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  1. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Magic... axe? Yxa tilted his head slightly at Chipper’s words, trying to puzzle through it. He knew the unicorn was an odd one, but... wait... ”Oh, this? Ya, I brought it along in case Sigrun needs some more music in her wedding. Would’ve brought my whole setup, but guess I’ll save that for the afterparty.” Yxa shrugged, looking down at his guitar briefly before looking at Chipper again. “As Chipper as ever, I see.” He added, chuckling slightly at his own joke. With that though, he was content to just watch the party go by, unless Chipper or someone else decided to chat him up some more. Now that he was really looking, there were more here than he thought that he recognized. Limi, at least by name, was familiar, for one. Nice to see he made it. Once the little family reunion had a break, Yxa raised his drink in a greeting to Sigrun, smiling at her.
  2. So great. So powerful.

    Looks very great and powerful
  3. Shifted OOC/Interest Check

    Name: Nox Sidus Age: 35 Gender: Male Earthen Race: Black Earthen Magic: Fire Novice, Wind Beginner Mythical Race: Avian Mythical Magic: Darkness Expert, Fire Expert, Wind Adept Appearance: His avian form is reminiscent of a blaziken, though the red parts have become a dark gray in color and the hair was bleached pure white and pulled into a ponytail. He wears a tank-top and shorts in his human form, with white hair pulled into a ponytail reaching his shoulders. Personality: Cold and distant externally, its mostly just because he gets very serious and focused when there is a task for him to complete. He is very interested and focused on martial arts, preferring to train in his free time in most circumstances. Backstory: Nox was a normal dude as far as anyone knew, that is until he stumbled upon one of the shifting sites and accidentally activated it. The sudden awakening of his powers bleached his hair and influenced his shifted form. After figuring out how to return to his own world, he dedicated himself to protecting his area of the city he lived in, training in both worlds to further increase his powers.
  4. Canterlot Checkers Challenge

    Well... that was rather sudden... oh well, it was just a game anyways, and only one side got to win. Strange that it was the side nobody knew about, but from what he could tell, Discord wasn’t the worst outcome. Nensho shrugged as the game ended and he found himself on the castle grounds, walking over to grab himself some pizza before wandering around looking for familiar faces. Taira in particular was one he wanted to talk to more. Something about him... drew Nensho to him...
  5. Ra’nu Senshi [WiP]

    A bit, yeah
  6. A Wedding of Northern Lights (Pretzel, Dusty, Open)

    Well, this was certainly an exciting day. There was a marriage going on! Yxa smiled a bit as he leaned against the outer wall of the hall containing the party. He liked being alone with his guitar from time to time. Though it it might be high time he move on inside. The musical bou cracked his neck as he stood, strapping his guitar to his back before wandering towards the door. Aside from Sigrun, he wasn’t entirely sure who most of these people are, and considering she seemed a tad busy at the moment, he just grabbed himself a drink before leaning against the wall and watching the party.
  7. [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows (Closed)

    Yoru had been largely silent up to this point, partially because she had been having a discussion with In’ei, though mostly because she had let In’ei take the wheel as it were. In’ei was much more suited to this than her, especially with the mastery of magic that manipulated shadows. Granted, she hadn’t used it much for stealth missions, but she could easily figure out the uses with Yoru’s help. Since In’ei was currently the one controlling their body, it had changed into one more fit and physically impressive. A guardian’s body. On top of that, she was now purple with red eyes and a black and gray mane that was constantly shifting like a flame in slow-motion. She even carried herself differently than Yoru, more confident in herself and her abilities, with no trace of the shyness Yoru displayed. “Yes, a timed distraction could certainly make getting out easier, though it might be a better idea to set something with a remote trigger instead of a timer, so that if all goes well we can be in and out without them realizing we were even here.” In’ei said in response to the proposed ideas, looking between the others on the mission. “By the time they realize anything is missing, we would be long gone.”
  8. Cowpony Dashie

    Lovely lovely appledash
  9. And So it Begins.{STAR Recrutment} (See OOC)

    Miles smiled at first as it truly sunk in. He had found his king again after all this time. After a few moments though, he kneeled in front of Sombra, bowing his head. “I wish I could have been at your side when you re-emerged, my king, but it would seem the curse affected my kind differently. I remained sealed for some time after you were freed, and you were nowhere to be found once I did awaken. I have spent every waking moment since in search of you, so that I may serve you again and fulfill our pact.” He said, keeping his head bowed the whole time. ————— Yoru smiled as it was confirmed that she would have access to various sources of information, libraries included. She was eager to learn all they had to teach her, especially any books with more information on her connection to In’ei. With that taken care of, the mare turned towards the new unicorn, listening as she introduced herself and told a bit of her backstory. The pledge at the end was quite interesting actually, and she made a mental note to write it down later for further study. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Raven. My name is Yoru Arashi.” She said, smiling kindly at the other mare.
  10. Chibi Nensho Ha

    Such a fluffy woofer. Looks great!
  11. Strolling the streets of Canterlot (Closed)

    Yoru smiled at the stallion as he finished his song. He obviously enjoyed his music very much, he seemed quite passionate about it. It was always great to see ponies that were that passionate about what they do, it was heartwarming. When the call for requests came up, she paused for a moment, unsure if she should speak up or not. “Simple Man?” She suggested eventually, smiling slightly.
  12. Bug, Seeking New Nest [Semi-open, see OOC]

    "Eh. I'm not as spry as I used to be, but I've been getting along fine." He said in response to Rose's question, stretching a bit as he did so. That had been a tough battle, and like many of them required more tactical thinking than brute force on his side of things. Just as well, he had all that experience for a reason after all. "How about yourself?" "No, just here to support my friends in any way I can." Tehengu added after the mayor's question, relaxing a bit in his chair as he waited for something he could help with.
  13. [STAR]Acquisition of Shadows

    Yoru/In’ei are in
  14. And So it Begins.{STAR Recrutment} (See OOC)

    Miles gave no real response to the unicorn’s words aside from an annoyed grunt. He stood there for a few more moments before he ran out of patience with the pony in front of him staring at him. “And what are y-“ He growled out, stopping short when he actually saw who it was. “Sombra? Is that you?” He asked, his voice suddenly excitedly hopeful. Did he really just find his king here of all places? He certainly hoped so. ———————— Yoru was staying quiet as she sat in her seat, listening to what was going on around her and conversing with In’ei silently. She was kinda hoping to get through this meeting without drawing too much attention to herself, which was becoming easier the more people came into the room to take the attention. “Oh! Do you have any kind of library I could take a look at? Perhaps you have a book I have yet to see.” Yoru finally piped up, looking over at Ice.
  15. Strolling the streets of Canterlot (Closed)

    Yoru smiled as the first song finished and he brought out more instruments to start in on the next one. It was quite the impressive display, both magically and musically, being able to hold and play all those instruments correctly in his magic while singing. She contributed to the money in the hat as it passed by her, enjoying the show. When his gaze locked on her briefly, she stared back, blushing slightly. They both looked away at the same time, though Yoru’s gaze ended up on the ground somewhere to her right. By the time he got to the held note in his singing, Yoru had gotten over her little shy spell to watch him again, smiling as she did so.