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  1. Kireina nodded at Sunset's words as she took the paper that floated to her, starting to read it over while still listening to the explanation. This seemed like it would be an interesting course, at least. Preparation for emergency situations was always good, better than running into them and not knowing what to do about it. She didn't know who was being talked about, but Yona supplied the name at least. Assuming that was correct, but she didn't know either, so she would have to take it at face value for now she supposed.
  2. "Well, I didn't figure out this whole navigation thing instantly, especially once I started adding obstacles. Now I'm an acrobat." She chuckled, starting to fly backwards to face Midnight while still deftly avoiding any obstacles in her path. Her ears were pointed towards her path as she continued, twitching to pick up every bit of sound they could in an attempt to not miss anything that could get in her way. It was the practiced ease of someone who had been doing it for a long time. "Just a diner I like. Think the owner is named Moe or something. Can't exactly read the sign."
  3. "Sounds like fun to me." He nodded, smirking at his fellow knight before they emerged into the asteroid field. He got into his seat, ready to shoot any asteroids he needed to if they got too close, watching as Midnight began leading the ship through.
  4. "Mmm, well, I'm not about to turn down some free food." She shrugged, finishing up her stretches and humming slightly as she thought about where to go now. "Honestly not picky, as long as it tastes good. Guess we'll just go this way then." The bat took to the air as she began heading towards a place she liked in the past, listening to her surroundings as she went so she didn't run into anything. "Name's Yiska Noctis. Don't worry, I've had worse scrapes." She sighed.
  5. Yiska simply laid there, frowning a bit as it sounded like someone was approaching. Well, pretending to be asleep usually made them leave before bothering her. Unfortunately, it seemed it wasn't working this time. Especially as the pony sat on her. She shot up as he got off of her and asked if she was okay. She glared over at him while adjusting her hat before speaking. "Hey man, watch where you're going! I assume your eyes work, go ahead and use them." She grumbled, wiping herself off. "Whatever, I'm fine, just be more careful next time." With that said, she sighed and stretched herself out. Seemed she had been laying there a bit too long anyways.
  6. *whistles innocently while sliding Aegis towards Reckless*
  7. Yiska wasn't doing much of anything at the moment, simply laying on a bench and listening to the sounds of the awakening city and the nearby nature. Her ears twitched every now and then as the sounds coming from around her painted a picture of what was happening. She had her hat over her face to give the impression she was asleep to avoid being bothered by most. So far it was working, at least, so that was good. "Hmm... What to do today..." She mumbled to herself as she laid there, pondering how she should be spending her time now.
  8. “Yeah. I like to control the fight my way. Usually means attacking first and keeping up the pressure while still leaving room for counterattacks where available. And see? I told you Tia was a trickster.” Tiger laughed at the idea of lightsaber fluid, kinda enjoying reminiscing with the two.
  9. “Really?” Nensho asked incredulously, the only thing he could get out before the plane disappeared and he found himself free-falling. Course, he didn’t stay conscious for long from the combination of the thin air, the cold, and the shock. One second, all he could hear and feel was the wind rushing past him, and the next all he could feel was cold and everything was dark. He began trying to warm himself with magic, and it just made him feel wetter. He kept going though, knowing he could dry himself off. Soon enough, a pile of snow near Toboe began steaming and collapsed to reveal something mostly just as white as the snow, aside from the red flame patterns. The wolf got up eventually, shaking himself off before looking around for other survivors. Spotting Toboe, his scarf flared to life, floating above his neck as he ran over and hugged her. “I’m so glad you’re ok, Toboe.” He said, unwilling to let go just yet.
  10. I’d have to think about apping a member of your clan, but I’ve got a clan too, kinda, and they could be allies. Here’s the app for the leader.
  11. Name : Burning Aegis Role: Guard Branch: Lunar Guards Plus One: Looking for one (tempted to make him part of the entertainment... he is the lead singer for a rock band after all...)
  12. Meeting Magnus might be interesting for him.
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