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  1. Well, that had yet to be seen, but if she had a similar past to his, he could believe it. He remained silent for now, looking over the papers that were handed to him. He may be giving her a chance, but that didn’t mean he trusted her yet. Plus, he wasn’t about to sign something without reading it first.
  2. Magnus frowned as he stood across the table from her, watching her as she lay there. He eventually gave another sigh, floating the alcohol and cup away from her and setting them with the rest. “I’ve decided to give this whole thing a chance.” He said simply, watching her to see if she was even conscious to hear him. “If this is a trap, I’ll kill you all myself.”
  3. Magnus gave a small snort at how the other unicorn started his words, but gave no other indication he even heard what was being said. Instead, he simply stared out over the railing, watching the scenery go by. Didn’t help matters that being on a boat like this, even a flying one, was bringing back bad memories. Specifically the day he got his mark and his life was ruined. Despite not reacting to most of what was said, he had heard it all, and he finally moved his gaze off the scenery to watch the other unicorn walk away. It would seem he had a lot to think about now... He was very hesitant to place his trust in anyone in that way ever again, but there were some good points in there... Perhaps he should give them the chance to earn it... Magnus eventually gave a heavy sigh, making up his mind as he set off to find Harle again.
  4. None of this was allaying his suspicions at all. In fact, it was mostly just making them look worse. He sighed to himself as he heard them communicate through writing for a while, the other one eventually coming back out. He raised an eyebrow at the male’s words, glancing at the room Harle was still in. “She does know I don’t have to be onboard to be helpful, yes? Why is she so insistent on me joining? If she’s looking to add me to whatever little family dynamic you have here, then let me share something. Family’s overrated. Take it from someone who’s had multiple different ones turn on him and betray him.” Magnus said, getting up and walking out onto the deck. If he wasn’t going to be forging any contracts or the like, he saw no reason to stick around in there. Now he just had to wait until he could leave the ship itself.
  5. Miles followed behind Sombra silently, on the lookout for any threats, or surfaces they could use for the spell. Things seemed to be getting more commercial and less residential, so they were likely going to try and find the mirror in a shop. That would likely be a good place to find a usable mirror for their purposes.
  6. Magnus looked at the papers that were produced, raising an eyebrow at the questions that followed. He thought he had already answered that question initially. "Well, I did not expect you to have a pre-prepared contract for both options. For joining the crew, sure, but not the other one. As for the way I'm going, I believe I've already answered that. I am not in the market for being part of a pirate crew, but I am willing to work with you on jobs." He answered, looking back over at her.
  7. “Well, get it written up and I’ll look at it. Until then, I can’t exactly sign a contract that doesn’t exist yet.” Magnus said, humming slightly. Those were some interesting benefits, but it had been hard enough getting to where he was the first time, he didn’t relish the idea of getting his noble status back a third time if he was found out as being part of a wanted pirate crew.
  8. Angel here is always up for some adventure. She’s been on plenty, so she knows what she’s doing, plus she’s got combat skills to top it off. As for history with Lady, it’s fine if they meet for the first time during recruitment, or maybe a brief one during one of Angel’s adventures/during the time before she settled in Ponyville.
  9. “It shouldn’t be too hard to find something suitable in the city. That sounds like a good start, so let’s go do that.” Miles nodded, standing up but not going anywhere until he was sure Sombra wanted to do this right now as well. He was still serving the stallion after all, and he needed Sombra to actually cast the spell.
  10. Magnus raised an eyebrow, unsure of what to say in response at first. There was something suspicious going on there, but he got the feeling he shouldn’t push too hard at the moment. “That depends. What kind of terms do you have, and what kind of benefits are there?” He asked eventually, trying to keep things non-committal until he had a better idea of what he would be getting into here.
  11. “I’ve got my own goals to take care of, but I would likely be willing to take jobs as they come up. I have a home in Canterlot already, I am not looking to live on a ship. We can work together in the future though.” Magnus said, looking back at her as he responded to the offer. Being part of a crew backfired on him before, he wasn’t about to let it happen again. Keeping them at a distance as occasional partners/employers would probably be better.
  12. “Scrying spells? Right, forgot about those. Unfortunately, I’ve never been good at those kinds of spells, so that will be difficult. Plus, she’s always been more covert than me. Still, it’s a place to start, so it’s more than we had previously.” He said, considering what the options were and trying to remember what he had that had belonged to her, if anything. As he did so, he watched the sky.
  13. Magnus simply raised an eyebrow at her glance, betraying no other sign of emotion as he let her draw her own conclusions about that. When they reached the booze, he sat at the table, looking at the drink she poured him for a moment before picking up the glass in his magic and toasting right along with her. Clinking their glasses together, he took a small sip at first to try and see if anything was wrong. Assuming nothing was, he would drain the rest of the glass.
  14. Miles nodded to Sombra’s words, kind of expecting as much. He didn’t know that much about what Sombra’s race was like, but if he could survive what had happened to him so far, he was likely going to be around for quite some time. As the discussion turned back to his sister, Miles gave a small hum in agreement to Sombra’s words. “Yes, I’m sure we could. Though Equestria might be bigger than you think. It likely wouldn’t be a quick tour trying to find her or recent clues about her.” He sighed slightly. They had plenty of time, but he knew how difficult it could be trying to find someone who kept moving from place to place. Assuming she was doing that, anyways.
  15. She should go adventuring with my mare, looks like they'd have fun together.
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