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  1. I know I have so many posts. But I have been inactive for 2 years I think. And a lot has changed.
  2. //Hey. Question, where are you? Everfree? Also, I'm new here so please don't be mad if I mess something.
  3. I just have one question. Does being one of the new Elements require that I have to be female? I'm sorry if I sound stupid and all...
  4. Hello. If you're still looking for someone I'm willing to join...
  5. //The RP starts after the ship we were on crash landed through a portal the was opened by Notch after the ship was struck by lightning. So currently we are in Minecraft but we don't know crap about the world we are in. Also, scratch the part on where I am looking for 2 other people. I'm looking for 2 people who will RP and ponies. Anybody else can take the role of a Minecrafter.
  6. Name: NightShade Age: 16 Race: Pegasus Pony Gender: Female Appearance: Crimson red coat and wing. Mane and Tail are a little darker with a jet black streak running through them. Her eyes are both different colors. Left eye crimson and her right is fire ruby red. Job: Alchemist and Zecora apprentice. Strengths: Knowledge of plants and animals, and she is good with knives. Weaknesses: Naive sometimes, and she's a pacifist nearly all the time. Talent: Alchemy. Cutie Mark: A splash potion bottle from Minecraft. (Except not blocky.) Place Born: Ponyville Currently Living: Ponyville, inside the Everfree Forest. Fear's: Having her friends get taken away from her and being betrayed. Hobbies: Potion making, exploring, and drawing. Extra Info: NightShade always wears a small locket around her neck with a blood diamond in the center. She also wears a black cloak. (Like the one Zecora wears when she was introduced into the show. Except pure black.) Favorite Colors: Silver, Red, and Black. Favorite Foods: None. Mother's Name: Sapphire. (Died giving Birth.) Father's Name: CobaltWing. (Murdered by Changeling.) Siblings: ShadowTech. (Older brother.) Bio: NightShade was born in Ponyville a year after her brother. At the age of 10 she got her cutiemark after meeting Zecora in the Everfree. When Night turned 13 she had a job in ManeHattan for a year as a nurse. At the age of 14 she returned home to hear that Shadow (Brother) and her father was murdered. During the next 2 years Night was a small time thief, stealing food and bits to survive. When Night turned 16 she had dropped the thieving life and made a small tree house near Zecoras hut and now has the job to help Zecora create her potions and remedies.
  7. //Hello all. This is my first time creating an RP on this website. The Path That Leads You Home is a small FanFic I'm writing and I wanted to see if I can get a roleplay out of it. I haven't really gotten anything written for the story yet, but I'm doing this mainly to get ideas. To join in you need to have a basic understanding of Minecraft and I need a Bio of your character your gonna use. Try to keep it non OP and ponies only (And no Alicorns sadly.) I'm only accepting 2 other people into this RP (3 if you include me.) All I need of your character is Name, Age, Race, Gender, And basic appearance. I can figure the rest out as we RP.
  8. //I apologize for not responding for a while....I just moved and just today I got the internet back up....can somepony please tell me what happened so far
  9. "Where is that music coming from....doesn't sound natural" NightShade followed but kept her distance all the while looking around for the source of the hypnotic music
  10. "Where are you guys going" Night watched the ponies walk away wondering whats going on
  11. Is it alright if I use my changeling charactet...if so Name: Ember Age: I would say around 16-20 Appearance: normal changeling except for her fire red eyes PonyAppearance: a red unicorn mare with SpitFire mane and tail color and style...and same red eyes
  12. I don't judge...all I want is some pictures to put up in a fanfic I am writing
  13. "NightShade...I am guessing you all came here for the same reason" I looked at Pyro but kept an eye on the others
  14. "And who are you anyway" Night watched MonoChrome fall and smirked a little in amusement
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