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    Toboe the Bartender... and NOTHING else.

    Such a cutie
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    Yama-Chan from the Mountains

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    Yama-san from the Mountains!

    Such a handsome cutie. Great work, Pressy!
  4. Name: Tiger Blood Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Golden. Character Color: Light reddish-brown with reddish-black markings. Mane/Tail: Both are rather short and simple, the mane a sort of short mohawk that falls to one side and the tail kept in a kind of bun. Both are a sort of dark gray, perhaps with a bit of purple in the mix. Physique: Making his job and life fighting, he has a well-muscled physique, though it’s also lean, built for defense through dodging more than blocking. He has a few scars on his face, mostly some across his nose and one across his right eye. Thankfully, this did not cause any damage to the actual eye. Aside from that, there are various markings imitating zebra stripes on his back and chin, as well as a tribal design circling the top of his right foreleg. Residence: Beakbreak City Occupation: Guard, fighter. Cutie Mark: A black paw pad design with red lines imitating scratches coming off the claws. To him this represents his ability to fight and win, no matter what happens. He earned his mark one fateful day while exploring the wilds of his home country. He ran into a wild animal out there that did not take kindly to his presence. After a tough battle, in which he earned multiple scars including the one over his eye, he emerged victorious and returned home having proved himself. He hadn’t even noticed the mark appearing until he made it home. Unique Traits: History: Personality:
  5. PyroBlaze

    [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows (Closed)

    In’ei really wasn’t sure what Storm was thinking, wearing those metal shoes without any sort of muffling spell or material. This was supposed to be a stealth mission after all, and all she seemed to do so far was put them on a timer they could’ve avoided altogether and give away their position with every hurried step. Regardless, they were already here, all she could do now was make the best of it. All In’ei offered in response to Storm’s words was a curt nod, moving with the group up the stairs and towards their objective. They needed to get this done with as soon as possible.
  6. PyroBlaze

    The Howler's Den: Long Kong Branch (Open)

    Corva blinked a bit at Jian’s words, shrugging internally. It’d worked for her so far, she didn’t feel a need to change things up right now. Luckily, an excuse to change the subject just walked in the door. The griffin raised her drink to Yang, smiling before taking another sip. “Yeah, well, seems the boss is a friend of the owner. Just hanging out, what’s up on your end?” Corva asked, gesturing between Toboe and Jian.
  7. PyroBlaze

    A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Yxa chuckled a bit and nodded to Chipper’s words. The caribou watched him make his way over to sit next to an alicorn, Twilight from the looks of it, chuckling a bit more to himself. That unicorn was certainly a strange one, but he was also pretty fun to have around. After that, he took a seat as well, picking the first empty one he came to and listened to Astrid speak. This really was a great moment... maybe he should try to make a song about it... Well, that was a thought to pursue later, and after a quick scribble, he had something to remind him about it. A scrap of paper with the words ‘Songrun Askher’ written on it. He stowed that away for later, turning back to watch the ceremony progress.
  8. PyroBlaze

    Night Star [Ready]

    Name: Night Star Sex: Male Age: Stallion Species: Zony (Zebra/Pony hybrid) Eye Color: Pink Character Color: Mostly magenta, with the stripes being a darker magenta. Mane/Tail: His mane is somewhat long, reaching to his back and a bit past that on the side. It is a bit wavy, curling slightly at the ends, and is mostly a darker pink with light pink strands. The tail is a similar story, reaching most of the way down his legs. Physique: Despite being a stallion, his physique would lead others to believe he’s a mare. He’s about average height of mares his age, with a somewhat lithe build. Residence: Home in Ponyville Occupation: Astronomer Cutie Mark: His cutie mark is a yellow shooting star over a blue crescent moon. This represents his love for studying space and all its mysteries. The day he got his mark, or rather the night, was the first time he saw a meteor shower. Night and his family had gone out to watch the shower together, and they even brought a telescope along to pass the time while they waited. Night was already interested in space, but on more of a hobby level. Even so, he remained glued to the telescope, and between what he saw through it and the later meteor shower, a true passion was born. Another thing that was born; his cutie mark. Unique Traits: Training: During his childhood, his mother trained him in traditional zebra potion-making and how to fight using a staff. Not to say he is a master of either, but he knows the basics. Personality: He is a rather caring pony, if not a somewhat introverted one. He tends to prefer being alone, but the friends he has managed to make along the way are a close second. He will do everything in his power to help out his friends. Making new friends or initiating conversations proves to be difficult for him, but he can manage if need be. He has always been a night owl, staying up late and getting up late. Consequently, he tends to prefer Luna over Celestia. History: Growing up as the child of a zebra mother and an earth-pony father certainly was a different one. Even from an early age though, he was quite the academic, learning from both parents and both cultures. This meant that, on top of his equestrian teachings, he also learned basic alchemy and how to defend himself. As he got older, he managed to make some friends along the way, keeping in touch with them even as they scattered to go through their final stretches of schooling. Night, of course, went into astronomy and even a bit into astrology for good measure. After graduating, he moved back to his hometown of Ponyville as it was easier to see the stars without the lights of the bigger cities.
  9. PyroBlaze

    [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows (Closed)

    In’ei sighed slightly as the mare listened to some of her words but clearly missed the point of it. Unless that magic had to have a timer, but she wouldn’t know without seeing it cast and feeling through it. Regardless, it was too late to change that now it seemed, as Storm had already set up the charges. She nodded to Ice’s orders, getting herself ready as the shadows nearby rippled slightly before covering the group. The shadows made them all look like silhouettes of the same random pony, wings and horns being the only difference between the unicorns and the bat pony. They could all still see just as well as they could before. On Ice’s signal, she darted into the hallway, moving at a quick but stealthy pace as she kept her eyes out for any threats, physical or magical.
  10. Nensho... hadn’t been expecting to get a letter, that was for sure. Especially since he didn’t live in Equestria. Once he saw who sent it though, there was no further point in speculating how he got it. The disguised yokai opened the letter, looking over the invitation and map it included. A sleepover with Discord? Sure, why not? That noodle knew how to have fun. Following the map, Nensho eventually ended up at a nondescript building nearby, making him wonder if he was following this thing wrong. Sure enough though, opening the door sucked him into a portal that dropped him right over Ice. “Watch out!” He called upon noticing his landing spot, trying fruitlessly to move himself out of the way.
  11. Hey now, just don’t make him angry and that won’t be a problem! ;3 I mean, the whole point of being in that school was to get control of it, so it would make sense that moving on means he’s got that control now. Or at least more of it. As for the other one, not sure when that’ll actually happen, but they’ll probably be a good fit with Twi, true.
  12. Considering throwing Pyro in here. Or a character I'm planning on making that'd be an astrologer or something.
  13. PyroBlaze

    And So it Begins.{STAR Recrutment} (See OOC)

    Yoru hadn’t really expected everyone to be giving their life stories in their introductions... She wasn’t even sure she had much of a story to tell. At least, not without revealing In’ei, and that was something she wasn’t sure she wanted to do at this point. In any case, she remained silent as she took in the others’ stories, smiling as she learned she wasn’t the only academically inclined pony here. Honestly, she had been a bit worried about that, that she would have no one to share her passion for learning with. —————— Miles rose at his king’s gesture, standing guard over Sombra as they both turned their attention back to the rest of the room. Finally, he had been reunited with his king! He wasn’t going to let anything else happen to him.
  14. Huo smiled and chuckled at Presteza's exclamation, watching her for a few moments before she apologized. "No need to worry, we're all friends here after all." He chuckled again, refilling her cup for her and making it the same as last time. Once that was completed, he took a sip of his own tea, raising his cup to her before turning his attention back towards the important conversation going on between Yue and the others.
  15. PyroBlaze

    A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Magic... axe? Yxa tilted his head slightly at Chipper’s words, trying to puzzle through it. He knew the unicorn was an odd one, but... wait... ”Oh, this? Ya, I brought it along in case Sigrun needs some more music in her wedding. Would’ve brought my whole setup, but guess I’ll save that for the afterparty.” Yxa shrugged, looking down at his guitar briefly before looking at Chipper again. “As Chipper as ever, I see.” He added, chuckling slightly at his own joke. With that though, he was content to just watch the party go by, unless Chipper or someone else decided to chat him up some more. Now that he was really looking, there were more here than he thought that he recognized. Limi, at least by name, was familiar, for one. Nice to see he made it. Once the little family reunion had a break, Yxa raised his drink in a greeting to Sigrun, smiling at her.