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  1. Kahoot

    Why not?
  2. Kahoot

  3. Chibi Shan Pui

    Super cute
  4. [Age of Heroes] Yotta Drakescale [WiP]

    Eh. I’ll work on this as soon as I get done with the other one.
  5. Furem Sanguinem [WiP]

    Yeah, I’m still working on it. It’s getting there though.
  6. The Visits (Open)

    Well, it seemed there was but two of those ridiculous things left standing, since Swift had crushed one right after he had re-entered the room. He had no idea how these things had come to life, and he honestly didn’t care at this point. The longma knew how to deal with them. “Seals. Aim there.” He said simply, glaring a bit at the two ‘ninjas’. He was not in the mood after his long day traveling, he simply wanted rest. “Discord?” He asked, repeating the name Fire provided as he raised an eyebrow and looked over at her. The name didn’t really ring any bells, he wasn’t sure what she was talking about.
  7. A Princely Convention (ATTN: Dark Core, Pyro, Discord)

    Well, this truly was still a collection of princes, it seemed! Wonderful! Not that Ishi would have chased Discord off otherwise, he was more than willing to let others join in this merriment regardless of any royal connections. After all, his own claim to princehood was a bit questionable, or at least he thought so. Sure, he was part of the ruling family, but a Shogun was not quite the same as an empress or a princess. Not that he was going to complain, he enjoyed his position. Those thoughts were soon pushed out of his mind though, as a series of antics from Discord drove him from quiet snickering at Lian’s new dance partner to straight-up laughing as Blueblood was covered in cake. This certainly was turning out to be an enjoyable time. “Oh, Princess Cadence? It is a pleasure to meet you.” He smiled, giving a friendly bow to her. “I am Ishi Masayoshi, brother to Shogun Ryuichi.” Another addition to their ranks it would seem. Well, the more the merrier, as they said.
  8. Liviel helped the doctor as much as she could, following his instructions as they changed the bandages and checked the caribou in general. Once the doctor was done, she helped him pack up his things and bowed to him in thanks, giving him a friendly smile. “Thank you Sir. I would assist in your search, but I believe I am still needed here.” Liviel said, waving to him as he left. Turning back to the group, she nodded to the unicorn’s words. “I have not been in this village long, but I would be willing to assist in gathering food. Can you please build a fire while we are gone?” She said, directing the question to the other mare.
  9. Right, Kahz was his name. To tell the truth, he wasn't all that interesting to her, at least not in comparison to some of the other changelings working on this resort. Still, he could be amusing at times, and Yurei couldn't help but let out a small chuckle at his mock salute. Her gaze then turned to the qilin, looking her over briefly as she introduced herself as Yu. Well, as surprising as it may be, she did not interact with too many from Long Guo, so this may be more interesting than she thought. The disguised changeling nodded to the three, motioning them to follow her further into the spa and collecting a couple helpers along the way to send ahead and make sure the baths were ready for them. Yurei lead them into the room with the three baths in it, helping them stow away their things and helped them into the baths if needed. "If you require anything else, do not hesitate to ask. Once you are finished with the bath, please call for me so I may move you along to the massages." She smiled to them, glancing at Kahz briefly and raising an eyebrow at him. "My name is Ember Fall." She added with a slight nod before starting to head for the door to go set up other stuff, or just rest, time would tell.
  10. To Catch Thieves [Open, with a slight condition]

    "Dis-mane-told?" She repeated, or at least tried to, tilting her head a bit as she looked at the mare. "You no pony? Then you no go to pony jail. You no steal, you no go to jail at all." She shrugged, not really seeing any point in charging in yet. She attacked, sure, but she didn't really hurt anyone. "Why you fire at ponies?"
  11. The World of Remnant (Closed)

    “Midnight! Wait!” He hissed out as she charged. It was too late for that though, so now he had to simply set up, for now simply providing covering fire so Midnight didn’t get swarmed. “Help her!” He said to the others, firing again and again at the enemies.
  12. The Hollow Stare [closed, Pyro]

    Zola nodded back, returning the salute as she watched him walk off, deciding she may as well follow him for now. She should check if there are any missions to take on before she headed back home anyways. She had to wonder how they were going to contact her when a mission did come in, but she supposed that was something she would see later.
  13. The Hollow Stare [closed, Pyro]

    “I believe I would rather stay at home if possible. At least while there is no mission making that impossible.” Zola said, shrugging a bit. “I am used to travel, but there is nothing quite like your home gravel.”
  14. The Hollow Stare [closed, Pyro]

    Zola nodded, grabbing the badge from the shelf and stowing it away after a bit of investigating it. Perhaps this would be a good move for her, only time would tell.
  15. The Hollow Stare [closed, Pyro]

    Mmm... she really didn’t like the idea of others spying on her. Still, she turned back to the badge laying there and stared at it for some time before nodding to herself. “Very well, I agree. These artifacts should not be free.” She said to him, reaching for the badge. Carefully, in case what he said about the shelves was true.