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  1. Hero Name: Kaminari Real Name: Sanda Kumo Powers: In addition to the typical abilities inherent to being a pegasus, such as flight, she has the ability to control lightning and electricity in general. She tends to use her armor and weaponry, though mostly her spear, to help her channel and aim the lightning. Backstory: Sanda’s family was comprised of proud military veterans, both of her parents having served in defense of Neighpon. Even as the Zaibatsu began fighting, her family remained fiercely patriotic, leading her to sign up with the Shogun in his fight to restore peace. Throughout this time, she proved herself a very capable fighter with the spear, even before discovering her powers. With them though, she quickly rose through the ranks and eventually became a part of the shogunate itself in a way. She was the head of the royal guard, though her background meant she would help with the military matters as well. Notable Allies: The Shogunate: All members of the cabinet are under her protection, though some need it less than others. Enemies: Any enemy of Neighpon is an enemy of hers. Notability: Being a guard, even the head one, means she is largely ignored by the public of Neighpon, her name often overshadowed by those she is sworn to protect.
  2. “Yes, I grew up over there, and I plan to return some day. For now, I am traveling in search of new experiences and hopefully some souvenirs.” Anu responded, nodding to the two of them as he answered Blueblood’s question. With that out of the way, it was time to address Hogo-sha. “What was taken from me is not as easily returned as you may think. It is no simple matter, retaking my throne from those that have defeated me in the past.” He said simply, watching the other dog. Hogo-sha could be useful in that, but it was not time for that yet. “Yes, perhaps we should move and stop blocking the road.”
  3. PyroBlaze

    Hogo-Sha, The Stormy Wanderer

    He looks awesome! Great work!
  4. Nensho hummed to himself quietly as he followed the rest of the group to the cafe, simply listening to what the others were saying. He offered a nod in agreement to Toboe’s question about food, but not much else. He was a little distracted by trying to figure out what else they could do around here once this impromptu group disbanded. Maybe they should visit a club, he was in the mood for more music like what Ruby was playing earlier. “Well, if you ever do end up going, maybe Toboe could get you a gig or two at her bar.” He chuckled, tuning back in during that part of the conversation. “Some live music could really liven up the place.” He added, giving Toboe a friendly nudge.
  5. Nensho waved at the two ponies as introductions were made, returning Toboe’s friendly hug. He smiled a bit as Toboe spoke, though her calling him handsome raised a slight blush to his cheeks for a few moments before fading. “Y-yeah, nice to meet you two.” He smiled at them, looking over at his friend’s question first. “Definitely not enough to really remember anything about it, so probably not.” He chuckled, giving a shrug before gesturing to Flying Brick to lead the way. “Sure, I’m up to get some grub, and we definitely should get that table away from any rain.” He nodded, looking between the two. “Lead the way, whenever you’re ready.”
  6. Nensho was... actually kinda lost... kinda surprising given where he grew up, but he wasn’t used to this city. It was different enough to be throwing him off here. At least he could still pick out Toboe’s scent on the wind, so he was trying his best to navigate towards that. As he got closer, the music started to make him bob his head to the beat, smiling to himself as he ignored the strange stares from those with less sensitive hearing. Eventually, he found himself standing next to Toboe, realizing he had been continuing the song in his head since it had ended. “Oh, hey Toboe, who’re your friends?” He asked, rubbing the back of his neck a bit and chuckling.
  7. Ah, so it was an artifact holding the control, not this pony. That still left the question of what the artifact was though, and if it was even on him right now. At the various questions coming from the two he could understand, he nodded slightly. “In a manner of speaking, yes. I am searching for a way to regain what was taken from me.” He said, giving a sigh to suppress the growling he could feel building from the memory. “Apologies, my name is Anu Hur.”
  8. Anu hummed slightly at Blueblood’s little saying, sighing after a bit. While true, it still required something to rule over, something he had yet to regain. The reminder of his current and past failings was not an enjoyable one, setting his mind on a trip back down memory lane. Thankfully, the other dog’s words knocked him out of it, and he made his way over so they stood nearby. Turning his attention back to the sphinx, he hummed a bit to himself before speaking. “All I know of his kind is from books and stories, likely little more than what is already known. While his kind have been recorded as being larger than this, he will not necessarily get any bigger. I have seen full-grown dragons smaller than the average pony, a sphinx stopping at this size wouldn’t be out of the question.” Anu stated, nodding slightly as he looked back to Hogo-sha. That dog still smelled strange to him, but perhaps the unusual scent of the nearby sphinx was clouding the results. A problem for a later time, he supposed. “As the apparent master of this sphinx, is there anything you’ve learned that you haven’t found in books?” He asked Blueblood, focusing his attention on the pony as he once again tried to discern what was holding the spell.
  9. He looks cool. Good job.
  10. Well, the sphinx didn’t seem to even know he was there. Or it was just ignoring him. Either way was fine by him at the moment. Turning his attention more on the pony, Anu looked over his pharaoh-like choice in accessories with a slight frown. Being from that area of the world himself, it was kind of annoying to see others dress like that. Regardless though, none of the accessories were jumping out at him as what held the control spell. While he was loathe to admit it, maybe this unicorn was powerful enough to pull it off on his own. He’d have to keep a closer eye on this situation... Not that he thought he could take control for himself even if it was an artifact giving the pony control. He had no idea how it worked, for all he knew taking the artifact to serve no purpose other than angering them both, and he was in no hurry to face a sphinx in battle, even one this size. As for the pony’s conversation partner, this other dog seemed strange to him. He couldn’t quite put his paw on it, but he just felt off. His nose told him the smell was canine, but it wasn’t like any other diamond dog he’d met before... The jackal-like dog was actually pretty obvious in his origins, for those knowledgeable of the area. Between the markings across his body and the ankh hanging from his neck, it didn’t take much to figure out his homeland. His robes were not exactly conducive to stealth or fighting, but as he needed neither at the moment, he kept them on.
  11. I guess I can try. I have no idea what the numbers mean really, so take those with a grain of salt. Arcus: Probably tier 3, especially with his combination of powers and military training. Int: 4 Str: 4 Spd: 3 Durability: 3 Energy Projection: 1 Fighting Skills: 6 Dolor: Tier 2 Int: 1 Str: 5 Spd: 3 Durability: 6 Energy Projection: 3 Fighting Skills: 3 Shui Seng: Tier 3 Int: 4 Str: 3 Spd: 5 Durability: 3 Energy Projection: 4 Fighting Skills: 6
  12. Anu was, for all intents and purposes, baffled. Where had this creature come from? And why was it here with some pony riding on it? The dark-furred diamond dog watched from the roof he had been resting on, keeping a close watch over where the Sphinx was going and what it was doing. The former pack-leader had made his way into the city earlier that day, rumors of something powerful about drawing him in. Maybe this was what they meant? Or perhaps it was whatever the pony was using to keep it under control. He couldn’t tell for sure from here, but he doubted any Sphinx would be this calm with such a crowd around it. Maybe once they’d acclimated, but he would’ve heard about them well before that happened. Regardless, he needed to get closer, so he began hopping from roof to roof as much as he could to get a closer look at this thing. He eventually came to a stop on a roof nearby the crowd around the Sphinx, looking it over some more.
  13. I’ve got a couple heroes for the list. Dolor and Liviel are both heroes I’ve used here previously. Tehengu as well, but I’m not sure wether to put him under hero or neutral. I’d also like to get back into this thing, if anyone wants to do anything with my characters.
  14. “But if you don’t talk about them, how would they get any fresh meat in there? Gotta spice things up with new challengers sometimes.” Tiger responded to Pinkie before taking the glass and drinking from it. It was pretty clear he didn’t put much stock in the protocol of drinking wine, as he simply gulped down part of the liquid and set the rest back down for now. “Mmm, I guess that means I’ll be seeking you out later. Always enjoy a friendly match.” He said, giving Toboe a wink before Berry’s little show caught his eye. He smiled and gave a small whistle of appreciation before turning back to Toboe. “Drinking contest? You may own a bar, but I doubt there’d be much of a contest there.” He added, giving a small laugh to punctuate the banter.
  15. “Don’t you worry, seems to me like you’re a pretty good welcome all on your own.” Tiger said, giving Pinkie a wink before continuing. “Name’s Tiger Blood, just on a bit of vacation, I guess. Passing through, really, seemed like a good place to stop.” He shrugged a bit at the end there, falling silent momentarily. “Oi, sweetcheeks, any place around here I can get some training in? Gym, fight club, anything?” He asked, still talking to Pinkie, his gaze on her in a sidelong glance sort of way as he relaxed against the bar.
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