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  1. Name: Huö Wūdäo Sex: Male Age: Adult Species: Eastern Dragon Eye Color: Chacter Color: Mane/Tail:
  2. Tai flew closer as the pony gestured to her, smiling happily and settling on her claws as she landed, still watching the mare excitedly. She still wasn't sure why this mare had a crowd, but it probably meant she was popular! Oh, the dragon was so excited, she could barely contain herself. "Me Tai! You like song?" She repeated, watching the pony for her answer. "Who you?"
  3. So cute! Great job Zeig!
  4. Tai continued her song up to the point where she almost ran headfirst into one of the ponies in some sort of crowd. She blinked at that, flying up into the air to see who was the focus of the crowd. Seeing the pony in the middle, she smiled and waved happily at them, wondering why they were so important. "Hi! Me Tai! You like song?" She asked, referring to the one that had been interrupted by the crowd. The eastern dragon was twisting and turning in the air, too excited by the incoming thoughts on her song to sit still.
  5. Tai sang happily as she flew her way through the sky. She played her instrument as she went, singing in her native language and filling the air with her music. She was so happy right now, trying to find her way to a town where she could pick up all the materials for her new friend, looking down at the city she was flying over. She didn't even know where she was, but really that was all part of the fun of being a bard like her! In any case, the eastern dragon began making her way down to street level, continuing to play and sing as she weaved her way around all the ponies and other creatures along the roads. Maybe she could meet even more friends here! Hopefully she could do that and find the materials, but she would content herself with either really.
  6. Nice job!
  7. (I'm up for that.)
  8. Awesome job, Zeig!
  9. Thanks, Zeig!
  10. Very nicely done, Zeig! Corva's gonna have to watch her manners around this one.
  11. "Your skills are impressive as well. Though... You want to pay to train with me?" Xiêyè asked, his brow furrowing a bit in thought before he jumped away from Sombra. "I suppose there would be no harm in it, though I cannot promise a regular schedule for it. My travels take me to many places, after all." The longma nodded to himself, collecting his swords in his magic and sheathing one again, holding a blade in each forehoof while waiting for Sombra to make the next move.
  12. Sounds good to me.
  13. "There shouldn't be a competition, but you're the one that still seems to like your old 'friend' as more than a friend! I don't want to fight for your affections, it didn't end well the last time I fought over a girl with someone." Tehengu said, sighing after a few more moments. "I just... Just come find me when you've made your decision, I'm not going to hope and struggle in vain to advance this relationship if you've already got that spot filled in your heart." And with that, he began walking down the hall again, trying to hold back tears. He didn't want to push her away, but he had to know where her heart was.
  14. A friend? That was it? Tehengu stared at her for a moment longer before speaking again. "What, do I just not measure up to him? Is your old 'friend' really all that great? Go ahead, just tell me and get it over with! Better I get warned off now than chasing some lovesick puppy of a girl with her eye on yet another of the bad boy types!" Honestly, he began to regret his words as soon as they came out, but he couldn't stop himself, and now his face was just a mix of shock and anger. What was he thinking? He really did care for her, and now he was probably just pushing her away...
  15. Tehengu wasted no time as he went down the hallway, not slowing down in the slightest as he went. When Midnight grabbed him though, he did stop, though he didn't turn to face her or anything. Instead, he continued staring down the hall, remaining silent for a while before giving a heavy sigh. He turned to face her finally, his gaze still holding a bit of sadness and hurt in it. "What am I to you?" He asked simply, keeping his gaze locked on her.