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  1. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    “What? We can go see your balloon friend later, after we pick up these nails.” Pyro said to the balloon, nodding to Big Mac before entering the store and looking around for the nails. Hopefully they were in here. ————- Ishi blinked a bit at Nira’s test, looking back to see his own mark was crossed out as well. He really didn’t want to test to see if his magic was affected like hers, that would probably just make him more likely to get hurt. “Well, this is an interesting situation, to be sure. Probably a good thing we left Shibo behind, huh? I don’t want to find out how this magic would affect a golem.” The Kirin chuckled slightly as he trotted along with Nira. It wasn’t long before they suddenly had lists, though both with only one item on them. “Looks like it’s time to find a donut shop.” Ishi smiled, looking around a bit more before spotting the chaos noodle and making his way to Discord. “Hello, Discord! How have you been since Blueblood hosted that prince vacation? We should keep in touch more, you are fun to be around.” He called as he got closer, smiling at him.
  2. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    Huh. Well, it definitely got him close. Pyro trotted to the edge of the roof and looked down before jumping off and floating down thanks to the balloon. Now on the ground, he made his way over to Big Mac just in case. “Hey, do you know if that store has this pack of nails?” He asked, still shivering a bit and tugging the scarf tighter around himself. Maybe he should find someone to team up with... might be nice to get a new friend.
  3. Jitter bug [Open]

    “Okily dokily!” She chirped happily, leading the way to the castle so they could have their race. This was gonna be so much fun! She could hardly wait! stopping at what could easily be used as a starting line, she beamed excitedly at her friend. “Alright! We can go when this spell goes green!” She said, her horn glowing a bit before a small ball of light came out glowing red. It hovered in midair for a moment before turning yellow, and finally green. And with that she was off like a shot.
  4. Jitter bug [Open]

    “Well... I visited once or twice, sometime between when I woke up and before that happened.” She tapped her chin some more before shrugging. “Sounds cool though, good for you guys! So, whatcha wanna play?” Flux began bouncing around excitedly again, moving in a circle around the other changeling. All in all, she wasn’t sure about this whole new changelings thing, but she had no reason to really doubt her new friend.
  5. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    Pyro blinked a bit as he felt his balloon tugging at him, looking over at it curiously before shrugging and grabbing hold, allowing it to take him above the crowd and carry him through the sky. He wasn't sure where it was taking him, but he figured it couldn't be anywhere too bad with Discord in charge under the princesses rules. Maybe it'd take him to the shop, they were supposed to be helpers after all.
  6. Name: Yoru Arashi (In’ei Tate is the spirit) Sex: Female Age: Mare Species: Unicorn (unicorn spirit) Eye Color: Golden yellow (blood red) Character Color: Light blue with purple hooves (purple with light blue hooves) Mane/Tail: Orange and yellow, it is tied into a large ponytail in the back. In the front it still has some spiky bangs. The tail is fairly long, almost reaching the ground. It has a short spike of orange at the top, with two long sections of yellow and orange beneath it. She also tends to wear a small pair of eyeglasses. (Being a spirit, her mane and tail have become very wispy and flowy, ending up looking more like a fire in slow motion as they are constantly moving. Both are mostly black with streaks of gray in them.) Physique: While healthy, her body is not exactly impressive. It is the body of one who only exercises enough to keep from gaining weight, but otherwise focuses more on other pursuits. She would be considered thin, as well as being a little shorter than most mares. (She is much more physically imposing than her counterpart, boasting a body bigger than most in terms of height and muscle. Surprisingly though, she has little in the way of battle scars.) Residence: A home in Canterlot Occupation: Teacher/scholar at Celestia’s school (guardian) Cutie Mark: Three sky blue lightning bolts aimed for the same spot. The lightning bolts signify both her aptitude toward electric magic and the speed at which she tends to learn new things. She got this mark while enrolled in a special class about elemental magic. As they went through the various elements, fire, water, ice, wind, she would be among the first in her class, the others being those who were predisposed to that particular type, to understand how each element functioned and how to make use of them. She could not actually use these elements though, aside from very basic things in some cases, but she understood the theory behind it all. And then the class reached the portion on lightning magic. As soon as they started, it clicked for her, and she learned all the spells as quickly as they teach them. She hadn’t even noticed her mark appearing at some point during this, too focused on learning new things. (A light purple crescent, which signifies her drive to protect others, even if it meant doing things most people would disagree with.) Unique Traits: History: Personality:
  7. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Well, this certainly was interesting, he had yet to see anything like it. Nensho stood in his typical disguise, though for some reason he was much more blue than normal. He wasn’t entirely sure why until he found the paper explaining things. Commoner? Well, he certainly wouldn’t consider himself a noble... In any case, looked like he could have some fun playing a giant game of checkers, the rules seemed simple enough. Although with a board this big, he wondered how they would go back to get any they missed. Or was that solely the job of this king/queen for their side? Only time would tell, he supposed. The disguised okami was about to head out when something caught his nose. A very faint smell, but a somewhat familiar one. Where did he know that smell from? To find out, he started to move towards the smell as the game allowed, which happened to be towards the castle anyways, cracking his neck a bit as he walked.
  8. Jitter bug [Open]

    "Huh... Guess I should visit the hive more often..." She said, tapping her chin with a hoof a bit. Well, sounded like she could make lots more friends among the changelings now, so that was great. "Oh well, plenty of time for that later! Wanna have fun? We could go play games or something, and you could even bring your friends!" She chirped happily, bouncing in place again. She wondered why she didn't look like that, but she didn't really care either way, she still had friends to play with and she could still make new ones.
  9. Jitter bug [Open]

    “Really? I’ve never seen a changeling like you.” Flux tilted her head a bit, looking over the other girl. “Oh well, it’s still great to meet you! It’s always great to make new friends, especially fellow changelings.” She smiled, whispering the last part and waggling her eyebrows.
  10. Jitter bug [Open]

    Ah, Ponyville! Flux always loved this little place, it was so nice and friendly. The inhabitants even more so, for the most part. Plus, Pinkie lived here! She really liked how that mare thought. All in all, the currently disguised changeling was super excited as she bounced her way through the town, a wide smile on her face as she greeted everyone she met. That is, until she spotted an unfamiliar face. Unfamiliar race, for that matter. The purple ‘unicorn’ bounced her way over to Ocellus excitedly, waving happily before stopping in front of her, still bouncing in place. “Hiya! I’m Flux! Who’re you?” She asked, looking her over as she tried to figure out why she looked like that. “What are you, by the way?”
  11. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    Well, at least the hat and scarf were helping, though he still felt really cold... All the more reason to get a move on, he supposed. Taking the map and balloon, Pyro nodded his thanks to Discord before trotting off in search of a store that would sell nails. Hopefully they would have the specific kind the map seemed to be asking for. The unicorn was moving rather quickly, partly to get done faster, though mostly in the hopes that the exertion would help to warm him up more. His speed had some disadvantages though, as he nearly ran into the pony that got his map before him. Strangely, he found himself on the ground instead, having been intercepted by some random pony walking by, entangling the both of them. After extracting himself from that little situation, he moved on, stopping at each store he could find that would sell nails in the hopes that it was the correct one for him.
  12. Ponyville Scavenger Hunt

    Why was everything so cold? Pyro had been perfectly warm just a few seconds ago, but now that he was in Ponyville he was freezing. All in all, it was a very unfamiliar and unpleasant sensation, especially with the implications of what it meant for his fire. Was this how his brother felt all the time? How could he stand it? Shivering as he walked down the street, Pyro was beginning to wish he had brought something to wear besides his sunglasses. Oh well, too late now, he supposed. Following the crowd towards the source of the mass of balloons, Pyro blinked at the sight of Discord handing one of the balloons to a pony and explaining the list. Wow, he sure had missed something, though he wasn’t sure if he wanted to know what. “Umm... can I g-get my list?” He asked, shivering again and stuttering from the cold. “Why is everything so c-cold?”
  13. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    Well... things seemed to be getting a tad tense around here. Ishi didn’t really recognize the newcomer, though the kirin decided to look him over as he idly munched on the cake offered to him by Blueblood. As long as there was no trouble, he supposed there was no need to be rude. “Greetings, Sir. I am Ishi Masayoshi, prince of Neighpon.” He bowed slightly to the dark unicorn, smiling slightly before following Blueblood towards the baths and entering the warm one with him. Letting out a satisfied sigh, he relaxed against the wall of the bath, closing his eyes a bit.
  14. Furem Sanguinem [Ready]

    A bit, yeah. History and Personality are always the hardest sections for me to fill out...
  15. Random Male Triad Qilin

    Love it. He looks great.