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  1. Hey! HEY! You still here? :( Just came here to say hi!

  2. I'm not feeling quite mentally well, so I'm just going to say this; Goodbye Canterlot.
  3. Son of a gun, you could have told me who you were in chat Faux. >.<

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Fauxzov


      lol its ok, but every time i get online i go into the chat room,

    3. Kodokuna


      Mmm. With the exception of today, I haven't been in the chatroom since they changed it to IRC. I came today because I was frustrated on how my Pinkie Pie Reploid came out.

    4. Fauxzov


      well you should go on, once you get used to the changess its not so bad

  4. Hai Rose, do you know how to move artwork from album to album? If you can tell me, it'll really help alot.

  5. One of the best designs I've seen yet.
  6. Welcome to my request area~ As of August 8th, 2013, I recently took arting seriously again! I can do quick sketches such as: Or even full-blown artwork such as: ​You can request whatever you want, but be forewarned; I'm still a rookie. ^^; As of August 10th, 2013, I'm a bit busy with other requests, gifts, and projects at the moment, but you can still request. You'll just be put to my 'To Do List'. : D Current Progress~ 'Blasting is Magic' - 14.3% (Put on Hiatus until I can figure out how to move artwork from album to album. >.<) [colour=#ff0000]Gift [/colour][colour=#ff0000]Art for my Closest Friends[/colour] - 0% [colour=#008000]Art Trade[/colour] - 0% [colour=#4b0082]May 27th, 2013 Blog Requests[/colour] - 0% [colour=#0000ff]They Didn't Ask, but Still Get Art[/colour] - 0% [colour=#ee82ee]Requests [/colour]- 0% [colour=#FF0000]Flittershy, TrixiePony, MidnightRose, Armony, Ashcloud, ivi,[/colour] [colour=#008000]SparkleFire, SonicRainboomGirl, Krad123,[/colour] [colour=#4B0082]Quillhart, RegalSteel, Squire,[/colour] [colour=#0000FF]FrostFauna, OilWells, TacoBob[/colour] [colour=#EE82EE]ShootingStar, Synchro[/colour] ^^Those Ponies are first priorities^^ Check back daily for new additions~
  7. Hai Staff, I was wondering if there was a way to move a drawing from 'Album A' to 'Album B'. Thank You, Kyoto Pony
  8. Finally starting to take arting seriously again~

  9. Kodokuna


    Art created digitally, silly. :3
  10. Have you been in school? I hope you're okay. :(

  11. What's wrong deary? :( Come back to chat!

    1. Armony


      I get this strange feeling I'm not really wanted there. I'm not one to force my presence on others.

    2. Kodokuna


      Armony, just get back in the chat, there are some things I need to explain to you about the chatroom. ^^; Like, seriously though.

  12. I think this should be moved to the games section of the forums.
  13. Ooooohh, I love the art style in this one~
  14. REVISED 1 Pinkie Pie 2 Queen Chrysalis 3 Princess Luna 4 Rarity 5 Lyra 6 Flitter 7 Twilight Sparkle 8 Trixie 9 Gilda 10 Derpy 11 Fluttershy 12 Nightmare Moon 13 Princess Cadence 14 Apple Bloom 15 Sweetie Belle 16 Scootaloo 17 Octavia 18 Colgate 19 Rose Luck 20 Applejack 21 Cheerilee 22 Fleur de Lys 23 Zecora 24 Spitfire 25 Babs Seed 26 Granny Smith 27 Big Macintosh 28 Lightning Dust 29 Dr. Whooves 30 Vinyl Scratch 31 Cloud Chaser 32 Berry Punch 33 Soarin' 34 Rainbow Dash 35 Carrot Top 36 Discord 37 Shining Armor 38 Bon Bon 39 Fancy Pants 40 Iron Will 41 Snowflake / Horsepower 42 King Sombra 43 Spike 44 Caramel 45 Braeburn 46 Princess Celestia 47 Photo Finish 48 Flim 49 Twist 50 Flam 51 Pipsqueak 52 Silver Spoon 53 Diamond Tiara 54 Hoity Toity 55 Prince Blueblood
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