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  1. Dang. I'm sorry to hear about that too. Take all the time you need.
  2. Storm was probably thinking along the lines of the show, seeing Twilight as the "leader" of her friends. But, yeah, since MrCry didn't put themselves as one of the elements I suspect they'll be the storyteller and NPCs.
  3. We could maybe give it a day for anyone else that wanted in.
  4. I was hoping to be the Knight of Laughter. Was planning on him being a sort of clumsy rogue character.
  5. 5 outta, what, 7 or 8? Yeah, we're doin' pretty good right now.
  6. Had a con this weekend, sorry for the wait! I'm still here and willing!
  7. "Wh-what?" Adventivia stuttered, peeking out between her hooves, "Y-you mean you're - you're Blade Runner?!" She had heard the stories from the other students. It seemed so far fetched, how could they have been anything more? I mean, ghosts, demons, seriously?! Then again, the teachers had never outright denied Blade Runner's existence. But, everything about this guy matched the stories! Well, except for him being 20 stories tall. It was a lot for Adventivia to take in. "W-wait a sec! Hold on! You said that little filly I saved, she was a demon? How was I supposed to know?! All I saw was some guy swinging a sword at a filly and-" Adventivia's confusion began to mix with some anger as she picked her head up from the ground pondering this recent development. "Why the hay didn't you just tell me who you were from the beginning?!" She stood up, pointing a hoof at Runner. "I mean, you're the Blade Runner! You made me think you were some kind of villain!" With her anger burned off, reality began to sink in on Adventivia. "And.....I'm the one that helped a demon get away." She sat down and groaned, putting her head in her hooves. "And here I thought I was finally starting to become a hero. Instead, I've let a villain get away." If Adventivia could physically cry, she would. "I'm the worst hero ever!" With that last outburst, she ran off into the misty town, not caring where she ended up.
  8. So, has anybody gotten any word from MrCry on this? It's been a while, and I'd hate to see people lose interest because it sat for too long.
  9. Adventivia was beside herself, figuratively speaking, out of confusion of what her next move should be and because her soul might as well have jumped from her body as soon as the Unicorn began screeching. She could hardly believe it. He'd seen her sneak attack coming a mile away! And what exactly did he mean when he said he could see all of her? Like, he could see through the ground? Those questions, however, were as likely to get asked as Adventivia's chance of winning this fight. "Just what kind of villain is he?" She hadn't even managed to grab hold of him while he was right in front of her! To make matters worse, there was far from enough energy for her to absorb from other sources to even the playing field. 'Sometimes it is wiser to run than to fight, but always remain calm, not just for yourself, but for those around you as well.' a teacher's lesson echoed in her head, unfortunately drowned out by her fear. She...........she didn't have a choice! She had to run! She looked around frantically, but where could she go?! He was so fast, no matter where she went he'd catch her! She fell to the ground, covering her face in hopelessness. There wasn't anything she could do, but she had to get away from this.........this '' Was he like she'd been? Surely she couldn't have been the first, or the last, who misunderstood the difference between good and evil when they first started out. Could she even talk any sense into someone that looked like......that? She certainly wouldn't have when she was in a rage, but this seemed like her only hope right now. Still cowering, she began to speak. "Wh-why do you have to be evil?" She cried, "You don't have to be evil! I used to be bad too! Ma-maybe we're not so different! You can be good too! It's not as hard as it seems! We can be good together! W-w-w-we....." She began to babble. She had nothing left.
  10. Well, anyway, if we're saying what elements we'd like our characters to be I'd like Laughter, if nobody minds.
  11. Yooooo! Don't forget about me! So, 1 unicorn/ nerd pony 2 earth/ mud pony 1 crystal/ beautiful pony 1/ Griffon/rude bird Plus whatever MrCry's character is going to be. Has anyone heard from him yet?
  12. Well, I thought about playing a Male Earth Pony that's really clumsy and inadvertently makes everypony else laugh when he falls, but it's okay because he laughs at himself too. Thing is, I haven't thought about it much more than that. 'Course, I did only come up with this idea an hour or two ago during work, so I'll have to wait until I'm off for the day to finish it.
  13. This was it. Adventivia's first real battle since her time at the academy. She still wasn't sure if she was ready, but she could tell that she'd grown since her first day, else she wouldn't still be holding her ground. Even as she looked into the fiery eyes of her opponent, she could feel something creeping up on her: fear. It made her quiver. She could tell just by the way he was standing that he was ready to end her. It carried the same weight the instructors at the academy had, but this was no class. Taking a deep breath, she reflected on what she'd learned. Particularly, she reflected on what it meant to be brave, reminding herself 'Bravery is not the absence of fear, but acting in spite of that fear.' She calmed her quivering as best she could and began trying to think about how she could win as quickly, and safely, as possible. 'I could always drain him,' she thought, 'but can I even get close enough to grab him?' She knew she didn't have much time, and that making the first strike was usually the best move to make. She had to think fast! Then, it came to her. She remembered that not all fighting had to be direct. She had to think of a way to distract this pony, quickly, but how? "So, I just have to ask, what's up with the fiery green eyes?" She managed to get out, standing back up like nothing had just happened. "Like, doesn't that hurt? How'd that even happen anyway? Is that some kind of secret Unicorn spell? I think I remember learning that Changelings use green fire magic. Are you a Changeling?" Adventivia hoped she was being convincing, especially since she didn't handle pressure well, and boy was there pressure! If she had the ability to sweat, she'd be able to fill a bathtub with the stuff! While trying to make idle conversation a stall any actual fighting, Adventivia was testing the ground beneath her hooves with a couple vines, and was pleasantly surprised to find that the soil beneath her was very soft. Slowly and carefully, she began wriggling her vines beneath the dirt towards Squall, hoping that the fog would hide both the shifting dirt and her slowly diminishing mass. At the very least if he did decide to charge her right now she could still entangle him with the vines when he reached however far they'd gone. It seemed like a win-win situation. 'At least that innocent filly's getting away.'
  14. Adventivia watched as the pony's eyes lit up, eyeing her intently. It kinda freaked her out, especially because they were on fire, but more importantly it told her that this wasn't a normal pony. Or, at least, she hadn't come across any other ponies whose eyes turned green. As his eyes lost their green flame, he told her she didn't know what she was getting into, and demanded that she move. 'What does he mean I don't know what I'm getting into?' She pondered, 'Isn't it just a game of tag?' However, she wouldn't have long to ponder before the filly that had hidden behind her began to run, causing the swordpony to shout "No!" and jump over Adventivia, sword at the ready. The way he held his sword with his magic caused memories to hit her. She remembered the swordpony that had first cut her down, and how his stance had been roughly the same, ready to strike. She knew what he was about to do. "Whoa!" She yelled, snapping into action at the memory. Leaping straight into the air, Adventivia tackled Squall, sending them both to the ground with a thud. Getting up a little dizzy from the fall, Adventivia took a step back steadying herself and exclaimed "That's not tag! You were about to hurt her!" She stamped her hoof on the ground angrily, finally having regained her balance. "Heroes don't hurt innocent ponies." Lowering herself for combat with a scowl on her face, she added "And if you aren't a hero, I guess that makes you a villain!" She waited for the swordpony to ready himself. She'd learned it the academy it was the 'honorable' thing to do. It all added up for Adventivia, and she was ready.