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  1. (0.0 i am awfully confused on what happened. someone want to fill me in??)
  2. She smiled at them awkwardly. "Hi," she addressed Sweetie Bell and Applebloom. To Care and Rune, she said, "I'm Sugar Song. Nice to meet you." She swished her tail around, feeling like she just intruded on their conversation.
  3. (man! Wow! I missed a whole lot! Goodness guys ) Sugar Song looked up at the foals chatting. She wanted to be a part of that but wasn't sure how to go about that and flattened her ears. She missed her friends back in Canterlot, even if some of them weren't exactly friends. More like enemies but she still would love to see a very familiar face. Sure, she was making friends but it seemed that foals just introduced themselves, said a couple words then left to say hi to another pony. She missed her drama classes. Everypony worked together. All she could see here were groups of friends forming, clicks being created. She never could be a part of a click. That system just wouldn't work for her but she had to try. Sugar Song put away her scripts into her saddlebag and trotted over to the group containing Rune, Care Package, Sweetie Bell, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom. (sorry if I forget someone!) "Hi," she said quietly, wondering if they would even notice her or continue their conversation. She wasn't even sure of what they spoke of.
  4. (sorry blue streak for not responding!! I had a hectic weekend... Ya. Anyways, wow! I missed a lot. Haha) She looked back up at Blue Streak and wiped tears from her eyes from laughing. "Sorry," she apologized to him. "It was funny! Just... I lost control. Plus I laugh when I'm embarrassed so it kind of just kept going..." she trailed off with a nervous chuckle. Sugar Song probably just scared away the only foal in the shop her age.
  5. Sugar Song was thinking the same thing as Blue Streak and giggles more loudly than she meant to when he whispered in her ear. Her random outburst made her laugh even harder and she looked like a fool trying to keep herself from laughing even more. "Sorry!" she wheezed rather loudly between laughs. Taking deep breaths, she calmed herself down, plopped on a chair and let her head hit the table. Wow. That was embarrassing but she really didn't care. "I just..." she whispers with a silent chuckle. :I can't... I..." (man, can ponies do keyboard smashes?! I ship it already! XD Sorry guys... tumblr folk here if ya didn't guess....:3)
  6. Sugar Song sat contently in the shade by herself but looked up when she saw the new pegasus. She shrugged and went back to reading. There were just so many new foals today! Too many to count.
  7. Sugar Song noticed that the energy in the room dropped a big amount, a side from the playfuly Delilah and Thunderbolt. This made her less excited about what the day would hold so she fell quiet and continued to read over her papers quietly. No one seemed like they wanted to be bothered, anyways.
  8. Sugar Song glanced at the new pony entering the shop and had to take a double-glance as she saw his wings. She had a strange fascination with many things and the wings of pegasi just so happen to be one of them. She studied the feathers, in awe, awondering how something so delicate and fragile looking could carry a pony so gracefully through the air. She flattened her ears a bit when she realized consciously that she was staring and turned back to her group of ponies, hoping he didn't notice her weird staring.
  9. She looked up from her papers. "Hi! I'm Sugar Song. Nice to meet ya!" She smiled.
  10. She smiled. "It's never too late!" she says happily. "You should check it out sometime! It's so much fun playing drama games, rehearsing lines and making memories."
  11. Sugar Song was happy when lunch was announced and pulled an apple from her bag. She remained at her desk while everypony went and chatted with each other. She happily took out a couple sheets of paper and started to go over and read through what they said quietly to herself.
  12. "Hearth's Warming Eve!" she answered Blue Streak happily. "I've only seen it once but it's the biggest play put on all year and it's magnificent. What's yours?"
  13. She continued to smile. "Nice to meet you too Blue Streak!" She lost all focus on the other ponies (haha shot attention span) and trotted over to the colt.
  14. She looked excitedly over at Blue Streak. "Really?" Sugar Song perked up with a smile. "I'm Sugar Song! I didn't catch your name, sorry."
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