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  1. Nensho hummed as he watched the other conversations around him. He gave a sigh of his own at Yanhua’s words, mulling them over for a bit before responding. “Perhaps, perhaps not. I’ve known her for a very long time, pretty much my whole life. I’m just worried what will happen to our relationship if she doesn’t feel the same way... You might be right though, she doesn’t have anyone else she’s pining for. Well, that I know of anyways.” He said, giving a slight chuckle and shrug. “And I guess you could say that, though she’s only here because of me. She needed a vacation, so I convinced her to take one. I take it you’re here because of him though. I feel you, you don’t want to bring it up either... Maybe we should both just buck up and do it...”
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  3. Name: Cynhra Sex: Female Age: Young Doe Species: Peryton Eye Color: Magenta Character Color: She is primarily a reddish-orange in color, though it fades into a golden color on her legs, muzzle, and the tips of her wings. Her horns are a golden color just like her brother. Mane/Tail: As a peryton, she doesn’t have a mane to speak of, but her tail is simply the tail one would expect, with the red-orange on top and the yellow on the bottom. Physique: She does not really have all that impressive of a physique, though it is lithe in a way that shows her enjoyment of dancing. She is about as tall as usual for one of her age. Residence: The Emerald Grove with her brother. Occupation: As the princess of the land, she is technically jobless, but she uses her time as a painter and dancer for the most part. Cutie Mark: N/A Unique Abilities: On top of the magic typical of her race, she has found that she has the ability to conjure small amounts of illusory flames, though it only seems to happen while she’s dancing. History: Cynhra was actually born on the same day as her brother, separated by a matter of minutes. Still though, Oisin was born first and was therefore the heir. Being so close in age allowed her to attend the same lessons as her brother, however, and those teachings helped mold her into what she became. She took to dancing at a young age, more than happy to show off her graceful movements to anyone who would watch, including any guests that may visit her home. One thing she shared with her brother growing up was a love of fantasy, and so often joined him in his re-enactments. Being how she was, both a literal princess and one as full of grace as she, she often ended up playing the part of the princess. She even kissed him on the cheek sometimes when he ‘saved’ her, mostly to mess with him. When Oisin’s fangs emerged, she thought they looked nice, like they helped complete his look, and so she would help defend him against the teasing from the others. She could see what it was doing to him, and she understood this was not fun teasing for him. As she grew older, her grace and coordination only grew, allowing her to dance even more beautifully. She even took up painting, despite how messy it could be, and sometimes poetry. She simply found herself drawn towards artistic pursuits, even as Oisin was crowned the new king. Well, she would still be there by his side, she knew how much help he needed after all. Personality: Cynhra is an odd case, really. She is very friendly, but in a sort of arrogant way. In trying to compliment someone, she may qualify the statement by comparing it as lesser to what she or another peryton would be able to do. Still though, she tries, and she does enjoy making friends. She is very passionate about the arts, wether it be dancing, acting, or otherwise. While she partially performs in order to show off, she will also do private shows to help someone improve in their own efforts. After all, every step closer to her level was another step closer to perfection, it would be greedy to hog all the perfection for herself. Summary: An arrogantly friendly peryton princess, she does her best to continue using her gifts while supporting her twin brother as he runs the kingdom.
  4. I’ve got various royals to through in here. There’s Phobos: leader of his house in Kastrot, Ishi: brother of the shogun of Neighpon, Anu: former alpha of a pack of diamond dogs in Saddle Arabia, Revma: kelpie king, and Huo: not really a royal himself but he’s part of the cabinet of the Longs. I could also make new characters for positions in his family/cabinet/lover
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  6. The next contestant to approach the shooting range shared some rather obvious similarities with the judge. The brown griffon was wearing his typical bandanna over his eye as he approached, though nothing else, in the spirit of the competition. Not that that seemed to be part of the rules for this particular part, but oh well. Tehengu gave a nod to the griffon judge before picking up the slingshot provided to him. It wasn’t the same as firing a bow, but he figured it was close enough that he could adjust quickly. He examined his weapon and ammo for and issues they may have and eventually settled on using the marbles. A good, balanced shot with a consistent shape. The first few shots were at easier targets to get a good feel of the weapon, the marbles sailing towards various cutouts as he watched where they impacted to better refine his aim. Not bad so far, seemed he still had it. Marksmanship skills were the one thing he didn’t doubt he could still do nowadays it seemed... Shots four through six saw him aiming at the next tier of targets, moving up slowly but surely. He took careful aim of each shot he took, methodically dialing in his aim even more. If there was one thing he needed for what he did, it was the patience to aim properly and wait for the right opportunity to fire. That patience would come in handy for the next three shots, as he moved on to the more distant targets. These were a bit harder to hit, but he could get enough force into the shots to get them down there with a bit more room for more power. Hopefully it would be enough for what he planned to do last. His final shot would be directed at the cupcake, and he took the most time out of any of the shots to line up his aim and put all the power behind it as he could. He even checked the wind conditions and adjusted accordingly. Then, finally, the griffon let the marble fly, watching it sail towards its target. Numbers: 10, 25, 7, 42, 35, 60, 69, 84, 90, 50
  7. *post submitted for judging* Well then, he hadn’t expected to find another obstacle course easier than the first one, though he supposed they would have to have it for those that couldn’t handle the other one. All in all, Nensho was pretty confident in his ability to run this course after watching Feng’s attempt. The disguised yokai got up to his line, eyeing the gap between the barrels and formulating his strategy. He may not care if he actually won, but that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t try. Soon enough, the flag was waived, and he shot off diagonally. He spun around as he went, letting his momentum carry him into position before he jumped forward, sailing between the barrels and spinning again to do it through the next gap. Between the zig-zag pattern and the wind rushing through his fur, he got into a rhythm and payed less attention to the actual track. Reality came back in a rush though, especially as he almost rammed face first into a barrel. The forceful stop raised his rear into the air and left him standing on just the front two legs momentarily before he managed to hop to the side and let his back legs back down. Thankfully, that had been the the last barrel, so he crossed the finish line and had a good laugh at himself. Wow, that had been a close one.
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  9. Nensho hummed slightly, shrugging as nobody but Yanhua seemed to respond to his introduction. Oh well, they seemed rather busy with their own conversations anyhow. He turned his attention back to Yanhua as he floated one of the offered treats over to himself. “Yeah, she’s an old childhood friend of mine. It’s kinda evolved since then on my end though, I feel like you can relate to where I am now with her though.” He said before taking a bite out of the pastry, humming at the good taste.
  10. Nensho blinked a bit at Yanhua's response, confused for a bit before he realized what she was talking about. Well, there was that mystery solved at least. He shrugged to himself as she reintroduced herself, Feng, and two others. Yep, they were all runners on the course, aside from Yanhua herself, but still. "Nice to meet you all. Contrary to how the announcer pronounced it though, My name is Nensho Ha. You guys had some good runs through that course, looks like it'll be a close competition in the end." He smiled, nodding to the fellow obstacle course runners.
  11. Nensho hummed slightly as he listened to the others talk among themselves, though he found himself mostly focusing on that chef. Oof, that sounded pretty familiar, seemed they were in a similar boat if he was reading her correctly. Rolling onto his feet, he stood up and stretched before making his way over to the mare. "Well, looks like we have something in common besides coming from the east." He whispered to Yanhua, trying not to interrupt the other conversations around him. "I know it can be tough, but it's nice to be around them at least."
  12. Nensho was the next one to arrive at the tent, looking around at the crowd comprised mostly of others that had competed in the obstacle course. There were a couple he didn’t recognize, though he felt like that female kirin was in the stands at least... assuming she was a kirin... she didn’t smell like any he’d met before. Then again, he didn’t think he’d met any royal bakers in the past. Oh well though, he saw no reason to press the issue at the moment. Instead, the disguised okami sat down in the grass nearby, doing some sunbathing while listening to the conversations, his ear twitching occasionally.
  13. Hogo’s words were met with a simple nod, though the bow did bring a small smile to Anu’s face. They would converse about it later, assumedly, and it was time they moved on. Anu nodded to the others as they all made their way to the park, sticking to the rooftops to make the journey quicker. Arriving at roughly the same time as the others, he simply watched them approach, sitting with his robe flared out so as not to actually sit on it. “My father led my clan before me, but this was not an inherited position. He earned his place as alpha and so did I. Everything I did was for the betterment of the clan, but some did not see it that way. I believe the usurpers claimed it was my choice of allies that led them to exile me from the only home I’d ever known. A simple alliance with a nearby clan and they threw me out.” Anu said, sighing at the end as he looked up at the sky. “I am not sure what will happen when I eventually return, but I know it will only happen to the guilty, to those that deserve it.”
  14. **Post submitted for judging** Nensho had really enjoyed watching Toboe’s run through this course, cheering on his childhood friend from the stands. All in all, this looked like it would be a fun time. As for now, he was stretching at the starting line, the okami disguised in his typical unicorn guise. “This next contestant is actually a good friend of the previous one.” The announcer said, waggling his eyebrows and earning a snort from Nensho. He may want that sometimes, but he doubted she felt that way and he didn’t want to ruin what they already had. “In any case, please welcome Nine-show Ha!” The announcer continued. Well, at least he was close. Once the starting flag was waved, he was off like a shot, quickly approaching the mud pit. Using his momentum, he took a running leap to skip a part of the mud, giving a laugh as he felt himself fall in. He had no qualms about getting down and dirty, and he had waded through plenty of mud in his time. One step at a time, he pushed himself forward until he trudged his way out of the mud. Figuring he had enough time, he took a moment to shake himself off like a dog before running to the next obstacle. He grinned as he came up on the barrels, immediately jumping up on one of the lower ones. Honestly, he barely saw this as a competition, it was just a fun time on an obstacle course. In his mind, he’d already won since he had the chance to do this with Toboe. Hopping from barrel to barrel was easy enough, though he might be toppling the tower one barrel at a time. That’d probably explain all the noise behind him, but at least it still seemed mostly intact ahead. Once he reached the top, he let out more laughter before jumping down in one leap and landing with a roll to reduce the impact. Now for the straight part. Really, giving a wolf a chance to run full-out? Nensho shot off, speeding down the track and panting. Running like this narrowed the world into what was straight ahead, so much so that he almost ran right past the table holding the pies. Thankfully though, he managed to skid to a stop next to the pies before plopping them on his back one by one. He moved off at a quick trot, not used to carrying things like this that he couldn’t just pick up again. His pace left the pies shaking on his back, almost falling off multiple times. Some quick adjustments and some swats from his tail managed to keep them up there though, and soon enough he was across the line. With the race done, he used his magic to pick up the pies and dig in to one of them. “Deeeelish! Compliments to the chef of these pies!” He laughed, looking over towards Toboe mischievously before launching a pie at her. Not too hard to hurt, obviously. “Tokkuri, catch!” He called out, heading over with the third pie for them to share.
  15. Hero Name: Kaminari Real Name: Sanda Kumo Powers: In addition to the typical abilities inherent to being a pegasus, such as flight, she has the ability to control lightning and electricity in general. She tends to use her armor and weaponry, though mostly her spear, to help her channel and aim the lightning. Backstory: Sanda’s family was comprised of proud military veterans, both of her parents having served in defense of Neighpon. Even as the Zaibatsu began fighting, her family remained fiercely patriotic, leading her to sign up with the Shogun in his fight to restore peace. Throughout this time, she proved herself a very capable fighter with the spear, even before discovering her powers. With them though, she quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became a part of the shogunate itself in a way. She was the head of the royal guard, though her background meant she would help with the military matters as well. Notable Allies: The Shogunate: All members of the cabinet are under her protection, though some need it less than others. Enemies: Any enemy of Neighpon is an enemy of hers. Notability: Being a guard, even the head one, means she is largely ignored by the public of Neighpon, her name often overshadowed by those she is sworn to protect.
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