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  1. Looks great to me! Thanks!
  2. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0TEf4F-UjctKqp0GGUmTHtPfQ
  3. Magnus hummed, giving a single nod in response to Sombra’s words before he seemed to get distracted by Twister. The unicorn watched for a moment before speaking again. “Now then, I assume we will meet at a future date to do this training, and you appear to have your hooves full at the moment. I am Magnus Durum, find me in Canterlot when you are prepared to teach.” He said, the illusion standing up after and giving both a nod before vanishing. The real unicorn stood in his hiding place, giving the two another look before walking off under cover of invisibility to find this Hou and see what she had to offer.
  4. Well, this would likely be an interesting experience, if a short one. He’d never been around Ponyville during their wrap-up, so he guessed tomorrow would be the day he got to see what that was like. Probably wouldn’t take too long, with how little snow was out there, but Tiger was willing to help however he could. For now, he was getting a pre-bed workout in in the room he had rented. Wasn’t much, just a local inn, but it worked fine for him. After his workout, he stood fully before falling onto the bed and stretching out. This earth pony was tired, and he needed some sleep before the next day.
  5. I mean, there's a lot of characters without real art in there... I can never seem to get enough of Tiger though.
  6. Same, really. Dunno what I would ask for right now.
  7. Or maybe he could just share, have fun with both at once. ;3
  8. A sexy stallion indeed. Tiger wouldn’t mind a piece of him.
  9. Cool, thanks! I wanted to get a pic of my new changeling baddy. Not sure what he should be doing though. Here’s the references and app though. True form: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0_Xf3KX7pOkHLqweu6M1r17og Typical disguise: https://share.icloud.com/photos/0mO7Wd95SNApPcX-iBfXyQhyA App:
  10. Good snugs. If I can, I’ll add another pic to your list. Assuming it’s ok with you, of course.
  11. Tehengu stayed at the ready for a few moments after everything died down, just in case, but he eventually relaxed enough to move towards Midnight and help her get to safety if she needed it. It seemed they had survived this time, which was good, but now they had to remain vigilant even more than usual to make sure this didn’t happen again.
  12. Such good work coming from you... can’t wait to see more!
  13. “They are unicorns, yes, and there is some magical skill present. The three of them could probably beat me, and it seemed like my father had found ways to make up for his lack of sight the last time I did reconnaissance. I have no doubt I could take them down one-on-one, especially from stealth, but I would rather be prepared for the worst-case scenario. The cornered beast is often the most dangerous.” Magnus said, keeping his gaze even as he watched Sombra. Maybe he was getting somewhere here after all, but on the other hoof, the more time he took here the harder it would be to find Hou.
  14. Name: Dox (Hei Xue) Sex: Male Age: Much older than he looks. Appears to be an adult Species: Changeling (qilin) Eye Color: Red (Blue, the whites turning black with use of dark magic) Character Color: Typical changeling black, with multiple bright purple patterns across the surface. (A darker pale green, with dark red scales. The horns curl down behind the ears and are mostly the same green as the skin, aside from the dark red spiral.) Mane/Tail: The mane is a spiky mowhawk that is mostly gray, though there is a slight almost flame pattern of red and orange near the head. The tail is a simple shock of gray. (The mane is a spiky mowhawk in front, though more curved spikes. In the back the hair is longer, reaching past his back with parts that curve back up near his chin. His tail is a long one of flesh, mostly bare of hair besides the fur. All the hair comes off the bottom, a bit of a spiky mass trailing down most of the length. Both are primarily black, with the ends of the spikes being blue.) Physique: Both his true and qilin forms are taller than average, and muscled enough to enter the realm of being physically imposing. He likes to add blue claws to the ends of his hooves in his qilin form. Residence: A small castle on a mostly secluded island, and a tower in the wilds of Long Guo that functions as a small school on occasion. Occupation: Evil sorcerer, occasional teacher (disguised as a unicorn), and ex-hero Cutie Mark: His Hei Xue form has a purple pentagram as a cutie mark. Unique Traits: Magic: Over the many years, he has studied many different forms of magic, and is adept at most fields. He can utilize every form of elemental magic well enough to use different kinds simultaneously. Of course, as a changeling he is naturally good at transformation and illusion. On the darker side, he primarily utilizes blood magic. Transformations: After extensive study, he has found ways to improve his body permanently using his natural transformation abilities, and has replaced parts of himself to strengthen his body and mind. Likewise, utilizing blood magic in conjunction with his natural abilities, he found a way to lengthen his lifespan and eliminate his hunger for love by using the life energy inherent in the blood of others. Combat Training: He is no slouch with a sword, though nowadays he mostly fights from range with his magical abilities. Still, he is a formidable opponent up close, using all his tricks in combat. Information Network: He has gathered many information sources through the students that came through him. Mostly academic knowledge, like new developments in magical fields, though also some more hidden knowledge sometimes. History: Dox was born quite a long time ago in a hive that is long forgotten now in the wilds of Long Guo. He was never satisfied with his existence in the hive, even early on in his life. Being just another drone among many never sat well with him, he always felt he was meant for more, so as soon as he was confident in his ability to survive alone, he snuck out of the hive and never looked back. His aimless wandering eventually led him into a town, and he felt drawn towards the local mage. Immediately discovering his love for learning, he apprenticed under the unicorn, learning all he could about magic. Of course, it was mostly about how to use magic to help others or make tasks easier, with some methods of defending them from threats as well. At least it made the townsfolk like his disguised form and kept him well-fed, so he kept voraciously making his way through his master’s teachings and helping the town until he ran out of things to learn. Still feeling like he needed more, he began training with the guards in an effort to take a more proactive role in defeating threats, and hopefully the fame of being a hero would sate his needs. He spent years in that town, helping them out with magic and steel and spreading the name of Guang Jian, until a threat arrived that none of them could deal with. Dox had been away at the time, and returned to a devastated town. He was smart enough to realize that he likely would’ve fallen with them had he been there at the time, but it also ignited a new passion for strength in him, both magical and physical. Thankfully for him, it didn’t take long to find a place for him to hone both as he stumbled upon a hidden building in the wilds. It was the home of another mage, one that had much to teach. Unbeknownst to him, this new mage also delved into the darker aspects of magic. As he learned more and more, the lessons inexorably moved towards dark magic, but his desire to learn all he could kept him going. The longer he went, the more he began thinking his old way of life was a foolish one, and he began dedicating himself purely to the benefit of himself as opposed to using his new strength to help others. Under this mage was where he began his experiments to make himself stronger through combining his natural magic and the new dark spells he had been learning, his first target being the hunger for love, which he had been sating by invoking the name of the local hero. Technically it was his name, but he felt no connection to it anymore. After extensive work, he eventually discovered a method that might work, so he tried it. Taking a forest animal for the first try, he took its blood and infused it into himself. He instantly felt better, and somehow a little younger. Even that little bit sated him for far longer than his typical feeding methods, so now he had an excuse to retire his old persona for good. After inventing the Hei Xue persona, or an early draft of it at least, he took it to the largest city nearby to spread the news. The hero was dead, and Hei had killed him. Wielding his old sword as “proof”, he put his hero years behind him and disappeared back into the shadows to gather even more strength. First, he used the old mage for the only thing he was still good for, a food source. Dox kept him around for as long as he could as he gained strength and made adjustments to his body. Eventually, when his second master was spent, he left, wandering again to try out his upgrades. More sightings of the evil Hei Xue brought out plenty of would-be heroes for him to test on, and he found he enjoyed this infamy more than the fame he gained as a hero. After making his way beyond the physical borders of his homeland, he discovered a good island to make his home base and spent some time building his fortress. By that time, he had truly started to notice the benefits of his new feeding method, as he had stayed in his prime well past it, and showed no signs of the physical degradation that came with growing older. Even so, he had experienced much, and felt he should pass his knowledge down, and one location immediately came to mind as to where, that of his rebirth. Traveling back to the old decrepit building, he transformed it into a tower to teach in, connecting it to his fortress through a portal in a secret room. Once construction was complete, and he gathered materials for magical learning outside the dark arts, he gathered his first students. He wanted to share knowledge, yes, but he also wanted to learn from them, discover new things together, and scope out candidates for agents, true apprentices, and possibly his next meal. Ever since he simply worked on gathering strength, wether that be new knowledge, more agents, or strengthening the name of his persona. Personality: Generally driven by his desires for knowledge and worthy competition, he will use subterfuge on occasion, but he will not back down from a fight if that doesn’t work. His level of friendliness largely depends on who he is interacting with or what form he is in. For example, he is often rather friendly with other scholars, especially towards his students, since they can help him gain more knowledge and he actually enjoys a good academic conversation. In combat, he is unlikely to show mercy, but if you see him it is more than likely actually him. He prefers to face his foes face-to-face, partially because it makes it easier to feed and partially because he figures if one can manage to actually land a hit on him, they earned it. He is rather outgoing, and will not hesitate to initiate a conversation unless it would be smarter to not do so. Summary: A truly vampiric changeling mostly in it to collect knowledge and find others worthy of fighting or passing knowledge to.
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