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  1. Ok, so the only thing I'm finding wrong is where he was taken to enlist. Just change that to Marine Recruiter and you'll be good to go!
  2. Well, Red Cross is 20 in comparison, and his dog would be 11.
  3. Ok! Awesome! I can live with that! Any who, what's the character's age?
  4. I just liked Saronyx's comment... I totally agree with it!
  5. That's what I asked earlier... And he already hinted that it was.
  6. Actually, I'm gonna have to Force Balance you to EAF for now. We already have two players for ELF and I'm the only one for EAF. If he's 18, he can only be either E1 E2 or E3. It depends on of he signed up for a 4 or 6 year enlistment. And even at that, it would take him years to make the next rank. Time in rank... He cannot be in the military at 16. The youngest I can allow is 17. That would be with parental signing. Your story is very vague and doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It only mentions that he was bored with his life. When you enlist, it's called a recruiter. In order for him to be ELF, he would had to have been EAF first. Because the ELF are rebels. There are no "good or bad" factions here. It's based on the player's beliefs, and then if I auto balanced them. And even still, marine training is over 12 weeks long, and you don't make E4 until 20 at the least.
  7. No, when I asked, derpyy said that it IS fallout Equestria. Which, if you've read it, is VERY graphic.
  8. Ok... Jac.... 1 you're too young to be in this rp... And 2... It says PM the app.
  9. Still waiting on apps to be accepted. I take it yours has been too now?
  10. Brave then growled, taking out his IFAK with his only good arm, he tried to put pressure onto it, the bleeding didnt stop, then he tried to elevate it over his heart, which still didnt work, then a pressure point, which again didnt work... His last resort was to use a tourniquet... But the wound was too high up... So he had to take out the only pack of his quick clot gauze, open the pack with his teeth, take the gauze out and start packing it into the wound. Eventually, the bleeding stopped. Then he dressed it. Then he was given no choice... His arm HAD to be reset... If any infection got into his bone marrow, he would die... So he grabbed a nearby piece of bandage to bite onto, grabbed his arm, braced himself, and pulled the bone back into place. not only was it More painful than being shot, but It was especially terrifying to watch his bone slide back into his arm from the wound it caused in his flesh. He bit so hard onto his bandage that he was bleeding in the mouth, his eyes quickly filled with tears, and bile filled his mouth and leaked through the bandage. He laid, twitching in the snow. He still needed to stop the bleeding in his arm... But he was feeling cold... Tired... He rolled onto his back once the worst part of the pain subsided. "great... Haven't been on this Celestia forsaken planet for ten minutes... And I'm already gonna die..." He said, tears once again filled his eyes when he thought about his wife and foals back home... He wanted to do something... But every last bit of strength he had was spent on resetting his arm... He was too weak to even move... Regretfully, he curled up into a ball to keep warm and waited to die. He didnt want to give up, but looking through his options, and the fact that he doesn't have any strength to breathe, or keep his eyelids open... He wasn't left with a choice.
  11. "Kid! Wake up!" The wounded sergeant tried to shout as he painfully reached up and used his good arm to bop the other soldier in the helmet.
  12. (Actually, one is badly wounded and dying, the other's gotta figure out how to patch him up properly and find a place to hole up until friendlies arrive. The Akrid are all dead and gone.)
  13. Ok, this is an interest check for Farcry 3 Equestria, however, I was JUST introduced to the series, so I won't be able to launch it until I get more info on everything in it But other than that, the app will be after the prologue. Now, there is one character definitely of interest you should know about. His name is Brave Heart. He's a Sergeant in the Royal Equestrian Army. You can be friends with him, his brother/sister, or for the ladies, his marefriend. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN ANOTHER MOMENT... DOWN WENT AFTER IT... NEVER ONCE CONSIDERING HOW HOW IN THE WORLD SHE WAS GOING TO GET OUT AGAIN...." Now, the rest of it needs to have at least one character for the actual intro to continue. Name: (Will be adult.) Gender: Species: (If unicorn) horn glow color: Pelt color: Mane/tail color: Eye color: Occupation: (can't have killed another pony... Yet...) Personality: History: (can't have killed another pony... Yet...) Picture (if available) or full description of character.
  14. Alrighty then! You're accepted without a doubt! You're currently with auger's character watching Delta Squadron for the EAF. I've gotta try to get the private back into the rp.
  15. Um.... It's not in bold... Or italicized... Or underlined....
  16. K. I'm not sure what changes may be needed, so if there are any, lemme know if I missed them.
  17. Would I be able to copy my character from another RP? It's got skills, inventory included.
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