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  1. PyroBlaze

    The Night Watch (Open to anyone)

    The disguised yokai hummed slightly as Taira approached, turning towards him as he rounded the corner to their little secluded area. Ra’nu wasn’t really sure what the purpose of disguising as a dog was, but he knew Taira knew what he was doing. Usually. “It’s great to see you too, as it were. How are you faring?” He responded, also in hushed tones. While not that weird to talk to dogs, from what he’d noticed, having a one-sided conversation with one might be. “I suppose I could be doing better. Every lead thus far has gone cold, but I heard this was a good place to pick up the trail.”
  2. PyroBlaze

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    The stallion nodded a bit as the mare spoke, though it seemed the conversation was already over as the proprietor greeted them. Tiger grinned at Berry’s words to him, though moreso the beginning than anything else, giving her a wink in response. “Sounds good, beautiful. Think I’ll take something strong, otherwise, surprise me.” He said, grinning as he sauntered over and took a seat at the bar, leaning back against it and looking over his shoulder at her. After a brief moment of checking her out, he turned his gaze away, settling on the very pink pony that just entered. Well, this one was certainly energetic, and apparently very thirsty. Who could blame her, hopping around like that would build up a sweat. In any case, this was going well for him, sitting in what was probably the closest thing to a bar this town had while surrounded by good-looking mares. There were a few ways this could get better, but he didn’t see them happening here.
  3. PyroBlaze

    Berry Punch and the Quest for the Crystal Goblets! (OPEN)

    Ponyville... it seemed like a boring town so far, but he hadn’t really been here very long, and hey, it looked nice. Tiger Blood trotted his way down the street, wearing his typical pants but leaving his spear behind today. Probably wouldn’t need it anyways, he could just bare-hoof it if anything came up anyways. The earth pony smirked as he made his way down the street, slowing to a stop in front of some shop with a very interesting mare in front of it. Looking her over, he could tell she was more than just a pretty face. The tattoo and covered eye were pretty big clues, but there was more to it. No matter though, unless she wanted to fight or became a problem, her prowess didn’t matter too much. He simply gave a whistle of appreciation as he sauntered up next to her and got a better look at the shop. “Wine, huh? Well, doubt it could be worse than some of the other stuff I’ve drunk.” He chuckled, giving Toboe a slight nudge. “Oi, any idea what we’re in for with this stuff?”
  4. PyroBlaze

    Arashi Doro No Hogo-sha

    Looks cool.
  5. PyroBlaze

    The Night Watch (Open to anyone)

    Ra’nu was getting rather frustrated with his search... what little leads he managed to find had all been dead ends so far, and had eventually lead him to this new town. Ponyville... well, it sounded like an interesting place, especially with talk of someone else like him around. Maybe he had finally discovered an actual lead on his son... Well, one could hope, at least. He knew it was late, but he figured he may as well get started by checking the library, which was located in the palace for some reason. Shrugging to himself, the disguised okami walked into the library area, stopping short at the group of ponies he saw there, and a wolf that was clearly enjoying the attention he was getting. Wait... was that Taira? The ‘kirin’ raised an eyebrow at the wolf before giving the rest of the group a nod in greeting as the wolf was set down. He followed Taira off, hoping to meet up with his packmate and make up for lost time.
  6. PyroBlaze

    Hiretsuna Toboe, Oyabun of the Hiretsuna Clan

    Looks awesome! Nensho sure has some great friends.
  7. PyroBlaze

    The Neon Demon of Polohama

    Looks awesome
  8. PyroBlaze

    Tiger Blood [Ready]

    It's coming, just need more time, yeah.
  9. Oh yeah, introductions... it’d been a while since she had to deal with someone who didn’t already know who her forms were... oh well, this would be worth a few introductions. “I’m White Rose, it’s a pleasure to meet you all!” She smiled at the group at large, pausing at the kirin for a few moments. Seems like this was quite the interesting group, even more so than what she’d initially thought. With that out of the way though, she turned her attention to the stallion running the candy stand. Quite the neat trick there, reversing that accident, as well as this candy magic. Would that be called dulcimancy? In any case, she accepted the treats with a smile, putting them into her bag before taking the apple and beginning to eat it. After giving another smile and wave to the stallion, she moved on to the next stop as well, this time a mare apparently named Berry. Unsure of what the others had said in terms of an unfamiliar rhyme, she tried her best to imitate them as they said it, hoping to blend in more.
  10. Kumo, or as she was known in this form, White Rose, trotted down the street happily, humming a little song to herself. The ‘filly’ was dressed in a spider outfit, which just gave her a chuckle every time she noticed it. In all honesty, she could’ve just gone as herself, but she kinda enjoyed this little joke only she was in on. In any case, she slowed to a stop nearby a group of what appeared to be trick-or-treaters, apparently just in time to hear a story about a ghoul giving out chocolate statues. Sounded pretty far-fetched, honestly, but she supposed she had heard worse that turned out to be true. As they seemed to move off to a nearby cart, she followed them, smiling a bit as she came up behind them. Well, this looked like a fun group, the noodly creature and the kirin were particularly interesting. “Well hello! I don’t suppose you have room for one more in your group?” The white filly asked, smiling at them all.
  11. PyroBlaze

    Toboe the Bartender... and NOTHING else.

    Such a cutie
  12. PyroBlaze

    Yama-Chan from the Mountains

    Another cutie
  13. PyroBlaze

    Yama-san from the Mountains!

    Such a handsome cutie. Great work, Pressy!
  14. Name: Tiger Blood Gender: Male Age: Stallion Species: Earth Pony Eye Color: Golden. Character Color: Light reddish-brown with reddish-black markings. Mane/Tail: Both are rather short and simple, the mane a sort of short mohawk that falls to one side and the tail kept in a kind of bun. Both are a sort of dark gray, perhaps with a bit of purple in the mix. Physique: Making his job and life fighting, he has a well-muscled physique, though it’s also lean, built for defense through dodging more than blocking. He has a few scars on his face, mostly some across his nose and one across his right eye. Thankfully, this did not cause any damage to the actual eye. Aside from that, there are various markings imitating zebra stripes on his back and chin, as well as a tribal design circling the top of his right foreleg. Residence: Beakbreak City Occupation: Guard, fighter. Cutie Mark: A black paw pad design with red lines imitating scratches coming off the claws. To him this represents his ability to fight and win, no matter what happens. He earned his mark one fateful day while exploring the wilds of his home country. He ran into a wild animal out there that did not take kindly to his presence. After a tough battle, in which he earned multiple scars including the one over his eye, he emerged victorious and returned home having proved himself. He hadn’t even noticed the mark appearing until he made it home. Unique Traits: Training- Over the years, he has had extensive training in multiple areas, though mostly fighting. Well, as extensive as it gets where he’s from. Fighting Style- He fights mostly with spears or his own body, usually preferring to fight fair, at least initially. If he feels he is losing, or he doesn’t feel like playing around, he is not above fighting dirty to win. Throwing sand in the eyes, hitting below the belt, everything is fair game to him. Outfit- His typical outfit is really just a pair of simple light brown pants with hoof coverings on his back hooves. Finishing off the ensemble is a necklace of animal teeth he knocked out during fights. History: Born and raised in a small settlement in Hesperia’s borders, his life was anything but boring. The town featured a small arena of sorts, and was the origin of a couple of famous combatants. Between his parents, both hunters and protectors, and the rest of the fighters in the town, he learned many lessons on the field of combat. Even from a young age, he excelled at it, especially when fighting bare-hooved and with spears, and he ended up with an undefeated streak for a long time. The only one who seemed to get close, and consequently posed the greatest challenge, was his younger brother. He even managed to best Tiger one day, and from that point on they traded places on the leaderboard almost every time they faced off against each other. Eventually though, a wanderlust awakened inside him, leading him to leave home as soon as he could and make his way across the country, and some of the world, until he settled for Equestria and the city of Beakbreak. He relished the challenge of sparring against dragons, and being a guard payed the bills. Personality: Brash, egotistical, loud-mouthed, all words that could be used to describe him. They are not all he is though, he is also rather hard-working and loyal, a friendly guy. He’d rather break up a fight by taking on both sides by himself, let them get their anger out while giving him some excitement. Etiquette is something of a mystery to him, he’ll address a princess the same way as any other mare he meets.
  15. PyroBlaze

    [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows (Closed)

    In’ei really wasn’t sure what Storm was thinking, wearing those metal shoes without any sort of muffling spell or material. This was supposed to be a stealth mission after all, and all she seemed to do so far was put them on a timer they could’ve avoided altogether and give away their position with every hurried step. Regardless, they were already here, all she could do now was make the best of it. All In’ei offered in response to Storm’s words was a curt nod, moving with the group up the stairs and towards their objective. They needed to get this done with as soon as possible.