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  1. Such a cutie
  2. Very nice, Great work Zeig!
  3. Nensho hummed to himself, laying his head down on his front hooves like a dog would. Well, she had received the message, so there was nothing more for that at the moment. He decided to remain silent for the moment, watching the others as they spoke amongst themselves. He wasn't sure how long he would be helping this group out anymore, seeing as she was talking about staying in there until she was needed. Definitely long enough to get her there, wherever she was going.
  4. jorogumo

    Name: Howaitorōzu, Gingitsune, Kuroi Chō, the list goes on. Sex: Female Age: very old Species: Jorōgumo Eye Color: Her current main disguise, that being Howaitorōzu, almost never has her eyes open enough for anyone to tell the color anyways, but they share their color with her true form, a Midnight blue. In fact, all three disguises share this eye color. Coat Color: Rōzu has a pure white coat, while her father has
  5. So pretty! Great job, Zeig!
  6. Liviel was, for all intents and purposes, lost... she wasn't sure how she had ended up at this unfamiliar town, but she felt like she was here for a reason. The diamond dog sighed to herself as she walked, eventually coming upon the three others and blinking a bit as she saw the caribou and the unusual unicorn. The mare with them seemed familiar, as if she had seen her somewhere before... "Excuse me sir, but do you need any help?" She asked gently, setting her things down to look him over as best she could. She had a little bit of medical training, she just hoped she remembered it well enough.
  7. I've been running with Lancelot and Jeanne as my main team.
  8. neighpon

    Ishi sighed slightly at Ryu's responses, looking over at Kaze during her bemoaning. He was about to take her back as Ryu commanded, though he got a bit sidetracked as Ryu took their sister onto his lap. He smiled at the sight, despite his brother calling the golem a toy. Personally, he preferred to think of them as companions, but he could see where he was coming from. "Don't worry, Kaze. You can play with me and Shibō tonight." He said, approaching the two and patting the filly's head.
  9. Apparently I've been here for little over four years now... I can't believe that...

    1. SymphonicFire
    2. XanXeto


      Not as long, but 3 years here! :P

  10. long guo

    Sandā had, despite the raging thoughts and conflicting feelings running through her, remained staring out into the storm, looking like she was trying to find a way to kill it. She couldn't, and she knew that, but she really wished she could so the two of them could find the royals faster. Following his lead though, and finally giving in to her instinct, she wrapped a wing around him in return. "I have known him for a very long time..." Sandā said, eventually breaking the silence left after Feng's question. "My father was the last Grand Admiral, so I've known Ryuichi since we were both foals. It wasn't until after his mother's death that I truly began serving him though. As for why? He's my best friend..." She sighed slightly, her tone suggesting she thought of him as more than a friend. "What about you?" She asked after a few more seconds of silent contemplation, finally looking away from the storm to look at him instead.
  11. Very nice. And cute.
  12. Lol. Great work, I love it!
  13. Tehengu had been trying to track down where Midnight had gone after the fight, following any sort of relevant trail he could find. Eventually, he made it, hiding behind a wall and peeking into the room to see Midnight being threatened by someone. He couldn't tell who the other person was, he couldn't even tell if they were human or not, but that didn't matter right now. In one swift movement, he stepped out from the cover, pulled back the arrow, and fired it straight towards the back of the figure's right shoulder. "Leave her alone, or the next one goes in your eye. Or your throat, or your heart, I'm really not picky at this point." He growled, already having his next arrow at the ready.
  14. Ishi returned the smile warmly, raising his own glass in a toast to their friendship. He liked talking with Shiroi, though to be fair he liked talking with all the shogunate members. Well, the friendly ones, at any rate. Lucky for him, the majority were of the friendly sort! The kirin chuckled to himself as he drank down some more alcohol, applauding Hoshi's performance as she finished it up and left the stage area. Shibo, meanwhile, was just bearing the assault on his head, not wanting to throw the smaller golem off quite yet. "Wonderful job there, Hoshi!" He replied to her questioning, giving her a toast before finishing off what was left in the glass and setting it down. Perhaps now was the time for him to go up there again, maybe find song in Equestrian for the benefit of their guest. He was about to stand and do just that when likely the last member of their group that was going to show up did so. He gave a wide smile to the mare, waving her in. "Likewise, Aegis, always a pleasure to see you around. Ah, before I forget, our guests here are Hoshi from the arena, and Limi from the caribou lands." He said, pointing to them in turn. "Limi, Hoshi, this is Aegis, Neighpon's wonderful ambassador." With that out of the way, he gave everyone another warm smile before making his way to the stage and scrolling through until he found one that was perfect for his goal here. "This one is for our friendly caribou visitor, I hope you enjoy your night, Limi!" He gave the caribou a nod before starting the song up, dancing and tapping his hoof along to it. ----------------------- Sanda wasn't quite having as good of a time, though she was getting there. She didn't even freeze up as Ryu draped himself across her, and she considered that some progress towards relaxing. The pegasus mare sighed at the response she got to her question, opting to simply take another drink to try and calm herself down. It didn't really help that it seemed she was the only thing keeping Ryu from falling over at this point, though she still found a way to relax by leaning back against him to keep him from falling over completely even as the newcomer arrived. She simply gave a nod to the other mare, too occupied with her drink and keeping Ryu up to really say anything.