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  1. A Father's Return (Kyoma Palace)

    Ishi gave a happy sigh after his father’s response, more just happy he was there. The qilin chuckled more as Kaze came barreling around the corner next and latched onto their father’s chest. “Well, that answers that I suppose.” He smiled, watching his sister. Shibō, meanwhile, was watching his fellow golem approach, sitting in place almost like a statue.
  2. [Open] A real headcase.

    "Ah see. Well, hope ya have a good visit!" Kojo smiled still, about to head off again to leave the pony alone, since he clearly wanted that, when another pony showed up. The dragon blinked a little bit at the new stallion's words, who was apparently named Lore Weaver. How had they not run into each other before now? "Ah've lived here for a fair bit mahself, Lore. Ah'm more lost on what ta do at the moment, Ah got no work ta do right now." The little dragon shrugged. "Nice ta meet ya'll though."
  3. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    “I... don’t know... we split up to search quicker.” Tehengu said, looking around a bit. “Guess we have to find him now...” ”Professor, we need to find Slash now. I’m not entirely sure how far he got, but he should be in that direction, roughly.” Tehengu said once they came to where he was with Andrea.
  4. [Open] A real headcase.

    Kojo was a bit... lost... as to what to do now, at any rate. This was a new sensation for him, and to tell the truth, he didn’t much care for it. The diminutive dragon sighed to himself as he wandered Ponyville, his work complete for now and nowhere to go that needed help. He paused in his wandering though, as he caught sight of someone else who appeared to be wandering too. Kojo approached the stallion with the shades, smiling at him. “Well howdy! Don’t think ah’ve seen ya about town before, ya new round here?” He asked, stopping in front of the stallion and giving a wave. “Ah’m Kojo, by the by. Who’re you?”
  5. I mean, Flux is always willing to help out her friends. Not that she has her own home, but hey. I’ve also got Tehengu, fellow member of EPIC. He’s got a home near Ponyville.
  6. Hmm, paintings in the shrine? That sounded like it might be worth a look once they got there. For now, Nensho simply gazed around at the scenery while listening in on the others talking. “Wolf general? Sounds impressive. I wonder what the world was like back then, when yokai and ponies could live together like that.” He shrugged, looking over at the group and chuckling slightly. “Just a random thought, I guess.”
  7. Rainy Day Melody

    So pretty! I love her.
  8. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    Well, he could understand that much at least. Tehengu sighed to himself, nodding to her and smiling slightly at her in return before handing her the flask and carefully helping her get up and get moving, assuming he could without hurting her too much further. If he needed to, he would carry her. "I'm a soldier too, in a way. I understand." He stated simply, looking around a bit as he tried to find Oobleck again.
  9. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    Tehengu approached the door slowly, in case it was a trap, only to find it was blocked. And was something burning in there? What was going on? He was distracted from his thoughts by Oobleck’s arrival though, and yet another distraction came in the form of what sounded like Andrea crying out outside, causing Oobleck to leave again. Blinking, he slowly stowed his weapon away, turning to look at Midnight. What he saw though stopped him in his tracks and made a frown take the place of what had been a growing smile. He didn’t like that look in her eyes... it was almost like she was someone else entirely. “Of course. I’m not going to leave any teammates behind, least of all you.” He said, watching her carefully as she continued speaking. Someone at Beacon? They had seemed familiar somehow, but he couldn’t really put his finger on it... “You might be right there, Midnight...” He added, picking up her flask for her, though he hesitated to actually give it back to her.
  10. RWBY ((OOC discussion+sign ups))

    Sorry for the absence... I've been super busy lately. I wouldn't mind trying out a white fang rp though.
  11. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    Ishi smiled to himself as he stood on the deck of the ship carrying him towards this meeting of the princes. He was excited for this, it had been much too long since he had last seen Lian, and he looked forward to meeting Equestria's Prince Blueblood. Too bad his guard couldn't attend, she could use a vacation like this. At least he was able to placate her some by bringing Shibō, the golem sitting on the deck next to him. The trip in and of itself was uneventful, which was a good thing, and it soon docked safely at the island. It seemed there was already another ship here, from Long Guo if he wasn't mistaken. Disembarking, his luggage was carried by his breath magic and by Shibō, though the dog could only due one or two as they were now. "Lian! It has been much too long. How are things going over there?" Ishi asked as he approached the other Kirin with a smile. "I trust your sister is doing well?"
  12. Miles Nigrum [Ready]

    I'm making progress.
  13. The Mysteries of Hollow Shades [see OOC]

    Zola hummed in thought as she listened to the mare's explanation of the situation. The zebra hadn't been around the town for a while, having been out on missions and deliveries most of the time recently. Still, she was a bit surprised that this was the first she was hearing about this. She looked through the files as they were passed to her, raising an eyebrow in the masked pegasus' direction at his words.
  14. Oh yeah, I should post in here I guess...