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  1. From the album: ArdillaVerde93's Art

    I know I'm a bad artist, but I've been working on it, and I thought it appropriate to draw my OC. This was done with pencils and coloured pencils. I used a base as reference, but this is my first time drawing MLP without a step-by-step guide.
  2. Dear Princess Celestia,


    Today, I learned that pencils never were made with lead, at least in the human world. They called the graphite lead because chemistry was a fairly new science back then, and it was thought graphite was a form of lead. Well, to be fair, the paint on the wood around the core did contain lead, but the actual "lead" has always been graphite.

  3. Happy Easter!~ Or is there a different name for it in MLP?~

  4. Happy Hearts And Hooves Day!~ May Cadance's favour find you all. <3

  5. I used to post Let's Plays quite a bit from my old house. But, since I've moved, it's been hard to get the right setup. Can anypony give me some suggestions? I live in Florida, so I have a fan running constantly. The problem is, it gets picked up by the microphone. And my bedroom is fairly small, so I don't have much space to move stuff around. I guess what I need is for my voice to be clear, without the game audio interfering.
  6. Little late, but happy New Year!~ Or does the MLP universe have its own name for it? Like how Valentine's Day is Hearts And Hooves Day?

  7. When you open a can of soda to take your daily pills with, but you realise you're full from dinner. But you can't just leave the soda; it'll go flat. So you have to chug it. First world problems. XD

  8. Happy Hearth's Warming Day, everypony!~ I hope it's a great one. ^_^

  9. I believe I promised an explanation of what I've been up to. Well, here it is! I know; a bad start. But bear with me.~ Though I've lived in the same city for my whole life, I've moved 3 times. Times are tough. Anyway, the second move by far put me in the worst situation. My grandmother and I moved in with my aunt and one of my cousins. Things were fine at first. We got along, had fun, and were civil to each other. I can't remember the moment everything went wrong; frankly, just mentioning this is making me uncomfortable. But I can definitely recall the 3 worst experiences of living with them. My cousin was the one who did the damage. He has a short temper, violent tendancies, and access to various weapons. Not a good combination. First, there was the day our internet went out. By necessity, the modem for the internet was kept in my cousin's bedroom. See, he had a desktop computer, so he needed to connect it directly to the modem to get internet access; he couldn't use wi-fi, like the rest of us. He didn't want anybody in his bedroom without permission, no matter the reason. So, try to imagine this. You're somewhere you know you aren't supposed to be, but you don't need to be there for long. Just long enough to press a button, then leave. Then, you hear the front door open. You pray it's anybody but who you think it is. Your aunt. Your grandmother. A burglar with a gun; ANYBODY but your violent cousin. Then, you hear something else. "You're f*****!" In an instant, he's upon you, connecting with blow after blow. The beating only lasts a few seconds, and is followed by a screaming match, in which you desparately try to defend your actions, to no avail. Nobody else is home; nobody can help you. It's you and this monster. I'm thankful he didn't shoot me, or break my phone. But my stomach hurt for days afterwards, and one of his punches busted my lip open. I later found out that he knew I'd do that, and set me up. I wasn't the target of the next one, but it was still scary. I honestly forget what set this off, but this was a fight between him and my grandmother. While I didn't see the fight, I heard it, and locked my bedroom door to keep him away. He broke my grandmother's phone, threw hot noodles at her, and spit in her face. Not to mention the raging and swearing. With my phone by my side, I dialed 911. In case you were wondering why I didn't do that during the last incident, rest assured it wouldn't have helped. Police did show up, but, despite my insistance that he was in possession of drugs and a firearm, nothing was done. Likely the most scared I've ever been was when I broke my cousin's prized mortar and pestle. He kept them on a shelf in the bathroom. I had just gotten out of the shower, and grabbed my underwear, which I had put on that shelf, as well. Suddenly, I heard something shatter. No. Oh, dear sweet Celestia, NO!! The stick part - I forget what it's called - hit the tile floor and broke into 2 pieces. I thought, without exaggeration, that would be my last day alive. I wanted to run. To run and not look back until I was sure this demon couldn't find me. My grandmother, much to my horror, ordered that I tell my cousin the truth. So I did. Honestly, I'm still surprised I'm alive to type this. He screamed at me, and threatened to kick my throat in. But he never actually struck. He insisted that what I broke was irreplaceable, despite my telling him that I had found plenty more online that I was willing to buy as a replacement. We made up last Christmas, but I still have flashbacks. My grandmother and I moved to an apartment complex, where we live now. I actually don't live too far away from that house of horror. I don't dare go back. I accidentally had something shipped there, because I forgot to change my shipping address online. Whoever lives there now can keep it.
  10. Roleplay Type: WoEName: Chipper WishesSex: MaleAge: StallionSpecies: UnicornEye colour: BlueCoat: A dusky, sunburned sort of reddish light brown.Mane/Tail: White, with silvery streaks. His mane is similar in length to that of Fluttershy, but styled differently. Bangs on both sides of his face. His tail is astonishingly fluffy, looking not unlike a fat cirrus cloud.Physique: Deceptively physically weak for a stallion. Chubby and unintimidating.Residence: PonyvilleOccupation: Researcher in the various rodents living in Equestria.Cutie Mark: An acorn, sandwiched between a pair of winglike leaves. This signifies his love of rodents, as well as the lengths he'll go to to protect them. He earned his Cutie Mark after raising a litter of mice when their mother was eaten by a snake. Unique Traits: His cheeks are noticeably chubbier than normal. Ironically looking not unlike cheek pouches on a chipmunk or hamster. The aura created by his unicorn magic is pink. His name is a pun on the words chipper and chipmunk. History: Dubbed "Pumpkin Baby" by nurses when he was born due to his coat colour, it was one of the few good nicknames Chipper Wishes was given. "Lardface," "balloon cheeks," and a few things that don't bear repeating were thrown around during his childhood, due to the pudgy chipmunk cheeks he sports. But things weren't all bad. He was a bright student, and he did have friends. Chipper Wishes had always shown a particular interest in the myriad of buck-toothed, squeaky things called rodents, so it makes sense that he would eventually seek out a career that would allow him to get up close and personal with these adorable creatures. But it won't be enough forever. Chipper Wishes hopes to one day move to Whitetail Wood, to be surrounded by the creatures he so adores. Character Personality: Chipper Wishes is caring not just towards the creatures he studies. In a pinch, and especially in an emergency, he can be counted on. However, if not at work, wrapped up in studies, or helping somepony out of a jam, Chipper Wishes is very childish, with interests to match. Expect the occasional off-colour joke, or for a good bit of the bits he makes to be spent on toys and games. Character Summary: Chipper Wishes is a chubby cheeked authority on rodents, and a fun-loving foal at heart. He's approachable and friendly, and well-versed in handling dangerous situations. He won't be solving any problems with brute force, but he's a good friend to have around when things go south.
  11. I haven't forgotten everypony. I'm just working on the specifics of my character. Especially his Cutie Mark.

  12. So, I have a lot of Spotify playlists. In this particular situation, I wanted my "Best Of Arena Rock" playlist. I used up all my skips, but the last skip landed me on one of my all-time favourite songs. You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi.



  13. I have a character idea in mind, but I need a name. I have a few, though. The character will be a unicorn.


    Saving Grace

    Beautiful Dreamer

    Almond Joy

    Mouse Trap


    Yes, I know Almond Joy is a candy bar. If copyright is an issue, substitute another nut. XD The character is supposed to study rodents.


    Do any of those names sound good?

    1. Alivda


      How bout Souris Piege?


      Essentially it's mouse trap in French, though that translates as piege a souris

  14. Be me


    Play Black Ops(Clops?) 3 Multiplayer(Multipony?) online.


    Be sorta okay at it.


    Be on losing streak.


    Go into Emblem Editor.


    Make a Unikitty Emblem.


    Use Unikitty Emblem.


    Win 3 games.


    Remember the Unikitty episode when she sucked at video games until Puppycorn taught her how to enter "The Zone."


    Fun times.~ Maybe I should try making cutie marks next.

  15. Dear Princess Celestia,


    I have reason to believe that either several Pegasi are staging a rebellion, or something in the Cloudsdale Weather Factory has severely malfunctioned. Recently, we have had 2 major thunderstorms. The second of which fried both of the controllers to my PlayStallion 4, and one of the USB ports on the console itself. Several neighbours have also had sensitive equipment destroyed by these storms. If you could possibly send somepony to look into the issue(s) with the weather, you would have my gratitude.

  16. Dear Princess Celestia,


    Today I learned it's almost impossible to stump Spotify. I threw several obscure/odd songs at it, and it only failed me once, when I wanted If Only Tears Could Bring You Back by Midnight Sons.


    Discord (Living Tombstone Mix): Yep.

    Lil Deuce Deuce - Beep Beep I'm A Sheep: Yep.

    Mark Owen - Four Minute Warning: Yep.

    Pennywise - This Is Only A Test: Yep.

    Atreyu - You Give Love A Bad Name: Eeyup!


    You win this round, Spotify.

  17. So, I guess Colgate's name is Minuette now? RIP, brushie memes.

    1. tacobob


      She's always been Minuette and it has come up on the show before ( Amending Fences) ...Her Fan Name was Colgate.
    2. szalhi


      Never was Colgate.

  18. I started playing the MLP Gameloft mobile game again. It changed a lot, but it's still super addicting and fun! <3 And Fluttershy is a tutorial reward now. <3<3

    1. tacobob


      I continue to be surprised that Hasbro has not put out an XBox/PS4 MLP game for MLP...They even put out Game Boy games for the previous generations.

  19. I know I've been gone for a super long time, everypony. I can't go into reasons here; maybe in my blog. But the point is I'm back, and I'd love to make some friends! Of course, I'll make a character and roleplay eventually. Soon, in fact. But first, have I missed anything super important in my absence? Here's what I know. The CMC finally got their cutie marks. Flurry Heart exists. The family of Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy got revealed. Spike has wings now.
  20. Surprise!~ I'm not dead; I just... Y'know what? I don't have an excuse. But, if you'll have me after all these years, I'd love to have some fun with everypony!~

  21. Well, my Great And Powerful Trixie costume didn't work out so well, but I still got to go trick-or-treating; I had a backup costume!

    1. NeoExlucky


      Was it the humble and modest Trixie?

    2. ArdillaVerde93


      XD no. It wasn't a MLP character at all. It was Eleanor Miller from The Chipettes.

  22. ArdillaVerde93

    Too. Much. PAIN.

    Lockjaw actually is considered a medical emergency. Other than that, though, it sounds about right. Like Accellerant, I offer my condolences. I have dental problems, too(my dentist broke my tooth during a cavity filling.), so I have a pretty good idea of the agony you're going through. Edit: I have a good amount of medical knowledge, and I believe that, judging by your symptoms, you most likely have a condition known as Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction Syndrome. It should go away on its own, but, in the meantime, I recommend muscle relaxers; they should allow you to at least open your mouth wider. To deal with the pain, try ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or Orajel. I hope this is helpful! ^_^
  23. All I need to finish my costume is a hat and a cape. I should have the hat within a week or two. The cape's gonna be a pain in the flank.

  24. I wasn't able to go trick-or-treating last year, but I'm not staying home this year! I decided I'm gonna dress up as The Great And Powerful Trixie! I've been working on my costume for quite a while. It's definitely not finished yet, but it's progress! The Great And Powerful Trixie doesn't use a wand, but I wanted to include her cutie mark in the costume. In the attached picture is the wand(her cutie mark.), and some fake blue hair(I don't need to get hair dye from Hot Topic anymore; I'm gonna see if I can return the dye I already have for a refund.). I should mention that these items were purchased at the local dollar store, including the paint I used to make the wand look authentic. How does the costume look so far? I will, of course, be providing more pictures as I make more progress.
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