. Because more than likely Scribble would say something stupidly snarky about Blue Blood he would get offended and she would have no idea what his problem was. The mere thoughts of that made Winter chuckle as she leaned back and cracked her back.
  6. Scribble grinned brightly and waved at Fluttershy clearly amused with her character 'Hehe she's so adorable! I wanna huggle her~!' Scribble thought to herself. Scribble stood up and grinned. "Hey! I'm Random Scribble! Like Miss Cheerilee said I'm a new student here! I hope we all can get along for the rest of the school year!" Scribble said sweetly almost to the point it was sickening then Scribble said with a cough and a sheepish smile, "That's all I got." She said rubbing the back of her neck and laughing before sitting down. Winter sighed and glared lightly before standing up and folding her arms with cold stare. "My name is Winter Chill." She said glaring lightly at everyone but Silver before sitting down. (Right! I knew i heard of another name for him! I forgot that it was Roid Rage!) ((Winter's not as nice without Scribble around FYI)
  7. (Yeah that makes sense) Scribble stared at the teacher in shock, "She's so nice~!" Scribble said happily clapping her hands.
  8. Winter huffed blowing hair out of her face, because of the incident earlier she had already changed into her gym clothes. She noticed Silverbolt was waving at her and she gave a half hearted wave back. Still clearly irked that someone like Blue Blood would act the way he does. (Sure, why not.) "Volunteering always helps out, when I lived in the city I volunteered at that park to help clean it up! It used to be so dirty! Now it's nice and clean~" Scribble said grinning, "As for the pets, I always wanted a pet bird. Like an owl or a raven! But those are supposed to be wild and I'd feel bad for keeping them as pets... But I'll never know unless I go see!" Scribble said trailing off a bit then turning back to her usual attitude taking a copy of the flier from Steel and then stuffing it in her bag. Just as she did such the teacher came in. ((I think he'd be a good foot ball coach!)) ((There's no cannon name for him as far as I know. But I like Gun Show or Bench Press myself..))
  9. (Iron Will would be my choice.) Scribble skipped into class humming a crazy little tune to herself and stopped when she noticed the teacher wasn't there yet. "Am I in the right class?" Scribble questioned herself pulling out her schedule and backing up to look at the door room number. "It says I am. But I don't see no teacher..." Scribble mumbled shrugging as she walked back into class. She then spotted Steel and smiled "Steel!" She said running over to him and finding a seat next to him. "So~" She said scooting her seat closer. "How was you little chat with Fluttershy~ I have to know!" Scribble said grinning at her new found friend. Elsewhere Winter Chill stomped down the halls into gym class, she was grateful that she had this class next so she could blow off some steam. However when she saw Blue Blood in the class as well. She wanted to scream. "just my luck..." Winter mumbled to herself storming over to the bleachers waiting for class to start.
  10. (miss cheerilee of course.) Scribble blinked as everyone left and sighed. Soon came marching in, a red faced Winter Chill who looked like she could explode any second. "Whoa Winter! What happened?" Scribble said standing up and walking over to meet with her friend. Winter growled causing Scribble to shrink back a bit. "There's this no good snobby jerk named Blue Blood! I walked out of the bathroom minding my own business and HE runs in to ME! Not only does he not help me up! He makes ME apologize to him! Just because he's the nephew of the principles!" Winter ranted as Scribble blinked and shrugged. "So? You could've stood up on your own. You have that ability right?" Scribble questioned clueless. Winter groaned and smacked her forehead. "That's not the point Scribble!" Winter said exasperated with her friend. "Just forget it! I have gym class next and you have English see you after school Scribbles." Winter said before walking off leaving Scribble alone. "Well, I guess it's time to go learn some English!" Scribble said before dumping out her tray and heading to English class.
  11. Scribble looked up from her food and smiled, "The name is Random Scribble, but everyone just calls me Scribble." She said then blinked "By the way, I have no idea what your name is." Scribble said just now realizing that.
  12. "Ooo, he doesn't seem to like that." Scribble said taking another bite out of the charcoal cake. "I think she went to the bathroom to get cleaned up, she kinda caused a mess in the kitchen. But... It usually doesn't take this long for her to get back." Scribble said thoughtfully after swallowing the piece. "Ow, that hurt." Winter said still on the ground, hitting tile floor wasn't not all that great if you asked her. She slowly looked up to see who it was..
  13. Scribble flopped down beside Silverbolt eating some stew and a weird smoking piece of black char (winter's baked alaska). "So, what's up?" Scribble said swallowing her food. Scribble looked over at Steel noticing his anger. "Whoa, what's he mad about?" Scribble questioned, Winter was in the bathroom trying to clean up, so without Winter around she didn't have much anyone to talk to. Meanwhile, Winter walked out of the bathroom looking and feeling much better. "And Scribble laughed at me for bringing extra clothes. Hah, I showed her." She said smirking to herself as she turned around the corner only to run into someone who felt like a brick wall. And that of course caused her to fall on her behind from the sheer force of impact.
  14. "Yeah see what you did!" Scribble said glaring at Winter who scoffed and rolled her eyes. "There, there little guy! I know you meant well!" Scribble said rubbing Xindel's back.
  15. A puff of smoke came from the kitchen and Scribble and the cooks stumbled out coughing. Winter came out soon afterwards with soot on her face and her hair sticking up every which way. "Winter I told you that wasn't a good idea!" Scribble said in between coughs as Winter scoffed. "I didn't have the right tools and ingredients to make a Baked Alaska that's all!" Winter said turning away and folding her arms. Scribble stared at her friend exasperated, "That was a industrial kitchen! What more would you need?" Scribble said waving her arms about as Winter blushed slightly. "I don't know but I still would've done better at home!" Winter said as Scribble rolled her eyes and mumbled about it would result the same way at her house as well. Scribble sighed and then said "Whatever I'm gonna see if my stew survived." Scribble said before turning to the cooks and leaning over and whispering loudly "Sorry about my friend, she's a little slow in the head." She said before running back into the kitchen.
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