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  1. What is this silliness? Conor thanking people? And I am in it? Why, while I feel I do not deserve the honour, I will take it.
  2. *Walks in the front door* Why is your LPW OC such a Mary Sue? *Walks out the front door*
  3. You best not plan to continue! Your insolent nonsensical strings of words annoy me slightly. Now begone, foul flame.
  4. Hello, everyone. I hope you had a good time chatting.
  5. Also the whole turned into a woman thing IS GOING INTO LPW. :I
  6. Hey, you're lucky. It turned me into a woman.
  7. hey guys I accidentally into writing about these OC's me and appy made a while ago https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EBcXFlTygSmH3taXZds5IKy9qHfsm7DheCLR3N-yBs4/edit what do
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