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  1. Tiger whistled a tune to himself as he strolled down the road, enjoying the nature around him. That farm looked nice too, but what was that line about? Well, nothing to it but to do it, as they say. To that end, the earth pony changed course, stopping at the end of the line and peeking around to look at the signs. Apples, huh? He could go for a snack, and kissing a good-looking pony was always a plus. “So, been waiting long there?” He asked Stellar, stretching a bit as he sat down to wait.
  2. "Nothing in particular, no. I just came out here to relax, but we could take a walk if you would rather. Or anything you want to do, really." He smiled over at her, finally letting her go so he could get up and stretch a bit before they went anywhere. "Did you have something in mind, Nira? Maybe scouting locations?" He winked at her, kinda hoping they could to find places to take her on dates while they were out.
  3. Tiger smiled at the winged one as she welcomed him into the group, looking over as the other one went right up to him and started looking him over. He smirked a bit as he watched, waiting for her to finish before answering the questions. "Name's Tiger Blood, nice to meet you two too. No, I don't live here, just visiting myself. Those are some cool little tricks you two got, don't think I've ever seen your kind before." He chuckled a bit, watching the two mares. Seemed like this would be quite the interesting time in this town. More so than he had expected, definitely. "So, you two have any plans besides just walking around and seeing where that takes you? That's basically my whole plan here right now."
  4. Just in case I can still fill a slot here. If not, that's fine too. Name: Blazing Thunder Gender: Yes (Can be either, but if you want a preference for this pic I'll say male) Species: Pegasus Appearance: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0JRh82LS8uPBYS-jMpWgibfYQ This is the male version Cutie Mark: A blazing sun with what look like lightning bolts coming off it instead of the flame surrounding it. Personality: While he can be pretty egotistical and proud of himself, he will do anything to help out his friends and those that need it. His confidence also leads him to hit on a lot of ponies of both genders due to his own tendency to go back and forth. He can also be rather hot-headed, jumping into action as soon as something rears it's head, tending to act before thinking most of the time. Doesn't help that he usually has the skills to back up all his bravado. Type of Request: Either is good, honestly
  5. Ishi chuckled in response to Nira's joke about flying using magic. He wasn't really planning on doing that, and he wasn't even sure how he would go about it. Maybe some kind of glider contraption, using breath magic to keep it aloft... Her next words broke him out of his thoughts and made him look over at her. "Oh, you can let me worry about convincing Ryu. Besides, we're already the royal family, we can afford to not worry about that sometimes. And I have a feeling they didn't cover that. Or Sanda missed it too." He chuckled, nuzzling her gently.
  6. Tiger Blood was enjoying this little trip so far. There hadn't been too much going on that he'd consider exciting, but this area kinda reminded him of home, in a way. Minus the arena, of course. Too bad though, he could use a place to get into a fight. Oh well though, it was fine either way. In any case, the earth pony was wandering the streets, his spear leaning against his shoulder as he walked with the other three legs. He whistled to himself, stopping in his tracks as he spotted the two foreign mares. What were they called again? Kirin? Something like that, anyways. Shrugging to himself, he sauntered over, giving the two mares a wink as he came into view of them. "Well well well, what's two pretty mares like yourselves doing on this fine day? Any room for a lonely stallion like myself?" He smiled at them, looking them over. Seemed the unwinged one was quite curious about the other, and to be frank so was he. Were they not the same species? What was the other one called then?
  7. Magnus was mostly focused on their surroundings, though he did still listen in to what the others were saying. He was a little wary of familiar faces popping up, though it seemed somewhat unlikely. For one thing, he had been gone for quite some time and had changed since then, and his home was a different island entirely. Still, the less news that got back to his old family about his movements, the easier it would be to get his revenge. Eventually, his gaze landed on the mare they were supposed to meet, and he frowned as he looked her over. A carefully crafted look, two doting ponies that appeared to be former guards... This was a mare who relied more on her looks and words than any real show of force, working more with the carrot than the stick. That was no reason to drop his guard though, that kind of pony could be just as dangerous, though perhaps not as directly. Moondancer seemed immediately smitten, if her introductions were anything to go by. Magnus sighed quietly to himself, though he supposed he couldn’t expect that much from someone like her. “Yes, it is an honor to make your acquaintance, Heart Stopper. I don’t wish to be rude, but it was quite a flight over here, and I think we would appreciate the chance to put down our luggage. Perhaps we could see where we are to stay during this trip?” Magnus said, trying to give the others the chance to compose themselves. Not that he really cared about any of them, but they would only complicate things if more of them started acting like Moony did.
  8. “I’m not sure about permissions, but I suppose I should tell my family at some point. They may want to assign a different guard to me, I’m not entirely sure what the protocol is among the guards for this sort of situation, plus it sounded like you were thinking of leaving them anyways. As for where to go, and I assume you meant for dates, we can figure that out later. There are many good choices for the location, depends how we feel when the occasion comes up.” Ishi said, humming in thought while his hoof remained around Nira. It was nice, having her against him like this, and he didn’t really want it to stop yet.
  9. Aegis chuckled as Reckless picked up on his little signing. He shrugged nonchalantly in response, simply continuing the dance while smirking at her. She really was a fun mare to spend time with, he’d really like to meet up with her again sometime. Unfortunately, the moment was not bound to last, and soon enough the music changed to an entirely different genre, and the two of them vacated the floor. When she indicated the door, he looked over at it, raising an eyebrow until he felt her nuzzle against his ear. He responded by looking over at her with a wink and a soft nudge from his wing. “Sure, let’s go see what they’ve got stashed back there.” He chuckled, draining the rest of his cup before setting off towards the kitchens with her.
  10. Magnus sighed to himself as once again the line devolved into chaos around him. What was the point of getting here early if the line didn’t even matter in the end? The unicorn was, understandably, annoyed by the previous day’s events and what looked to be a repeat today. This time though, he simply remained in the back of the line to wait for an opening. Or at least he appeared to. In truth, that was an illusion while the real one snuck through the trees around the mob. Once he made it to the booth, he dropped the shroud and emerged from the crowd, his illusion disappearing at the same time. Looking at the filly manning the stand, he put two bits on the counter and stared her down until he got his turn.
  11. Ishi hummed as things fell silent between them. That was fine, he wasn’t sure he had anything more to say either. Nothing worth saying and ruining the moment, anyways. For now, he simply enjoyed this, wrapping a foreleg around Nira and hugging her to his side.
  12. Ishi could see how nervous she was, and overall it was just a different side of her. He nodded to Nira’s words, smiling gently at her. “Of course I mean it, you know how much I like the truth.” He chuckled a bit before continuing. “I’m the prince, I can love who I want. Besides, in the eyes of others, a high-ranking guard is not a bad choice. Maybe not the best, but there are much worse ones. Personally, I don’t care about that or what other ponies think of us.”
  13. Ishi paused at her words, looking over at her in puzzlement. He sat there in stunned silence for a bit as the pieces started falling into place in his mind. Really? He felt like he had seen this before, with Sanda and Ryu, how could he have missed something similar happening right in front of him? He stayed there for perhaps way too long, but he was honestly just so surprised by what he had deduced from her words. "I... R-really? You like me like that? I had no idea..." He said eventually, blinking in confusion and surprise. "I think... I think I like you too... You've always felt really close, more so than anyone else I know. Well, maybe not, but closer in a different way than my family or friends." Ishi added, tilting Nira's face up gently so they looked at each other.
  14. Ishi hummed slightly in thought as he noticed her hesitating in her words. What was it that was holding her back? The social pressures? And ‘Royal relationships’? What did she mean by that? The prince hummed again as he watched her, trying to puzzle out the answers in her words. Eventually, he seemed to realize the silence he was leaving with a sheepish chuckle. “I never did agree with that dishonoring the family thing. I believe that the guilty should be punished, but that it should stop there. The father is not guilty of the sins of his son, and vice-versa. At least, not by default...” He tapped his chin in thought as he spoke, looking over at her with another smile. “Anyways, I wouldn’t call having a relationship a punishable offense. Equestria has proven that friendship and love are powerful forces, and I think we could learn some things from them. Don’t get me wrong, I love Neighpon, but some things need to change before we can get even better.”
  15. Ishi listened to Nira speak, nodding along to her words. When she reached the end though, he paused. Three? Did he miss something? He gathered the path of guard/fighter and the path of healer, but what was the third? Perhaps something to do with those other thoughts and ideas she mentioned. Interesting... ”Yes, we really should be doing more for those in need... Perhaps I could help set up a charity or something... You could help if you wished, of course. You know more about healing than I do after all. Whatever you decide to do, you can count on my help.” He said, smiling over at her. “Also, I’m here for you if you want to say anything.”
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