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  1. "I just might have to take you up on that offer, Shiroi. It would certainly be a welcome distraction from my work. Speaking of, I'm going to turn this offer back on you, feel free to drop by my office if it pleases you." Ishi smiled at the mare, giving her another wink before looking back to the stage and clapping as Hibana finished up her song. Ah, it was certainly a familiar song, especially since he had read the entire manga series that inspired it. "Wonderful performance, Hibana. And I applaud your taste in music. Very nice." He said, smiling at her too. He loved reading manga when he had the free time to do so, a fact not likely known by any outside of the cabinet. Not because of any active effort to hide it, no. More because he hadn't the opportunity to do something more public with it. Regardless, the kirin downed another swig of his drink before giving a cheer as his brother decided it was time to take the stage. This was going to be fun, he could tell. ------------- Sandā looked over at Hibana as she spoke, the mare giving a sigh before drinking more of the Equestrian drink. Well, she couldn't say she disliked the appley drink, though it was very different than what she was used to. "<It is actually pretty tasty.>" She said as she passed the bottle to Hoshi, smiling some now. Perhaps she was finally relaxing, though wether that was a conscious decision or due to the alcohol had yet to be seen. In either case, the pegasus smiled as Ryu took the stage, her best friend attempting a song not of Neighpon and having mixed results from it. She was just glad she didn't have to go up there yet, she doubted she was ready. "<How's everything going?>" She asked Shiroi, moving over to the other mare. She was a little worried about their misstep with the caribou after that debate, though at the same time she couldn't care less what Sigrun said. She had no idea which side was more prominent, really...
  2. Flora followed his lead again, trying to be careful not to hurt the bush as she went through it. Once on the other side, she smiled at the sight of the lake, taking a slower approach than Inkbrand's, though his did help her get wet. She walked into the water, starting to clean herself off as best she could and dunking her head underwater momentarily to clean off the stuff in her hair. Of course, that meant that Inkbrand got to see the typical motion of her hair flying back as she straightened up. Flora giggled slightly, not really minding him bathing with her, for all intents and purposes. She moved some of her mane out of her face with a hoof, still smiling as she looked away from him to continue her cleaning.
  3. Cryo blinked as they came upon the town, leaving the cart just outside it while also still within sight. Why was there a town here? According to the residents, they had been here long enough that whoever mapped out this area should have seen them. Those thoughts had been interrupted by another pony arriving, one that appeared to be their objective. Once Flashfire had finished speaking, Cryo stepped forwards, keeping his gaze on the former REA pony. "We were told to come here to save you. Your letter gave no indication of this town's situation and it does not appear on any maps we had access to. A rescue mission does not need a battalion to complete it, and by all indications that was all this would be." He stated simply, as if giving a report.
  4. Corva gave a snort as she idly twirled a knife of some sort she found among the wares. This was actually kinda funny, she smiled as she looked at the two qilin, waiting for the younger's response and Ci's inevitable refusal. "Might as well give in, Ci's stubbornness is almost as famous as her temper." Corva called, watching them still.
  5. Flora arrived a few seconds after Inkbrand, having hesitated at first. She was with him now though, and they both spent some time trying to regain their breath. "Umm... y-yes..." Flora responded, looking over at the stallion that was her friend. She frowned slightly at the mess covering both earth ponies, looking around for somewhere to clean it off. Really, she didn't mind getting dirty, she knew it was bound to happen. That didn't mean she liked to walk around with the mess on full display, and since that situation was behind them it was time to clean off. "Do you s-see anywhere to clean up? I can't seem to find anything..." She said, looking back over to Inkbrand and giving a soft giggle at all the donut remains covering him.
  6. Diamond wasn't exactly a resident of Ponyville, but he had seen the impressive building while walking down the street. Well, that just invited a look around, even without the signs doing just that. The Prench griffon walked through the door, giving a whistle as he looked around the foyer. This kinda thing must've cost a king's ransom, he had to wonder why they needed all this for some foals. "Bonjour, mes amis. Do you know what all this is about?" He asked, looking at all the ponies around.
  7. "Likewise, Empress." Huö responded, giving his own respectful nod in turn. He knew when he wasn't going to get anywhere with his advances and/or they weren't welcome. Besides, he wouldn't want to step on Àilóng's toes now would he? "An artist, you say? What sort of art do you do, if you don't mind?" He said, smiling again at Presteza. "Empress Yue says it right, I help fan the flames of passion. Artists are my favorite to work with however, it is a field I am familiar with myself." The dragon turned towards Àilóng next, nodding in understanding. "I see. That is quite unfortunate, the gardens are certainly a sight to see. I would love to join you all for tea, who could turn down an offer for tea with such radiant specimens?" He chuckled, smiling warmly.
  8. Nensho hummed to himself, running the other stories through his head as they were told. Well, Kappi's reasoning was completely understandable, though it was nice to know he wasn't alone in his reasoning for joining up with this expedition. He gave Aria a slight smile, especially as she was the most in danger from the cold itself. He had his fire, Ice had her magic, and Kappi was just used to it. At least more than the others here. He sighed, looking back to Ice as she started speaking again. "Sounds good. You're in charge here, so just tell me where you want me when we're on the move." Nensho said, his horn lighting briefly and keeping the fire going strong.
  9. I'm in. Maybe I could use Diamond Dust in this one, as one becoming a chick (as in a baby bird, not a girl).
  10. Tehengu watched her go for a few moments before turning to head back with a sad sigh. "I love you too..." He murmured as he went back to his perch and sat there, trying to figure out what to do now.
  11. Name: Wūyā Yīnyîng Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Yosuzume (a bird Yokai.) Disguises as a longma, usually. Eye Color: Blood red in his true form, a light pink in his pony form. Character Color: In both forms, his body is mainly a midnight purple in color, with certain parts a light gray. In his bird form, the gray is the feathers across his chest and belly, while in his pony form they take the form of his scales and the two small antler-like horns he sports. Mane/Tail: His pony form sports a short and simple mane, slicked back to keep it out of his face. His tail is not really styled either, just kept short. Both are a lighter purple. Physique: He is an impressive specimen, with a build that held strength in it even though it was built for agility and speed. His bird form is just as tall, though he can shrink himself down to blend in as a regular bird too. Residence: The Imperial Palace of Long Guo Occupation: Member of the Imperial Watch. Cutie Mark: The mark he gave to his disguise is a simple one, a blue shooting star splitting in two about halfway down. Unique Traits: Clones: A trait inherited from his species, he has the ability to create clones of himself with magic, allowing him to be his own flock should the need arise. It also proves to be useful in scouting and combat, being able to create your own reinforcements. Shapeshifting: Like other Yokai, he has the ability to change his shape to blend in with ponies. Magic: He has all the regular magic, such as levitation, though he also boasts the ability to fire off electricity from simple static shocks to small lightning bolts. Training: Due to the rigorous training involved with his station, he has the ability to effectively wield and fight with a variety of weapons, most notably a chain and sickle he carries with him everywhere. The training also heightened his already present skills with stealth. History: From the first moment he could remember, he had been mostly alone. Sure, there were some others of his kind around to show him the ropes, but other than that he was left to his own devices. This mostly lead him down a path of doing whatever he wanted and taking whatever he wanted using his magic and the skills he developed during that time. He always felt unfulfilled though as he got older, as if there was something missing, some purpose he needed to find. With that in mind, he set out into the world, eventually exploring all of Neighpon with only limited success. He needed something more, and for some reason was drawn to Long Guo. Perhaps his heart knew where his purpose lay before he did. Or perhaps the air currents just felt like carrying the aimless bird that way. In either case, he found himself in Long Guo, flying over some building in a forest when he crashed for maybe the first time in his life. Having not paid attention, he had clipped a tree and injured his wing. When he came to, he was in the forest with a young qilin standing over him. He would never forget that face, even as his next few months were spent not seeing her at all while he was treated for his injury. Thankfully, he had managed to hold up the disguise of a regular bird instead of his true form during the recovery. Once he was healthy again, he left, getting one last look at the mare that had found him. He never forgot that face, it was stuck in his mind as he decided he needed to repay her for that. A while after that incident, he decided to try and settle down somewhere, crafting his longma form before making his way into a town. He asked around in the town, finally learning a name to go with the face. Empress Yue. From that moment on, he knew what he needed to do to repay her, and went to a city he had heard had a seedier underbelly to find a forger to create an identity for himself here. After pulling a simple job for them, they made his new history and gave him his new name. The yokai now known as Wūyā traveled to the palace next, joining up with the newer Empress's Imperial Watch and enduring the training in order to repay his debt to her. By the time he actually got past the training, he actually had a loyalty to his Empress, serving her loyally ever since. Personality: Wūyā is very serious about his work, placing Yue's safety over that of anyone else, especially himself. That being said, he is perfectly kind to his allies, though very formal. He rarely relaxes from his duty, as he is always on the clock in his mind. The only one he really feels comfortable relaxing around is the head chef and fellow Yokai. She was the only one he could relax around because she already knew his secret. Summary: A very diligent guard, Wūyā stands ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of his Empress.
  12. Tehengu watched her go for a few moments before sighing again, standing up to follow her. He went after her, walking out onto the road with her. "Mid... I can't help worrying about him and what he means to you, but I also know I'm not going to be able to just change those feelings..." He said, rubbing his neck a bit. "I guess my point is I don't want to let him come between us anymore... please stop avoiding me, I like being around you, you're possibly the only one on this team I actually like..." He said, sighing again.
  13. Tehengu stayed silent for a while after Midnight had finished speaking, giving a heavy sigh after a while longer. He had no idea what to say now... where were they, really? He didn't know at all... "Look, I'm sorry about the way I reacted to all that back then, but I didn't want to give you my heart if you were just going to run off back to Grimm. I've been hurt too many times, though I have a feeling that would have been a much worse wound than anything physical." He sighed again, finally looking over at her.
  14. Great job, Pressy! I really like her, especially the bow.
  15. "That's what teammates are for." He said simply, continuing to keep a lookout from his perch. He didn't really know what to say to her anymore, he didn't want to open up old wounds, but it kinda felt like they'd have to if they wanted to move past this.