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  1. Chuckles at the question, nodding as he came to a halt next to Survey. "That's right. Ya stuck through it 'til the end. 'N ya did pretty well, considerin' it was yer first time racin'," He nodded before giving the timid unicorn what he considered a gentle pat on the back, not considering that it might be a bit rough to the slightly smaller built stallion. "Hope ya race again next year. Heck, if ya'd like, I could train with ya for the next one." He then noticed his friend's attention being stolen away by a mare, grinning wryly before winking at him. "I'll leave ya t' yer ah..." Glances at the mare in question before chuckling, "...post-race celebrations, though." With that, he got up on all four hooves and trotted off, still chuckling softly as he set about looking for his saddlebags.
  2. Mobius panted as he crossed the line, neck and neck with the one and only Big Mac, the Pegasus stretching his head and neck forward as far as he could at the last possible second. The desperate motion barely managed to let him match the large Earth pony as they crossed the line in a tie, his speed immediately dying down as he slowed from a gallop to a canter to a trot and then a walk, moving gradually off to the side as best he could to get out of the way of anypony else who was still going relatively fast. As he slowed, he would nod to Big Mac with a grin. "Good race, Macintosh! I barely managed t' keep next t' ya there at the end," he laughed cheerfully before sitting down, letting out a tired 'woo' as he tried to catch his breath. His ears perked up as he heard the familiar voice, looking up to see the red Earth pony he'd met back at the fork during the sixth section. "Oh, hey, Douglas!" he greeted warmly, offering a wide grin, chuckling at the mention of the abrupt swarm of ponies that closed in on them. "I know what ya mean... I barely managed t' squeeze out of a group'a ponies that huddled in around me. Real hard t' pass ponies when yer boxed in," he laughed softly, giving a shrug, "But hey, it happens in races, right?" He offered a nod in response to the question, his grin only widening. "Of course I'm comin' back! I gotta beat ya at next years race, after all." As he made the friendly challenge, he offered a playful wink, hoping to let Douglas know he was only speaking in good fun. "That is, if yer runnin' next year?" Another light laugh escaped him as Douglas' attention was caught by what a quick glance told him was a mare, a wry grin forming on the pale gold stallion's face. "Go get 'er, Douglas. I'll catch ya later," he called to the Earth pony as he trotted off, snickering quietly to himself before looking around for anypony else he knew. He soon took notice of Applejack who wasn't too far away, chuckling as he recalled how she had passed him back on the home stretch. "I'll hafta pay her back once I find my bag," he told himself as he resumed his search, a familiar pale green unicorn coming into view not too far away. Upon seeing him, he waved a hoof, raising himself up slightly. "Hey! Survey!" He called out before getting up, slowly trotting over towards the pale green unicorn with a warm smile.
  3. As he raced down the final stretch with everypony else, he noticed two things. First and foremost, this stretch was a lot longer than he had anticipated, and his legs were already beginning to burn from pushing himself as hard as he could. Second, it seemed everypony was rapidly closing in and grouping together into one mass, a brief glance backwards being met with an enormous cloud of dust kicked up by the dozens of hooves that now thundered towards the finish. As he started to get packed into the forming herd, he couldn't help but snicker a little. "Well, this'll make it a lil more difficult t' push ahead," he playfully remarked before looking to Miss Applejack as she spoke to him, noticing that she had come up to alongside of him - albeit a few ponies away - and that they were now competing for a spot. "Yer a good pony, Miss Applejack!" he called back to her, his ears perking up as he listened to her call for somepony named Granny Smith. His attention turned forward once more, his ears perked up as he heard an approaching voice chanting "Gonna make it, gonna make it!" somewhere nearby, the pale gold Pegasus looking around before noticing the unicorn mare he'd trotted with earlier on in the race, deliberately slowing his pace as she caught up. "Heya, Willow! Ya alright?" he grinned, quirking a brow as he gave the messy looking filly a once-over. Sure, his front hooves were caked with that sticky sap from the last stretch and had dirt, twigs, and leaves stuck to them, but she looked as though she'd had more trouble with the stuff than he had. When he waited for a response, though, he noticed she continued moving forward in a rush towards the finish line, prompting a chuckle and a smirk from the Pegasus. "Guess that's a yes - that's the spirit!" Once again, he began pushing his legs as hard as he could, bringing himself back up to his fastest speed... at least, fastest on the ground. As the finish line drew closer and closer, his ears perked up, overhearing Miss Applejack talking about preparing fresh applejuice for the racers. He couldn't help but lick his lips at the thought, his throat burning and his mouth slowly going dry from the exertion - some of that juice sounded more divine than the Princesses themselves at the moment, at least to him. The thought actually drove him to push a little faster, panting as he raced towards the finish. "Must... get... more... apple... juice," he managed between each breathe as he began obliviously passing a few of the other ponies, his eyes locked on the line up ahead.
  4. A wide grin was spread across Mobius' face as he thundered down the home stretch, his head lowered with his ears flattened back against his head in an effort to make him as streamlined as possible. The pale gold Pegasus was galloping full force, eager to make up for all of the time he'd happily sacrificed earlier in the race, as well as to drive himself to his absolute limit. As he charged down the track, he shifted his gaze around, trying to see who all was near him. There was, of course, Douglas some ways up ahead of him who he had began sprinting down the home stretch with, but it seemed that Survey had fallen behind them in their hasty charge. He did notice, however, a familiar pony rapidly gaining upon him; the kind orange Earth pony, Applejack. The Pegasus couldn't help but grin to himself since the last time he'd seen her in the race was back at Sweet Apple Acres, and she had ran off while he finished his juice. The stallion had expected an athletic pony like her to be way ahead of him, if not already across the finish line. Thinking back, he figured he probably only managed to squeeze ahead of her thanks to taking the right path back at the last section. "Hey again, Miss Applejack!" he called out, his friendly - even playful - grin still on his face, "Thanks again for the juice back at Sweet Apple Acres! Kept me refreshed all on its own." Taking another quick look around, he saw some specs far ahead of the rest of the pack, his grin dying down into a smirk. It seemed that the odds of him, Douglas and Survey being among the first were pretty low. He couldn't say he minded, though; this race had ended up being more about enjoying the scenery, making friends and simply having fun facing the various shenanigans that had occurred over the course of the race. If he could go back and start it all over again, knowing everything that would happen and how he could win, he would make the same choices. Besides, not winning the race this year meant he had a reason to return next fall to have a re-match with the wonderful ponies he'd met, and a fresh race against no doubt many new faces.
  5. After making sure the other two were alright, Mobius began to follow the red Earth pony. When Survey sat into another puddle after he and Douglas had recovered, he would pause mid trot while passing him, hooking a hoof under the Unicorn's front leg and helping tug him out of the substance before once again starting forward into a trot, then a canter and finally a gallop. A grin formed on his face at Douglas' confident roar, letting out a loud "WOOOOO!" in agreement before looking back at Survey as he timidly asked if Douglas meant them, offering the same confident grin, shouting loud enough for him to hear, "Of course us, Survey! 'N with the time we saved takin' the right road, we have a pretty good shot at bein' among the first, I'm sure of it!" Once he finished trying to encourage his pale green companion, he turned his golden orange gaze forward, bolting forward a little faster into a gallop. "Not too much further now! Time t' go all out!" he shouted, now thankful that he'd taken his time throughout the race and saved his energy; he had plenty left for the final stretch, and intended to push himself to the absolute limit with it. Regardless of whether he got first place or last, though, the joy of running with two good friends and having another one or two he'd made during the race no doubt somewhere nearby, as well as the rush of the competition flowing through his veins, had made this a wonderful day, just like he had hoped back at the starting line.
  6. Having reached about as far as his rear hooves along were going to carry him, he couldn't help but sigh in relief as the others came to his aid. When he felt his tail being bit and firmly yanked, however, he let out a shocked whinny. "Hey-whoa-huh?! Ain't ya gonna buy a pony dinner first?!" he called back as he found himself getting pulled, his wings unfurling and flapping lightly to help further stretch the sticky goo extending from his hooves to the puddle, which by now stretched for a couple of yards. The plan worked, though, and in a few short moments, a loud 'snap' resounded from the string, sending him toppling over the red Earth pony and onto his back, skidding a short distance before coming to a halt. After lying on his back for a few moments, his eyes derping once again, he would shake his head and quickly hop up onto his hooves... only to wretch slightly at the unusual feeling before glancing down, noticing dirt and dust already caking over his affected limbs. "That's jus' nasty," he mumbled before sighing and shaking his head, "I really hope this stuffs washes off easy." As he spoke, he began to trot towards his saviors, leaning down to nudge them with one of his rear hooves - an unusual gesture, but the only way to avoid getting any more of the annoying substance on anypony else. "Thanks fer the save. Ya alright?" he asked with a wry grin, giving a friendly wink before nodding down the track, "'Cause we got a clear path up ahead 'n a race t' win."
  7. Snaps his attention forward upon hearing an unusually dull splash from Douglas accidentally landing a hoof in the sticky substance covering the track, noticing the red pony was quite a ways ahead and - more significantly - past an absurd amount of puddles in the road. "Oh horseapples," he mumbles to himself before taking in a deep breath, preparing himself for a series of no doubt difficult hops. The pegasus soon began repeating the same motions as Douglas had before him, carefully hopping to the dry patches that zig zagged along the road until he finally overdid a jump on one, finding himself descending rapidly towards a puddle. "OH HORSEAPPLES," he repeated again, much louder this time as he did unfolded his wings, lightly flapping them once to propel himself a bit back, the unusual correction causing him to skid onto his hindquarters on the dry patch, his hooves only an inch from the puddle. "Phew... better t' crash than get suck in this stuff, I think," he muttered before scooting back little ways. After getting up and shaking off slightly, he took a moment to pause, looking back at his wings before raising a hoof up to tap it against his chin. "Did that count as cheatin'...?" he began, talking to himself rather than anypony else, "I mean... I wouldn't of done it if these hazards weren't here... 'n I honestly doubt they were a planned portion'a the race..." After thinking on it for a moment, he shook his head furiously, stomping a hoof on the ground, "No! Even if it wasn't entirely fair t' other ponies, I didn't use my wings t' gain an advantage on anypony like that griffin. It's no different than if a unicorn uses some magic t' make a path across 'em or get themselves unstuck." Nodding resolutely, he would spring forward, hopping over the puddle and landing on the next dry spot before repeating the same motion, eventually reaching the clearer portion of the path up ahead. 'Besides, I've happily sacrificed my time t' help other ponies. That was jus' a lil reward for bein' a good sport, s'all.' He thought to himself as he continued down the track after Douglas, briefly glancing back once again to see if Survey was keeping up. Unfortunately, being lost in thought was just as bad as taking in the scenery, and Mobius soon heard another dull splat - this time directly beneath him. Still moving forward, he would trip, falling onto the dry patch of land just in front of the puddle he'd stepped into with both front hooves, his rear hooves still dry... although both were now in the air as he laid on his chest. He would lay there for a few moments quietly, his eyes rolling around in a derped fashion before he shook his head, regaining his composure. "...Horseapples..." he grumbled through a sigh before pushing himself back onto his rear hooves. "Hey! Douglas! Survey! Anypony! A lil help, please?" he calls out as he begins trying to tug his hooves free, sticking his tongue out in mild disgust at the gooey feel of the substance. A bright-eyed look suddenly replaced his annoyed expression as an idea popped into his head, the Pegasus rearing onto his back hooves, leaning back with all his weight so that the sap was stretched, the pale gold stallion then walking backwards as he attempted to stretch the sticky goo to its absolute limit. "Just... a.... lil... further...."
  8. Mobius continued down the path from Whitetail Woods and into the next section of the race, keeping himself at least within earshot and view of both Douglas and Survey as he ran. If he was right about this next stretch, there'd be plenty of hazards to hold any of the three ponies back, and so the pale gold Pegasus figured it would be best to stay near them both to receive help if he accidentally got stuck in some of the sap, or to help one of his comrades if they found themselves in the same predicament. As he had predicted, he noticed a number of dark patches along the road ahead where sap had been spilled or, as he had to admit in some obvious cases, overflowed. "Alright. Eyes peeled, you guys. No more takin' in the scenery," he shouted to both Douglas and Survey, as well as any other ponies who happened to be nearby, "Looks like we got ourselves an obstacle course for this stretch!" As if on cue, the very second he finished speaking a large patch of sap came across his path, forcing the Pegasus to make a long leap across the dark brown liquid, his years of touching down on the ground while still moving forward when landing from a flight coming into play as he skillfully continued on at his previous pace, beginning to increase it from a relaxed canter into a full fledged gallop. "Y'see? No problem at all! Jus' gotta concentrate 'n react!" he shouted in a re-assuring, confident tone, leaning to his right to turn sharply around another puddle of sap before centering himself on the track once more, his eyes darting around to see if anymore puddles were ahead of him before he chanced a brief glance in Survey's direction, wanting to make sure his friend and first time racer hadn't gotten held up by the sticky brown substance.
  9. After... 'fixing,' the sign, Mobius nodded to Douglas and followed after him as he began down the right path, looking back at Survey with a grin. "C'mon, Survey!" he shouted back before turning his attention back to the path. His ears twitched as he heard Douglas stomping his hooves down harder than what could be considered normal, a few moments passing by before it clicked in his head that he was doing it deliberately. "Heh. Easy there, Douglas; stomp too much 'n yer gonna wear yerself out before the last stretch," he called ahead to the red Earth pony before glancing from side to side at the trees, "Besides, I'm sure they got some kinda contingency plan in case the race fails t' knock all the leaves down." As they rounded the bend, Mobius took a moment to glance up at the mountain next to them to see if he could see anypony running along the trail. Had it not been for Douglas' shout, he would have tripped over the slab of rock on the track, the Pegasus quickly looking forward before hopping onto the slightly higher bit of ground, crossing over it as his golden eyes looked ahead. "Speakin' a dirty racers... looks like somepony caused a dang rockslide," he shouted loud enough as he looked around at the rubble that remained, shaking his head, "Or probably more accurately, some griffin." He would have let that stunt the griffin pulled at the bridge slide, but this was too much. There had to be other ponies who'd be reporting her foul play, and after seeing the remains of a rock slide that could have no doubt killed somepony when it happened, he decided he'd be among them. When the next stretch of the race came into view, the stallion began to grin before letting out a groan, rolling his eyes as he looked to Douglas. "I have a feelin' all that sap is gonna 'inexplicably' be spilled allll over the road by the time the rest'a us reach that stretch," he called out, obviously expecting the foul play to continue well into the next stretch of the race, "Better keep our eyes peeled 'n be ready t' jump a lot."
  10. The usually aloof Pegasus would return to his more carefree demeanor as Douglas introduced himself, giving him a firm hoofshake once he'd accepted the one he'd offered. When he heard about the griffin having kicked sand up into the Earth pony's eyes at some point earlier in the race, Mobius couldn't help but scoff, looking off in the direction he assumed the griffin was - which was, irritatingly enough, ahead of them. "I bet that lumberin' ball'a fluff is jus' worried that they can't keep up with us ponies 'n has t' cheat t' keep a lead on us," he grumbled again before shaking off his visible annoyance. The Pegasus would nod in agreement when Douglas remarked that it seemed they had all decided the right path was the real one, looking between him and the Unicorn before pausing in thought at Douglas' question suggestion that the signs should be fixed. After a moment of thought, he approached the arrow sign, rearing up onto his hind hooves before coming down with all his weight onto the left side of the sign to try and budge it, hoping to turn it without breaking it. However, it was much sturdier than expected - due to a certain dreadlocked pony having reinforced it earlier without his knowledge - and the half of it he had brought his hooves down upon simply broke off under them. Mobius looked down at it for a few moments, as though in disbelief, before laughing nervously. "Uuuh... oops," he offered in a sincere but worried tone before getting an idea. The portion he'd broken off had the arrow on it, and so he picked it up with his mouth before taking a few steps back, setting it down so it was propped up at the base of the sign with the arrow pointing to the right. "There... that should work. At least, work better 'en before, right?" he grinned nervously, looking at Douglas and Survey - the latter in the midst of introducing himself in his timid manner - before looking back down at the half broken arrow, "It'll hafta do at any rate. We got a lotta ground t' catch up. Shall we go?"
  11. Mobius turned to the dark red Earth pony that approached him and Survey, offering a shrug and a nervous chuckle. "Not entirely sure which way it originally pointed. This other sign next t' it was made by somepony in the race, I'm guessin," he would turn as he spoke, putting a hoof on the scuffed up sign, "It SAYS they went left, 'n says 'real path' below that, but there's a buncha messed up writin' past that. I'm wonderin' if the right path is actually the real path, myself." After finishing, he would look up the left path, gesturing towards it with one hoof. "I mean, there aren't even that many trees up that way as far as I can tell, 'n this race is s'posed t' be about knockin' the leaves down, right?" Again, his attention would shift, this time towards the right path, the same hoof he'd been pointing towards the left path with moving to point down the right path instead, "So why would they have us avoid this tree-lined road?" Another thought struck him, causing him to turn to face the dark red pony, glancing back at Survey before back at the newcomer. "And there was a griffin earlier that was cheatin'. I bet she had somethin' t' do with all this." The pale gold Pegasus would then pause briefly, letting out a frustrated grunt while stomping a hoof on the ground, "Why couldn't this be a fair race? S'all hornets 'n snakes 'n flyin' Earth ponies 'n cheatin' griffins in it, it seems." He then paused once again amid his rant, blushing briefly at another realization while lifting a hoof up to rub at the back of his head. "Sorry. I'm so frustrated 'n busy rantin' that I forgot t' properly introduce myself," he chuckled before offering a hoof to the red stallion, "My name's Mobius Blaze. What's yers?"
  12. After meeting yet another pony in the race, one Willow Wisp most recently in addition to two members of the locally famous Apple Family, Mobius had decided to pick up the pace. Socializing and taking it easy had seemingly landed him further back in the pack that he had intended, and as he recalled from what he saw of the race map, the mountain pass marked the start of the last half of the race. He still only sped up to a slow pace canter, but it was enough to catch up the ground he'd lost in all of the stops he'd made. The pale gold Pegasus had no idea that even more stops awaited him up ahead. The first soon came into view in the form of two signs - one with an arrow and the other with a scuffed up message - that stood in front of some bushes at a fork in the road. Nearby the bushes sat a familiar face, the Pegasus chuckling as he slowed himself down to a trot while approaching. "Hey again, Survey. Everything alright?" he asked with a friendly smile as he came closer, giving a greeting nod to the pale green Unicorn before turning his attention to the two signs. Normally he would have followed the arrow like anypony, but the other sign seemed to have a relevant message. "Mojo, Carro. Went lef. Real pat. Love lyr," he read aloud, sounding it out at first before taking a closer look, his eyes squinting as he noticed a large amount of scuffed writing at the end of the center two lines, "Hmn... well that's odd... there had t' be somethin' else written here." As he spoke aloud to no one in particular, he put a hoof against the scuffed writing, as though that might somehow make things clearer. "No reason t' write all this if they wanted t' tell somepony t' go left. Hey, Survey, yer good with puzzles; think ya can help me figure out this message?"
  13. He raised a solitary eyebrow at her response. Mobius wouldn't pretend what it was like to be a Unicorn, but 'jammed my horn against' sounded painful in its own right. All the same, he offered a semi-relieved smile to hear her say that she would know whether or not she needed to stop. Hopefully that was the truth and this wasn't a case of somepony being too stubborn to know when they need a break. She was maintaining her balance in spite of it, though, which meant she wasn't too disoriented. As she introduced herself, he offered a wry grin before nodding his head. "Pleasure t' meet ya, Willow Wisp. My names Mobius Blaze, 'n ya haven't seen me around before 'cause I'm jus' a visitor from Cloudsdale." He then paused for a moment, considering where she said she lived in Ponyville, his head tilting curiously. "Haunted house, y'say?" he began before offering a slightly goofy grin, "I thought ghosts were jus' an old ponytale. Is it really haunted?"
  14. As he entered the White Tail woods at a steady trot, Mobius took in his surroundings. The beautiful mixture of red, orange and yellow around him was absolutely stunning, and made the Pegasus a bit regretful about helping knock the gorgeous leaves to the ground. Ahead of him, the ground was already thickly blanketed with them, and as he passed along with other nearby ponies, yet more fell to the ground. Glancing behind him, he noticed that many of the trees further back were already completely bare, and sighed lightly before turning his attention forward. "Kind of a shame t' bring 'em down," he murmured before looking up at the trees once more, "Ah well. They grow back." A soft smile formed at the thought of how the woods would look once the first snows came, and then further ahead to spring, when renewed life returned to the countless trees in lush green form. Continuing down the track, he soon heard the faint echo of somepony's voice, the pale gold Pegasus squinting as he tried to make out what he heard. "Sakes...? Stakes?" he murmured before realization dawned on him. What else could it be in this crazy race? "Snakes," he muttered with a defeated sigh, shaking his head, "S'like this race was designed t' have dangers at every dang section." The Pegasus stallion shook his head of the thought, trying to regain his focus and, more importantly, his alertness. His eyes would dart from side to side, keeping an eye out for any of the scaly creatures for a good distance. Only a few dozen yards later, he finally saw one of the legless reptiles... and quickly noticed that it was slithering away at speed, seemingly running from something. Quirking a brow, he turned his attention ahead to try and see if whatever it was that scared the snakes off was still there. All he saw, though, was a group of Pegasi, including one extremely elderly looking one. "Huh... whatever it is, it musta left," he thought aloud. Before he could shrug off the thought, he heard a loud 'THWACK' as a nearby pony ran into an oak tree, causing him to wince as he slowed to a halt, his attention shifting in that direction. There, he spotted a black Unicorn mare with a bright blue mane and tail, who quickly looked around as though hoping nopony saw her crash before getting back onto her hooves and continuing on. Feeling a bit concerned, he began to gallop after her until he was next to her, at which point he would adjust his speed to match. "Hey, you okay? That was a pretty nasty crash back there," he began, hoping he had gotten the mare's attention, "Maybe ya should slow down for a lil' while? Still plenty'a race left, after all."
  15. Mobius trotted down the track with a pouch of Sweet Apple Acres apple juice in his mouth, glancing this way and that in search of the pale green unicorn who'd run off before he'd even gotten his drink. He'd noticed that the timid stallion ran off without it while he was drinking his own, but by the time the realization set in, Survey was already out of earshot. If this was his first race, then he'd definitely need the refreshment, so Mobius took it upon himself to try and deliver the juice to him. Of course, the Pegasus took a moment to drink his own juice before beginning his new side-task in the race, so he no doubt had a lot of ground to cover. As he came down the leaf covered path, he noticed a growing crowd of ponies at a narrow bridge, crossing two-by-two. "Perfect!" he announced to no one in particular through his teeth, which were still firmly shut to keep hold of the apple juice. 'Survey'll probably be mixed in with the crowd waitin' t' cross,' he thought to himself as he began to lope towards the crowd. On his way, he noticed a large, non-pony figure fly over the gap and continue some distance past the bridge, prompting a scowl from him. 'I hope the ponies in that balloon they had at the startin' line saw that...' Cheating in a competition like this, a competition that was mostly for fun, was just downright low and petty, in his opinion. Sadly, he couldn't make out anything about the figure other than that it was a griffin at this distance. As he got closer to the crowd of ponies at the mouth of the bridge, he realized he'd underestimated the difficulty of finding a single pony in the colourful group before him. 'Hmn... if I could jus' get t' the other side, I could probably wait 'n find him in one'a the pairings...' He knew he couldn't very well fly over the bridge like that griffin had; that'd be cheating, and worse, hypocritical. As he pondered his options, he heard splashes of water and turned his attention towards the source of the sounds, only to spot a number of ponies forging the river with varying degrees of success. It was apparent that the river had a very uneven bottom, with some parts unusually shallow and others surprisingly deep. With a grin, the pale gold stallion charged down the hill past the crowd before rushing into the water, his head tilting back to let it wash across his chest and neck, keeping the apple juice pouch clear of the comfortingly cool liquid. "Ahhh... now YOU ponies have th' right idea!" he called out to the nearby ponies who were crossing the brook, not really considering whether or not they could hear him. The portion of the brook he entered was shallow at first, letting him keep his footing, but he would probe ahead with each step he took in order to search for any deeper portions of the river. When he encountered one, he extended his wings out to either side, using them to help tread the surface as he swam across the gap to the next shallow patch. It didn't take long to cross the brook, however, and he soon found himself back on shore. Despite being dripping wet from the neck down, the pale gold Pegasus made no effort to shake himself dry. He did, however, have a momentary realization and turned to look back at his left flank. "Aw shoot, I forgot 'bout my number..." he mumbled to himself. Fortunately for him, the number was still there.... technically, at least. The paper was soaked through completely and partially torn, while the number 18 had bled and was barely distinguishable anymore. He turned his attention to his other side, only to find the number on his other flank in worse shape, half of it missing. Apparently, the current of the brook had been washing against his right side. No matter; at least one of them was still eligible, even if it did look more like modern art than a number now. Turning his attention back to his task, he would trot to the exit of the bridge, looking at the pairs of ponies that were crossing in search of Survey. "Hey, any of ya seen a kinda skinny, skittish pale green Unicorn by chance?" he asked those within ear shot. Just as he was about to ask the next group, he heard a pony cry out "HORNETS!" which, unsurprisingly, stole his attention away from the bridge crossing ponies. He didn't even pay attention to the ponies that ran back into the river, instead looking for a cloud of buzzing pain that was apparently approaching... only to see a distant griffin swatting and roaring at the air. A wide grin formed on his face as he watched the scene unfold. 'Heh... maybe there is somethin' t' that whole 'karma' thing...'
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