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  1. "Maybe to the woods what do you think?" Rose smiled.
  2. Rose grabs her phone and puts on her trench coat making sure nothing falls out as again her phone beeps. She opens the door and steps outside waiting.
  3. (Shall we go to the next day or oh I know) "Hmmmm how about a night walk instead I love them." She gets up and looks out the window the sun just setting
  4. (Sorry just got back from smash in Sydney) "Sure" Say down and got her Ds out and her two games.
  5. "Brilliant." She finishes and looks outside as it's starting to get dark. She thought to herself time for bed soon.
  6. The ramen finally finishes and rose puts in a little beef, cabbage chopped up fine and 3 narutos. She serves it evenly for two and put the dishes on the table with cutlery. She sits and smiles and starts to slowly eat hers. "I hope you like it."
  7. "Okie dokie!" Rose opens two packs of ramen and puts them into seperate pans putting them on the camp gas cooker and lighting it just letting the water in the pans simer till it boils.
  8. "It's fine I went shopping yesterday so we have lots in the house and a lot of ramen I can't stop eating that stuff. I promise it's fine for me to cook for you." Rose smiles and her phone beeps again.
  9. ((Sorry I was up in the mountains for a couple of days and didn't had internet))
  10. "That's amazing, I need to save up for more." Rose's stomach rumbles and she looks at her belly. "Just want to check something then I'll be back." She got up and walked to her parents room which had been sealed again for safety. They still haven't eaten so rose picked up the plates and threw the food in the bin and returns them to the kitchen. "Would you like anything to eat Kazuki?" She smiles softly washing up the two dishes.
  11. "I only have pokemon Y and kingdom hearts 3D sadly but I hope to get more soon." Rose got her two games out and put them on the table. "Which ones do you have?"
  12. "I do hehe" Rose smiles and get out her blue 3ds and the little green light is on.
  13. "Whatever you may like, even though it doesn't seem like we do have a lot of things here." Rose smiles softly and puts her phone down.
  14. "It's an okay place but mum and dad forgot to pay for electricity and all that this month so I'll have to light a fire for us to eat" Rose lights a candle and set it down on the as see sits next to it. She checks her phone and it says. Now home with Kazuki and mum and dad are fine. Food will have to come later as they haven't eaten their lunch which is so rude! She hmm's but then looks up at Kazuki, "Please make your self at home."
  15. "Well this is it, come inside." Rose opened the little door to the sort of shanty and the lights were out leading Kazuki to the lounge and kitchen.
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