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  1. A Force Of Nature In Canterlot [Open]

    Aranak felt like he was being followed, but he couldn’t find out if the feeling was correct before he caught sight of Bolt again and got distracted. First he loots them all and now he was putting on a show for them? What was up with this dragon? As soon as he had a clear shot, more out of wanting to make sure he hit Bolt than any worry over the mares he was lifting, Aranak divebombed him, slamming the smaller dragon into the ground over and over. He then went to grab him by the neck again to choke him out and just end this fight.
  2. A Force Of Nature In Canterlot [Open]

    Aranak sighed to himself as Bolt left back to Canterlot. Honestly, the problem wasn't that he was doing stuff, it was that he was doing it there. Maybe he should just get Bolt to move on to somewhere else, fighting him was proving to be a pain in the ass. The dragon soon took to the sky, beginning to fly back towards the city. ____3 hours later_____ Finally, back in the city. Now to find that stupid dragon and deal with him. Aranak flew above the buildings, scanning the streets and the rooftops to find his opponent.
  3. "Oh, no need tah worry, Twilight, Ah was just wonderin' what was goin' on." Kojo reassured, giving the alicorn a friendly smile. She seemed to have enough to take her attention right now, including another dragon that didn't seem to care much for ponies in general but was still being friendly with Twilight. Huh, that was strange... Kojo moved to the side, ending up next to Spike as he stratched his head a bit in confusion. "Whaddya reckon is his problem?" Kojo asked of the other small dragon, blinking a bit. After a little bit, another guest arrived that took his attention, a changeling that bounced off a wall and slid across the ground a bit. He smiled a bit as he realized she was more worried about others than she was about herself. "Are ya hurt, miss? Ah could help if ya need it." He asked, staying back for now since she already had a stallion there to help her up.
  4. Ishi smiled warmly as Blueblood greeted them and Celestia even greeted them in neighponese! She was quite good at it, but he supposed she had plenty of time to practice. Ishi patted Kaze's head gently as his sis introduced herself and answered the question from Blueblood before he could. While Celestia's neighponese may as well have come from a native, Blueblood's own efforts made the kirin chuckle, patting his fellow prince on the shoulder a bit. "I can give you some pointers, later, Blueblood, if you wish." He chuckled again, whispering to the unicorn. That was about the point that the next couple guests entered the scene, a filly and a unicorn accompanied by several others whose sole purpose here seemed to be carrying the presents she was donating. Oh, right, he had almost forgotten about that. "I shall be right back." He said, bowing to the group before heading over to deposit his own gifts onto the pile, being careful to not knock the pile over or anything with the various packages full of neighponese toys. With that task completed, he headed back, pretty sure he heard the name Rarity when referring to the unicorn mare. "Did I hear that right? You are named Rarity? It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Ishi Masayoshi." He smiled to the white unicorn, bowing slightly to her. It was always nice to meet new people, and these events certainly allowed for those opportunities.
  5. A Force Of Nature In Canterlot [Open]

    Well, he’d be feeling that in the morning... Though now more than ever he was glad for all those enchanted items he had made as well as the unicorns he made do stuff for him over the years. Not that he had much with him at the moment, but he always had his necklace, and he was glad he decided to put protection enchantments on it. “Alright, that’s enough of that.” He said, smoking a bit from the heat of the lightning. Aside from that, there wasn’t much in the way of obvious injuries. He then let out a large amount of smoke, as if he had been storing it up, soon being completely hidden by it as well as the surrounding area.
  6. A Force Of Nature In Canterlot [Open]

    Aranak smirked as his plan worked perfectly, holding Bolt’s neck tight as they hovered in the air. It seemed he was garunteed a win now... what was this now? A storm coinciding with some kind of flash in Bolt’s eyes. Interesting. “As you wish.” He said, shrugging before letting go and delivering a full-force punch into Bolt’s face that would launch him straight down into the ground. Aranak waisted no time in following behind, aiming to land hard on Bolt.
  7. A Force Of Nature In Canterlot [Open]

    “Using your brain is out of the question then, it seems. At this point I have to wonder if you even have one.” Aranak said simply, seemingly unimpressed by Bolt’s display. At least they were further away from his own lair, not that he would be worried about anyone getting in even if they could find it. For now though, Aranak held his ground, bits of fire flashing in his maw. After a few seconds of silent staring, he smirked slightly and let loose a burst of flames more meant to distract and/or blind than to do damage. At the same time, he moved to grab Bolt by the neck, and took to the sky right afterwards wether or not his attack actually worked.
  8. A Force Of Nature In Canterlot [Open]

    “You have no clue what I am capable of either, runt, and I’m smart enough to keep it that way. I can tell you’re not the sharpest of swords, so let me spell this out for you. All you know about me is that I’m bigger and stronger than you, and have dealt with your kind before. On the other claw, I know your name, I know where to look for your lair, I know your primary strengths. Use that pea-brain of yours, as hard as that may be for you, and back off.” Aranak growled out, not backing down in the slightest from this whelp. He thought he could just waltz in here and take over? Ha!
  9. Ishi Masayoshi was the next to arrive, accompanied by his guard Niradana and his pet golem Shibo. He wore a relatively simple attire, getting a local designer to make him a suit reminiscent of the suit their Santa would wear. The kirin smiled widely as he looked around at the various decorations, chuckling as he glanced over at Shibo and saw the festive little hat he had put on the dog. It was kind of funny, really, but Shibo didn't seem to mind it. In any case, he walked into the room, taking his time making his way towards Blueblood and the princess. "{Well, Nira, didn't I say they knew how to decorate for the season around here?}" He spoke in Neighponese, smiling over at the mare before eventually stopping in front of the two royals. "Hello again, Blueblood, it's a pleasure to see you. And it is wonderful to meet you, Princess Celestia. You are as radiant as they say, if not more so." He added, bowing to the two and nodding in greeting to the others around them. "My name is Ishi Masayoshi, younger brother of Shogun Ryuichi, pleasure to meet you all. This is my guard and one of my closest friends, Nira."
  10. A Force Of Nature In Canterlot [Open]

    Well, he certainly was fast. That could prove to be a problem... Nothing he couldn't overcome though, especially once he stopped by his cave again. Aranak glared at Bolt now as the dragon got territorial and defensive. No, this would not stand. The larger dragon seemed to get even larger as he made himself more intimidating, towering over Bolt. "Really? You are going to threaten me? With fire, no less. See these tattoos? I got them after killing a dragon more threatening than you. I suggest you be the one trotting off, little dragon." He growled out, pointing out the dragon tattoos on his shoulders as his wings flared out. "I'll even let you take all you can carry from that pile there."
  11. Kojo was actually kinda excited about this party in the town. Usually he just went back to celebrate Hearth's Warming on his family's farm. This year though, he decided to check out the town's festival. The small dragon smiled as he walked down the street, waving at all the ponies and others he saw along the way. Once in the center of town, he looked around at those already gathered there, his eyes eventually settling on Princess Luna, though he just now noticed something off about everyone around. Why was everyone all crystaly? Come to think of it... Kojo blinked as he looked down on himself, glittering like some kind of emerald. Huh, this was new... "What happened? Why ah we ahll crystalay?" He asked as he approached the two princesses, looking between them curiously.
  12. A Force Of Nature In Canterlot [Open]

    The first one to approach the victorious dragon was none other than another dragon, one larger than the one on the pile. Aranak walked up to the pile calmly, picking up one of the gems and inspecting it for a few moments before looking back to the smaller dragon. Really, he didn't look all that impressive, but he had managed to cause some damage while collecting all this treasure, so he had something going for him. "Quite the haul there, and some impressive destruction. I don't believe I've ever seen you before though, so who are you, and what are you doing here?" Aranak said, continuing to watch him. The red dragon wasn't all too happy about this other dragon so close to his home, but for now there was no reason to be hostile.
  13. Tai giggled a bit at the mare's words, getting closer and closer to her mouth slowly, as if the dragon was trying to be careful not to rush ahead and bowl the mare right over. Soon enough though, their lips met, and Tai began the short, gentle kiss. Pulling back a little bit, Tai giggled again and smiled at the mare. This had been fun, but she guessed it was time to move along. Didn't want to make anyone else miss out on their spot in line after all! "You taste good. Thank for apples and kiss!" She giggled a final time, flying up into the air in an almost twisting manner, waving to all the ponies and such on the ground before flying off in a random direction while humming a happy tune.
  14. Well, I’ll be bringing Ishi into the Canterlot thread, most likely. Might also use Kojo in the Ponyville one, seeing as he already lives there.
  15. Oooooh, she did get a kiss? Yay! Tai flew around in circles a bit in excitement, looking like she was about to tie herself in a knot a couple times, though she managed not to. One thing she didn't manage to do though was hold onto her money, which fell onto the counter and spilled out. Honestly, there wasn't much there, but she quickly flew down to collect all but five of the bits, smiling sheepishly. "Sorry... Me clumsy..." She sighed, picking up the apples and dropping them in her bag. After a few more moments, she seemed to cheer up again, as if that little slip-up had never happened, and flew back over to the stand, ending up a bit close to the orange mare. "Me get kiss now? Me ready!"